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Yote Yamekwisha SDA Jomo Kenyatta High Schoo Nakuru 2015

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john mwash (1 month ago)
So sweet.Thank you very much sda jkhs for inspirings songs .i used to love it when they were singing although i used to attend ycs.LONG TIME AGO.
Maryam Said (10 months ago)
Are there Muslims in that school
Agnes nduta Kariuki (3 months ago)
Maryam Said yeap a very gud scol
eunice njeri (1 year ago)
BENSON MONDA (1 year ago)
Glory to God!
joseph mburu (1 year ago)
nys one from msanii
Joyce Nyaboke (1 year ago)
congrant student be blessed and inspire more yote yamekwisha ni ukweli dada na kaka zangu tumufuate Yesu maishani amina.
Maurine Bitutu (1 year ago)
Abok Mercy (2 years ago)
Titus Lagat (2 years ago)
اسنت اسنيتو (2 years ago)
my name is asneth Avery good messenger be blessed in Jesus name amen
Zuhurah Mike (2 years ago)
Glory to God
Celine Agalo (2 years ago)
God bless us amen.
Dominic Maina (1 year ago)
glory glory to God

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