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SQL for JSON: Querying with Performance for NoSQL Databases & Applications by Arun Gupta

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In today’s world of agile business, developers and organizations benefit when JSON-based NoSQL databases and SQL-based querying come together. NoSQL provides schema flexibility, high performance, and elastic scaling. SQL provides expressive, independent data access. Developers need to deliver apps that readily evolve, perform, and scale, all to match changing business needs. Organizations need rapid access to their operational data, using standard analytical tools, for insight into their business. In this session, you will learn to build apps that combine NoSQL and SQL for agility, performance, and scalability. This includes: SQL for JSON JSON data modeling Indexing Tool integration You will understand how to effectively use NoSQL, using open-source technologies.
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Probine Business (7 months ago)
All those guys are just talk... nothing concrete... so bad!
Almir Bispo (1 year ago)
CSV format is better than Json

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