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Samsung Galaxy Grand Max Unboxing & Hands On Overview

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Max Unboxing, first boot and hands on overview, Grand Max sports a 5.25" 720p screen has 1.5 GB RAM is powered by a 1.2 Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon 410 Chipset it has a 13 MP rear facing / 5 MP front facing camera and I do the unboxing and give you my hands on first impressions about the Galaxy Grand Max. Also check out the Galaxy E5 Unboxing & Overview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtNVXFcPAvE
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Text Comments (383)
Chaitanya Patil (3 days ago)
2018 and snapdragon 410 became outdated
Nayna Patel (3 months ago)
i have Samsung galaxy grand max. I updated in lolipop
Ellen Talle (11 months ago)
How much that new samsung galaxy max
Ellen Talle (11 months ago)
How much that new samsung galaxy max
Ellen Talle (11 months ago)
How much that new samsung galaxy max
Ellen Talle (11 months ago)
How much that new samsung galaxy max
Ellen Talle (11 months ago)
How much that new samsung galaxy max
mayank bansal (1 year ago)
Can u do a unboxing and overview of Samsung j7 max and Samsung on max
Rajat Verma (1 year ago)
It is 4G or not?
venkatesh s (1 year ago)
How to take screenshots in Samsung galaxy grand max
how many Dirhim from the UAE
Ankit Gupta (2 years ago)
How to root this phone
Omar Hussein (2 years ago)
The best GALAXY phone
abhishek prasad (2 years ago)
Sir is it better than Samsung galaxy On7 Because on nd grand max both don't have amoled screen both have 13 mp camera and 5mp front facing camera both have 1.5 gb ram both have snapdragon 410 chipset But on has 5.5 screen nd grand max has 5.25 on7 has 3000mah nd grand max has 2500 mah So sir i feel that Samsung galaxy on7 is much better than Samsung galaxy Grand max
Cj Basco (2 years ago)
Cj Basco (2 years ago)
Santosh Kumar (2 years ago)
Whenever reviewer say "Decent" they indirectly mean that its "Average".
aD PUNJABI (2 years ago)
hows d outer layer of the camera is different
Indranil Mukherjee (2 years ago)
was galaxy grand max batter than galaxy j7
ItsChelseaAye (2 years ago)
I Suggest The Android Marchmallow
Indranil Mukherjee (2 years ago)
+Chelsea Puazo which version of android is batter lollypop or marshmallow
Indranil Mukherjee (2 years ago)
+Chelsea Puazo thankx
ItsChelseaAye (2 years ago)
+Indranil Mukherjee No The Samsung Grand Max is only a Quadcore Snapdragon 410 Chipset i suggest Buying The Samsung Galaxy J7 wich has a better performance
Jaya Sengupta (2 years ago)
Poor battery back up and disasponting sound quality
Hari Krishnan (2 years ago)
will it support usb otg
Angelou Sia (2 years ago)
sir, make a review for Galaxy grand neo plus
vinay kumar (2 years ago)
its support otg cable
No Mercy RKO (3 years ago)
sir... is this phone now available at local stores??
Sajan Rule-Breaker (3 years ago)
sir... my samsung grand max is rooted by king root but. otg cable is not play... in my fon... plzzz sir help me... how to enable otg on my device. .. sir plz rply me......
harun rashid (3 years ago)
pls show the front cam
Krishna Ravi (3 years ago)
please tel me sir
Krishna Ravi (3 years ago)
is this better than asus zenfone laser
Priyanshu Luka (3 years ago)
+Krishna Ravi it depends on what you are looking for.
Garv Sharma (3 years ago)
Sir please make a review on Meizu M2 note please sir................
aditya kulkarni (3 years ago)
does it runs fifa 16?
Priyanshu Luka (3 years ago)
+aditya kulkarni it can handle various heavy games without heating up...and is a great performer according to its price.
aditya kulkarni (3 years ago)
Priyanshu Luka (3 years ago)
+aditya kulkarni there is no issue regarding lag what so ever.
aditya kulkarni (3 years ago)
You get any lag?
Priyanshu Luka (3 years ago)
+aditya kulkarni yes ofcourse i m playing that game on this device!
Vinayak Shastri (3 years ago)
Please make unboxing and hands on review video for micromax canvas selfie lens
Rohit Govindam (3 years ago)
Hello sir, plz tell me which one is better Galaxy grand max vs Galaxy j5.
Rahul Wack (3 years ago)
does the light sensor really works ??
Aloke Kumar Mandal (3 years ago)
is it 4g??
Krystal Phantomhive (3 years ago)
Is it 4G in India???In specification its says 4g and in some its says not 4g supported!!!
Aditya Biyani (3 years ago)
very nice thank u
Abdul Nayeem (3 years ago)
Hello Sir, please tell me which is better Galaxy Garnd Max or Moto G3...?
Harsh Gediya (3 years ago)
Harsh Gediya (3 years ago)
Anosh eshron yunas (3 years ago)
hey ranjit sir please compare this samsung galaxy grand max with the grand prime
Ryan Raj Ahmed (3 years ago)
You really give best review compared to others. i would like to watch the review of micromax canvas doodle 4. Please!!!!!!!
Niranjan Agnihotri (3 years ago)
Sir, is this phone available in local stores??
ABHIRAM A (3 years ago)
Does galaxy grand max have the ultra power saving mode.......
Rajlaxmi Rath (3 years ago)
sir which is a better option: zenfone 2,, lenovo k3 note,, grand max.. some of my friends have complaints regarding the samsung phones,. so sir which one would you suggest?
ajay yadav (3 years ago)
+geekyranjitexplains Sir which phone is better to purchase, Samsung Galaxy Grand Max or Samsung Galaxy E5 ?  please suggest me.....
Francis Rosary Raj (3 years ago)
I am going to buy grand max thanks for your info but please confirm my first message
Francis Rosary Raj (3 years ago)
Sir please help me , is samsung grand max has 4g and flyover window
Jermika Roumou (3 years ago)
why do people think it is the phone problem when the web browser doesn't load quickly it is obviously it is the WiFi. If you have WiFi that runs fast and smooth than your web browser would load fast and smooth
Roman Reigns (3 years ago)
Hi sir, I have a question That shall I buy Samsung galaxy grand max or Samsung galaxy grand prime? So please help me in this confusion. Thanks
RAHUL GOEL (3 years ago)
which phone should i buy samsung grand max or asus zenfone 2 2gb ram model.Please do consider battery life option in answering
Abhinav Tiwari (3 years ago)
Sir Which should I prefer one plusone or honor 4x ?
Abhinav Tiwari (3 years ago)
Thanks sir
Geekyranjit (3 years ago)
+Abhinav { ABHI } Any day the OnePlus One is way superior.
Hari (3 years ago)
Which Is better Galaxy A7 or Grand Max ?
dhruv mehta (3 years ago)
which color of grand  max give a better impression  WHITE OR BLACK
mustafa gadwal (3 years ago)
I heard that this mobile having less loudspeaker sound effect when compare to other mobile phones
Sujith Sujith (3 years ago)
is this phone can be updated to lollipop
Ashok Reddy (3 years ago)
Bro CAn You Please Compare this Phone With Asus Zenfone 2 (2 Gb VAriant) ....I Can"t Decide Which Phone To Buy Atleast A Suggestion Reply To This ...pls
Tanvir Ahmed (3 years ago)
plz campare samsung grand max vs zenfone 2 2gb ram
Dheraj Kanchan (3 years ago)
I follow your each vid. You are specific at every aspect of any gadgets out der which also help us to decide the right gadget for us. Good work ranjit and bdw I have decided to book grand max. Now the price is 12900 in snapdeal which is an awesome deal to grab on.
sumanth kommineni (3 years ago)
Sir can you please tell me about Panasonic Eluga S model and please do a review of it ... Because I own that phone and want to know something more about me please help me.....
Magatsu Ducky (3 years ago)
Sir,can u tell me if the grand max would get android lollipop
Magatsu Ducky (3 years ago)
Thanks for the info😄😄
Dheraj Kanchan (3 years ago)
Samsung has not confirmed yet. But I think it may get lolipop update in another 1-2 month. Since this mobile was recently released i.e Feb 2015. So better lets hope
Bikesh Gupta (3 years ago)
Sir please give suggestion on Samsung galaxy grand max or Samsung galaxy e7 .... So confused
KB (3 years ago)
Hi..Does it support micro SIM or nano SIM ?
Stawan Sane (3 years ago)
does grand max have ultra power saving mode?
Max Chhabra (3 years ago)
I have a problem ..... Which mobile should I have ? Grand Max. Mi 4i ... Or. Moto g2
prem prakash singh (3 years ago)
I want to know what actuall price in india of this phone
Caleb Effendi (3 years ago)
Samsung galaxy grand max have s voice ?
Supratick Dey (3 years ago)
Please post a full review of galaxy grand max and describe about the viewing angles.
firedup643 (3 years ago)
Any idea when this would be available in stores?
Chetan Patil (3 years ago)
hi sir my budjet Rs.20,000/- wich phone i purchase  plz tell me
Utkarsh Gaurang (3 years ago)
is thi phone worth buying??? or anyoter better option is available in the market right now?? help me i want dual sim phone under 18k...
Adrian Lee (3 years ago)
Helo. May I have the price in ringgit malaysia (rm) for the galaxy grand max and the galaxy e5 please.
JULFIKAR ALI (3 years ago)
Sir plz review on its gaming performance & and how is the LED flash of camera ...and is it better to buy for me or lava iris x8 ? Plz solve my confusion sir
Monish Kumaar (3 years ago)
Can u plz review htc desire 826 asap...?!?! It has been launched recently in india...
Nishant Chhabra (3 years ago)
+Geekyranjit sir s3 @11500 VS grand [email protected] which is best
shubham mathur (3 years ago)
Plzz do a seperate review of grand max..!!!
Néstor (3 years ago)
Para aquellos que son de México este disposito estara disponible apartir del 26 de abril de este año , y por lo que veo me imagino que tendra un costo aproximado de 4500 pesos
Himanshu Srivastava (3 years ago)
Help me
Seohui Byun (3 years ago)
Will this phone be available in the Philppines? Which is better for selfies, games, socializing, music, watchih videos, and for studying for a student's daily driver, Grand Prime or this or Grand 2? Please, reply/suggest! Thanks.
Seohui Byun (3 years ago)
+Ranjit Kumar
Abhishek Singh (3 years ago)
I watched this video on March 12th, n I'm looking forward into getting this device (never been a touchwiz fan although) waiting for your full review... Pls upload soon p.s :- not much good review on grand max on YouTube out there, anxious to know your thoughts & experience......
faizanmohd (3 years ago)
Need your help... Tell me Which is the best phone galaxy e5 or grand Max? Totally confused..!
kishan detroja (3 years ago)
Hiii Ranjit Please give indepth review of Samsung Galaxy Grand Max as soon as possible. Please provide your full review on following aspects: 1. Heating / Cellphone Temperature (while playing games) 2. Gaming Performance 3. Audio Speaker (Is it loud? ok?) 4. Audio/Music quality while using handsfree 5. Battery Performance 6. Call quality because noise cancellation hole is missing Please do the needful at earliest...
Nasruddin Mansuri (3 years ago)
very good review
Harry Tung (3 years ago)
Same design as s5
Twisterboy (3 years ago)
Will their be an unlocked version of this phone sold outside of snapdeal?
Abhi Vyas (3 years ago)
can you plz tell me grand max have notification led or not ? 
shubham mathur (3 years ago)
Plzz do a review of this phone after using it plzz
shubham mathur (3 years ago)
Plzz do a review after using it..plzz..!!!
adlord12 (3 years ago)
Hello Mr. Ranjit. Please help decide which is better to purchase Grand Max or Galaxy E5?
Tanmay Kumar (3 years ago)
plz tell me.... grand max is better or galaxy e5.?? e5 is 4g or not..?? and grand max is multi window or not?? plz help.. budget...  less than or around 16k,...(only in samsung).
Tanmay Kumar (3 years ago)
plz reply......
Mridul Karmakar (3 years ago)
Mayank Gera (3 years ago)
+Geekyranjit t pls make a gaming review of galaxy grand max ! Thx : )
Cedrick Konla (2 months ago)
Mayank Gerald
Mayank Gera (3 years ago)
+Ranjit Kumar
Saksham Goyal (3 years ago)
does it have any screen protection like gorilla glass or so?
baharth Kapoor (3 years ago)
+Ranjit Kumar Please help me between grand max and E7 very much confused with the audio output of both the phones.At the same time the chip set look a bit different one is 64 bit and another is 32 bit . I am planning to gift my dad this phone.Kindly help me  My requirements:- 1.Dual Sim  2.5'' or more Display  3. Latest Chipset and  4. Latest Software Kindly reply  Thank you 
YD Student (3 years ago)
I am aiming for OnePlus One... if not then which one should I go for Samsung Galaxy E5 or Grand Max? And any other suggestions in this price bracket? Thanks in advance
Tech Guru (3 years ago)
sir,i am of 13 i realy like your overreview but in this video u forgot this is the side of grand max plastic or metal? please sir can answer this question on indept review of grand max 
Rakesh Kalra (3 years ago)
HI Ranjit, Please could you share your thouhgts on which phone to buy? Grand MAx, Grand 2 or second hand Note3? Need your help...urgently...
Mayur Jayakumar (3 years ago)
Ranjit Sir,  Which is better among Samsung Galaxy S4/ Note 3 Neo/ E7?
Kunal Palekar (3 years ago)
please compare the grand 2 with grand max
Fun Station (3 years ago)
+Ranjit Kumar  please do the gaming review of this device. please. thank you!! :)

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