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LADY GAGA - POKER FACE LIVE IN MONTREAL (With long violin intro, June 28th 2010)

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Lady gaga's EPIC performance of poker face in Montreal June 28th!! I love the Spanish/flamenko style violin intro, just genius.
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findyourfreedom (7 years ago)
@pedroxixi yeah we went fucking insane, i thought I was going to go deaf at one point, hahaha we were 18 500 people =P
Tamara Berardino (8 years ago)
@MarcusHBP7 sony cybershot DSC-HX1 :)
Marcus (8 years ago)
awesome! what were you recording with?
Tamara Berardino (8 years ago)
@pedroxixi im really not sure, i think around 20 000

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