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How To Find Name-Brand Wholesale Suppliers | Amazon FBA

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FAQ: How Much Do You Need To Start? - $1,000 How To Make $40,000 In 6 Months | Amazon F.B.A Do I Need To Live In The U.S.? - No, You Can Sell From Anywhere In The World! Do I Have To Hold Inventory? - No, You Will Never Touch Any Inventory By Wholesaling! Is Amazon Selling Too Competitive & Saturated? - No! Amazon Selling Has Been Around For Years & How Fast Amazon Grows Makes Now A Better Opportunity To Start Selling Than It Was 2 Years Ago! Do I Have To Have A Business? - No, You Do Not! How Do Taxes Work? - It Is Income Tax, It Would Be The Same As Any Income You Make From A Job, But Taxes Are Not Withheld. ★★AMAZON TOOLS★★ - Amazon Product Research (Jungle Scout): https://www.junglescout.com/ - Free Amazon Sales Tracker (Keepa): https://goo.gl/6dfE7r - Spy On Competitor’s Inventory (Inventory Spy): https://goo.gl/vXYSZG ★★TOOLS I USE★★ - Start Your Own LLC: https://www.legalzoom.com/ - Outsource Work (Fiverr): https://goo.gl/pddM2h - Click Funnels: https://www.clickfunnels.com/ ★★FREE GROUPS★★ - Official Journeyman F.B.A Facebook group: https://goo.gl/bBoSXp ★★SOCIALS★★ - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/journeymanfba/ - Facebook: https://goo.gl/gDm3UY “Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference” - Barack Obama
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Text Comments (66)
Jesus Campos (3 months ago)
We can trust them *gasp* and then we will *gasp* contact them to buy *gasp*
ArbitraryLifestyle (2 hours ago)
Abdallah Alsandly (3 days ago)
You are an honest guy trying to help new Amazon sellers. Thanks a lot
Tiffany Grigorian (5 days ago)
To buy from wholesale do I need any form of documentation or license?
Chris Scott (19 days ago)
Awesome video. Thank you!
MyEcoLife (28 days ago)
Anybody want great products from the mountains of Guatemala then let me know... We wholesale all kinds of indigenous handmade products such as leather bags and Handbags blankets rugs jewelry hammocks clothing shoes etc etc... Adios from the mountains of Guatemala
7000 GB (1 month ago)
How do you guys go about finding branded products that are NOT sold by Amazon already?
7000 GB (1 month ago)
Can you make video of what to email suppliers once you've found them?
Matias Martin (1 month ago)
javier SR (1 month ago)
hi this supplier only work to fbm or fbm? doenst work to DROPship on ebay? thank
Alex Mihilek (1 month ago)
Man... good for you being transparent. Seriously, and not pushing the hell out of your services. I can’t quite understand why you don’t have the following most of these other dudes do... kind of makes you wonder. I wish you the best for in future business adventures man. Keep it up
icandoit007 (1 month ago)
I've contacted so many suppliers from wholesale central and after scanning their cvs file with their inventory, I rarely find anything to buy from them. It's been very frustrating lately when I see people on youtube saying that you only need 1-3 suppliers to run this business successfully. How? If I'm lucky, I can only find 1-3 products making a max of $50/ month so if I want to make $5K with FBA then I would have to have at least 20 suppliers based on the numbers I've been getting. How many suppliers do you work with and how many products on average can you find from each supplier and what are your margins? Really need some clarity cuz the struggle is real. I'm almost giving up. Hours looking at spreadsheets to find nothing really worth buying and I see people saying that they're buying hundreds of units and get items selling less than 60 units a month with a bunch of other FBA sellers to share the buybox with. Don't understand how you can truly be profitable in this business when everybody seems to be using wholesalecentral and are all working with the same vendors. Please, help. Thank you!
ArbitraryLifestyle (2 hours ago)
I think this is part of why lots of people quit wholesaling. It takes time to find products and there are better ways to go about it, but I think with time you just randomly find them.
Orlando playlist (8 days ago)
Great question, thank you for adding it. How long have you been in the business?
Mary Adesanya (1 month ago)
This video is so helpful. Thank you so much
mjauble (1 month ago)
Excellent information. Thank you!
TNA10042001 (2 months ago)
thanks for all your help
Ignatius Ekemezie (2 months ago)
You are an honest guy trying to help new Amazon sellers. Thanks a lot.
sunshinemodels1 (2 months ago)
Mateus, your video is helpful. Thank you. Quick question: if one could source directly from a mfg why would they go through a distributor? Is it just the scale of purchase that the distributor has or additional reasons?
Odane Griffiths (2 months ago)
Is salehoo.com a good place to find good supplier also?
SUPERMOM Channel TV (2 months ago)
Hello Thank you for sharing... I am a Virtual Assistant need to learn this...
Latent Gamer (2 months ago)
If the product has a good rank and is selling. Will the product sell quickly.. a day or two
George Rivera (2 days ago)
Latent Gamer 😑 common sense bro
Money Matters (3 months ago)
wait, so you are saying these distributors will send out orders without wanting to see a business license? There is one of these amazon "guru's" telling his subs that they have to setup a business like a sole proprietor or a LLC.. is this bullshit?
g35 (3 months ago)
I see that you need a company name to contact the supplier. What would a third party seller like me put on there?
Chris Chase (2 months ago)
g35 do you need supplier?
B. Ro313 (3 months ago)
Great video. Thank you for helping clear up some of the fog of this subject. I'll keep watching. Keep up the good work.
ColGadarby (3 months ago)
Can you tell me which states do not require a resale certificate ?
Chris Chase (2 months ago)
ColGadarby need supplier?
Bran X (2 months ago)
Depending on who u are buying from, you will need either a business license or Resale/resellers permit....85% of wholesale distributors u buy off from will ask u for this. Especially if they are big/bigger known companies.
doray me (3 months ago)
Great advice thanks very much mate. I plan to use FBA as soon as I do a little more research and nab that supplier. Cheers from "down under" Melbourne, Australia.
Chris Chase (2 months ago)
I am working with one of referral company if i refer someone they give me 10% bonus on every order let me know if you are interested so i will refer you
doray me (2 months ago)
+Chris Chase I'm all ears bro... whats happenng?
Chris Chase (2 months ago)
doray me hey!!do you want supplier?
Royal star monster (3 months ago)
are these suppliers limited to the U.S only? or do they ship to businesses internationally?
Chris Chase (2 months ago)
Royal star monster do you need trustworthy supplier?
Gabriel Mumphrey (3 months ago)
Dope video right now I flip items from liquidators how much capital would you recommend getting before getting into wholesale marketing?
John N (3 months ago)
Great video, very informative
Rob Stinvil (3 months ago)
So you dont need a resellers permit to sell the already big name brand products? One guy says otherwise. But hes also seslling courses..
Luke Catlett (2 months ago)
You definitely need a permit to buy anything without income tax and resell on Amazon or any other marketplace and collect sales tax. Sales tax permit, retail license, it's all the same thing.
Alexander Bannister (4 months ago)
Hey Mateus, great content! Appreciate the reference to the wholesale central website. Thanks a lot!
Chris Chase (2 months ago)
Alexander Bannister hey!do you need supplier?
CLAUDIO MONCAS (4 months ago)
Hey men good video do you know how to get licenses or permit for reseller? Thanks.
Jorge Felner (4 months ago)
HI Mateus, great video thanks so much. Is there a website like wholesalecentral for UK sellers?
Furqan Bhatti (2 months ago)
Jorge Felner do you need manufacturer for your products?
R. Trade (5 months ago)
How do you get approval from amazon to sell electronics since most products are restricted and need approval. This is where I am stuck, do these suppliers provide letter of authorization or how does it work. How do you get approval to sell electronics on amazon
Tryall200 (2 months ago)
me too not the video don't make sense
rogelio maldonado (3 months ago)
I'm confused? I thought this website here wholesale Central is an authorized distributor!? Is it not?
R. Trade (4 months ago)
+Wholesale BlackBox ya but Amazon requests a letter of authorization from the brand on top of invoice from authorized distributor. Also how do you find these distributors
Cryptonian (5 months ago)
is that a SVIPE loggo in your toolbar? i respect you
kev mc (5 months ago)
great info. you mentioned in the vid doing a part 2?
kenneth lee (5 months ago)
nice content! im learning something new everyday! thanks!
gym buddy (6 months ago)
Hey Mateus Where about in MASS are you? im in framingham,ma, lets connect i could use your help getting started,,,
Douglas Mattos (6 months ago)
did you take any course for wholesaling? Im trying to do FBA, but wholesale seems like a better plan, but have no idea where to start
Chris Chase (2 months ago)
Douglas Mattos do you need supplierv
YES-TV (9 months ago)
So, all these distributors are allowed to sell the big brand products.
Chris Chase (2 months ago)
B G need supplier?
B G (3 months ago)
urbandiva001 so what you’ll do is contact the supplier to ship it to the warehouse amazon tells you to ship to.
Mario Zavala (3 months ago)
+R. Trade I have the same question
The Avim Affluence (4 months ago)
Question so if we dont touch the products how do we take pictures to add to the listing or is it different for brand name products on amzon?
R. Trade (5 months ago)
Mateus Siqueira Amazon requires that in order to be able to sell electronics you need to “get approval” by submitting an invoice and sometimes letter of authorization for restricted products like electronics. Do these suppliers provide that. And is there a way you get a supplier to send you that document before placing order

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