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What Dark-Skinned People Will Never Tell You

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preacha berkley (1 hour ago)
We are called Creole we have Dominican blood. The Caribbean means Creolean. Forget the white mans one drop rule in 1924-1985. Iberia is the origin of our race. European is not a spanish word we are. Mulatto Republic is a great country for us.
Ona Ojo (7 hours ago)
“Oh you’re really pretty for a dark skin girl” my head hurts I’ve heard this and my friends have hear this all the time!!
kau sturi (8 hours ago)
Im a bengali ...n im doo proud coz i relate to her❤️
Azul Girl (1 day ago)
4:39 I felt that... I felt how hard she has worked in loving herself and loving hee skin... Girl you're beautiful inside and out
Saniya Wells (1 day ago)
I have light skin I don’t know why people say I was born in Africa because I wasn’t I was born in the USA
my revenge (1 day ago)
2:51 Cardi B when she gon get old 👍🏾🔥
This site needs psychological help.
joseph cristal (2 days ago)
Thank God I’m light skin
bill smith (2 days ago)
This prejudice is prevalent in all races. I am white and married to a Hispanic woman. She is darked skinned like her father and her brother is light skinned like his mom. There grandmother from mexico always ridiculed her and her father for being dark and would say that my wives cousin her other granddaughter is so pretty because she was so light. I have always thought dark complexions were gorgeous. When I have talked with my black friends about this they say that the same prejudice is alive in the black community. It sucks no matter where you find it. I mean the black girl with the dark complexion is beautiful, hands down!
APE MAN (2 days ago)
Marxists Have succeeded In their Psy Op on Black people Learn about Marxism You will understand all this
Alina Mitchelson (2 days ago)
The Ghanaian lady is really pretty, makes me happy to have a lot of Ghanaian dna
Kimberly Parker (2 days ago)
I am of " Fire and Ice", I was born in L.A.,CA., 🇺🇸. I was adopted by two. Wonderful people, my Mother is. an R.N., and my Father was getting a duel Ph.D., in. Physics and Astronomy at Cal-Tech( now referred to as Astrophysics). My biological parents look similar to my parents who reared me, My mom had white- blonde hair when she was young and blue/ gray eyes and. my Dad is of Scottish-Royalty, he has thick,black hair and gray/ blue eyes. My brother and I were to look like our parents whom adopted us. My brother ended up being toe-headed as a child and he has blue/gray eyes. I have straight black hair that I grew past my rear- end, and dark -brown eyes that are circled with black rings I usse
gamer nature (3 days ago)
My cats are different colors i don't treat them any different. The yellow one gets no more sympathy then the orange one. It's 2018 and we are still talking about skin color what the f****
Royale Rose (3 days ago)
The world would be Boring if we all had the same Skin Tone
dead guy (3 days ago)
the problem is these particular people have extremely low self esteem issues.
Shana Littlejohn (3 days ago)
I might be brown skinned it but that could really make me feel better
Zinzan (3 days ago)
No one is ever satisfied with themselves. I'm blond and green-eyed and I hate pale, lily-white, pasty skin. And that's why I spend my time under the African sun frying myself to a rich brown - which is only achieved after much pain and suffering sunburn.
Hans Janetzke (3 days ago)
i 'm lucky i|m black and white colorblind
Felecia G Miller (4 days ago)
I am a dark skin beauty, I have also been told I was beautiful for a dark skin girl, I always walk in the room like I own it. It is up to me to show them I love the skin I am in. And after 58 years I love me even more.
ali kabli (4 days ago)
does anybody know if that puerto rican lady has mental issues
Falcon one (4 days ago)
0:41 Dam she's fine!
India Cropper (4 days ago)
My god, there were already born angles! All of them, people are racist sometimes and we don't seem to realise that everybody is human, nobody different... I would never dream of calling somebody because of their race. Your all perfect the way you are don't let anybody change that!
Lilmisskandi (4 days ago)
Hey dark skin people, I want you to all know that you are treated badly, suffered racism and oppression and deemed as low class because of fear. THEY knew your potential and knew how amazing your genetics are, how special you were created and how strong you are. THEY broke you so you lose yourself and never believe how amazing you are. THEY tried to take EVERYTHING away from you to dehumanise you, kill you and destroy all that you are. THEY acted out of fear due to your creativity, brilliant mind and amazing powerful melanin that protects you from their diseases they cannot cure. HIV and AIDS became an epidemic in Africa and to dark skinned people suddenly and out of nowhere. Ask yourself why. Africa is contaminated and corrupted because of the attempts to destroy you and disarm you. You've heard of the saying "Africa feeds the world but no one feeds Africa"? Think hard about that... You are beautiful. You are strong. Take back control of your brilliance! #Power✊🏾 #Blacklivesmatter
Woke w (4 days ago)
😢this was so sad
Esteban Nemo (4 days ago)
Personally, I prefer darker skinned women.
Esteban Nemo (4 days ago)
You see this this phenomenon in Thailand, between dark skinned Thais and lighter skinned ones. Thailand was never colonized by a Western power. And it’s not a beauty meme that travelled cross cultures. Stop this insanity that EVERYTHING under the sun begins and ends with the US or Europe.
chris pitel (5 days ago)
I’ve been to Africa I’ve been to the Philippines I think black or dark skin is absolutely wonderful
Lawrence Siler (5 days ago)
Having been called the "N" word on many occasions simply because of the color of my skin there must come a time in your life that you don`t allow other people`s racist attitudes be projected upon you. Yes, I realize how difficult is to deal with, but until you learn to like you and realize that God made you and you are unique and there is only one of you in this big world and it was of His own choosing that He gave you your skin color. Do not allow anyone to cause you to despise what God has given you for His plan and His purpose. It really is all about Him.
Keika Edits (5 days ago)
I'm white, and by white i mean really white. Kind of sickly pale, and i've always envied you dark skinned people because i find you extremely pretty. I hate being pale as the snow. :c
Freda Shabba (5 days ago)
Ha! Ha! My dears those who make u feel ashamed about ur b4tful blk skin truuuuly envies u that's y they hate on u. Catch dem tanning r paying big money 2 look like the body u & all blk ppl have ....... The real thing. True body form, curvature, proportion & definition.
quydrice stewart (6 days ago)
Being comfortable in your own skin was a lesson that also had to be teached to me
TC Campbell (6 days ago)
JudgeGr3g (6 days ago)
Imagine the same video about White people and saying be proud of what you are etc... oh gosh double-standards.
irony (6 days ago)
I think people discriminated dark skin more in earlier years than today.Dark skin was associated with being poor and colonials projected themselves as superior beings until as of late.Now you see the Asian non-white countries on the rise and prosperous- the whites want to be associated with them for obvious reasons.You now see the white poor eating out of garbage bins in most cities in the West and stinking like a skunk without a bath.Tables are beginning to turn.I would say skin color is just a facade for discrimination because the real reason is fear of themselves losing out in all matters to the opposite color.
chris papa (6 days ago)
Also if someone doesn’t want me, I cannot attribute it to my skin colour. However ! People must respect the white people too. If the white doesn’t want the black we should also respect that. But usually is not the colours that people don’t like. It’s the smells and their manners.
chris papa (6 days ago)
I don’t think that the colour of the skin is the problem at all.. it’s the smells the bodies emit and number two is the energy levels and respecting the personal boundaries.
Eshu Singh (6 days ago)
i am also dusky and people say that u are not beautiful becz your skin colour is not fair
Bak Koul (6 days ago)
"Edgar so black that when he leaves a car the check engine light comes on." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kimberly Gabaldon (6 days ago)
You are all beautiful! 💖💕
Jim Jones (7 days ago)
I find many women of all races beautiful. it's not the color of skin, it's your presentation of yourself, your confidence. I worked with many Dominican women, and let me tell ya, most were very beautiful, and there was a black girl who I hung around with at breaks and lunch time, and she most def is one of the most beautifulest woman I've seen in my life. and she wasn't one who wore make-up much...
John Guanciale (7 days ago)
Big deal
Jean Carlotto (7 days ago)
I would love to have some color
Joe Riley (7 days ago)
Most people as children fear the dark because they can’t see an approaching danger. Most Caucasions equate the darkness of dark skinned people subconsciously with the fear of the darkness. Both fears are subliminal, and it is very difficult to ignore these fears, irrational as they are.
Nigel Dale Bisram (8 days ago)
Oh my God'.... To much carnally minded souls'!
Kim Miller (8 days ago)
Since I was little I've always wanted to be African, they are so beautiful, anyway I'm Latina and I love it
Kim Miller (8 days ago)
I LOVED the story of the lady with the blue hair, just so empowering
Stephen Davie (8 days ago)
Even if you black-washed the world,it still wouldn't change the fact that it's genetic not social.So get over it and hang out with your own people so you can feel better about yourselves.
CJ_ NY (8 days ago)
what a perpetuation of the victim mentality mind state. pathetic. stop crying.
kush King (6 days ago)
I can't wait till you trump supporters get what's coming to you
For the puerto rican lady. You made me remember Antonio Machín's song " Angelitos negros".
Darryl Ellrott (8 days ago)
Wow, I guess I'm supposed to feel guilty about something here. I don't. Why should I? Not my problem! Grow up, kids, and get on with your life. Nobody gives a damn about your inferiority complex.
Ver Zver (8 days ago)
I am so sorry to hear this, my heart broke.. NO one should be judged!!! I don't care what skin color you are!! I don't care if you are gay!! I don't care if you are anything different than USUAL... if you are a good person! :))))))
hog rider 18 (8 days ago)
Im brown and proud of it
Itzjazzy PATATO (8 days ago)
This entire vid represents me I’m not kidding ppl are RACIST STILL NOW LIKE WTF
Kathryn Briley (9 days ago)
I see every person male and female as beautiful gifts of God. We are all God's children and NOONE should be so very cruel as to bring the supposition that any OF US are outward manifestation (s) of what God is Concerned with THE CONDITION OF A Person's Heart not the color of the skin! Arrrggghh, Disgusted! PLEASE STOP perpetuating hatred!
ozo ugwu (9 days ago)
Make video of what pale skinned people never tell you
Kat 020949 (9 days ago)
The only thing different about black and white people is the amount of melanin in their physical make-up. Melanin does not affect any other organ in the body, just the skin. What amazes me is the fact that there is a billion dollar industry out there providing white people the opportunity to darken their skin tone under the sun, in your bedroom or at the tanning salon . Why? Because they think darker skin is more attractive. Figure that one out ????
Chick Hicks (9 days ago)
I'm dark brown and proud. However, all skin colors are beautiful in their own way. We should all start realizing the diversity of beauty in all it's physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.
Bobba Dao (9 days ago)
From a middle aged "white man", I'm so sorry you suffer this :-(
Luz Renteria (10 days ago)
Get over it, fat people get treated worse and are lucky if they even get a mate.
Alvin Gabriel (10 days ago)
Everyone's blood is red!
Guy De Simon (10 days ago)
Sweethearts , dark skinned is the mark of Cain that came through Noah's curse upon Ham . Realise this and that Christ is your redemption just as with whites . We are all fallen with original sin .
jeffscricket23 (10 days ago)
The ancestors of black slaves are the true Hebrew Israelites chosen ones of god that’s why they’ve gone through so much oppression and slavery and all the other curses the Bible speaks of in Deuteronomy, Wake up to your true heritage “African Americans” they have hidden this from you so you will continue to idolize their pagan gods, Yahshua is The real name of “Jesus” As a white person or a “gentile” if I want to find salvation I need to follow the laws statues and Commandments of your God, The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Along with all the other nations of the world, But as for the chosen ones, you are a special people, The oracles of God! You are supposed to be the preachers to all the other nations so wake up to your true heritage repent get baptized in the name of the son father and Holy Spirit and win as many souls as you can before it’s too late! Preach love to all nations! If you want a real congregation look up pastor Dowell, he has a YouTube channel and he preaches the truth, also “The watchmen report” Also preach truth
tot kookie (10 days ago)
I'm brown and happy✌😍❤
Melcon Huger (10 days ago)
In slavery days being light skin was the fastest way of being raped as the dark skin women was next as well! So it's meant nothing about skin color as we're all the same inside of our body. Society is so messed up within themselves, about color! But later down the road we all will look the same a little different but unique. As we mix in having children with different races. So people of color tell them to put a pipe in that and smoke it! As this is a whole new Generation and color doesn't mean a damn thing to them.
Kimarria Smith (10 days ago)
im mixed raced , w/ black , chinese , cherokee , ndd white : but i never got picked on or teased .
Norah (10 days ago)
Omg all these people are so incredibly beautiful
Chris Christian (10 days ago)
A bunch of attractive dark skin people whining about what they look like. quit obsessing on the tone of your skin and focus on how you think and behave.
kush King (6 days ago)
You white people are going extentic 😂 hope you know that
Hermes Martin (10 days ago)
Sorry for you but it is true than white skin is so beautiful
pinkpal s (10 days ago)
Derek Clark (11 days ago)
Jesus, can we stop talking about colour and start focusing on real issues.
tom ld (11 days ago)
This world is fucked up. But anyways, indoor tanning is a billion dollar industry per year in the United States.
Yola Peters (11 days ago)
And my legs were milk bottles.
Loida Tampus (11 days ago)
I love my brown skin beause I don't need to put myself under the heat of the sun to be tan. Never did I remember wanting myself to be lighter because being a Filipino, everyone wanted to be white. I told myself, well I don't want to be like everyone. I want to be just me. Soo nahhhh. I'm brown and I'm proud!😊
...negras africanas parem de usar estas perucas ridículas vocês são lindas do jeito que são não queiram parecer com branco!...
Eleonora Clark (12 days ago)
The bible says...You are fearfully and wonderfully made! It does not state "some"! God also tells us in His word, He knew you before(!) you were formed in the womb. He, who created you, loves you beyond anything we can ever imagine! Focus on who you are, in His eyes! 😇
kizzyhec (12 days ago)
If anyone cannot accept and appreciate who they are no one will never accept or appreciate you. Be kind to yourself.
GM Skywatcher (13 days ago)
See what's happening in our skies check out GM Skywatcher creating chemical barrier
MrZulucharlie (13 days ago)
Lillian Lin (14 days ago)
If dark skin is not beautiful, why white people stay under the sun so long to get tan?
Vocal Queen (14 days ago)
This is so wrong it makes me sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Erick Quintero (14 days ago)
I honestly think that my dark features are what makes me handsome
Makenna M (14 days ago)
I wish I was half white half black then I could be whatever I want i could be like bro I'm black or sister I'm white and point to my skin
Klara 73 (14 days ago)
I like my White skin but I can't tan becsuse sin ca hart my skin. I like Black People when they prefer The same Christian values. In eyes of God we are The same. But when some People think that they are better than another ( like in islam ) This is Awful.
Klara 73 (9 days ago)
ineedthis foragerestrictions i know what islam is. This is religion of devil. In islam pedophile is legal. In islam eating pork is bigger sin than sex with child. This is Awful. In christianity young girls are untouchable. Mohamet was sexoholic and pedophile he murdered raped and use taqqiya so Truthful God could never choose Mohamet as his prophet only devil. In islam woman is less worthy that goat and are only inkubator to have children buying by Men. Jesus is only true way to truthful God.
You don't know anyting about Islam
Klara 73 (14 days ago)
I like my w
Md Miraj (14 days ago)
I like extremely pale powder skinned girl and everyone calls me a dove a white chalk and all etc the I tried tanning but nothing happened instead I got pimples and all etc . DARK Skin IS BEAUTIFUL
Christopher Reed (14 days ago)
Come on...
Pearl Tippins (14 days ago)
The change start with you and that is loving yourself.....I just think it is very hard for someone to except you when you don't even except yourself....knowing that I don't create myself always made it easy for me to except myself......because I always was told God don't make mistake....Peace to all of my brothers and sisters always and forever.....
Mac Clift (14 days ago)
Many white people aren't *deemed as beautiful!* Many white people *don't feel beautiful!* Always playing the victim card and placing, and *treating,* white people as the *enemy!*
NXTCHP FORME (15 days ago)
Yes. Darker people absolutely should embrace their beauty. Don't cower under ignorant comments. Use the opportunity to speak gently. Intelligently. Proudly and confidently to shine light on ignorance. Love the recent change with darker leading men like Idris Elba. Wesley Snipes. Thank you all for sharing. Melanin...God give and necessary!!!
ashur ali (15 days ago)
if your brown you know about fairolovely
Bineeta Palei (15 days ago)
I'm dark skinned.... And Indian.... But I really love my color....
Orla Rusl (15 days ago)
And the truth is those who call themself white aren`t cause there is no such thing as white pigment; actually they`re naked skin
Orla Rusl (15 days ago)
Their nose are formed because of dripping which became hard and kept the form now they use it as attribute of beauty I don`t see why cause you cannot projecct it on any animal to make it become beautifull e.g: a horsewho has the biggest nostrils which he needs for power
German Arita (15 days ago)
Sounds like a lot of insecurity
Sawe Cathy (15 days ago)
I am very dark skin..n guess what I LOOOOVE IT...I only wish I was a little darker!
_cheesy cheesecake_ (15 days ago)
I'm like-- yellowwwww
princy vincent (15 days ago)
Every dark skin people shown in this video look unique and beautiful.
shadwo xii (15 days ago)
Those people are actors i mean look how beaty they are. it's like that female with perfect body who tell fat girls that she feel fat 🐷🤜
Dvvna (15 days ago)
Being black means you look good in colorful accessories 🤣
Merce Mercero 🇵🇦 (15 days ago)
I am a dark-skinned black man and I am DAMN PROUD of it! I have NEVER been ashamed of my color!
tee jay (16 days ago)

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