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Branding: How to Find Your Brand Purpose

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** Download THE HUMAN GUIDE TO BRANDING: http://thehumanguide.com/ *** Today, I am going to show you an easy way to define your purpose. Whether you’re looking to uncover your life mission, or build your company’s brand story, I’ll share with you the way I brought clarity and direction to my life and to my business. I want to share with you some powerful keys to defining your personal or business brand purpose. What I didn’t realize at the time, was that I was actually hungry for a bigger idea — a well defined purpose and vision behind WHY I was running the business. The result for me was that when things got tough, I was quick to just drop the business and move on to another idea. Looking back, I recognize that many of my customers could probably sense my lack of enthusiasm. I mean think about it, who would want to work with a brand that carries very little passion for what they do? Things turned around for me when I saw a TED talk by author Simon Sinek. During his presentation, Sinek explained that while most people know WHAT they do and HOW they do it, it's the WHY that creates emotional connection- and drives action. Simon explained that the part of the brain that processes the WHAT and the HOW of your story is called the neocortex. The neocortex is responsible for processing rational and analytical language. So when I tell you that I am a brand consultant, your brain processes this the same way it processes that you need to pick up toilet paper at the grocery store today. It isn’t very engaging right? But the WHY in your story is processed in a completely different part of the brain — this is called the limbic system. It is the part of the brain that triggers emotions like trust, fear, and happiness- and also the place in the brain that drives behavior and decision making. So when I tell you that I do brand consulting because I believe in the importance of identity and connection — so I help brands to understand who they really are so they create strong human connections with their customers — now I am triggering the same part of your brain that makes you cry during the notebook or happy when your football team wins a game. Now great brands do this really well. When you think of Nike - you immediately picture great athletes, the swoosh, the JUST DO IT slogan way before you even get a picture of shoes in your head - you are feeling the story that NIKE has told about their brand. That’s because NIKE drives their marketing from their WHY “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete.” Notice their mission statement says nothing about their WHAT (shoes) or their HOW (how the shoes are made or how they are unique). So I began to look at what I believed in and why. What was I great at? What was I passionate about? What value could this passion offer to the world through my business? For me it is the belief that understanding and appreciating yourself reveals a magnetic identity that attracts human connection- and I was great at pulling this out of people. So I put the words down on paper and then began to build my entire brand narrative around that belief. For the first time, my brand felt genuine and personal. It felt like me, and it felt attractive. Additionally, I gained a strong mission worth fighting for when things got tough. I understood WHY I was going to work every day. I now had a strong satisfaction of working out of my purpose. This passion spread to my clients — where they were becoming excited when we worked together and greatly valuing the work I did with them. Today, I am operating a business that is well crafted around it’s purpose. There is no vague “work-for-work’s sake”, or “just another day” mentality. Every day, I go to work filled with passion and energy because I understand why I do what I do, and my WHY matters to me and to my customers. Would you like more expert advice on branding your business? Well I’ve recently written my first book, It’s called THE HUMAN GUIDE TO BRANDING. Today I’m making it available — FOR FREE This book is filled with helpful keys that will educate you and empower you to build a strong, lasting brand. To receive your free copy visit http://thehumanguide.com Music: "We Sing" by Grande Baliad. Produced by Steve Dresser. https://grandebaliad.com/
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Plex Graphics (10 months ago)
Very good insight on brand purpose instead of just the creative part of the brand. It definitely gave me way more to think about, as I'm making my brand.

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