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Lady Gaga - Poker Face ( 80's Remix )

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Ilya Fukalov (16 hours ago)
a little bit of modern talking mood is required for this song and some lo-fi overlay, so the whole song sound analogue. but still this is so amazing. it's like the ability for retro people to listen modern music. ❤️
Kassel6 (2 days ago)
nil. (2 days ago)
OK, I was so expecting something else, but this was good.
Bert Watson (4 days ago)
Just gets you moving 😎I'm out for the night😉
King82R (4 days ago)
zajebisty mix w stylu lat 80tych <3 perfect made, this would have been NO.1-HIT in the 80´s!
nothanks (5 days ago)
i love lady gaga. but stop tryna show her mixed in with elvis and other stars from the past to make her relevant
nothanks (5 days ago)
its just insulting
777gguk - jmapel saad (7 days ago)
freddie meyer (8 days ago)
aagh when she callaborated with stock atkien and watermen
Eve ill (8 days ago)
i love her so much **sigh**
Collin Andrews (8 days ago)
This was my girls and I’d jam back in 89! Love it!
sadako24 (12 days ago)
Stock, Aitken, Waterman eat your heart, clubs, spades and diamonds out!
alexus25460 (14 days ago)
VERY nice
Cocodufable (15 days ago)
xJOKERx MAFIA (15 days ago)
ladygaga in vice city
Shena Yomogawa (15 days ago)
The art and the remix are great... I love this fad ;o;
J L (17 days ago)
I still remember when this was #1 on billboard hot 100 back in 1986. God I miss those days! Now I have kids and a job, instead of doing coke on the NYC subway
Skinny Daniel (18 days ago)
I absolute love this song, one of my favorites
windows 11 (23 days ago)
this + 0.75 speed = perfection
Magnus Häggblad (23 days ago)
This is so damn good. Genius work!!!
Stefani Warner (23 days ago)
make such instrumental,please)
Scott Stalcup (29 days ago)
Frankie Goes to Gagawood
deutschesmaedchen (1 month ago)
This is more like mid to late 90s eurodance. Not 80s.
Laura Jazz (1 month ago)
These remixes are GOOD..
Martinz Tīnn (1 month ago)
Perfectly suitable
finn's garden (1 month ago)
How you know Lady Gaga is a queen
Lacy Gorman (1 month ago)
Skip the Ad at your OWN RISK BITCHES!
Lacy Gorman (1 month ago)
Gypsy Z (1 month ago)
Who did the picture?
live2collect 247 (1 month ago)
fvckn epic
Ashish Roy (1 month ago)
Why doesn't this have more views??? This is gold!!!!!
Yugvijay (1 month ago)
We thank you so much for this 😍😍❤️ I love the 80s 90s and 2000s <3
Josaphat Pineda (1 month ago)
Were are reliving the 80’s let’s hope the cultural nostalgia of the 90’s - mid 2000’s makes a comeback.
BABi LeX (1 month ago)
Whos watching 1984?
pika what (1 month ago)
Donavan Frea (1 month ago)
Holy $#! I can't believe how well that meshes together
Pascha and luna (1 month ago)
This is actually good
this is better than the Alejandro 80 remix
blackphoenix77 (2 months ago)
I love this! And that album cover would make a great poster or T-shirt image.
Brian Smith (2 months ago)
This is so good.
Danilo Dropa (2 months ago)
Que som!
British Ranger83 (2 months ago)
Lady Gaga Rocking on those 80s Gridlines with this song!
chef souffle (2 months ago)
I need an album of this!
Jasmine Woww (2 months ago)
Hi this is AWESOME! I LOVE HOW YOU PUT LADY GAGA WITH CONNIE FRANCIS!!! TWO OF MY FAVORITES! The only thing I would change is that you cannot see Connie in the photo on both records that are hers. I would have put Elvis on the left showing his face a bit and Connie in his spot on right but a bit more tilted so your see her name and face, I can see Doris day but Connie is the Queen of oldies so it should show her face instead. We love the same music! I subscribed, love to do a request and talk. I am a gay guy too and i am curious about you. We should he friends and talk sometime. [email protected] feel welcome reaching me to say hi :)
Mungo Finalfi (2 months ago)
Great, but the snare in the chorus sounds too weak compared to the one in the verses so it gets kinda anticlimatic when it starts. The snare in the last chorus is perfect though.
isiah (2 months ago)
I love these newer songs turned 80’s style but would be cool is to see 80’s songs turned modern! Somebody do this!
Brenda Singer (2 months ago)
I live
Amanda Bosquievski (2 months ago)
Is it just me or on the single cover, she looks like La roux‘s Elly Jackson? It’s probably just me
Michael Kilcoin (2 months ago)
Totally excellent! -Bill & Ted
Reacting & Talking About (2 months ago)
Saukapie (3 months ago)
When the speed is 0.75, it sounds like the the Cops theme-
jang jin (3 months ago)
오 개조아
I love it
Big Little Girl (3 months ago)
I love it
LEYENDA FLACA (3 months ago)
Two of Hearts ayyyyy
Jose Rivera (3 months ago)
Javier Estrada (3 months ago)
Her voice has to be sped up. It'd be perfect.
Gina Montes (3 months ago)
Ahhhh 80s....!!!! I really LOVE IT!!!! 😘
Dienniffer Foly (3 months ago)
Perfect 😱
Laércio Andrade (3 months ago)
Virou a Madonna
Strawberry Milk (3 months ago)
Me listening to this: "Oh. Oh! Oh wow!"
Rosaline Souza (3 months ago)
I feel like in an italian club
Smiley Trashbag (3 months ago)
*I'm italian*
Oneaphelion (3 months ago)
now someone Vaporwave it. and yes 0.75 is better.
Polish issues (4 months ago)
OMG i love 80 !!!!!!
NAOMY NAOMY (4 months ago)
A todo dar siiiiiii esooooo gracias
Matthew (4 months ago)
I still say Eric Cartman did the best version.
Susan Lawens (4 months ago)
Pa Pa Pa poke her face.
Sâmeky (4 months ago)
É macumba da Madonna!
T. Hoffman (4 months ago)
A lot of these 80s mixes don't sound that good but this one is stellar
Alex Yorim (4 months ago)
A late 2000s sing remixed into an awesome 80s hit stacked into a pile of 50s albums. Nice.
Rene Astle (3 days ago)
+Connor Fin If you're willing to join the Retro Decade Revival Project, be my guest. The Retro Decade Revival Project will bring back all the record stores that existed in the past.
Connor Fin (3 days ago)
Rene Astle It really feels that way here. Especially considering we have record stores in our shopping malls.
Rene Astle (3 days ago)
+Connor Fin You're very lucky, record stores should become a thing of the present.
Connor Fin (3 days ago)
My city has at least 12 record stores.
Rene Astle (5 days ago)
+tipofmytongue1024 We'll get them back into the mainstream because the Retro Decade Revival Project is going to bring old school back once and for all. Just wait and see, pal, join the project and we'll travel back in time.
العُـنقود (4 months ago)
She's got no 1 nobody
Audi Seus (4 months ago)
00s excellence meets 80s excellence. I stan.
Archiduc De Belgrade (4 months ago)
LGus 1988 (4 months ago)
Why just 80s ? Why not 90's or 70's?
Clawss Norberti (4 months ago)
Nice !
NessieStatic (5 months ago)
J F H M (5 months ago)
Your rearranging and photoshop skills are beyond amazing
VocalMaster (5 months ago)
Oh that felt good to listen to I added to my watch later
Reack (5 months ago)
Lo escucho muy neutral suave no tiene fuerza Le doy 7
instagram: Polancoas (5 months ago)
Her voice its awesome for 80's music
newentu (5 months ago)
Excelente remix me hace recordar a Samantha Fox y Bananaramaa!
Dan Montenegro (5 months ago)
That is perfect! Thanks for share with us
최호성 (5 months ago)
Plz put on this song in the soundclouds~ :)
HalfKaztBoy (5 months ago)
I fucking love poker face, all versions
Jean Alexandre (6 months ago)
jeeeeeeeeeeeeeessuuusss that shit is a booppp sooo good
Eva Grace (6 months ago)
21 21 (6 months ago)
I would SO crush on lady gaga if I weren't straight, she would be like my lesbian dream... xD
Nóra Hegyi (6 months ago)
Best Remix!!!! Volume up!
Keenan K (6 months ago)
I'm going back back back to my root
Soooo good
St3vEn BaDu (6 months ago)
Who else gets Dead Or Alive - Spin Me Right Round vibes?
QuinnTheSuperStar (6 months ago)
I love this!! So fun
Paramour Monster (6 months ago)
This sounds so legit omg, you're a genius
Daz White (6 months ago)
Better than orig.
Leelhrsf0 (6 months ago)
Love this!! Where can I get a copy?!
Brian Smith (6 months ago)
Wow. This is really good!
Mazak Junior (6 months ago)
Yu can't stop the beat
Gurista Ex (7 months ago)
MrPink 44323 (7 months ago)
Very impressed... made me actually like this song now
Elvira Ramos (7 months ago)
Saad Saleem (7 months ago)

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