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What Dark-Skinned People Will Never Tell You

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Text Comments (32815)
Mystic Pizza (1 hour ago)
I felt tears filling up in my eyes and a sharp pain when one of the ladies said that she had to bleach her skin. Oh how I wish the world could understand that you are beautiful too when you have darker skin. But most people are to ignorant to understand. I’m Kenyan American ( my parents are from Kenya🇰🇪) and this video has touched my heart because this happens to every darker skinned person. Those people who disliked the video... step into their shoes and my shoes for a day.
Rock er Subliminals (1 hour ago)
*lol when black people comments "people are discriminative racist" and i wonder what kind of people you are living with...theres an African family who lives near my house...and when i look at the girls i feel like "I'm soooo jealous of your body" 😂😂 she had the perfect butt and her brothers used to play football in the playground which is also near my house and when i see them they look so energetic... laughing and talking loud..i never noticed their skin color the way others do...ummm its difficult to explain what i feel about them*
Francis Kyere (5 hours ago)
Being black is an honor coz I come from greatness!!!!
Celina Fisher (7 hours ago)
I love brown my girls are darker than i it made me happy lol but either way my boys are lighter brown like me.
Keepingshitreal (12 hours ago)
White genocide on the menu and they know your hungry so eat up yall.
x‘otwod_gurll (17 hours ago)
TBH I’m brown and I’m proud being brown 💪🏽❤️
Rebecca Toussaint (21 hours ago)
That black girl on the thumbnail is not darkskin girl.
boi god (1 day ago)
I hate black people because they still the hot girls.....😅😅id hate them just the one that still the girl i like
boi god (1 day ago)
This is racist
Aleksy Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Take a look a the Development and the HIstory of the Spanish Casta System. To some Degree it was almost an extension of law if a Law itself.
DreamLand Mermaid (1 day ago)
Ahmadk Kadia (1 day ago)
I love that color it is so elegant. I am not white and not black. I am almost white but I go to the beach each year and get my new lovely color
Onechi Lwenje (1 day ago)
How does a mother bleach a child's skin. So sad
_Jason_ (2 days ago)
It doesn't matter if he's black or white. We're all one
Alvy Susan (2 days ago)
I'm brown n comparatively darker than my cousins, my relatives always would say that u shouldn't go out in the sun because if u get darker, it will be difficult for us to find u a guy... They think it's not good to be friends with dark skinned ppl.. Which century r we living in.. Plz stop being racist.. Everyone in this world r beautiful in their own way
HOLGER HANSEN (2 days ago)
Black is so beautyful.
Aliens Offspring (2 days ago)
I feel so ashamed because I have a classmate who is black. And he gets called names because he’s too dark. The kids make jokes about his skin. I try too defend him the times I can but sometimes he laughs about it but ik it hurts him when people make fun of him. Idk what to do
One Maasai (2 days ago)
Black and white are not colours.. Neutral colours.
Mo Dilban (2 days ago)
Indians bleach their skin and it’s a shame they should accept being dark it dosnt matter
Mo Dilban (2 days ago)
It’s only colour
Mo Dilban (2 days ago)
There nothing wrong with being dark , most Indians want to be white and it’s terrible they get jelouse of Pakistani woman
Rahul Bhardwaj (1 day ago)
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh. plenty of pakistanis are dark as filth. many of them.
Hayli Charlesworth (3 days ago)
Oh no they’ll tell you all of this
Mortimer Madesen (3 days ago)
4:47 You look in the mirror and you see nothing but darkness. No offense, shes just really black.
Mortimer Madesen (2 days ago)
Tanya Tirkey Of course I would. Why not?
Tanya Tirkey (3 days ago)
you won't say that if you was a dark person
Benjamin Van der Lund (4 days ago)
I am white with olive skin and i can tell ya, its truly a blessing being able to choose color, when i travel south i blend in better and when im back in Sweden i pale up. Plus my skin absorbs vitamin D better than darkies, i guess i am privileged :)
makayla wilkins (4 days ago)
wow i am black and i excpet everybody
zoro rondigger (4 days ago)
I grew up in Seychelles where most kids at school was Mix race, blacks and a few whites, everyone got it because of their race sometimes, I'm mix myself and now I lives in Liverpool in an area where most people are white and I absolutely loves it because I stand out😁 I have to stop my white friends from kicking off at people's for starring at me all the time, they th8nk people's been racist but I don't see it like that, I think they stare because I'm the coolest man with my big hair which is something between an afro and a dreadlocks and my funky style,,, to be honest with you 😏I love's to milk it😀
kyle robinson (5 days ago)
Bring back Wesley Snipes!
Juliana Reyes Castro (5 days ago)
2:47 you might be tan but your eyes are beautiful
Danish mushtaq (6 days ago)
You are beautiful ...
Ramadhan Al Kautsar (6 days ago)
Can't relates. Everyone is so peaceful here in Indonesia no matter if ur black, white, you can even be freaking blue if u want
Angela Ak (6 days ago)
I am from India I was bullied in school and high-school because my mother was tone fairer than me I was insulted in family function...my friends made fun of me . This took me into depression And it took time to realise that my skin was mine and nobody else opinion will make me hate my skin tone if I am dark I will still love it because this is me. Belive this brought confidence inside me and I am happy inside my skin I love my body, my skin it's just blessing for me now
Kanokwan Ukkrachak (6 days ago)
Dark or White on human skin so beautiful amazing natural.
Manoj Kumar (6 days ago)
It's not the color of skin but the attraction in face makes us to feel some one is beautiful
Rahul Bhardwaj (1 day ago)
color is definitely a part of that.
sknmrowley (6 days ago)
These problems existed in Southern Hemisphere societies long long before colonization...colonization was simpler because of it.
Nicole Hernandez (7 days ago)
Dude in the Latino community fr! I’m a indigenous Latina and all my friends make fun of my skin tone 😑 I’m the darkest one in my group 😑
Whoatemacookie (7 days ago)
Whites wanna be black and Blacks wanna be White.. if you people had the power to change yourself the world be a boring place so stfu, enjoy jokes and don't get triggered
Jeff Haddock (7 days ago)
That white people are smarter and much more civilized than they are
Cat Molester (7 days ago)
Now I feel worse these all people are beautiful and even that grandma looks to good for her age
tejusavi_ 5 (7 days ago)
BTS says LOVEYOURSELF💜 I'M dark skin too .......💜
Sophia Martinez (7 days ago)
So heartbreaking 😢
the one dumb asian (8 days ago)
2:30 is so cuuutteee
Toujours Belle (8 days ago)
I'm a Filipina but my skin tone is lighter than most common Filipina but personally I prefer darker skin like Blackpink's Jennie and Sistar's Bora. I find darker women more attractive
That One (8 days ago)
I’m so pale it looks like I’m naked when I’m wearing a white shirt I would rather be dark skinned it so neat in my eyes
Blackwolf MGTOW (5 days ago)
Are you a guy or a girl I'm just curious.
Amethyst & Obsidian (8 days ago)
Dark skin ppl r THEE most beautiful !!!!!!!!! 💓
Rubeen Whittaker (8 days ago)
Make's me sad:(
نهوند الورد (8 days ago)
That women from ghinia is soooo pretty 😍
Beautifull life (8 days ago)
I m crying i m dark skin idian girl i was rejected Becouse my sikn tone people said if i m light sikin tone i m more beautiful then present , i often bullied by some of the boys making fun of my skin Coloures and my sis too
Blackwolf MGTOW (5 days ago)
I think you're beautiful and anyone who says otherwise can go to hell.
Conaill קונאיל (8 days ago)
Nothing to do with slavery as this is rampant in areas where Europeans do not exist. Unfortunately it is negros who put down dark skin. Remember there is such thing as too pale. “See thru” “translucent” “ghost “. I was teased for being too pale, for being able to see my veins. People poke fun at everything
William Solia (8 days ago)
Depends on what country you live in i guess i thought that everyone thought of brown latinos as being the sexiest lol
Highlander Monk (8 days ago)
I found that Bengali girl very attractive genuinely 😍 Who's she ? Anyone ?
Neil Parmar (9 days ago)
All these people look very attractive and the seem very intelligent.
jpeto006 (9 days ago)
Pretty sad that the liberals in this country put soooooo much focus on peoples skin colors and make the young people so insecure. Republicans dont discuss race only liberals do
Pucci World (9 days ago)
I think black guys are hotter than white people
M G (9 days ago)
I don’t know how people feel bad for having dark skin? I am black and my skin is caramel in color but when I get a tan I’m so much prettier!!! I always wanted to be dark skin. I love dark skin. Besides that all the pale skin people are burnt by the sun. Imagine the biggest thing in our solar system hurting you when it usually gives life and is necessary for life. Black skin is literally the best. Besides if you read the Bible and believe in it then it tells you Africans were the first humans to be made and we were made in Gods image so..............
Maryam (9 days ago)
God that girl with curly hair is AESTHETIC
RazHuoy (9 days ago)
I'm dark down there.
melinda lee (9 days ago)
To all my dark~skinned, beautiful, intelligent, lovely women, men, girls & boys! I want you to know how dope you are! Anyone who thinks different well that’s just to bad for them!
T -Series (9 days ago)
Why any1 wanna dislikes this video..
crispy kaafhitaa (9 days ago)
3:19 when she cried !! Almost wet my eyes.
ALOYSIA YULA (9 days ago)
Don't feel insecure about your skin. It doesn't matter what people think or say Love yourself Black don't crack Melanin is gold Black is precious Black is not sold in the market cuz it's not cheap If we blacks love ourselves the world will be a better place . Don't change your colour to please anyone Your perfect just the way you are,💖
arju scarlet (9 days ago)
I find dark people beautiful. Also what truly matters is how people are on the inside not their outer appearance. Nobody likes a rotten banana with a beautiful looking peel. 🖤
richard bedford (9 days ago)
Try to see the beauty in all people. You find what you look for.
Michael Gibson (10 days ago)
Im part maori and ive got light skin almost white lol... tbh ive got cousins who have more white blood than me... sucks how the dice rolls mwhahaha... at the same time skin tone doesnt show everything and if I could change this aspect of the world I would...
Sonny Luka (10 days ago)
I'm brown skinned and absolutely love it..and i don't turn red like my white friend does.when he gets angry..
Brent Waits (10 days ago)
What color am I?
Matthew (10 days ago)
People we all need to stop this skin color nonsense. Here's the truth - IT DOESN'T MATTER! A persons skin color has NOTHING to do with them as a person. I think we all know this deep within. Let's start getting things done and stop focusing on this nonsense ~
Db (10 days ago)
I think people of color have a bigger heart and a special ability to see the world without judgement! And that's a trait which is way more important and desirable
Yurei Black (10 days ago)
I am a black person.. I started to get bullied at the age of 7 because of my skin colour... And now that I'm 14 people still have me..
Aishani Sambasivam (10 days ago)
I feel like we as the human race have come a long way when talking about this topic, but there are gonna be people who would not feel the same way. In my opinion, that is what causes the insecurities and feeling unsafe. When you are among people who are like you, you feel safe but its not so easy to feel so when you feel isolated, appearance-wise. People should really stop trying to get people to have lighter skin through the use of beauty products. Rather, they should accept the diversity and really embrace it, because it is beautiful! Every one is beautiful when they have a smile on!
zaynsapna 1d (10 days ago)
My younger sister has dark color and I have brownish shade which is showing me lighter then my sis ,when we're young whenever we fight I always shays to her black(in my language) 😭I had no idea what I was saying about. When I get some maturity I realized what I was saying all time it makes her hurt I'm crying now even today now ns coming all my life I regret what I did with my sis. This feeling is so hard to realize that you are a criminal, I'm looking myself like a criminal coz that was not for a day or only a fight we were fight like all day (just the way children fights ) it's makes me criminal that I hurt her Broke her heart . But That was our past Nd today we're not only sisters we r friends Now the day I'm with my sis I love her so much Nd I take care of her. And the colour of the skin is god gifted we have to accept it dark color is not a sin or a crime every single person have their own beautiful color.
Julija Jagarcec (10 days ago)
I always wanted to be dark skinned,Im from a farm and my grandma rased me the way she was rased so I was kept inside to be as pale as possible,my hair was kept in braids,I was kept away from the society until now. In school I was so pale and stood out from the rest of the kids.I am not allowed to date black people because of the stereotypes and I hate that. I always wanted t to so so so beautiful, people shouldn't judge others because of stereotypes, skin color,hair type or anything else because we are all beautiful, we all came from the same mother and father, from the same cell...we are al conected
Nur Aishah (10 days ago)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a beautiful heart will see a beautiful you...
India is racist. At least most of it. And when I try to change opinions, I am laughed at
Bhattu Sandhya (10 days ago)
M afraid to takepic n stopped social aacount
S Harrison (10 days ago)
People don't understand that it's not just African skin thing it's an international thing.....bleaching skin is a long time phenomenon. ...
Michael Alltschekow (10 days ago)
I remember a time when being to light skinned meant to be pale and that meant to be sick ... so everybody went to tanning salons to get a healthy skin color
Blackwolf MGTOW (5 days ago)
The world is a weird place.
American Pride (11 days ago)
White is right people.. White is right👌🏻😉
BTS_V_ kookie (11 days ago)
I have pale yellow skin. Is it beautiful too?
Blackwolf MGTOW (5 days ago)
Depends on how big your boobs are. I'm a boobist I discriminate based on what's not a d cup. But because I'm such a nice guy I'm going to say yes. ☺
Morgan Clanin (11 days ago)
They are all attractive. Selorm is so pretty, all of the women are.
im bored ashh (11 days ago)
i feel like half white people are always good looking
DarthVader (11 days ago)
I love it when everyone in the comment section virtue signaling how all are equal, all colors are beautiful blah blah, but when you ask them if they are okay marrying someone of that color, they'd say no. That's where they draw the line.
DarthVader (15 hours ago)
+xexx Look at the comments once again, almost all says black is beautiful/attractive/they should love themselves etc but I'm pretty darn sure most the ones when it actually dating one would think otherwise. Actions speak louder than words. You can hide behind the "it's my preference" argument all you want but that doesn't change the fact that your preferences can indeed be biased. Your preferences are more influenced by current Eurocentric beauty standards than what's innate/biological and many studies have concluded it is the case. It's about time people accepted this reality and confront their bias and change it.
xexx (5 days ago)
yeah but everyone has preferences. They may be perfectly okay with people of dark skin but would not want to date them because that is just their personal preference. They probably just don't find them attractive to date. It's nothing racist.
Beautifull life (8 days ago)
True i faced i rejection by lighter skin tone boys
Sike Naw (11 days ago)
I remember when I was little I use to hate being dark skin, but I'm so glad I grew out of that and learned to love my self💙
Rõs Nèe (11 days ago)
While saying all people say that dark colour is beautiful, elegant But in real all think them as low class and judge them on their skin 😫😭 That's the truth Actually i I'm a child and I have gone through it 😞
E L E A N O R (10 days ago)
Same :'(
Supposedlace 975 (12 days ago)
Alot of white "supremacists" call me a black monkey so I will surgically remove a layer of my skin to make me lighter.
FunWithShivani (12 days ago)
I have a skin color between medium and light(more towards medium) and I really love dark skin! People with dark skin are so beautiful! No one deserves to be put down because of their skin color.
Neha S (12 days ago)
Not trying to make anyone feel good or better, i always was attracted to dark skinned men, by default. Also, the prettiest woman i have ever seen in real life was dark as per indian standards.
Eric Carroll (12 days ago)
dark skin Korean women are beautiful !
Eric Carroll (12 days ago)
The darker the berry the sweeter the juice !
Anis Amaro (12 days ago)
I don't care about anyone's skin tone. I care about what's in the heart. We are one race which is the human race. the rest is just a color difference. Anyone who thinks is better than the others based on skin colour is a crazy insecured person who needs a psychologist
karen kardrine (12 days ago)
Iam black proud am not a racist and we africans look so dark but pretty we are proud
Lizzy lifff (13 days ago)
i was the only one in my family with darker skin while my mom dad and little brother are with lighter skin, when i was a little girl people would come to my house and see the family picture and they constantly judging my skin color. they told something like 'ohh maybe youre adopted' or 'why dont you take care of your skin more often?'. it is so irritating but now when ppl ask me, i will just answer i love my skin color and i dont really like lighter skin and they will just shut their mouth ahahaha.
RasBookie (13 days ago)
Definitely responsible .... 😎🇻🇮
Solomon Davids (13 days ago)
Total bs waste of time
Final Fantasy XI (13 days ago)
Lol brown people Get over your crisis. No one should hate their color. I thank the ice age for making the father of my kids everyday.
Toni Watkins (13 days ago)
This is what I would say about mine I love it I make it dark and I'm glad God gave it to me
josef tauron (13 days ago)
These people really can't hack life
Laura Thomas (13 days ago)
Half of these people aren’t even dark skinned. They’re all beautiful though
Sigma Tau (14 days ago)
no-one is going to give you...you take; the things you take are the only things worth having. so stop asking, and take
Jewel Rock (14 days ago)
I swear these people aren't even close to the dark skinned people in my country

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