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TOSHIBA Satellite C850 - Keyboard, Cooling system, Thermal Compound, HDD, RAM Memory replacement

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Similar to the following models: - Satellite C840 / C850 / C855 / C855D - Satellite C870 / C870D / L870 / L870D / L875 / L875D - Satellite PRO L840 / L850 / L850D / L855 / L855 How to disassemble / take apart the laptop. This video will help you if you want to change not working keyboard / KB, upgrade or replace the hard disk drive (HDD) and RAM memory modules, WiFi mini PCI card, clean the fan / head-sink system and change the thermal compound / paste to the main CPU. Video chronology: 0:09 - Battery 0:16 - Keyboard removal 0:53 - HDD, RAM Memory cover 1:02 - RAM Memory / DDR3 1:13 - SATA HDD (hard disk drive) 1:24 - DVD optical drive 1:34 - Bottom case removal 2:23 - WiFi, Bluetooth mini PCI card 2:29 - Cooling / Fan / Head-sink system 2:58 - Fan 3:48 - Thermal Compose / Paste / Grease for the main CPU 4:03 - Assembling Music :) -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l17pmEshAzg -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (122)
Suchiththa W (1 month ago)
Great guide. I really struggled to open this since I didn't know about the keyboard and the screws under them.
Emmanuel Odingo (5 months ago)
i wanted to throw mine out but after seeing this i know think i can take it up a notch. thanks mate\
InNoXeNt Zain (6 months ago)
What is the price of Toshiba Satellite c850 A986
yalaplay TV (7 months ago)
???? can i change the mainboard in toshiba C850
Aarish Siddiqui (10 months ago)
Go slow friend
James Log (11 months ago)
Really Solid Style. Thanks.
Rondel0927 (1 year ago)
Hi can ask the tls you for dismantling?
Gil B (1 year ago)
I get what you're doing when you're removing the clips from the keyboard but I can't even see where they are or if I'm even doing it right. Can I use something common like butter knives to open it?
Md Shamshad (1 year ago)
How to change mass pad
mad montejal (1 year ago)
Nice tutorial....i just wondering..why the other tutorial,too much blah blah blah,.. i sub and like,...i do thank you...
ZFix (1 year ago)
Thank you
Simone Id (1 year ago)
Good job, thanks for sharing!
SalahEddine Makkaoui (1 year ago)
Thank you very much
Melih Güler (1 year ago)
Thank you so much. Dividing part to part, good idea.
Edward Moye (1 year ago)
Love that you've installed windows 10 which is unofficially supported too, I had a few issues with various drivers after the update. Oh, and i totally agree Arctic MX-4 is the best thermal compound.
Marek Siwiec (2 years ago)
Thank you for the movie, very handy.
David Haworth (2 years ago)
excellent video... replaced the fan once I found those screws under the keyboard! Damned if I know how you flicked the keyboard connector off.... I just left it attached :)
Sandeep Kumar (2 years ago)
Joann Madrazo (2 years ago)
can i upgrade my ram to 8GB(1600mhz or 1800)? what is compatible caddy size 7.5 or 9.5mm thx Model: c850-b239 Proc: I3 2350m
superskiier50 (2 years ago)
love this thing.
raed jai (2 years ago)
is it important to put grease ??
raed jai (2 years ago)
+ZFix thanx for your reply
ZFix (2 years ago)
This is specifically thermally conductive mixture. You can't use something other, because the CPU can not be cooled well. It's easy to find it.
raed jai (2 years ago)
+ZFix is there any option other than grease to use on main cpu???
ZFix (2 years ago)
+raed jai mandatory
Thank you very much for your video. Can you please suggest me a good tool kit or screw driver for opening this latptop. Really appreciated.
ZFix (2 years ago)
+Mohammed Ashraf Shibili You don't need a special tool kit. You can use screwdriver Phillips #0 or #00 and a plastic tool with a sharp edge, like a guitar pick.
jamal oirad (2 years ago)
ZFix (2 years ago)
+jamal oirad ✌
Niggtis Play (2 years ago)
Any thermal paste works good? Any recomendations for a local store?
ZFix (2 years ago)
+Niggtis Play Arctic Cooling MX-2, MX4
San Mathew (2 years ago)
hey man..great video ! one problem though..once i removed the cooling fan and removed the black tape like thing, it doesnt stick back to the cooling fan as the sticky glue has been worn off. any suggestions ?
ZFix (2 years ago)
+San Mathew Use an insulating tape.
peace love (2 years ago)
what is that white staff you apply? is that a glue?
peace love (2 years ago)
Thank you
ZFix (2 years ago)
+peace love Thermal grease / compound / paste. I recommend you Arctic Cooling Mx-2 or Mx-4
stark (2 years ago)
thank you
ZFix (2 years ago)
The temperature is OK, but I don't have any experience with this hellish mixture ツ
stark (2 years ago)
+ZFix Yes it between 39 to 51 does not exceed this percentage
ZFix (2 years ago)
I think this is not good. I'm not sure for the thermal properties of this grease, but it will be petrified very quickly. Did you check the CPU temperature after?
stark (2 years ago)
+ZFix I have used my friend instead of thermal paste other mixing of Vaseline cream , toothpaste and put them on Albroosissour Is my way harm the device?
ZFix (2 years ago)
+joker - I thank you too joker
john cristal (3 years ago)
Any suggestions that I can do since my keyboard letters NHY6 are not working properly?
ZFix (2 years ago)
Satellite 850 or Satellite Pro 850, or give the full model from the sticker under
john cristal (2 years ago)
can you advice the part no. or model no. of keyboard which i can use for its replacement
ZFix (3 years ago)
+john cristal KB problem, only replacing can help you. The KB is encapsulated and can't be fixed. Of course you can try to remove the keyboard and reconnect the flex cable, but 99% your laptop need KB replacement.
Lewis Martin Abelido (3 years ago)
Can i put some thermal on GPU????
Lewis Martin Abelido (3 years ago)
should i clean my processor before putting a new thermal paste? or nah?? Coz on your video, you didnt clean your proce.
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Lewis Martin Abelido Yes, you have to clean the old thermal paste paste and put new.
Kurnia Dharma (3 years ago)
Thank's u very much dude
Nikola Lazarevic (3 years ago)
Now this is a great tutorial vid.Hope my 2,5 year old sattelite will work better now. much love man,thanks
Nikola Lazarevic (2 years ago)
sure did mate! cold as ice now!
peter hayek (2 years ago)
+Metal Sessions did it help?
hardcorealienpg (3 years ago)
Hi ive just purchased a Toshiba Satellite C850-1KN from a carboot.it had no memory in the back just a battery and power pack and hard drive. the cmos battery was missing also.The harddrive light comes on when you plug power in but nothing boots up? it makes a whiring noise in bottom left of laptop?I have removed battery and keyboard and still does not power up? what do you think it is?
ZFix (3 years ago)
+hardcorealienpg If you have missing components sent it back immediately.
love2play4play (3 years ago)
Thanks !!!!
Atif Junaid Khan (3 years ago)
hey i really liked your video and i have some questions...i have the same laptop which you opened in this video and i was wondering to upgrade mi cooling fan to a better power rating...it has MF60090v1-c450-g99 (DC5volts-2watts)... 1)can i use other cooling fan? 2)how can i check what power rating speakers are connected to it because i want to change speakers because the one used in it are not so good quality...any comment on it?
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Atif Junaid Khan The laptop cooling systems do not follow standard like the desktop PCs. The cooling systems are specific by producer and by models. You have not choice. About the loudspeaker - you can find it by your model.
Flaffi78 (3 years ago)
can i clean the cooling System without useing an new cream for the cpu? (i mean can i use the old one, that is already on the cpu.) and sry for my bad english im from Germany :D
Flaffi78 (3 years ago)
+ZFix ok, i already downloaded an Software for the Temperatur and my Laptop is 20-30º colder (i used my old cream). Thanks a lot for your help, now i can play games without overheating. :D
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Flaffi78 OK, I do not recommend you but if it's important for you to use the laptop , you can do this: If the thermal compound isn't dried, use it again to close the laptop. Download app for CPU temperature monitoring. Intel processors have protection from overheating but if your laptop overheats and shuts down alone, don't use it. At the same time, buy a thermo grease and when your received it, change it immediately
Flaffi78 (3 years ago)
+ZFix hm ok but i don't have thermal paste at home and i open my Laptop already so what can i do?
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Flaffi78 No. The thermal pasta ages and hardens. If you divide the CPU and the cooler and collect, them use again the old paste, thermal-contact will be wars.
Mhmed aldaja (3 years ago)
Hi i have the same device in the vedio and the fan some time work at maximum speed and stop suddenly and the cpu get over heating and after time when i move the device it start to work then shot down can i do some thing to fix it .
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Mhmed aldaja Clear the cooling system and replace thermal paste. If that does not work, replace the fan.
Kutlu Aydin (3 years ago)
thanks man
andre mathew (3 years ago)
thanks brow this video was extremely helpful. i have the same laptop but i would like to buy a new graphics card  is the intel graphics  3000 replaceable and if yes what type of card should i buy
ZFix (3 years ago)
+andre mathew Hi and thanks. No you can't change the graphic card.
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Onesime Kabeya _- Hey man i enjoyed your video so much and was wondering if i could change the CPU to a better version. currently have Celeron B830 1.80 GHz. i have the C850 19z and was wondering if i could upgrade to at least core i3._ - This board has CPU socket FCPGA988 and intel HM76 chipset. Both of them are ready for i3 processors. CPU compatibility depends also from BIOS and the main board producer but you can't find information for this. The only sure way is to try it. P.S. You have to select a CPU with same or lower TDP (Thermal Design Power)
ZFix (3 years ago)
Tell us then happened.
Nue (3 years ago)
+ZFix Thanks for the reply. Am gonna go a head and try like you say it the only way to really know. still, thanks a a lot for the info really helps a lot :) P.S If it blows on my face you dont have to worry i wont hold it against ya :D
George Velkov (3 years ago)
+ZFix​ thank you for the informartion :)
ZFix (3 years ago)
+George Velkov Yes, the socket, RAM are the same
George Velkov (3 years ago)
+ZFix I have a little question, the laptop you use is Satellite Pro, mine is Satellite C850-190 that doesn't make difference for RAM replacement and CPU upgrade, it uses FCPGA988 like you mentioned above or it's different?
AlbPowerONLINE (3 years ago)
I have Toshiba Satellite c855-12n with Intel Celeron B815 CPU, can I upgrade to i3 or similar?
ZFix (3 years ago)
+AlbPowerONLINE Your laptop has Intel celeron B815. It's at FCPGA988 socket. This is the table from Intel site for compatible processor for this socket: http://ark.intel.com/search/advanced/?s=t&FilterCurrentProducts=true&SocketsSupported=FCPGA988 Your processors is with TDP - 35W. The CPU type also depends from the design of the motherboard (chipset) and BIOS-a. I think you can upgrade it to i3 but this is not 100%.
Nue (3 years ago)
Hey man i enjoyed your video so much and was wondering if i could change the CPU to a better version. currently have Celeron B830 1.80 GHz. i have the C850 19z and was wondering if i could upgrade to at least core i3.
Tony Eatinsky (3 years ago)
i got a toshiba satellite c850-13h and i accidentally punched it cause i sliped and now i'm getting this clicking noise could that be HDD or maybe stuck fan?
Tony Eatinsky (3 years ago)
+ZFix tyvm
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Toni Kenđelić I can't find the spec for this model (maybe it's for a small local market). This is spec for C850-13c with the same processor: http://www.toshiba.co.uk/discontinued-products/satellite-c850-13c/ You can upgrade it to 8GB DDR3.
Tony Eatinsky (3 years ago)
+Toni Kenđelić also can you add more RAM to it?
Aleš O M G M E N (3 years ago)
Díky, moc si mi pomohl. :)
FcInter TIAmo (3 years ago)
Hello frome italy , i also own this pc , i need one information , can i change the cpu ? Celeron 1.80ghz cpu B830 , to i3- or i5?
ZFix (3 years ago)
+FcInter TIAmo Hi! Solo Inter! Give me the full model, like C850-1FN, C850-1MC...
Jessica Kelly (3 years ago)
How often do I need to change thermal compound and clean dust. I usually work on my laptop (Satellite C850- 18X) about 7-8 hours a day or even more, and always keep it on desk.
ZFix (3 years ago)
When the laptop start overheating. When the cooling system is full with dust or the thermal compound is outdated, the fan begins to operate continuously at maximum speed. If your laptop doesn't overheat, do not have to do it.
you have a clear picture of the cooling system? need a model fan
+ZFix Thank you, but I do not have facebook. I Founded by model number that is necessary.
ZFix (3 years ago)
If you're interested I uploaded some pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/187342218141149/
+ZFix Thank you very much, greatly helped!
ZFix (3 years ago)
I checked one laptop (C850-1MC) with Intel B960. The fan is the same like other laptops from series C850. This is the fan model: dfs501105fr0t
+ZFix fan stopped working, thanks.
Best of all.
met simo (3 years ago)
I also own this model C850, and now after watching this useful video I am tempted to clean the dust & change paste myself. For this operation do I need to disassemble the screws under the keyboard too ?
ZFix (3 years ago)
+met simo  Yes, the lower cover is held by these screws.
Dhanushka Padmashantha (3 years ago)
I've got an issue, my pc's colong fan stops from time to time and it works again after few seconds.
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Dhanushka Padmashantha  The fan does not work permanently. Download Core Temp - free app that gives you information about the current CPU temperature and the maximum temperature for your processor model. During the installation, read the instructions, otherwise it will install additional applications that you do not need.
mosone11 (3 years ago)
Great Video, Is Toshiba C855 S 5115 the same ? and where do you get those blue plastictools to remove the keyboard and frame
ZFix (3 years ago)
+mosone11  Opening is the same.There are small differences in the design of the main board, depending on the chipset. This tools you can find in eBay or Amazon like "plastic opening tools".
Vambot (3 years ago)
Hey dude thanks for the video it was very nice but i got one problem now ....my fan doesnt work ...everything is going well only the fan doesnt spin....what can i do now ?(Toshiba C850-1DD)
ZFix (3 years ago)
+TheSrkibre  The fan can go a little after switching on the laptop. Check first, is the the fan cable is connected well to the main board. It is possible that the fin fan is pressed and it cannot be rotated.
Dhanushka Padmashantha (3 years ago)
This video is very much helpful. But i need some clarifications, 01. What chemical can we use to remove old thermoc compound? [Is iso prophil alcohol(surgical sprit) suitable?] 02. After applying thermoc compound should we keep the CPU surface free for some time before assembling? Thank you...
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Dhanushka Padmashantha  Cheers
Dhanushka Padmashantha (3 years ago)
+ZFix Thank You....
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Dhanushka Padmashantha  01. I use lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol. If the old thermal compound is solidified, I use a flat edge of any plastic tool to scrape it off 02. Yes, 5-10 seconds is sufficient to evaporate.
Nicholas Kam (4 years ago)
Thank you much for the video, it helped a lot!
Stewart121 (4 years ago)
My laptop keeps turning itself off suddenly, could it possibly be because its overheating
Stewart121 (4 years ago)
thanks for the help
ZFix (4 years ago)
+Stewart121  Yes, that could be the reason. Find and download "Core Temp" - free app to monitor processor temperature. Read everything when you install it, because it will offer you to install other unnecessary programs. 
John (4 years ago)
I have an "Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1000M @1.80GHz" on my laptop, why would you reccomend if I wanted to upgrade? XD
John (4 years ago)
TOSHIBA C850-1NU, Also any Ideas for a Graphics card and RAM too? XD
ZFix (4 years ago)
+HippyTheIrishmen  Tell me the full model of your laptop. This Processor is on socket FCPGA988 This is the list of processors, filtered by sockets: http://ark.intel.com/search/advanced/?s=t&SocketsSupported=FCPGA988 But, supported Processor depends on the model of the motherboard too.
Casper Hultqvist (4 years ago)
hello. do i have to take thermal compose on the main cpu?
ZFix (4 years ago)
+Casper Hultqvist  If your system overheats, you must to clean the radiator (fan system). Then is good to change the thermal compound. You can use the old one if it is not dried. Better is to put new.
Mohammed Ismail (4 years ago)
Thank you very very much ! you are awesome!!!
Az Rek (4 years ago)
wow, thanks a lot i would like to know what is thermal compose? and how can i have it?
ZFix (4 years ago)
+Az Rek You can found on eBay or other online shops. You can search for it in local shops too. Look for thermal compound, grease, paste. Good brand is Arctic Cooling (MX-2, MX-4), Arctic Silver, Cooling Master iceFusion, Phobya Hegrease etc.

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