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VR Sculpting and 3D Printing Medusa's Headdress

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Use offer code "makeanything" at Squarespace.com for 10% off your first purchase, or visit: http://squarespace.com/makeanything. 14-day free trial, no credit card required! Sculpting in VR is insanely fun, but it's usually not ideal for making functional models. However, when it came to helping out my sister with her Medusa costume, Gravity Sketch was an excellent tool for crafting a headdress of wriggling wrathful snakes! Free STL Download at MyMiniFactory : https://goo.gl/EjV4Ew CR-10 : US PLUG https://goo.gl/RJDF6U (Orange) https://goo.gl/MaKFoL (Blue) CR-10 : EU PLUG https://goo.gl/phrPpn
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Text Comments (194)
PIZZA PIZZA (30 days ago)
Can u print a replica of your 3d printer
Bjornar Selboskar (1 month ago)
Wait are you from Sweden or have your sitter just moved there I am from Sweden actually😁
Make Anything (1 month ago)
She moved there. I love it though!
Rolf Arne (7 months ago)
According to my German grandfather your sister is 57% Jewish based on those measurements you tok.
Hickybob (7 months ago)
Ninja Jack (8 months ago)
It’s my teacher
C Anne (9 months ago)
Your family is so artistic and talented
Goroyo 9090 (1 year ago)
Want a free sub? 1 sub to me 2 like this comment 3 say done. I can see who likes and subscribes sooo....
Dallas Woiken (1 year ago)
So cool and is ur sister single lol she's a cutie
christopher nicholson (1 year ago)
Hi, This is Chris in Bulgaria, I just found this, I obviously missed it last year. This is a video where it shows one really good reason to have a 3d pen, I am using my glue gun now and again. I loved the print, but one thing came to mind straight away was how about making some snake heads and making them a push fit. In my garden I have vipers and their heads are big compared with their bodies.Your sisters paint job is great though, i liked the gold bits on the under belly. Long live PLA
Dylan Bennett (1 year ago)
His sister looks like a Wallace and Gromit character.
Bringamosa (1 year ago)
Wow awesome print project and awesome job your sister did there finishing and wearing it!!! Just discovered your channel and loving it. Some day i may have a 3D printer too :)
Make Anything (1 year ago)
+Bringamosa thanks, and welcome :)
eli king (1 year ago)
So cool, very intricate 😍🤗
mee (1 year ago)
Great video , and its so amazing that technology has reached this point i wonder what we have in the future
Mega2Sakaura (1 year ago)
couldn't those supports have been reduced?! at least be a bit less dense..?!
Spikey DaPikey (1 year ago)
Now that was one cool build!
H I (1 year ago)
The bottom looks like the maze from maze runner
G. H (1 year ago)
Taylor Swift is QUAKING
Evie Relue (1 year ago)
his sister looked beautiful in the coustume
who is she?
Finley Bowley (1 year ago)
It's 2017 15th Friday Dec
MacNeil Ruston (1 year ago)
Just imagine the possibilities that you and your sister could do as a team. Definitely work with her again.
Jay Pearce (1 year ago)
Your creativity seems to ramp up with every project. I'm so impressed and entertained.
Spag The Maker (1 year ago)
Support removal > bubble wrap. Using the 3d pen to salvage and reinforce supports is genius. Adding one to my toolbox just for that.
çağrı açar (1 year ago)
that was amazing. you should make nore VR sculpting videoes. they are fun to watch.
Daniel Risueño (1 year ago)
This is amazing! But just a silly question: could'nt you print it upside down? That would have reduced drastically the amount of support needed.
Asher Asberry (1 year ago)
K, here’s the deal. Start a separate channel where you are breaking off support material in silence. Please ❤️
Shane Guidry (1 year ago)
Its past Halloween
Mohammed Mokhtar (1 year ago)
Whenever you say "This is Make Anything. Don't Forget", I feel like ur gonna say "Don't Forget, To Keep on Thinking" like what happens in " Life Noggin' "
InariHaru (1 year ago)
Halloween. The only holiday where man can where men and boys can where makeup and dress up as whatever they want while being socially acceptable(in some neoghborhoods)
NoTimeForThatNow (1 year ago)
Nice job!
J L (1 year ago)
Cool 😎
jooj ah (1 year ago)
Wow amazing tech loved the vr and dame ur sister is an artist the head is beautiful the gold and everything 😳 i guess its run in the family,loved this keep making videos
Frank's 3D shop (1 year ago)
Wow, a friend has a HTC Vive, this leads to a lot of ideas ! Thank you.
Gran's Stuff (1 year ago)
How do i get support like that in simplify 3d?
miles martin (1 year ago)
You should have printed it upside down so it wouldn't have took so much support material.
RandomGaming (1 year ago)
I saw your sister working on this project in the background of your 'electric sitar' video
Make Anything (1 year ago)
good catch ;)
Jai Stanley (1 year ago)
Absolutely fantastic project man!
Swagboy Cool (1 year ago)
do a groudon - pokemon
Honda 125 (1 year ago)
Plz make a 3D printed Ben 10 watch
PlZ make a 3D printed Ben 10 watch
BSG (1 year ago)
Plz make a 3D printed Ben 10 watch plz bro your old fan
Hacker (1 year ago)
Plz make a 3D printed Ben 10 watch
Ben10 (1 year ago)
Plz make a 3D printed Ben 10 watch
BrokenScreen Gaming (1 year ago)
Plz make a 3D printed Ben 10 watch or action fig
For Subs (1 year ago)
Yeah plz plz make a 3d printed Ben 10 watch Plz I love Ben 10 I am your fan :)
For Subs (1 year ago)
Yeah plz plz make a 3d printed Ben 10 watch Plz I love Ben 10 I am your fan :)
Usman's Bike (1 year ago)
Plz make a 3D printed Ben 10 watch plz thank BSG
BrokenScreen Gaming (1 year ago)
Plz make a 3D printed Ben 10 watch plz
Lieke (1 year ago)
I think it would be cool if you tried to print lego bricks. : )
Arif Daniel (1 year ago)
make a fingerboard
reasonablebeing (1 year ago)
Edward Deaney (1 year ago)
One thing I love about S3D is its amazing support material. It makes it so much easier than the free softwares. I would never go back.
Karel Morlion (1 year ago)
I bet his costume for halloween is a 3D printer
Leberkas Semmel (1 year ago)
I wonder if we ever get something like this for ARKit.
Josh Warner (1 year ago)
Wow, super cool project. The finished costume is fantastic.
Jen Yates (1 year ago)
I would have sliced the model up and printed it in several sections. As you were painting and finishing I think it would have been fine.
Jenny Alf (1 year ago)
Incredible ! I love this !!!
Ivan Ilijevski (1 year ago)
you don't need f.lux beacuse you have night shift
GglSux (1 year ago)
+Make Anything // 3D Printing Channel Thanks for another inspiring video. But that was one MASSIVE print, did You ever consider to "break it up" and print it in "batches". Cause it seemed like a pretty big gamble to do it in one go, even if the result was totally worth it. Best regards.
Make Anything (1 year ago)
+GglSux I could've, but honestly I wanted to challenge the printer and see if it was possible 😁
N. Paris (1 year ago)
I love all your more artistic videos- they all end up so cool!
Lord JT (1 year ago)
You said algebra magic and I just did that in 6th grade
Lord JT (1 year ago)
I guess, but in my school you learn algebra in 8th grade, I’m in advanced 7th grade math even though I’m in sixth grade, so I guess it’s kinda like 8th grade
Make Anything (1 year ago)
+Lord JT it's still technically algebra :)
: goob : (1 year ago)
WhO iS tHaT
: goob : (1 year ago)
oh it's his sister..... Heh
Addison Vickers (1 year ago)
You should make a unicorn horn headband!!!!!!
Brick Thunder (1 year ago)
Halloween is my favorite holiday! My house is crazy we have over 7 moving animatronics and a giant pumpkin man! (He is 12ft tall)
TheExiledCat (1 year ago)
Ur growing fast i see my friend ;) but dont forget about ur early subs ey :^)
Rufcat2 (1 year ago)
Big fan gr8 vid
tegomassai (1 year ago)
woah I am totally stunned. You got some amazing skills, I am impressed with everything you make.
Tj & Ja (1 year ago)
what about the dragon from the stream
Harvey Gilbert (1 year ago)
Can you do something with SLS printing. X
Sebgear (1 year ago)
That look so amazing
Alissa Duel (1 year ago)
You look like an amazing brother.
Joeri van Limpt (1 year ago)
You also could have made a cool snake braiselet
Make Anything (1 year ago)
Yea, some cool cuffs would've been next on the list if we had time!
Eliza Johnson (1 year ago)
I love this!
Blazen Gamer (1 year ago)
This is so cool
David Light (1 year ago)
ABSOLUTELY fantastic. I love your vases but this is definitely your best work to date Too bad the software required you to toss out more junk PLA for supports then you kept but it is amazingly great work Thank you and surely Mel will be the Belle of the ball on the 31st Dr D
igor j (1 year ago)
you could have used the meshmixer's support generator, it'd be perfect here
Dartanan (1 year ago)
Wow, great project and estanoshing result :)
Rene Todorovic (1 year ago)
is the obsidian by Kodama a good printer
watercolorporpoise (1 year ago)
Make Anything // 3D Printing Channel I love how you take the time to answer questions... even this one
Make Anything (1 year ago)
It doesn't exist yet
Ghoul Pen (1 year ago)
She makes a super cute medusa.
Reem Hamasha (1 year ago)
This is definitely one your best prints! Great job
octavio lagos (1 year ago)
I'd see an entire uncutted video of you taking off the support material
Victor Loss Bolfarini (1 year ago)
Hey Devin! Have you ever tried to scan an real origami, then print in a 3D printer?
Tainicon (1 year ago)
Make Anything // 3D Printing Channel I have used a micro-CT machine to to image origami before (talk about over use of technology....). It's very cool! I will have to see if i can find the models.
Make Anything (1 year ago)
I haven't, that would be great, especially with a high end 3D scanner
Lerbyn (1 year ago)
i would never in my life continue a 125 hour print if my supports started to come of so early in the print u are a mad man :D
Finn Hultermans (1 year ago)
he sure is but that's what makes him so good
EmbarkingRat 431 (1 year ago)
Are You from sweden
Thom (1 year ago)
for sure
The Major (1 year ago)
Finn Hultermans, nah same place. Same language. As the Americans would say it, They're from Not USA and they Speak Not English. XD Honestly though Swiss German is a mess to understand, but Swedish det är lätt.
Finn Hultermans (1 year ago)
Thom Sweden and Switzerland are difrent places although they are both awsome
Thom (1 year ago)
Really? Why do you thik he is from Switzerland?
The Melaciraptor (1 year ago)
Way to keep the mystery alive 😉
Ozgu Cilfaoglu (1 year ago)
You should make a Halloween costume by 3d printing
Make Anything (1 year ago)
I am
inte vet Jag (1 year ago)
Kan du svenska
GglSux (1 year ago)
Thank god for Google translate ;)
Make Anything (1 year ago)
Courtney (1 year ago)
omg removing the support material is so satisfying.
Shin Play (1 year ago)
Man! I was torturing myself for the last 6 months trying to make solidpieces of everything in MeshMixer, trying to bollean union every single part and it was a nightmare, your steps on how to make the full headsnake just save me a lot of work.... I love you guy! Keep doing this awesome work! :D
Matheus B Polidorio (1 year ago)
Amazing bro!
Moe Zuiter (1 year ago)
Devin stop doing drugs, it hurts to see you take this path.
577AllWell (1 year ago)
I like seeing him take drugs. Makes me feel less alone.
Moe Zuiter (1 year ago)
Rodnry it's a joke
Theo O'Sullivan (1 year ago)
Moe Zuiter how do you know or was it a joke
the7thwreck (1 year ago)
I LOVE how artists are getting all this new tech to play around with. Do you know how long that head-piece would have taken being handmade? Soooo COOOOL!
Nils Hagberg (1 year ago)
🇸🇪 Sweden 🇸🇪
Denis Rovný (1 year ago)
With the supports it looked like a cool futuristic city
Paula Antoinette (1 year ago)
What do you do with the support material after removing them?
Make Anything (1 year ago)
I'm saving them, hopefully to recycle into more filament
SandvichInc (1 year ago)
chuck em out
Pierre Fontaine (1 year ago)
Incredible! Love these sorts of videos that show the entire process from design to print to painting. Thanks for posting this!
PaxtonProductions (1 year ago)
Hey devin love the vids
Raging PixL (1 year ago)
My birthday is on October 30
Jarcies (1 year ago)
happy early birthday friend
Elise Doan (1 year ago)
Incredible build. Definitely one of your top 5 😃
HomegrownTyrone (1 year ago)
So sweet😯
Love that you used VR to make this headset! I wanna collaborate in VR with ya one day?! Keep rocking bro. :)
ExtantFrodo2 (1 year ago)
insecondlife you can coliaborate in realtime, but it's not VR yet afaik
Finley Bowley (1 year ago)
Print That Thing - 3D Printing Designs cool , I do coding and programing; I LOOOOVE COMPUTERS!
Danman350 (1 year ago)
If you have a rift or can deal with revive controls, Medium added a collaboration mode.
Make Anything (1 year ago)
Is that possible yet?? It would be pretty fun to share a VR space

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