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Lady Gaga Poker Face Live 2009

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glemerson oliveira (1 month ago)
lady gaga love you forever forever <3
Gilmar Viana (2 months ago)
Elizabeth Bathory (3 months ago)
Cerati de DJ? D: jajajaja
Hctr Monroe (4 months ago)
Her nose
Beckham Micael (4 months ago)
ehi figlia del peccato? tuo cugino VOCEMOLA RITIENE MEGLIO TO BORN INVISIBLE MAN and can be
CARLOS VELANDIA (6 months ago)
I liked it. This is a video cool.I like Lady Gaga.
Farhana sultana (11 months ago)
could anyone help informing the name of dj in suit?
Sebastian Miranda (11 months ago)
DJ Space Cowboy
Brandon Lightheart (1 year ago)
She has such a beautiful voice please keep it you go lady Gaga
MIGUEL ANGEL (1 year ago)
Lindo 😀
Nacho Jipot (1 year ago)
Orange Owl (1 year ago)
Wait, the guy behind her (the dj) Wasn't he in the PokerFace music video?
Matheus Figueira (1 year ago)
Sia ?
Emiixaam (1 year ago)
please come back Gaga
Špelca (1 year ago)
love her boots and LOVE HER 💘👍
1225sumbunny (1 year ago)
those boots oh shit
Despita Elita (1 year ago)
she is My faforit artis:) but She `Didnt Love God:(
Alicia Styluus (1 year ago)
Gaga Fetus era Genial ♡♡ ella siempre brilla como una estrella ♡ The Fame era♡ Mi Disco Stick
C’est Donovan (1 year ago)
Continue like that lady gaga you and the best I love you and the queen of the singer <3
C’est Donovan (1 year ago)
A big blow of micro on the hat: D
Pharley Ferreira (1 year ago)
Olhando assim, nem parece que se passou 8 anos essa apresentação, linda demais 😘
a pesar de ser gay eres mi idola pendeja
te amo lady gaga
MadPie (1 year ago)
Rouss ssyy (1 year ago)
Mi versión favorita .....
Fernando Avilar (1 year ago)
Rainha do Pop aceita Madonna sua sem voz haha Gaga lacra o mundo👑👑👑😍😍😍
Mr. Rodriguez (1 year ago)
0:51 He said "Gaga te amo"?
ENIGMA -POP- (1 year ago)
That nut screaming throughout the piano section. -_-
Coco Pink (1 year ago)
In this video, lady gaga look like sia
Banana nana (1 year ago)
Coco Pink but showing her face <^=
POP ART (1 year ago)
Coco Pink well sia looks like lady gaga honestly
tiago marins (2 years ago)
I use to love this lady GAGA when she was lady GAGA !
Irene De Miguel Ortega (2 years ago)
She has an amazing talent; her voice is only; is so good artist by compositer, singer, pianist and dancer Never stop
Rabbit in Red (2 years ago)
Gaga is such a fucking rockstar. I love her.
domhull09 (2 years ago)
miss this gaga
Moritz Lotz (2 years ago)
YouTube Moritz
Rana .Fahad (2 years ago)
I miss old gaga
michaeljfiorito (2 years ago)
Jéjé (2 years ago)
1:36 to skip the piano part.
Jéjé (1 year ago)
It's your opinion, not mine
BadWolf (2 years ago)
I miss this version of Gaga.
Will Chin (2 years ago)
+Abel Rodriguez I mean i love Gaga no matter what, but I do like the theatrically insane Gaga a bit more, and that's the Gaga we all fell in love with the first place. 
Abel Rodriguez (2 years ago)
+Will Chin it is Gaga said she's looking to her old self for inspiration and the producer of this song RedOne is one of the main producers of her new album..its 2010 again people are starting to love Gaga she's becoming loved and people are becoming fans..even at school about 2 years ago kids didn't like Gaga and people are starting to love her again..just watch it will be a great comeback by Lady Gaga
Will Chin (2 years ago)
+BadWolf polished (with her overall looks), crazy, awkward (for all the good reasons), skinny. I just hope LG5 is gonna bring back this version of her. I mean i still support her no matter what, but just wish she can be as daring and reckless without trying way too hard.
psycho99killer (2 years ago)
canta bien el maricon
Edward Arana (2 years ago)
es más mujer que tu madre lol
You Made My Day (2 years ago)
+psycho99killer LOL
Elizabeth Santos (2 years ago)
Wowwww!!!... excelente el hombre DJ... que guapo jaja
Marcelo Baca (2 years ago)
Muy buena.!
Belirio Wong (2 years ago)
si es buena
dean bern (2 years ago)
legend gaga ❌❌❌❌
Ryan C (3 years ago)
her "can't read my"s are PERFECT
rosie gaga/italian (3 years ago)
Flawless *
rosie gaga/italian (3 years ago)
I love this so much everything what she does and wears is fawles go gaga
MUNDO_ MADISON (3 years ago)
y despues los infames preguntando que "¿por que ella es famosa?"... pues ahi esta la respuesta
ENIGMA -POP- (3 years ago)
That silly screaming fool during the performance!
Charnisa Bradley (3 years ago)
I absolutely love this performance , her voice is amazing
Rah Rah (3 years ago)
then we had talented cool creative artists like her... now in 2014 we have the slut cyrus the ....ass nothing else..mina j and the ultra untalented but famous somehow perry.... music fucking sucks!!! ARTPOP sucks toooooo ;( pleaseee i want these years back!!! i hate 2014!
TylerPitik (1 year ago)
Ass nothing else Minaj, what?
Banana nana (1 year ago)
David Kal but it flopped >^=
David Kal (3 years ago)
ARTPOP is great,what the fuck are you talking about?
Daire Ha (4 years ago)
Flawless performance and great outfit, love that Bitch!
Oscar Casanova (4 years ago)
newkidd fighting (4 years ago)
The vox are nice but the dancing is awful holy shit
Italo Rebelo (4 years ago)
Space Cowboy where are u?
check out his F
Sarah (4 years ago)
the guy in the background is singing playback XD Only the queen sings real^^
Sarah (3 years ago)
uhhh? I know who space cowboy is and I've been a fan of her since before 2013
Ryan C (3 years ago)
+Sarah Jackson you cant call her your queen when you dont even know who space cowboy is. bitch you only been here since 2013
jorge claros (4 years ago)
Soy el único que piensa que el dj de detrás esta cabreado?
Daniel West Gillies (11 months ago)
jorge claros que es cabreado?
thedruidsofkalimdor (4 years ago)
toby lu (5 years ago)
ahhhhh faboulous
LivingTheGagaLife (5 years ago)
watching this on the day she announced ARTPOP ;)
hallmackenreuther (5 years ago)
i thought only germans are doin' it! ;)
ChrisLivreDesOmbres (5 years ago)
Three years before that, she was called Stefani and she performed on the bars...
Pedro Vinícius (5 years ago)
I think even he skips this song
Leonard g (5 years ago)
She's still fuckin' crazy.
Kyletragger (5 years ago)
I miss this crazy Gaga :(
Essi (5 years ago)
Omfg, she's just perfect! *-*
emi amouna (6 years ago)
lipstick O.o
John CrouStoN (6 years ago)
i totaly prefere the born this way-artpop gaga ;)
Candy Cotty (6 years ago)
what a beautiful voice !! She's a true artist.
Croblji (6 years ago)
I love how the supposed DJ has no idea about when he has to "sing" or to pretend be playing the DJ studio xDDDDDDD
Orange Owl (1 year ago)
The DJ was in her music video
tbf390 (6 years ago)
I love how her voice has evolved and changed since she started singing. At first it was cute and adorable now she is a freaking powerhouse. Love her voice..
V (6 years ago)
She is the definition of talent. I love finding videos like these cuz it's not really the official popular ones so only Monsters comment here and its so much more fun to watch.
Adelina Teodora (6 years ago)
paul o'grady show. she says this at 1:49 :)
MrRechingado (6 years ago)
Nenad Jovic (6 years ago)
whats the name of this show?
Just Away (7 years ago)
best poker face performance EVER!!!
Stay Classy (7 years ago)
@yecid03 hahahahahahaha I can't stop because you are totally wrong
Yecid Piñeres (7 years ago)
she cant sing!! she sucks really bad!!!
Stef Snelling (7 years ago)
drebko1 (7 years ago)
Упал от Диджея под фанеру охает )
IAmPlaysWithSquirrel (7 years ago)
Her boots freak me out, but otherwise cool outfit and and great performance.
Erick TEryy (7 years ago)
Víctor Tobar (7 years ago)
@Brozufil yeah everybody loves it but i don't like it that much
ohhawt (7 years ago)
hahahaha the DJ
Mohammad Ghonaim (8 years ago)
I actually like the makeup
Neeshab19 (8 years ago)
I love this performane the beginning is the best
berta berni (8 years ago)
she can't singing :D
ImFromAMS (8 years ago)
@britney1456789 yes but what if i clapped to every one of the syllables in your sentences while you spoke?? and i'm no idiot, i
xANOTHERFAN (8 years ago)
think it's kinda dumb when they clap to the beat .. i dunno i just don't like that .. altought it's indeed a great performance .. love the beginning, so beautiful .. (:
jonny kelly (8 years ago)
man i've got them dre's!!!! love her :) but this is the only song i will skip on her album though, but she's one talented motherfucker :)
ImFromAMS (8 years ago)
i hate when the audience claps to the beat of the music.. it's just wrong. let GaGa sing!!

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