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A Tale of Two Brothers': Hitler's Right Hand Man and the One Who Opposed Him

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Text Comments (319)
Today I Found Out (6 months ago)
As expected, this video was instantly demonetized. So thanks again to our Patreon supporters for helping us be able to not care too much what the YouTube gods think when picking topics. ;-) -Daven
Cee Jay (6 months ago)
LOWERKACE: AMAZON US: https://www.amazon.com/Thirty-Four-G%C3%B6rings-Last-Secret/dp/0956371213/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1535618606&sr=1-1&keywords=thirty+four AMAZON UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thirty-Four-G%C3%B6rings-Last-Secret/dp/0956371213/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1535618571&sr=1-1&keywords=thirty+four Hope this helps. Cee Jay.
Emppu T. (6 months ago)
Yeah! G forbid if anyone has the oddacity to talk about history in an informative manner
Angela Roquemore (6 months ago)
It's talking about Nazis, duh, Nania. That's how a history vid gets demonetized.
King Night elf (6 months ago)
Nania Business he said Hitler
legend drex (6 months ago)
Today I Found Out still has ads for me tho! ;(
George (16 days ago)
Hitler was on a shitload of drugs during WWII. That explains a lot ! ;p
T K (2 months ago)
Someone needs to make a documentary or a movie about this remarkable story...
bedstuy rover (3 months ago)
It would have been appropriate to mention that Goring's relative in south west Africa was exterminating people decades before the Nazis .
Kevin Kennedy quandt (3 months ago)
Very nice video
John Porteous (4 months ago)
1:44-Is that the real reason Hermann Goring hated Jews, because a Jew banged his mom?
Max S. (4 months ago)
The hunting lodge suffered some fire-damage, but it actually still exists and is a popular "Lost Place" for Urban Exploring in Germany.
deusimperator (5 months ago)
The allies treated the prisoners very badly and many persons executed were on trumped up charges by NAZIs in the allied detention camps and the alliest _murdered_ many innocent persons. Albert escaped only because some Jews came to his rescue. There are many who were murdered just because they were related to a NAZI. The allies wanted their revenge rather than justice. Goldberg who was nearly put to death and was only saved within hours of execution after they found out that he was the SS (a medic actually) who was the courier for Operation Valkyrie and the bomb courier. No one would believe him so he remained quiet. The alliest really did treat the German prisoners of war very badly, the Germans did treat the Americans a lot better. The Americans did treat the Italians prisoners a lot better that they treated the Germans. The Italians were not all that into the war though.
deusimperator (5 months ago)
Albert Goering was devout Catholic
Shinku Kirito Ichika (5 months ago)
The only Goering worth admiring and respect. Albert Goering deserves to have a movie and to be really called a hero, a man who refuses to fall into evil the way his brother was. He and Oskar Schindler are among those heroes who resisted the Nazis are worth honoring.
Daniel Rodriguez (5 months ago)
a story of two brothers, who are just regular brothers...
No good deed goes unpunished.
Konatada (6 months ago)
I understand you upload daily but if the intent of your content it to educate the public please fact check. You've given a lot of very serious false information in many of your videos in regards to WW2.
Joel D (6 months ago)
Crazy opiate addicts, man.
Johnny Dominguez (6 months ago)
Guilty by association...
Bee Whistler (6 months ago)
Albert goes a long way to giving you hope for human beings. Maybe not humanity, but individual people. You hear about all the regular white people in German going along with the Nazi regime and you wonder if anyone pushed back at all. And someone did.
Kai223noa (6 months ago)
How could one brother be so evil and the the other a largely forgotten hero? I don't know, but I think he would have taken all the risks even if he didn't have that name to save him.
My Art Page (6 months ago)
Goering was a beautiful man (well before the drug use and subsequent weight gain)
Berry Leaf (6 months ago)
Hed be a good news reporter
Dylan Otto (6 months ago)
Goddamn what an unsung hero
Emppu T. (6 months ago)
I do think the editiin and cuts and camerawork, mixing and the presence on screen is best on this type or format. But the desk sitdown does need way less editing i presume.
AM B (6 months ago)
Albert Göring was an incredible man. It saddens me that he was treated so poorly, yet even that ill treatment didn't keep him from being a kind person. It's stories like this that prove to me that karma isn't real... he deserved so much better.
Eddie Brahhh (6 months ago)
Albert was a great, great man. The Nation Socialists actually thought he was evil. You should always consider those who go against the grain.
Cathrine JP (6 months ago)
All that over his "Mom's vagina"-complex, I mean, come on.... His brother seems cool, though.
Erik S (6 months ago)
Damn, they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but clearly these 2 apples were shot out of cannons in different directions. Good on ya Albert, even if you weren't recognized for it in life.
Jon Haugland (6 months ago)
9:33 It sounded like you said Nineteen-84 instead of 1894.
Jon Haugland (6 months ago)
Captions were correct
Görings plan to eat all of the enemies aircrafts didnt quite work out
Maybe a vid about the "german buddha", John Rabe? He saved a lot of chinese during the *massacre of Nanking*
Jacob Dunno (6 months ago)
What a lad Albert Göring
Bboops23 (6 months ago)
You should do an overview on Gorings wife. Her family was British/Irish and owned the Beamish Brewery
EpicHunter117 Gaming (6 months ago)
Today i Found out & TIK needs to do some collaboration videos !
Cam Good (6 months ago)
What an amazing story. I'm shocked that I've never heard about this guy. It's so sad that he was never given the recognition he deserved.
Muheeb Kassawat (6 months ago)
Two brothers deferent lives but same ending
Coffee & Gasoline (6 months ago)
And despite what Albert Goering did for the Jews, they won't put him along the others who are called 'Righteous Among the Nations'... I hope this will change before I'm dead.
Joe Hackman (6 months ago)
Next do artillery only
Bentley and Grant videos (6 months ago)
Your bonus fact had a wrong date. It’s was 1894 the the month we was in Haiti not 1984. The dates do matter especially if you are giving information about a topic that most people are not aware of.
Sweet Pepino (6 months ago)
One dies a misunderstood hero, with one final act of selfless generosity, and the other dies like a pussy in a jail cell. It's a shame the bad brother forever sullied the life of the good brother after everything had been said and done.
Calvin Tennant (6 months ago)
Great video! Between 1:35 and 1:55 you use the word "his" to refer to multiple people in quick succession; it's hard to follow.
Francois Lacombe (6 months ago)
Where does the expression "rule of thumb" come from?
Kay (6 months ago)
it’s war, both sides did horrible things, allies included, Bombing of Dresden, yet those are brushed under. Victors of war write the history books. I don’t think it’s really right to try someone as a war criminal, if they refused to fall in like and do as told, they’d get shot, and their families would also.
manrightchea (6 months ago)
Trump would make Hitler proud, him and his master Putin carry on the legacy of hatred and intolerance.
MacX85 (6 months ago)
Doubtful... Trump talks like an idiot while Hitler was a master a rhetoric.
Neigh Slayer (6 months ago)
Sabaton should write a song about this guy.
Ezwolf (6 months ago)
This hasn't been posted in the comments, but CIA files have been released showing Hitler to have escaped and survived up to at least 1955. Just wanted to let you know @Today I Found Out. Love your videos by the way.
American Gooeyduck (6 months ago)
Never heard about this great video I learned something new this would make a great movie of course also based off historical facts!!
King Night elf (6 months ago)
Hitler he who must not be named
Roger Hinman (6 months ago)
Albert rocks!
that fit Asian (6 months ago)
That brother was a very good man
Tom Voke (6 months ago)
Nice vid.
Holly (6 months ago)
well hermann görings daughter just failed 4 years ago in court wanting back the money of her father from the state of bavaria
KendrixTermina (6 months ago)
Why'd she WANT that, I bet every cent is haunted by the ghosts of modern artists and jewish/polish children. How shameless must she be to even ask? I mean, she's not responsible for her father's actions, she didn't have to associate herself with him in such a manner.
Drew Northup (6 months ago)
About that very last bit... Those historians must have been men that weren't amateur astronomers. Nine months is NOT equal to 295 days—ten lunar months, the average length of human gestation and the answer to why more children are born on the full moon (the reader can probably figure the rest out). (Credit to popularizing that basic fact of human behaviour goes to Neil DeGrasse Tyson.)
chris Taanio (6 months ago)
so he was hitler's left hand?
John A. (6 months ago)
It is great hearing that there are some people who spend their lives doing what they can to help others in horrible times even at their own personal risk. In a world where we daily see people doing the wrong things for their own gain, or simply out of some hatred toward others, it is nice to know there are a few good people out there that are worth humanity continuing.
ME ME BRAINY BOI (6 months ago)
No good deed goes unpunished
XerosXIII (6 months ago)
Sixth House (6 months ago)
In WW1 the airforce wasn't called the Luftwaffe it was the Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte or as we call it in English, the Imperial German Airforce
metalema6 (6 months ago)
It's disgusting how they were faced with evidence of the contrary, yet they called guilty everyone anyway. What a mock-trial. Wouldn't be surprised if they made everything about the holocaust up to begin with.
mjncad (6 months ago)
Thanks for the fascinating bit of history.
Jason Krantz (6 months ago)
not sure why these two were in the same video. Albert should get his own
Jedi Revan (6 months ago)
Good example of how not every German during the war was on the same page as the Fuhrer.
Isaiah Dobesh (6 months ago)
Let us remember him, and remember, for every hero we know the name and story of, there’s undoubtedly hundreds if not thousands more out there, unknown.
seasong (6 months ago)
It's funny how they put the nazis on trial, when nothing they did was actually illegal in Germany at the time.
KendrixTermina (6 months ago)
It's funny how you think made-up papers have any bearing on morality. They were put on trial because they were all traitors and murderers, that's why.
Kay (6 months ago)
seasong It was classed as war crimes, which yeah, also doesn’t make much sense.... it’s war, both sides did horrible things, allies included, Bombing of Dresden, yet those are brushed under. Victors of war wright the history books. I don’t think it’s really right to try someone as a war criminal, if they refused to fall in like and do as told, they’d get shot, and their families would also.
Justin Gathright (6 months ago)
Makros the Black (6 months ago)
The question left unanswered is, why the hell didn't they grant the man a new identity after his name was cleared and he was set free?
MacX85 (6 months ago)
Maybe he didn't want to. Also, Göring is a reasonably common name in Germany. He could just have said that there was no connection.
John Spera (6 months ago)
What a great story! Albert was a heluva guy; shame what happened. Great job, guys; love learning new historical info! thanks all.
Number Eight or Nine? (6 months ago)
Just think if a family did what was right instead of protecting each other...
redstormfighter29 (6 months ago)
They should make a movie about Albert and have Quentin Tarantino to direct it
Paul Simmons (6 months ago)
Goring obviously suffered from "Fake News" just like one current politician. Fake news, whether in Goring's case, or in the current time is simply the inability to lie fast enough to keep everyone confused about one's intentions or past acts... An "alternative fact" is the scientific name for the individual lie being told. Claims of fake news and alternative facts worked as well for Goring as they're working for some present day politicians. Winning, wasn't that what the Nazis were all about? LOL!
John Matthias (6 months ago)
Wow, first I've heard of this. It would make a great movie.
Fatal Shore (6 months ago)
What a fucking hero. I salute you Albert, Prost!
I.M. (6 months ago)
As always. History is written by the victors.
Sewant Timsina (6 months ago)
Who wants Today I Found Out and The Infographics Show to do a colab?
b. griffin (6 months ago)
go Al!
Aliud (6 months ago)
Albert was such a good guy. Thanks for telling us what he did
Jeffrey Rivers (6 months ago)
He was a professional eater.
InspiralJez (6 months ago)
Great video bruv thank you....
David TheFlower (6 months ago)
Wow! I had no idea of this and it’s fascinating, great topic, thanks for sharing
Jared Slattery (6 months ago)
What did a trip to Haiti by his aparently 130 year old mother have to do with whether or not they were brothers?
James Bodnarchuk (6 months ago)
Very interesting ! Unsung hero! Good on Albert!
kirby march barcena (6 months ago)
Their parents have probably do the facepalm learning the feud of their two sons.
Spearfisher1970 (6 months ago)
Color me surprised that the Jews could not, or would not, support this man when he needed them. What were they thinking?
Mark T. (6 months ago)
Hermann Goering: the most powerful hedonist in the Nazi Party
MrMusiclover41 (6 months ago)
I wonder if Trump has watched this! OH, his regime is BASED on Hitler and Putin! My bad.
Re (6 months ago)
Can you explain to me why a regime based on Hitler deports literal Nazis
dangerousmythbuster (6 months ago)
How about a Biographics episode on Oskar Schindler?
Joshua Barrow (6 months ago)
1984 huh???
George (16 days ago)
Is a very good book! ;p
Issac Arellano (6 months ago)
What a nice dude he helped Jews escape and married his house keeper simply so she can get benefits after his death
Vaughn reed jr (2 months ago)
Thumb down.
Suna Grimmel (6 months ago)
Wow that’s something new to me! Thanks for the great video 💕 i am half german and this is very new too me!
al katraz (6 months ago)
Nice costume :)
ladrena davis (6 months ago)
Wow what a great video!
Eastyy (6 months ago)
Sooo.....Left hand man then ?
Freyja Svansdóttir (6 months ago)
In german W is pronounced as V and V as F, hence the Luftwaffe is pronounced as Looftvaffe, not Looftwaffe
MacX85 (6 months ago)
Right, but that's the tiniest of his mispronounciations.
Prof. Phillips (6 months ago)
Thats bogus... The W is clearly pronounced as an W in German.
Lion - - Treeble (6 months ago)
just learned it in school today lol
leftenantthunder (6 months ago)
If nothing else this story proves that anyone is capable of both great good or great evil.
Kari (6 months ago)
That poor guy. He was a selfless man to the end. And what love did he get in return? Instead of being treated as a hero that he was, he was treated as a war criminal who got away with war crimes. Breaks my heart...
Holly (6 months ago)
jaeh but what u expect ? children age 15 get put in arms in the german army, and fought in a war, like every soldier did before and after 1000 years and for that they are no criminals. still alot of them ended 10+ years in sibiria dying there when the war was long over ... it wasnt a fair time
Tria Maxwell (6 months ago)
Göring had a goofy smile.
Bob Dobalina (6 months ago)
Why haven't i heard of Albert before, he sounds a hoot, what a geezer, they dont make em like that anymore.
Wilson J (6 months ago)
You stated Goring served in the Luftwaffe in WW-I but the Luftwaffe wasn't established until 1933, 1935 officially. The German air forces in WW-I were the Luftstreitkräfte and the Marineflieger of the Army and Navy respectively .
Wilson J (6 months ago)
LOL Almost put in something to the effect of don't ask me how to pronounce it.
varana312 (6 months ago)
It's better that way. Can you imagine Simon trying to pronounce a word like "Luftstreitkräfte"? ;D
Robert Palumbo (6 months ago)
He should have too America and helped against McCarthy
MegaRudeBoy69 (6 months ago)
Albert was the muthahfukin MAN!
Marco Meijer (6 months ago)
Poor man, a hero mistreated by society.
Vaughn reed jr (2 months ago)
Hitler you mean.
impalabeeper (6 months ago)
And yet in his dying days, he still has the strength to help.
Brian Hughes (6 months ago)
A technical question, why does the video lag the audio? Sometimes by up to 30 seconds. It might be due to poor internet service but I only notice this with your uploads. Excellent presentation today by the way.
varana312 (6 months ago)
It's fine on my end. I usually don't notice a few milliseconds but apart from maybe that, it's completely fine.
SouthPark333Gaming (6 months ago)
Goering had the same IQ as me

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