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Lady GaGa - Poker Face (Acoustic) LYRICS

545 ratings | 202100 views
OMGOSHH OVER 16,000 VIEWS ! THANKS ! Second Video ! :D Might Be A Little Slow. And I Dunno If The Lyrics Are Right D: Comment, Rate, Suscribe ? Thanks ! P.S NO COPYWRITE INTENDED ! :)
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Text Comments (49)
Bhrayan Mike (1 year ago)
te amo
Trey R. (2 years ago)
So this is the version KiD CuDi sampled. This is actually great!
Niaa M (2 years ago)
this is a catchy 🙌🙌💯
catchingwaves1 (3 years ago)
if you ask me the acoustic version should be the one radio. ITS SO AMAZING 
koiboyy (4 years ago)
Isn't this a copy of Glee's version xD
Louis Ong (2 years ago)
this is the original. She always starts on the piano and then the studio version takes over
Fern Robinson (4 years ago)
i am marvelous
Serena Hughes (5 years ago)
Elune Germanotta (5 years ago)
she's marvelous
Marjorie Gray (5 years ago)
The civilized side of Lady Gaga
Melissa Mcadams (6 years ago)
look up a picture of one the babies are so cute oh and its an inside joke between meh an my friends haha
Lillian Lewis (6 years ago)
Yukio Okumura (6 years ago)
...Can't Stop Replaying This~♥
Melissa Mcadams (6 years ago)
sireeninkukka (6 years ago)
I love Lady Gaga!!!!! <3
Amalia Pedemonte (6 years ago)
Dear Gaga... you´ve got me like nobody !!!!!!!!!
CherrYLadyLove (7 years ago)
Fantastic!!Love GaGa!!**
Ranveil Nindraswari (7 years ago)
fun-tastic!!!!! i love the way she sing it! ^^
RocketBaybee (7 years ago)
@XXwiwizXX Do it ! O:
Steph Wilson (7 years ago)
much prefer it acoustic ..........does anyone think i should post a video of myslef singing this lots of people have told me im a good singer but im nervouse i need more support please put thumbs up if you think i should xx thanks
Bianca La Haye (7 years ago)
lol 4 idiots accidentally missed the like button and hit dislike. How embassasing..
reid timetwins (7 years ago)
I like the slow version best c:
Justin Andrewin (7 years ago)
Im gonna be using this for my talent show Thanks :D
Samuel Isai (7 years ago)
amizng!!!, I love this song
claugroot (7 years ago)
I love pokerface by Lady Gaga (acoustic)
lisa J howard (7 years ago)
fuk u get of yo tuob y fukin bich
Stephanie Brooks (7 years ago)
hot is suposed to be hard to go with the other mastakes sexond one is ffuckerdace face been seeing others say this as well on other vids
dylopillow (7 years ago)
@Pinkalicious112 It's Texas Plays.
CherrYLadyLove (7 years ago)
I Love You GaGa...You Are The Best....KisseSsS
Johnny Alejandro (7 years ago)
Bridget Meier (7 years ago)
@RocketBaybee pokerface rules
corrynelizabeth (7 years ago)
she should sing more slower songs. i love her other songs too, but she sounds really good when she sings slower
SunsetRainbow27 (7 years ago)
She's talented :D I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER <3
Mae Welsch (8 years ago)
Great singing
jade n (8 years ago)
@MrsVidals o.O Is this a joke?! XD
RocketBaybee (8 years ago)
@Pinkalicious112 Oopsies my bad D: i was rushing and i must have wrote Game twice and it sounded like plays at first D: I changed it now. Thanks ! x
Pinky Malin (8 years ago)
1-Like they do in Texas (PLEASE) 2-Play the (CARDS) with spades to start Othe than a few mistakes, great upload. :)
Marie Vidal (8 years ago)
i wasnet looking for you i wanted the lyrics on the acoustic version by LADY GAGA!! :(
kingnips30 (8 years ago)
RocketBaybee (8 years ago)
@shfeb15 Meh. Your mum sucks in bed. And i don't complain ['; Ooooohhh ! I went there :'D
brittney11hunt11 (8 years ago)
is this on one of her cds in acoustic form?
christina morse (8 years ago)
lady gaga is marvelous mavelous marvelous so marvelous
6ftShelby (8 years ago)
Lady Gaga is the new god xD! OMG is now "oh my Gaga!"
RocketBaybee (8 years ago)
@Winnie0Sunshine LOLOL. I was bored. Love You Too Winnie :DDDDD xx
RocketBaybee (8 years ago)
Oh Wow o; Thanks For Watching Everyone o; x
A.R.B.A (8 years ago)
i jus love dis version...honest to gdness.....
CurlyAnna (8 years ago)
i love this version soo much, lady gaga is marvelous.
Armando Dela Cruz (8 years ago)
this is EPICness. heard this sung on GLEE by rachel and her mom. :)
TheAlanPaton (8 years ago)
yep. bad

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