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Pole sport kids 13 years old Russian champion

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https://www.instagram.com/polesport/ https://www.instagram.com/polesportkids/ next kids competition 10 march cooperation : [email protected] certification workshop : contact direct
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Brian Evans (11 hours ago)
No wonder she is a champion! Very impressive and so graceful and artistic.
TheGooberGamer (1 day ago)
man russia really likes their cp
Bernie Anklam (2 days ago)
This is not right are the parent's allowing this it doesn't say much for her parents
Dante Gonzalez (5 days ago)
If this was a black girl or southamerican people would be saying "oh those sick animals, such a pervert society/culture but since she is white its ok!!
The Illuminati (5 days ago)
I see nothing ok about this
Antonio Zorrilla (5 days ago)
What the hell
Sergei Feel (5 days ago)
Очень прекрасно!
Alex Vlad (6 days ago)
Russian girls are the most beautiful talented and hard workers in the world. I'll marry one 😍💓💕💞
Teagan Gray (6 days ago)
Shane Ryan (8 days ago)
YouTube hasn't woken up yet until they've seen this artistic performance... u might end up becoming a teacher good job 👍😻
Kristian Lebedev (8 days ago)
Shane Ryan 😎
Sargent4life436 (9 days ago)
Wow, amazing and a such talented girl
498gibber (11 days ago)
Elegant and an amazing performance she’s strong knows what she’s doing
Юрий Моисей (13 days ago)
А кто упирает на то, что это лишь только спорт, покажите мне мужчину, стопроцентно одетого, выполняющего пол-данс!.. И тех, кому на это любопытно будет глядеть! Лицемеры!
Jimmy Naz (14 days ago)
Beautiful athleticism
Joseph Bennett (15 days ago)
Wow she is strong I was shocked when she jumped on the pole and held on only by her legs, she must have very strong leg muscles 😯😮😁
Hal Heywood (16 days ago)
Way cool
Joseph Bennett (15 days ago)
Hal Heywood yeah definitely 😁
Richard Jackson (16 days ago)
People knew what was the deal when they saw the caption for the video and they watched anyway. If I don't like to watch something, I just don't watch it. Instead of passing judgment on somebody, I allow somebody more qualified than me to judge ME!
PathisNarrow (16 days ago)
slutty already
Logan White (17 days ago)
So graceful
Song please
Simon T (19 days ago)
Every man visiting is praying this gets put into the Olympics.
Bob Daddy (23 days ago)
Augustine Rincon III (24 days ago)
Magnífico. Such beauty in her exhibition
Dino Ridgeway (27 days ago)
So now we're putting children on stripper poles, but it's ME who's sick in the head if I see it as sexual exploitation of a child? What the fuck is wrong with you people? You're all fucking insane. What's next? 12 year-old boy Chippendale dancers in speedos and bow-ties?
Freddy Chicas (27 days ago)
Mr.Robot (28 days ago)
song? 0:00
Robert Hein (1 month ago)
You show Balance, then Strength,Stanima. Good your on your way.
Robert Hein (6 days ago)
Go in to defense training, learn something you'll master, become a teacher. You now have great skill, turn your skills into what the future needs Oh, you can still pole sport, but maybe a "black belt", on the side.
uselessjoe (1 month ago)
I spilled my popcorn at 2:10
Joel Lessing (1 month ago)
This is one of the most beautiful pole performances on You Tube! Well Done, Kristian!!
Puzzoozoo (1 month ago)
She might be 13, but she looks younger, as for the sport, I look forward to it being an Olympic event.
Kristian Lebedev (1 month ago)
Puzzoozoo yes looks 12 but now 14 😎
Eddie Torres (1 month ago)
She's going to be a future stripper because of her parents so good job you fucking dumb asses
Scott Mapp (1 month ago)
Awesome great coordination 👌👌
Scott Mapp (28 days ago)
Nathaniel R (1 month ago)
Its fucking Russia they do anything in there. Their women are the nastiest in the world together with Brazilians.
Kristian Lebedev (1 month ago)
Nathaniel R 🤣 we are hard work about it
No One (1 month ago)
Very graceful and the strength she must have to do this is astounding.
Mario Arias (1 month ago)
Thrilling performance on so many levels.
Manuel Diaz (1 month ago)
That girl is absolutly flexible and she has much energy in her arms
joesashiify (1 month ago)
Imagine fire fighters doing this going down the pole, lol!
Peter (1 month ago)
Is this grooming and training to be an oligarchs mistress one day, I know they like them young, she passes with flying colors.
Becky A. (18 days ago)
Peter, is gymnastics also grooming? Children being strong and flexible is grooming? Only if you're a pervert. She's an athlete and a dancer. Stop sexualizing children.
Kristian Lebedev (1 month ago)
Peter where you life? I fink problem on your feelings, if you be here you say different . We talk about nothing, you don’t understand about this nothing , you say just vision on your own
That's so Raven 101 (1 month ago)
This little girl should be playing on the swings at the local park, collecting ladybugs and coloring. Not pole dancing. You know what why don't her parents put her in gymnastics or something. Anyone agree?
Barney Rubble (1 month ago)
Not everybody in the US. Is lazy spoiled children. Still in diapers ! Not like this little girl...!! I'm seriously impressed that there's still hope. For better perfection in the human body. Then the digression of the fat people you see in Walmart... And all the people lined up at the pharmacy to get their drugs period.
Kristian Lebedev (1 month ago)
That's so Raven 101 come to Russia this is pole sport not pole dance, different sport we make performance on tv
magic cheeseball (1 month ago)
such strength and beauty! this is in the works to become an Olympic sport in the near future
Mohamed from bankstown (1 month ago)
Rene Collins (1 month ago)
She's strong as shit cool
Gary Totherow (1 month ago)
Best that i have seen yet💝💝💝💝wow
Marco Burgoa (1 month ago)
Yo hago eso y me llevan directo a la tumba
justame smith (1 month ago)
Let's be honest here. Theres no redeeming value in this type of performance. It makes no difference if her mother is the trainer. This whole performance is geared toward exploitation of her body. An all around vulgar and putrid show.
Hi (2 months ago)
And the weirdest country award goes to....
Hartz4IzzDa * (2 months ago)
Zaiman Syahzmi (1 month ago)
Somewon Yuno (2 months ago)
well, time to turn off the auto-play and clear my browser history.
Christina Pulcher (2 months ago)
💋💕💋 3:03
My sc loudopesir
Joe Swansen (2 months ago)
Jesus.......I never thought I see the day....
Astaroth333A Brigades (2 months ago)
Ivan Cruz (2 months ago)
Veryy cool..lots of disciple... congrats to all your team
Qwerty Tlacrp (2 months ago)
Yea whabzzz hecccccccccqqqq xIiii
justame smith (24 days ago)
The only people loving this show are lesbians and pedos.
Qwerty Tlacrp (2 months ago)
As ll try h as harder next time .. if it weren't for these yeah work that xD ... id be in jail anyway especially for the real retarded fucks xxx to the following that can wait xxvvww CV there .. mmm live fuckers .xxx
X Third Eye X (2 months ago)
Wow, beautiful...I wish america was this free.
Negan's Evil Twin (23 days ago)
X, youre right. Pervs will always look at things and twist it. This is not a beauty pagent, whose soulpurpose is to make someone a sex object!
X Third Eye X (23 days ago)
If a person chooses to look at it that way yeh...all I see is a beautiful young girl doing something she obviously has a passion for with amazingly great strength and agility.
Negan's Evil Twin (24 days ago)
True, but this is less degrading & exploitative of the kid
X Third Eye X (24 days ago)
Yeh, not a contest like this though.
Negan's Evil Twin (24 days ago)
What do you mean by not free? America is free enough to have freaks put their kids in beauty contests.
Tattoo New (2 months ago)
Wow She's amazing.
Jaster Rouge (2 months ago)
Mommy, daddy i want to Be a pole dancer
Kristian Lebedev (2 months ago)
Jaster Rouge go go
Alex Kutyurin (2 months ago)
Просто шикардос!!!!
sorry but this is so wrong.. girls this age should never wear cloths where their private part shape is visseble. especially not when making movements where the attention goes there.
Becky A. (10 days ago)
+CanYouSmellWhatISee cocobutterjankens do you have the statistics on that? Children who train to pole who become strippers later in life? Or is that an assumption based on your own prejudices, fears and cultural experiences?
This is setting em up to be strippers.
Becky A. (18 days ago)
All of the fragile adults on here sexualizing and shaming children need professional help. If you see sex looking at a child YOU need need help.
+Puzzoozoo news flash...she is not a woman yet, she is a girl.. a child.. and your comment proofs my statement right.. you see her as a woman not as a child
Andrea Rossini (1 month ago)
It's not so wrong ok
Pete Medina (2 months ago)
Awesome never knew this existed she did a nice job. I'd like to see that done when she's 18 orolder
ilostmymind47 (2 months ago)
That was fantastic
Ecf Contreras (2 months ago)
over all cute and beauty ❤ •.¸¸.•´¯`•💚.❀.💛.•´¯`•.¸💙¸.”˜˜”*°•❤ ║║╔═╦╦╦═╗•✿•´¯`•.¸💜¸...*˜”*°•❤ ║╚╣║║║║╩╣ •✾•´¯`•.❤.•°..*”˜”*°•💚 ╚═╩═╩═╩Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ... 💝 ★💝..•*¨`*•.💝
Dragón Séptimo (2 months ago)
Tiene mucho talento y algún día llegará a triunfar!! 👏👏
Rodrigo flores pardo (1 month ago)
Dragón Séptimo como striper si
constantinos schinas (2 months ago)
Monty Mills (2 months ago)
Not my daughter!!!...fukk outta here....I don't even know how I even ended up here...I was looking for UFC fights..
lidy cool (2 months ago)
elegant dance .Is great
Yung K (2 months ago)
Robert Fortunski (2 months ago)
Супер! молодчина!
PaidPal (2 months ago)
I deeply disrespect any parent who allows their daughter to participate in that. Shame on you. PS. Before you start your dumb shitstorm that this is a sport like any other, justify their clothing.
Kristian Lebedev (2 months ago)
Thank you to repost and support! If you want more video follow and about training camp write direct https://www.instagram.com/polesport DEAR FRIENDS IF YOU TALK NOTHING CORRECT-BANNED,CHANNEL ABOUT SPORT AND KIDS if you have questions write direct
JohnnySixString (2 months ago)
Seems like a great place to pass out samples of lube and tissue for marketing.
JohnnySixString (2 months ago)
Well popcorn and soda wouldn't make any sense, duhhhh.
Sociophobic Borderline (2 months ago)
But is she Russian or Pole?
Sociophobic Borderline (2 months ago)
Sociophobic Borderline, russian
Donald Howard (2 months ago)
Feels like child exploitation to me!
I have no name (1 month ago)
Even as a dancer I agree I went to school for dance, public school as well as studio
OntY-Op (1 month ago)
Charles buyrn Naive as fuck
Charles buyrn (1 month ago)
Why it's just a girl dancing
Donald Howard (1 month ago)
trev robinson you'd be wrong!
OntY-Op (2 months ago)
Donald Howard yeah kind of like beauty pageants
Jason Weston (2 months ago)
very good you still do this
Jason Weston (2 months ago)
very good you still do this
Shawn Jerome (2 months ago)
Very talented
deadeye2658 (2 months ago)
Graceful and artistic.
TJ Mitchell (2 months ago)
The girl's got skills! Very impressive indeed.
Alessandro narom (2 months ago)
Awesome looking a bird in flight
Sunrise R (2 months ago)
Alessandro narom what birds do you see with two legs and two arms? Where ever your from I'm avoiding like the plague, if the birds are that deformed.
George Penwell (2 months ago)
Jaime de Espana (2 months ago)
She is absolutely stunning in her beauty and grace. Art in motion.
bubonic mikey (3 months ago)
Yeah it's all great and stuff..song name please??😂
Theatre Dance (3 months ago)
😍 😍 ♥ ♥ 😍
Von (3 months ago)
seems legit ha?
Frank Gorder (3 months ago)
To be able to grip with leg and arm like this, one must acquire great strength and agility! This is a magnificent performance!
Davyd Orynbaev (3 months ago)
I mean
Chris Tin (3 months ago)
Name of the song anyone??
Astarothwind Brigades (4 months ago)
Oh wow👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍
Charlie Tango (4 months ago)
Incredible fitness, poise, elegance, athleticism, and skill. Nothing wrong with that.
Read Sleep Eat Repeat (5 months ago)
I wish I’d have known about this sport when I was a kid. I would’ve absolutely signed up!
@Read Sleep Eat Repeat *Cirque du Soleil!!!!!!!*
Or the local knock-shop, depending on your work ethic, Ms Read Eat Sleep Repeat.
Read Sleep Eat Repeat (2 months ago)
Fnord Fnordington Yes, performing in Cirque du Soleil.
Fnord Fnordington (2 months ago)
u couldve been a pole dancer by now!
Vivian Nguyen (5 months ago)
She's amazing I just started taking silk aerialist classes and it's very hard. She has tons of strength, flexibility, and gracefulness.
Kristian Lebedev (2 months ago)
Vivian Nguyen thanks !
BPF0oM7 (9 months ago)
What were both of the song names?
Kristian Lebedev (2 months ago)
BPF0oM7 Russian song I AM VORONA
kyloo marie (9 months ago)
I was a kid pole dancer. It is a sport, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it.
Nathan Baker (1 month ago)
Boreeng Vajay (1 month ago)
+Andrea Rossini oh dAmn you got me!
Andrea Rossini (1 month ago)
+Boreeng Vajay whoever is a fart i'ts you
jose miguel jose (11 months ago)
Умничка нереально крутая девченка 💪
stan chernoff (11 months ago)
You are Awsome👏👏👏

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