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Woman Cheated Thinking Husband Was Cheating (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Season 5, Episode 86 - Dark v. Bailey: An Atlanta man and his pregnant girlfriend claim he is not the father of another woman's 13-month-old son. Subscribe: https://bit.ly/PaternityCourtYT Follow Paternity Court on Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaternityCourt/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PaternityCourt Instagram: @PaternityCourtTV Follow MGM Television on Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MGMTelevision Twitter: https://twitter.com/MGMTelevision Instagram: @MGM_Television Woman Cheated Thinking Husband Was Cheating (Full Episode) | Paternity Court https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HrxGRfthZQ #PaternityCourt #LaurenLake
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Text Comments (8008)
MsMyworld22 (6 hours ago)
Beautiful women in this situation erks me do better !!! Break them cycles !!! 3 other children and she’s been in the same situation before LAWD help em !!!
Alena Lee (7 hours ago)
I hate the fact that as the kids referenced in this show grow, they will be able to find and watch this on the net. They are so innocent.
Krystal Murry (13 hours ago)
Sooooo she IS a promiscuous liar..
Kenith France (13 hours ago)
Make it Mandatory that all parties involved take a DNA test prior to the child being born. If the child is the Father's child, good deal, proceed as usual, if that child is not the Father's, he then has the choice of either going ahead and accepting the results and raise the child as his own, or refuse to accept the child , based upon the DNA results.
L-Mark Thomas (22 hours ago)
@9:15.... when he then said "Judge that's a lie your honour" that laugh had me cracking up 🤣🤣🤣
Definitely Kennedy (1 day ago)
Man, you can tell she knows she has no case.
beautifultammira10 (1 day ago)
Mr. Dark is in the dark when it comes to using condoms! Nasty, dirty, irresponsible dog!
Shell By The Sea (1 day ago)
Mr dark looks 45 years old
Angie B (2 days ago)
That WHITE guy in the back is killing ME, he was checking his watch and popped his head up at the conception calendar. I can't feel sorry for this dude, he likes DRAMA. After the best friend told HIM about other dudes he should have left HER alone. Ms. Bailey looking for LOVE in the wrong places.
Al Anonimo (2 days ago)
Why would the audience be applauding at the prospect of tgis guy paying child support even if he wasn't the biological father?
MiaMore (2 days ago)
Knowledge is fundamental. She said her due date was 11/30/2016 which means her conception would have been between 3/4 - 3/9/2016 which matches up with both their testimony. A baby born two weeks before or after their due date is still considered full-term. His current pregnant girlfriend needed to have several seats all the way in the back with her little smirk 👉🏼
Grandfather Clock (3 days ago)
Ms. Rosa A (3 days ago)
Women need to understand that they are the ones who are pregnant for 9 months and most likely be stuck with the babies. So have your tube tied or use some type of protection.
luvbig41 (3 days ago)
Three other kids ...SMH!!!! And having a history of not knowing who the father is.......SMH!!!! NEVER sign the Birth Certificate unless you get a paternity test.
luvbig41 (3 days ago)
Women somehow believe they can do like men. Women are the ones who get left with the children. They should think before "acting" like men. Never try to work out a relationship with a cheating woman. Women cheat emotionally and the relationship will never be the same. Once a woman's emotions go out there.....you can't bring it back.
Rhonda Christopher (4 days ago)
Too much response from the audience
Breanna Lewis (5 days ago)
So the daddy family owe the baby an apology.
ATLballer (5 days ago)
Love Child (5 days ago)
Preston Hodge (6 days ago)
My birthday
Mavin Lee (6 days ago)
Did the baby hv to watch tis after grown up?
Christina Blais (6 days ago)
That’s a beautiful baby
NJoiMe1 (6 days ago)
I love that the father has tears in his eyes.
Allett Duncan (7 days ago)
is this Candace from the haves and the have nots lol
mike higgins (7 days ago)
The female looks like a liar with a little smirk on her face.
H KILLA (7 days ago)
I haven't seen a show yet that the dude wasn't the father!! 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️😒😒😒😒
tom2749 (8 days ago)
these folks are all STOOOPID, including the judge.
Isra Sabir (9 days ago)
He favors Michael Vick
Sayan (9 days ago)
Gentlemen please trust after you verify by taking a DNA test to certify birth certificate.
Tahrim Fatima (9 days ago)
Her voice is so annoying
Delicia Williams (10 days ago)
I grew up without my parents and 6 siblings. Its hard . I agree but it makes me want a good life. This was totally history repeating itself
step step (10 days ago)
when the result came out..he's face change....
step step (10 days ago)
it takes two hands to clap..the man cannot blame her bcoz he is being dishonest with he's woman and is woman she should stop sleeping around,specially with people's husband..find a single man or no man at all bring up yr kids..if not they will suffer n follow the footsteps....very sad
Yassi M. (10 days ago)
just use protection already! not only for pregnancy prevention but also as a protection against STIs
David Ngo (10 days ago)
Dark - cool name
Summer Daze (11 days ago)
🤣🤣The audience (white man adjusting his watch ) look at his face right after she say the baby look just like him 5:26
emerald Mahon (11 days ago)
James Thomas (12 days ago)
This one had that Wow factor
Shanil Ram (13 days ago)
U r my favorite judge love and respect from Guyana
April Chestnut (13 days ago)
humayuchowhan (13 days ago)
All American is look like son of b.... Many dont know who is the father
humayuchowhan (13 days ago)
Paternity court ko dekh kr lagta hai America haramiyoon ki country hai. Hahahaa
Dadyfishboi 11 (15 days ago)
This man a saint yet this woman is just a evil witch.
Psychotic Coconut (15 days ago)
Mr.Dark, I am dead
Chaak Girebaan (15 days ago)
Your epidemic is on the rise worldwide. Enjoy!
Matilda6936 Bethany (15 days ago)
I could tell he was the father regardless to the window of conception. They both have the eyebrows folding over the eyes. Another thing I just couldn’t stand him with that grin and yellow teeth. Just step up and be that child’s daddy. We will likely see him again denying that girlfriend baby. Keep your private parts on lock. Use a lock on your zipper. Ijs
Toby Lunsford (16 days ago)
What an unfortunate last name...
Inas Sh (16 days ago)
she looks like Rihanna. so cute. i wish her the best
dj Pua (17 days ago)
homai buffet (17 days ago)
the man is an old western speaking me, we was going down for those trains
Trubin 561 (17 days ago)
Yes he were yes he were... really that sounded right coming out of your mouth?
Morgana Alexa Dovah (17 days ago)
Just started but noticed that @6:15 Judge Lauren brings one finger up to her face then it switches to the mother and she does almost the exact same hand action LoL... weird stuff 😲. **EDIT 1** @13:25 The guy starts crying because like a lot of men, he didn't realize what it meant to sign that birth certificate. He just realized that even if he is not the biological father he might be on the hook financially for at least 18 years. Calculating the due date the woman admits he cannot be the father. ALWAYS... men should be taken into another room and have every possibility explained to them when it comes to signing the birth certificate of a child. They should also be offered a discounted DNA test if it's done before the baby leaves the hospital. OK... BBS. **FINAL EDIT** First I need to point out that in my opinion, the dad is a decently good looking guy. When I saw the pictures of the baby @10:18 I was positive that the child was not his. Those are some pictures I would bury at the back of the photo album, sorry kid lol. His entire family has been hostile towards this child and yeah, babies feel the rejection. Even with her due date being out of whack he was the father... I was able to have my first child naturally but for my second child, I had to have a c-section. I think it is pretty rare when they book the OR to birth the baby on the child's actual due date. That is likely why the birth date didn't match up with the date of conception. I hope as always, that the parents can get it together for the sake of the children because that baby has a half-sibling coming into the world right around his birthday. At least the parents can save on birthday parties for at least the first few years LoL.
Nett C (18 days ago)
What does the new girl due date in a totally different year has to do with the ex babt paternity? Not a dang thing? And why does the court need to know all the personal business?????
Maroon Horizon (18 days ago)
Throwback to when the court used to be quiet and not make noises and clap all the time😭😭😭😭😭
Swarnendu Das (18 days ago)
The episode where the plaintiff uses the most powerful weapon at a woman's disposal.
nick wagner (18 days ago)
Yooo my birthday November 13th 😂😂😂😂
Tiffany W (19 days ago)
His Baby mother was all smiles and his family denied that baby. The people he surrounds himself with are trash. News flash babies do not have to look like you to be your biological child. I’m glad this young lady is vindicated. He’s trash as well.
iiJoshAndMatthewii MSP (19 days ago)
13:50 :)
VDI Qc (20 days ago)
Is that dababy😂
King Bee (20 days ago)
First the mother is damaged. You can simply tell. For her to sit there and smirk during his testimony that was stating she was cheating and then one minute later she’s “crying”. This is repetitive cycle for her that she’s clearly comfortable in. Second the girlfriend INTENDED to get under her skin with her slick remarks it was very uncalled for.
Kaushik Bhowmick (20 days ago)
She wants an excuse. She looks seductive and sexy! Such women keep getting in flings and one night stand occasionally.
redrum1190 (20 days ago)
Yes he were, yes he were
Nikita Munnik (20 days ago)
Nikita Munnik (20 days ago)
Nikita Munnik (20 days ago)
Jessica Williams (21 days ago)
Her ex best friend is the cleanup woman. What a bad woman won’t do for a good man, a better woman will. Idc if they were friends. No person with morals wants to be close to a cheater. I had a friend like that, and I told her that I didn’t want to be around her while she played with men because I wasn’t a liar. Currently, she still has baby daddy problems with several guys, and I am in a happy, stable relationship.
•Love Hate (21 days ago)
Ayeee me and her son got the same birthday😂🤪<<< I know that’s so random but w.e
TuVan Pham (22 days ago)
Omg Ms.bailey’s voice is sooooo annoying
Rocio Melgoza (22 days ago)
Lol girlfriend is just jelous the baby don't look like him well buyaaaa😂
Xavier Rainey (22 days ago)
You already 1-2 months pregnant still opening your legs ??? Tryna play victim crying
Jere Niemi (24 days ago)
11:22 top right corner
Jaya Dev Yelamanchi (24 days ago)
14:00 dna results thank me later
Set Apart (25 days ago)
With that fake dramatic crying.
Lo Tlhalerwa (26 days ago)
This woman is so beautiful but broken
glam star (26 days ago)
I laughed so hard when he quoted his momma 😭😭😭
Burning Eclipse (26 days ago)
O can’t take girls crying seriously now a days most of the time it’s fake
manoj m (27 days ago)
The judge sucks
martavious carter (27 days ago)
She cheated on him it the other boys father
cierra Simmons (28 days ago)
😂 😂 the part when he said his Mother said boy get that baby out of here
Sabrina Khalid (28 days ago)
sirj j (28 days ago)
They are both cute, she is gorgeous. But trifling. Looks can be deceiving.
Well... this took a 180...
Dan 57 (30 days ago)
All that "crying" and not a tear in sight.
Lady B (30 days ago)
Because these women don't keep track of their periods effectively, there is NO way for them to know when they got pregnant.
bradley pyne (1 month ago)
They have the same cheekbones
Pomegranate Mistress (1 month ago)
Lucas King (1 month ago)
9:19 when you stub your toe and you try to play it of
Devin Cheatham (1 month ago)
It's the cheering that annoys me
StoneGamer456 (1 month ago)
At 7:39 tell me he don’t look like mr.hotspot
Nya Smith (1 month ago)
Hajar Alanazi (1 month ago)
This judge is amazing
Julie W (1 month ago)
The judge is such a boss
Obed karwhin (1 month ago)
All the females in the back like “mmmhhhh” 😂😂
James Calixte (1 month ago)
There is no way that this man will pay child support for a kid that's not his
RufZzz Yamasaki (1 month ago)
I wanna slap this judge
Queen Aquarius (1 month ago)
It's clear that she still loves him but she needs to begin to love herself 100% especially for children
FortniteMadness (1 month ago)
14:05 DNA Result
Debbie Polk (1 month ago)
Puzzling why current girlfriend there saying the baby don't look like him, well take a seat current girlfriend because he just got served!! His baby
-JKR- (1 month ago)
My personal theory - The "Best Friend" tells both of them that they cheated on each other, the wife cheats on him. Now the "Best Friend" is with the husband. (was this all plotted by the "Best Friend")
Megha Issack (1 month ago)
He could not provide for both the babies so he tried his luck 😂😂

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