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CLIPPER HAIRCUT AND BLENDING for an undecided client

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To determine how much hair to cut, consult with the client and show him the amount to be cut on the front side of the head. Clipper cut the sides using rocking motion to blend the hair as you cut. Use finger and guide measurements to cut the top and the sides of the hair and blend with thinning sheers. Learn how to cut with scissors over comb, thinning sheers, and exercise patience with an undecided client, who changes his mind every couple of minutes about the desired length of his haircut. A class about how to re-blend the hair that was previously cut based on the client's hair length decision 2 minutes ago.It is a class about how to do a clipper haircut and follow up with scissors and thinning sheers for cosmetologists, barbers, beauty school students, educators, instructors and salon professionals, who like to make money doing what they love.
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