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Baron Corbin Battles Diesel At THE WYATT COMPOUND! WWE 2K19 Gameplay!

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Text Comments (26)
Christian Arroyo (22 days ago)
The Last Ride is a sick powerbomb.
Brandon Smoot (23 days ago)
Batista's Batista bomb was better than the Jackknife Powerbomb, imo.
fadeddragon2469 (24 days ago)
Sid Vicious had a fantastic powerbomb!
Savage Jack (25 days ago)
Instead of actually trying to make a good game they just say fuck it, let em fight in an empty yard... Lol. Oh and bobbleheads! Fuck me this is sad.
The Marco (26 days ago)
That environment is terrible by 1999 standards, nevermind 2018, people PAY for these games?
TwinFami (26 days ago)
So can you actually go in the house?
Marc'us Harrison (26 days ago)
Dudes, the Mike Awesome 'Awesome Bomb'.
TheSpektrum (26 days ago)
"Diesel, you're not (pause) Slow Wolfpac. I am (pause) slow. Wolfpac." then Nash proceeds to blow out a quad.
Dillon Haggett (26 days ago)
Something that kind of bothers me is the fact that 2K will more then likely not put out any patches that will update Baron Corbin and Dean Ambrose’s new appearances. 3:38 I assume that’s the guy screaming in the background.
It's Just Me (26 days ago)
Man, I was expecting some Nash and Corbin impressions
treygoeshard (26 days ago)
*Kevin Nash comes out Baron Corbin: "Wait, you're not Diesel!"
Chris Varela (26 days ago)
The AOP's powerbomb looks scary
Larson's face when Steve mentions shoes is priceless
Denny W. Homeless (26 days ago)
Does Roman Reigns remind anyone else of Diesel or is it just me? I'm not talking about in terms of wrestling quality or being "pushed too much" but more of how they look very similar, have similar characteristics, etc.
HavenElric (26 days ago)
I like that they decided to add the Wyatt compound, props to them, but, it just looks awful. It looks like its a part of a GTA IV side mission
Unfair comparison, at least the IV side mission had intention behind it lol, this compound mode looks like 2K threw a bunch of PS2 assets together and went home early.
Astro Boy (26 days ago)
If they just added ladders and weapons and shit then this gamemode would be fine. Would probably be barely played at all but at least there’d be something to actually do
blatant robot (26 days ago)
Doctor Bomb
Robbie Jones (26 days ago)
Corbin doesnt look like this anymore tho...
AustenRayThomas (26 days ago)
Robbie Jones when you start the game you'll notice the titles are defaulted to people who held them at/just after wrestlemania. example, WWE2K18 has AJ Styles as US champion because he won it just after mania in 2017
AustenRayThomas (26 days ago)
This game is probably based around how the wrestlers looked at wrestlemania 2018 as the character/game design will typically start around that time
steven langenheim (26 days ago)
takers last ride
The CVR123 (26 days ago)
I hope if the Career Mode version is better then maybe they'll patch that version in but as it is now I'll play it for like 1 Match or 2
Mike Dix (26 days ago)
As PG as the WWE likes
David Jared (26 days ago)

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