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The Incredible Homes of The Top 10 Richest People

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Today we take a look at all the different homes owned by the top 10 richest people on earth. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTrending Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TopTrending Commentator: http://www.youtube.com/user/BaerTaffy
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Text Comments (2868)
Aryan Salge (3 hours ago)
Forgot Ambani with 1 billion home!!
Cole Breedlove (1 day ago)
Why do you need all that
Monica Singh (1 day ago)
Billionaire Mukesh Ambani's billion dollar house Antilla, not on the list???
mikeyb byekim (1 day ago)
Here's my take on the super filthy rich... They're selfish. There's supposed to be only a finite amount of money in the world, so everything these people are buying, collecting, sitting on, hoarding in the bank, is basically all food and good living from other people in the world. Sure maybe they earned all of that, but at the expense of so many others having a very unfortunate sad life, that likely weren't even given the same opportunities to succeed as these "billionaires" were, or even "millionaires" and "thousandaires" ha. Me personally, I only want enough to be happy and comfortable without worrying about bills and losing everything. All is these rich people are rich at the expense of everyone else. Bc while they're hiring up all of that money, no one else is having the opportunity to earn it for themselves. And what's the point of amassing so much money, so much that can't even be spent? It's a sad shame. If I had that much money, I'd be don't do many random things for people that hopefully it would set an example.
GAMERS COLONY (2 days ago)
Wait a minute isn't that a iPad 1:07 in bill gates house.jk
Tyler Shelton (2 days ago)
Did anybody else get super depressed about halfway through the list?
Doge Army (2 days ago)
Where is that one guy who founded tesla?? Forgot his name :/
Rob (2 days ago)
It’s not about how much money you have, but rather how much peace of mind - helping those in need will bring you greater peace and happiness than all the useless crap shown in this video.
Seven smith (4 days ago)
Luxury brand Zara? that's a joke, you can find better quality clothing at K-Mart
Obby (4 days ago)
Jean-Henri Els (5 days ago)
so obama conveniently lifes next to one of the most financially influential people...mmmm and he owns news companys mmmm
ANJALI SHARMA (5 days ago)
Who is elon musk ??? Like if you laughed
Fly Oz (5 days ago)
Disgusting excess while millions starve these few pricks are living large. may their souls rot
christschool (6 days ago)
None of these houses compare to the Biltmore House, which is 179,000 square feet. You could fit Gates entire house in it and still have another house with 110,000 square feet. The video says the last one is the single biggest private residence in the US. Not true, its not even close to the Biltmore House.
charissecoal (6 days ago)
These are not homes, they are hometels lol Also Warren Buffet isn’t frugal, he just isn’t a show off. Zara is NOT a luxury brand. Zara clothing is considered “fast fashion” because it is made very cheaply in third world countries making it very affordable for the average westener to buy in bulk. Ortega is an exploitative asshole. The first three billionaires are the most respectable people on the list.
Kyle Rainey (6 days ago)
Generally speaking and there’s of course exceptions, generally... It’s idiotic to invest in real estate that will not give you a return at any moment
Boabywankenobi (6 days ago)
Watching this video make me sea sick.
lbmautos (7 days ago)
If you can afford it, why not. 👍 keep hustling fellas!
FULL RETARD (7 days ago)
This has to be the most random slideshow ever. Thumbs down for everything, this dude should be banned from the internet.
Oost West (8 days ago)
If your house is so big you don't enter some rooms once a year it just sucks as a home.
Sampan Verma (9 days ago)
fuck u
Tony Soprano Raps (9 days ago)
No Donald trump
robloxiie queen (9 days ago)
Good for hide and seek?
Jacob Latella (10 days ago)
Why the shit would you put Elon musk on the title if you’re not going to show his house?
iPhoneking2018 Grezz (10 days ago)
I’m just saying if u a billionaire ur tooth shouldn’t be yellow
Leo Katz (10 days ago)
why bill gates have an i padd tho
pussyfucker (10 days ago)
rotational artwork.. you mean a tv? lmao can this get 500 likes
i.e.m. (12 days ago)
well... i have a Honda civic..
Thia H (12 days ago)
All the rich people in the country could see to it that no one goes hungry. He says it is easier for a poor man to enter into heaven. If you got it o guess you got it
Thia H (12 days ago)
He should run for President he can take us into the next faze if God Allows Bill Gates
stefanos2691 (12 days ago)
New money, shit taste.
Trix Vincent (13 days ago)
It’s Koch brothers like coke not cotch brothers What a dumbass
Beau Everidge (14 days ago)
you think bill gates has an ipad controlling his air conditioning?
James White (14 days ago)
anna gerlach (15 days ago)
watching this just makes me hate rich people even more
Martin Carstensen (15 days ago)
6:31 On Mark Zuckerberg "for someone who so obviously values privacy" .. Let that sink in folks
youwerefun (15 days ago)
and yet i know homeless people
Michael Morris (15 days ago)
good lord.. and i drive past people living in boxes under trees on the side of the highway...
Michael Morris (15 days ago)
can you think of the money they are all leaving for their kids (if they have) lets hope they invested as much time in them as they did their business's or the world will go to sh1t
Toxic Fortnite (16 days ago)
That house in the front was Tom Brady’s
Vanessa Fowler (17 days ago)
Lucky them... meanwhile I would, if I were a billionaire, make some drastic changes to saving the planet. I hope they are all very happy.
Maxim Vauterin (17 days ago)
7A (17 days ago)
HEY GATES!!! IS IT GREEN????? IS IT GREEN???? MR. EEEK-COLOGIST. i shut the fucker OFF becuz of the FUKKING ROCKET SHIP SOUNDS every 3 seconds.
REd_bUlL (17 days ago)
I wish I had 70 billion dollars I mean 90 billion
REd_bUlL (17 days ago)
123 mill dollar home rip off
Ajay Singh (19 days ago)
You missed the Rich Indians - Ambani, Mallya... Ambani is amongst top 5 richest and his home in Mumbai is a marvel to see!
Gulf Wars (19 days ago)
Gates is a liar. His software always crashed and allowed snooping. He has so much money this circumcised old man has now taken 200 million to circumcise 10 million African men. Pathetic to say the worst.
mark sharp (19 days ago)
When do I move in , where do I get the keys from for .any of these houses they are not using . I’m not rent by the way
Paul Deland (20 days ago)
But these arrogant scumbags will not arrange for housing for the homeless in America or Universal Health Care & drug rehab for the addicted poor. They prefer a fear based system of prisons & rabid police. For common people in America its becoming more like Medieval times again with our new Feudal Lords & Oligarchs ruling over us with an iron fist.
Jat law (20 days ago)
Bill gates' pad....... IPad lol
Alaa Makki (20 days ago)
Thumbs down for the click bait!
Abdul Latiff (21 days ago)
As long as I not have debt I am richest man
William Stru (21 days ago)
You lost me at 23 cars. What a waste of space. I have more cars than that.
jessestylex (21 days ago)
If i had their money I'd have 4 wheeler trails, western towns, gokart tracks, putput golf, fishing ponds, underground hidden rooms, bomb shelters and many more things. These guys are kinda boring.
J J (21 days ago)
11:30. "He's only thought to be worth about 6.5 billion dollars" Yea that's nothing, it's only 6.5 billion right dude? fuck is this guy saying..
Trisha Livingston (22 days ago)
Excellent info on Zuckerburg. With $70.B he can afford to pay back the $64.B he owes leader technologies for stealing the Facebook patent!
Mystic Lugetist (22 days ago)
boi u also forgot mine: 1$ net worth 11/10
Zachary Wengerd (22 days ago)
Sorry to say this but this guy isent richer then the guy that created Google since Google is more usable then Microsoft
Joel Marr (22 days ago)
"Ortega is another billionaire who prefers to live the frugal life, driving an Audi A8".. Yea cause that's not just one car down from their flagship maybach or anything lol.
Ahmed Shihab (22 days ago)
wow man what a luxury you should see the box I live in Mom's upstairs attic. I even had to break the bed legs to make it flat for space
Francis Hagen (23 days ago)
Jaidev Tyagi (23 days ago)
Where is Mukesh Ambani?
Gerardo LOPEZ (23 days ago)
Okay dennnnnnnn!!!
BigCooter.com (24 days ago)
what good is $Billions, when people think you are "The Crotch Brothers"
yushi911 (24 days ago)
I don't understand the rich people. Even if you extremely wealthy , you just need to accommodate your family and have few guest rooms. No need to have palace. You would only live in few rooms unless you really don't want to see your immediate family too much.
Vicky Abramowitz (26 days ago)
6:43 Carlos Slim is fat.
Kalina Masarz (26 days ago)
Lair and robber and puppet for Arc-hons
eblasphamy1 (26 days ago)
Mike B (26 days ago)
Clickbait. Disliked. No Elon.
Gabriel LaCross (27 days ago)
It showed an iPad as Bill Gates Home automation device. Too bad it wont run anything in his house that not also iOS, smh
Caesar (27 days ago)
Where's Elon Musk you put in the thumbnail? I hate clickbaits... 👎🏼
Grezel Chao-angan (27 days ago)
We have a lot of house it’s like 6 or 7 well yep
Grezel Chao-angan (27 days ago)
It’s not the richest of all well they don’t have a money like this 10000000000000000000000000000.90000000000000000000000000 or 9999999999999999999999999990000000000000000000000000000 and they’re don’t have a 70 floors lol
Cory Burt (27 days ago)
Koch is pronounced Coke...
PeytTheGreat 33 (27 days ago)
Only 6.5 billion
Michael Dunson (28 days ago)
All of them are going to be worm food just like the poorest man on the planet.
Edgar Allan Poe (28 days ago)
When we were born we had nothing and when we leave we will take nothing with us.
Satish Hemrajani (28 days ago)
You forgot ambani 's home, The Antilla worth a billion dollars
Satish Hemrajani (28 days ago)
You forgot ambani 's home, The Antilla worth a billion dollars
Erin Stratman (28 days ago)
These comments 😂
mr1derful74 (29 days ago)
Jeff Bezos neighbors are the Obama's? Well, there goes his property value...
Tylette Crosby (29 days ago)
Theses people want too get rid of rid of human on the planet that want work anymore I don't care how rich they are they don't have that authority.
joker el (29 days ago)
But wher's Elon Musk ?
Carla REYES (29 days ago)
They are all men
Geo Thomas (29 days ago)
Zuckerman, strangest man on the planet.
George T Peppel (1 month ago)
So you have pictures of people and nothing of the real estate. Fraud.
The Gaming Edge (1 month ago)
Where is antilla
Nathan Antonellis (1 month ago)
Putin- rumored $200 billion. Owns basically all of Russia since he rules lol. Yes I'm sure I'll get a lot of flack, but who cares. Freedom of speech.
Filip Svensson (1 month ago)
”Luxury brand, zara” uuuuhhhhm......
david Last (1 month ago)
jeffs1000 (1 month ago)
I'm not a leftist, and I don't begrudge anyone of their wealth like the pussy snowflakes of today, but when the liberal rich that bitch about global warming have huge houses, huge electricity, huge carbon footprints, they are hypocritical fuckfaces.
Vincent Rush (1 month ago)
Most of the images on the video are not of the actual homes. Impressive pics, but not the actual homes.
yogesh sanghavi (1 month ago)
Also add my profile
yogesh sanghavi (1 month ago)
He is also misss me bro
Jagdish Thakur (1 month ago)
now the richest man is ceo of amazon
mark vietti (1 month ago)
Bible says: ( it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.) now that is very very clear...unless your a total idiot.. but there is a loophole. If you think god is real you are also a total idiot...
k (1 month ago)
Bet the electric billd alone are 20 thousand a month
k (1 month ago)
My net worth is 30 bucks
Holdich-Davis Family (1 month ago)
Buy Litecoin Not everyone has the capital to buy big, so buy many and at a low cost while you have the chance Don’t gamble with your future, invest wisely
alexdt 00 (1 month ago)
Isn’t Vladimir Putin the richest person in the world ???

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