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Ran-D - Hurricane (Official Videoclip)

63634 ratings | 4315886 views
RAN-D - HURRICANE is OUT NOW: https://rough.lnk.to/098ID 🔥 Don't forget to like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel!🔥 Follow my new WRTN playlist: http://playlist.ran-d.com 🔥 Connect: http://www.facebook.com/djrandofficial 📽 Video by Rotate Media ✅ VFX by Yves Nix Social media: 🔥 http://instagram.com/djrandofficial 🔥 http://www.soundcloud.com/djrandofficial 🔥 https://twitter.com/djrandofficial Spotify: 🔥 http://roughstatemusic.com/djrandofficial Roughstate Playlist: 🔥 http://roughstatemusic.com/spotify Website: 🔥 http://www.ran-d.com Merchandise: 🔥 https://shop.roughstatemusic.com 🔥 http://roughstatemusic.com Attention to miniscule details, translating intense emotions into sound and striving for the highest standard have been lifelong values that Hardstyle pioneer Ran-D possesses. As one of the most thorough, yet down-to-Earth figures in the Hard Dance industry, Randy Wieland’s knowledge extends into all aspects of production as his enthusiasm and drive shines throughout all of his creations.
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Text Comments (1562)
Dj Cardyx Music (2 hours ago)
La mia traccia preferita di tutto questo 2018 🔊
zRuSh Live (16 hours ago)
juLz (22 hours ago)
GOD is our DJ is not true, RAN-D is our DJ x3
Ryan Harris (22 hours ago)
Ran D at tommorow land main stage please!!
REL AXO (1 day ago)
Time to destroy the Gym !
Weirdback (1 day ago)
deriel syahputra (1 day ago)
Indonesia now ?
Safith Games (1 day ago)
lising this song on speed 1.25 thx me laterr
XSlomo70X (2 days ago)
Exomizerz (2 days ago)
Replay button: 0:00
Pindakaasje Okay (2 days ago)
You are the best hardstyler in the scene, your style is exactly my style. Much bass hard and good voices.
homeroff (2 days ago)
Feels like a Harry Kane
Florian Schmidt (3 days ago)
Ran-D at Defqon1 😍
Euphorize (4 days ago)
Cant believe over 1k people disliked this... This is just pure fire! 2 months later, this one still hits me like a Hurricane <3
Yash Beatz (4 days ago)
Day by day he is improving a lot!💪
Amazed <3
Ramiro Cuesta (4 days ago)
2:13 Argentina :)
schapenboer (4 days ago)
GameLiquit (5 days ago)
I heurt u come to the Nederland?
Lord payne (5 days ago)
hits harder than hurricane michael ( our love and prayers to the people there)
Forever Young (5 days ago)
Hard Trance, it's a real BASS :))
Swan Đ Yep (6 days ago)
Erwin Van Berckelaer (6 days ago)
weer een lekkere plaat, leuk die overgangen van snel en trage stukjes.
Dennis Bacher (6 days ago)
Sound of my Death
Cheyne Otto (6 days ago)
this blows my hair back. rocks my socks off. makes me wanna make more of myself and just at the end of the day be the best, provide the best version of me thats on offer and finally just want to inspire people to find/be there best self. this has been my 2018 #1. shot dude. Smash the furure
Dan Voicu (6 days ago)
Gheorghe Zamfir rullz
is mihai (5 days ago)
ha? mai multe detalii?
? XD (6 days ago)
1:10 Portugal <3
Dj Cardyx Music (7 days ago)
O M G 💦
Marek Marek (7 days ago)
braingamer's (7 days ago)
Nice music !! it's good for my in the morning to wake up !!
Jacques Scholtz (7 days ago)
Here is South Africa we say "Dit is bokbefok" The best song ever
NexuS (7 days ago)
Музыка для кретинов
Ruud Boomaars (7 days ago)
Mooie muziek. I'm from The Nederlands💈💈
Benz As Usual (7 days ago)
Right click the video --> Loop --> Thank me later
shini gami (7 days ago)
oh shiit i love it
shini gami (7 days ago)
ohhh amaziing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Josselin (7 days ago)
is it a remix of lonely sheperd track by Gheorghe Zamfir ? :D
Mickey Mousey (8 days ago)
This video views are rising fast like a MOTHER FUCKING HURRICANE!!!!
Sawz - Mobile Gaming (8 days ago)
I love it!😍❤️
Krystian Markowki (8 days ago)
Swietny kawałek Ran-D pozdrawiam serdecznie Hardstyle Górą!!
Carina Boas (8 days ago)
TOWHEEL CLIPS (8 days ago)
Hoppaa! 👌🏻👌🏻
TattooLady98 Laura (9 days ago)
Das lied höre ich rauf und runter wen ich mit freunde unterwegs bin mit voller Bass musik Box das ja Mega geil das lied 😍😍😍😍
candice pienaar (9 days ago)
this made my day
Coaster GamesNL (9 days ago)
1:20 😍
Dominik Kapfensteiner (9 days ago)
Das man das Lied „Der Einsame Hirte“ so gut verändern kann hätt ich mir nicht gedacht ❤️❤️❤️
Dori Lahav Waisberg (10 days ago)
I hated Hardstyle before I heard your music. You're just amazing! Keep producing great Hardstyle!
Rafael Sánchez (10 days ago)
Participó en el sorteo
NcryptaOfficial (10 days ago)
Goosebumps. You did it again.
Promotion Records (10 days ago)
Its a gold track for workout luv it <3
klopman winkel (10 days ago)
this hit like a MTF
amazing. Go to Russia & respect for you
Actitube (10 days ago)
OMG I want to see you live so bad :D
DrumsandOther (10 days ago)
5 years before the Drop comes and then its a standart Kick drum... why did I even waitet for the drop....
Da Creid (11 days ago)
This is one of the greatest motivation and inspiring songs ever.
meliodas (11 days ago)
el mejor tema de todos los tiempos
Dennis Galli (12 days ago)
Ran-D das ist der beste Track ever du hast mich zum Nachdenken gebracht und auf denn richtigen Weg Bombe einfach nur........mit dieser Musik nehme ich Tag für Tag mehr ab und komme wieder auf denn richtigen Weg....... Viel herzlichen Dank von einen deiner größten Fans 😉🍻😎
Lianne Lageveen (13 days ago)
Lianne Lageveen (13 days ago)
,€! Wens
Stijn Baron (13 days ago)
Super hard man
Dj MB3 (13 days ago)
What is the name of the Girl that appears on the minute 2:27 , she always appears 🔝❤😱
Nick with a K (13 days ago)
3.6 million views DAMN!!!!
Marc Smigaj (13 days ago)
You got me in the Center of that Hurricane straight from Germany Respect <3
Javi // (13 days ago)
Really, really good. FREAKING GOOD JOB
ILucaPvP (13 days ago)
1:23 : If that sound come in. I feel myself like superman, its an crazy beat omg man very nice this song.
Md Rashed nizam (14 days ago)
ConquerorGames (14 days ago)
Gheorghe Zamfir - The Lonely Shepherd
whiteninja 15 (14 days ago)
The beat killed all
Erik (14 days ago)
jp geen idee (15 days ago)
@ 1:50 <3
Mic Hartwich (15 days ago)
Nice music ran-D
Thomas Eichelsheim (15 days ago)
This song @ 1.25x speed 👏🏻
TattooLady98 Laura (16 days ago)
Beste Musik mach weiter so 🙈🙈
Mayur Hazarika (16 days ago)
So much fucking energy🤘🏻
SaeSberS 110 (16 days ago)
I level of the 😍😍😍😍
DJ VEXAGON (16 days ago)
Ildiko Horvath (16 days ago)
962 dislike?! wtf???!!
Rene Müller (16 days ago)
Is this a New Song from you or a remix like Zombie
heiderfall (17 days ago)
Cette musique est tout simplement énorme à écouter, et elle était encore mieux en live 😍😍😍 merci encore pour ton set au Defqon 1 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✊🏻💖💖💖💖💖💖
priya rose (17 days ago)
I just saw better hardcorer than angerfist😃
nightmare fellas (16 days ago)
its not hardcore dumb ass.....its rawstyle!
Asiu La (17 days ago)
Dexter Palmes (18 days ago)
Nice one dj ran.d hardstyle is the best
dj aggelos (18 days ago)
My neighbour threw a brick at my window so he can listen to this song better
Robby De Reus (18 days ago)
What an Amazing melody makes me feel lucky Yess !!! Im a MothaFucking HURRICANE !!!!
Happiness Music (18 days ago)
Guys , i made a hardstyle remix for melody (Lost Frequencies) , please say in reply your opinion about it because it's my first remix (sorry for my bad english)
Remco Delissen (18 days ago)
OMG !!! What a F*cking GREAT Song is this @Ran-D !!!! Well Done !
Beate Predl (19 days ago)
Ich liebe es
Victor Cabrera (19 days ago)
Ever since this video came out I've been wondering who the lady at 0:22 is lol.
Constan Toribio (19 days ago)
Best song i've ever heard
Kevin Mata (19 days ago)
zack defqon (19 days ago)
josemaguaymen (19 days ago)
XXxentaction (20 days ago)
I hope i will you see someday.Every Day i hear your songs because you are my Motivation Thank you :)
gandalf6700 (20 days ago)
found out the intro sounds epic at 1.25 play speed ...like he is rapping ;)
CeraCon123 (20 days ago)
Is this version on Spotify too?
Kevienho1994 (20 days ago)
am i the only one who loves these long intro's? makes the song even nicer imo
Safa (20 days ago)
hello mr.white
Anil Topuz (20 days ago)
Very good.
Xuthal (20 days ago)
3 mil Lets goooooooooo
Viki Nova (20 days ago)
Bianca Krause (21 days ago)

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