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10 People With Most Beautiful Eyes

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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/FactsVerse Twitter: https://twitter.com/FactsVerse Narrated by: Darren Marlar www.MarlarHouse.com Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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Text Comments (10008)
DoubleGG HD (1 day ago)
1:50 i just dont have black ring
Bea Claire Bendol (8 days ago)
Green eyes please huhu
Marjiya Ahmed (9 days ago)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa "gorgeous" "oh so gorgeous" "gorgeous" "gorgeous"! FUCK! expand your vocabulary man!
m daudi (10 days ago)
3 of those people on the list were from Afghanistan
Gacha Nessa (11 days ago)
My eyes are identical to number 9
uma sankar (12 days ago)
Okay where's red eyes
this is blasphemy, mine were literally like the girl in the thumbnail when i was like 6 years old now they got like 2 shades darker so its a crime that i'm not here. i just hate it because people always ALWAYS assume i use contact lenses or photoshop because apparently my skin is "too dark" to have turquoise eyes naturally....
Cookie Unicornz (15 days ago)
I am ashamed to have blue eyes. I hate them.. I think brown eyes are beautiful. Can i tell you a secret? Ever since I was, like 1, I have wanted BROWN EYES. Out of green, grey, and blue. I have ALWAYS wanted brown.
Kelly Rojas (18 days ago)
Ugh why are not all the people watching this video on this RUDE I HAVE GEEN EYES THEY ARE Beautiful too they are like a lime and my sis eyes are beautiful light blue and my sis Rylee eyes are sooo beautiful they are brown WELL MY NAME IS KELLY and MY SIS RYLEE and Kori so stop it everybody eyes are so beautiful and crazy cute ugh
Quina Belliford (20 days ago)
number seven is a girl not a boy dumbass
hlww mshay allh jmyl jda bs any aywny jwzy bs madry jwzy waswd allh hwa bs antw latjybwn adsat lyn mwzyn lnshkm mjybwnhn
banaO1O (22 days ago)
Number 7 is not a boy lol
Mikhail Archangel (23 days ago)
The little girl with the beautiful gaze is super super cute .
Life With M3 (27 days ago)
;-; everyone has beautiful green and blue eyes and i get poop eyes lol at least i have eyes pls god dont take them from me
ready to play (29 days ago)
That's a girl on number7 idiot
frunefarian (1 month ago)
I love brown or black eyes, I got a green ish colour and I don't really like it /:
White Adea ツ (1 month ago)
You wanna know who's the prettiest person in the world ? Read the first word. Have a great day/night ❤!
AmberCats 12 (1 month ago)
Not To Brag but I have brown eyes and I think they are beautiful🤗 Brown eyes are just as beautiful!! Like if u have brown eyes!!
+Rane xD << i like this guy
Rane xD (29 days ago)
lmao suck my dick you fucking skank, dont get so upset just cause your eyes are the same colour as actual shit
AmberCats 12 (29 days ago)
Rane xD You are gross, and I never said I was special dumbass, so go get a life instead of being rude got it? Good
Rane xD (29 days ago)
brown eyes are gross and ur not special
AmberCats 12 (29 days ago)
Rane xD How dare you brake my itty bitty heart Nah THERE IS your jealous you don’t have beautiful brown eyes like all the ppl with brown eyes 😤
I have white eyes.
MiraDants Maheen (1 month ago)
Where is aishwayria rai bachaan????
Olwyn Parker-Farren (1 month ago)
Pings eyes scare me
Douglas Addeo (1 month ago)
The girl with the beautiful eyes so pretty....
Douglas Addeo (1 month ago)
I wish
Douglas Addeo (1 month ago)
The baby with honey eyes it a girl the dress and earrings
Ghawsuddin Hamad (1 month ago)
The number nine girl with eyes to her soul is from Afghanistan and her name is SHARBAT GUAL, the picture was catched by an amirican soldier ,
Tala and Zahras worlf (1 month ago)
And did you use click bait or eyes contacts like that don't look how they are supposed to look
Tala and Zahras worlf (1 month ago)
Brown eyes blonde hair very pale skin is me and I'm the only one at class that has blonde hair and the palest skin out of the girls not cool
Robloxian Rozy (1 month ago)
Why do I have black eyes? :c
LLAMALOVER 128d (1 month ago)
Ok so they are saying light eyes are the best like blue and green WHAT ABOUT BROWN?!!?!!
Salty Cupcake (1 month ago)
Im glad i have brown eyes cause i ABSOLUTELY HATE light colors (im not an emo tho)
SoMe ChIpS (1 month ago)
The 1st one was he
Karabo Chelane (1 month ago)
Are you sure number 7 is a boy
You should see my little baby cousin she has sky blue eyes with blonde hair ☺️
Moniea Jones (1 month ago)
Azu is not cute
光光大熊 (1 month ago)
ping is not a Japanese name.
beloum nathalie (1 month ago)
Fantastic how is it possible
Adela Nistor (1 month ago)
brown eyes? what happend to them being beautiful? im the only one in my fam with light brown eyes: my sister has brown green grey eyes my mum has blue green eyes and my dad has dark brown eyes with some blue and grey
PEARL ANESTA (1 month ago)
D Rob (1 month ago)
Anyone notice the little boy was dressed as a little girl
Esme Laitis (1 month ago)
8 is my fave
Madeline Palumbo (1 month ago)
I wish so badly I had blue or green eyes instead of brown SO BADLY but my parents will never ever let me get colored contacts 😩😭
Diana Elena (1 month ago)
this kind of videos make me hate my eyes, but I still watch them))
Lucifer Morningstar (1 month ago)
My eyes are black with thin blue rings around the pupil (you only can see the rings when you get closer). My mum has green/brown eyes and my dad has bright blue eyes. I have no idea how I got this color 😂
kitty carlin (1 month ago)
Number 4 was shit
Maya Roses (1 month ago)
My eyes is black .. But when the light is on my eye turn brown ahahah
GEORGE WAINAINA (1 month ago)
Typical Dino (2 months ago)
My eyes are mix of blue and green .
Moskovskaya Narodnaya (2 months ago)
My eyes are also beautiful! Big and brown!
Alice Kiesov (2 months ago)
Such beauty in the world
ITZ POTATO GACHA! (2 months ago)
But like dont ypu think brown and black eyes need attieion LIKE arent they more sckethey and nice like if ypu agree
ITZ POTATO GACHA! (2 months ago)
Chuchi H (2 months ago)
05 she has beautiful eyes
Jehna Aysiea (2 months ago)
Dark black brown eyes !!!
I have a green eyes like the girl with green eyes!
Mike Acker (2 months ago)
Brown eyes are common and ugly.
Kayla was here (2 months ago)
my eyes are hazel darkish lightish that look green with a splash of blue and they change colo eh sometimes between moods
Sian Evans (2 months ago)
Hey dude, that boy with honey eyes u just said, yeah umm.. it’s a gurl 😂😬
malmangelucci (2 months ago)
Ping coming in hot with the shocker, nice
peter charles (2 months ago)
Vinod Dutta (2 months ago)
meri blue eye hai
Clark Trinidad (2 months ago)
2:53 never seen a baby boy wearing pink headband with flower and pink dress before 😂😂
Russell Ronlow (2 months ago)
yeah baby
Angelique_ Sutana (2 months ago)
*Black eyes is the color of my eyes😭😭*
Gacha Kat (2 months ago)
7th one is a girl duhhh get it right
Gacha Kat (2 months ago)
I have blue eyes but around my pupil is yellow :/
Hey brown eyes need love we are the rare eyed squad, because its the DIARRIAH COLOR, WE LOVE PEOPLE WHO SLAY THE DIARRIAH LOOK
Lacie Thigpen (2 months ago)
Where is Colby Brock
Sharon Scott (2 months ago)
Beautiful or creepy
Carol Eller (2 months ago)
Hugh Laurie's eyes. Enough said.
penny and fishy (2 months ago)
I have brown eyes I'm worried about these replies but here goes
penny and fishy (2 months ago)
1:50 see there is someone with brown eyes
penny and fishy (2 months ago)
I have brown eyes so I'm ready for everyone to hate me even though I love brown eyes
Samruddhi More (2 months ago)
This video makes me insecure about my brown eyes ... Brown eyes need attention too
Roller Girl (2 months ago)
Number 8 is boy?
Adrian Green (2 months ago)
#7 is a boy lol
Lance (2 months ago)
lol all made up no video proof and reliable source on all of these
Cari Andrade (2 months ago)
I hate my eyes my and skin my profile basically explain how i Look. Am I pretty? According to ALL of you videos "on the most beautiful kids on earth" I'm not😔
Terry Bessey (2 months ago)
Don’t forget Anna Faris, She has beautiful Eyes
2:43 she is a GIRL not a boy.
Veronica Isabel Ursal (2 months ago)
The top 7 is a boy..i cant believe he looks like a girl
Yeet Squad (2 months ago)
Omg I loved the last girl with the silver eyes
Yeet Squad (2 months ago)
Everyone always tells me my eyes are beautiful
다미최 (2 months ago)
what absolute rot
Mobile Master (3 months ago)
I have one brown eye and one blue eye which I think both colors are really beautiful! I used to get bullied for having different colors . EVERYONES BEAUTIFUL
Coconut clubxox (3 months ago)
#7 you said it was a boy but it is definitely a girl
penny and fishy (3 months ago)
favourite eye colours (by comments) 40% green 30% blue 10% black 10% hazel 8% grey 2% brown
penny and fishy (3 months ago)
everyone: ooh I have boring brown eyes glad no one who has them is on this list whoever has brown eyes is so ugly me: so rude.
GACHA TACO (3 months ago)
So e of these are scary
Anne Mary Agaba (3 months ago)
i think micheal ealy shud be here
sylvia Briggs (3 months ago)
All beautiful
I tjink pings eyes are photoshopped
john miller (3 months ago)
The one eye symbolism makes me ghknk the belly dancer isnt a true muslim.
I have purple eyes 😭😭 I always get judged 🙄
Odetola Omolara (3 months ago)
This guy seriously needs to check his own eyes. Number 7 is a little girl not a boy.
Just lailah (3 months ago)
I have light brown eyes
Awel Hero (3 months ago)
Nr 9 is the Afgan Girl her Name is Sharbat Gula . Iconic Photo
Z Ack (3 months ago)
Thumbs down just because of that final awkward cocksuckery at the end. Stop it, no! Bad ..
Connie Rye (3 months ago)
My eyes are green and changes color depending on what I'm wearing.
Avianna Rauber (3 months ago)
Ping your eyes look nice.
Caroline Hooper (3 months ago)
I’m from Australia

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