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Annie Lennox ‎" Medusa " Full Album HD

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All ads added by right-owners. I don't have any profit. Use your brain. Annie Lennox ‎" Medusa " Full Album HD Tracklist 1 No More "I Love You's" 00:00 2 Take Me To The River 04:53 3 A Whiter Shade Of Pale 08:27 4 Don't Let It Bring You Down 13:43 5 Train In Vain 17:22 6 I Can't Get Next To You 22:07 7 Downtown Lights 25:15 8 Thin Line Between Love And Hate 32:00 9 Waiting In Vain 36:55 10 Something So Right 42:36
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Text Comments (4)
Anna Kuczer (5 months ago)
She is a warrior and a Godess with the voice and talent of an Angel, I int care what shape or form or personality she is in this dimension, but listening to this awakened my Godess years ago, I forgot how much I loved that album until it just popped up in my mind yesterday...🌈☀️
Jeffrey Durfey (11 months ago)
Thank you so much for posting this.
romanianblue (11 months ago)
A was a teenager when this album appeared. I was listen it many times!
blissfully as Good as first sang

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