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IMAN Inspired

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A look inspired by the beautiful and classy IMAN. Thanks for watching. http://colouredbeautiful.com Makeup for dark skin. African american makeup. Brown skin makeup. Black girls rock. Black girl makeup.
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Text Comments (232)
DDORNE01 (6 years ago)
You have a beautiful voice!
NC Price (6 years ago)
very pretty
Jodelle Nait (6 years ago)
what contacts are you wearing?
Tiaxoxo (7 years ago)
i love yur contacts where do yu get them from?
diordiva (7 years ago)
you look so pretty!
Jadag187 (7 years ago)
gorgeous make up, gorgeous hair!
Jacquelina Glycério (7 years ago)
voce e muito lindaaaaaa. e ainda tem uma voz maravilhosa. assisto todos os seus videos.
Ms Diamond (7 years ago)
This is one of my fav make up tutorial of you !!
Ari Dari (7 years ago)
The make-up was BEAUTIFUL!!!! so much like Imans
Micah Dea (7 years ago)
@SUPHERNOVA i thought i was the only one who saw that! lol
Micah Dea (7 years ago)
@SUPHERNOVA i thought i was the only one who saw that!
D Zaman (7 years ago)
I love that song actions by Nadine u go girl
nykki07 (7 years ago)
lol i always said wohbalohbey boh lol too funny ;) i have no clue what he says either. love the look
Phili coemaloh (7 years ago)
owk i want this wig
slimgemm (7 years ago)
thats hott reminds me of [email protected]
mistykalangel88 (7 years ago)
Are u west Indian ? Lol
KESSI AGBO (7 years ago)
finally a look that i think i can actually achieve on my own, thanks.
deedivamc (7 years ago)
ConcertJunkie27 (7 years ago)
look so pretty!!
ManeMama (7 years ago)
Oooh weee go head DIVA! you lookin good girl!
Ashley Jenkins (7 years ago)
what color and brand are there contacts i love em
CocoabunniBabe (7 years ago)
Very nice wig love. It really compliments you!
nema63 (7 years ago)
pretty, pretty!
Daphney (7 years ago)
One of your most gorgeous look ! So talented and beautiful
LaKeisha Michelle (7 years ago)
are you editing with pinnacle on this video? im thinking of buying it
LaKeisha Michelle (7 years ago)
you can sing!!? wth lol get it diva
lsmzl (7 years ago)
beautiful look and I enjoyed the singing!
cjlm125 (7 years ago)
l like chicken.
jaedub74 (7 years ago)
gett it gurl....haha "action" is my jam!!!
7baby7gurl7 (7 years ago)
he said "not ah bag ah mout" :) Love the look and the tune you were singing by Nadine Sutherland sell off.
VirtuousX23 (7 years ago)
you have a beautiful voice!
somrazy3 (7 years ago)
iman is a living legend.! and ue r beautiful
Aline34 (7 years ago)
ramat b (7 years ago)
what was the name of the song u were singing
Kandierose (7 years ago)
You take the most beautiful pictures. Love you videos**
Makeup by Countess (7 years ago)
I love this look so I added it to my faves. What brush did you use to blend the powder over your concealer? It resembled the LE MAC 165 at a glance. Thanks in advance!
sandiricebeauty (7 years ago)
Thanks again for another easy, wearable, beautiful look! You can rock the wigs. Keep them coming!!
ALSwellkept (7 years ago)
@CHOCOCAT8444 hell yeah i see nicole wray in her too! nicole is a cutie too! reps hard for chocolate girls.
ALSwellkept (7 years ago)
wow you're cute as hell. I love the make up and that hair. You look "natural" despite the enhancements. You dont look FAKE like some of these other popular girls on youtube who does wig and make up tutorials. u looks cute as hell. *2 thumbs up
Frances Williams (7 years ago)
Ebony!!!!! I absolutely love this look on you! The contacts gave a gorgeous pop to the look. Always love your spirit AND your vids. *you're my big sis in my head* ROCK ON!!!
Life Coach Shawn (7 years ago)
Loved the raggae! :0) Loved the whole look including the contacts.
annettemint (7 years ago)
Ebony you are rocking that wig!! Thanks for representing for us chocolate sistahs. But wait a damn minute did you just start singing? lol You are too much.
PaTriciaMarya (7 years ago)
mo sangn' pls!!!???!!!
CHOCOCAT844 (7 years ago)
CHOCOCAT844 (7 years ago)
WonderWomansBeauty (7 years ago)
I really like this video, Great job! Everyone who loves makeup please subscribe to my channel!! Thanks!
Lisa Wright (7 years ago)
Very nice! And I love the hair!
NikiD40 (7 years ago)
Both the makeup and wig is on point as well as your vocals. I will pray for your success with your contest entry. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.
Cecelia Pusey (7 years ago)
Another beautiful tutorial
Color Elated (7 years ago)
Ebony, that wig is HAWT. I may be wearing that one soon myself. Thanks for sharing!
alonz jay (7 years ago)
honey you can singggg omg . very beautiful, flawless look by the way
MLisa90 (7 years ago)
u kno the Jamaica songs man!.....i'm jamaican so that was a nice little touch lol
Andrea The Artist (7 years ago)
WOW! EBONYYYY! I DIDN'T KNOW U COULD SING! OMG!! gurl dat is wha i talking bout...u iz de action..lol (bajan accent) I soo love to watch your videos you're an inspiration to me as a young black female, i dont miss a vid, you're truly a blessing to watch. I put you onto my mother and she is hooked especially on the Wig tutorials, I love the makeup looks, someday i'd love to do makeup but things like the makeup/wigs etc are expensive where we are, so its a bit hard, but we love to watch, GODSPEED
AfroTee (7 years ago)
@colouredbeautiful Girl if I ever GET out on a date! LOL Ahhh so those are the words! Haha. Now I know LOL
Morgan Thomas (7 years ago)
I get your inspiration! Iman's hair and makeup is very similar to what you did in the video. Well Done. Love the singing! you have a great voice and attitude!
ella daugther (7 years ago)
$8.99 Naomi Wig is one the hairstopandshop site under the clearance section...just thought you should know.
iammusic19 (7 years ago)
Simply beautiful Ma'am! Thanks!
kittybaby900 (7 years ago)
georgous eye look,just like you diva!!!!
Jonna Alexandria (7 years ago)
Girl You know your gorgeous when you look beautiful with short or long hair! You are fierce!!!! work it sis! oh and what a beautiful voice you have! just talented :-)
Sha'La' Latrece (7 years ago)
simply gorgeous
lalilaa10 (7 years ago)
Luv the look
MAISHA HARRIS (7 years ago)
A absolutely love your channel! You are very beautiful inside and out.
LadyDiamonique (7 years ago)
OMG!! What a beautiful voice!!
yaaharriott (7 years ago)
When are you coming out with your CD? LOL! Love the look sweetie!
naturalbornqueen (7 years ago)
You can sing sis! I was shocked. I love the look.
Ree Ree (7 years ago)
too cute
azucarmorena5000 (7 years ago)
@colouredbeautiful hibernating lol i'll be back soon. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!
Santana TV (7 years ago)
Atiram21276 (7 years ago)
LOve the look(along w/the singing too)lol!!
Kedisha Fleming (7 years ago)
Happy 100th video! Stunning, as always!
Sistah Girl (7 years ago)
Deidre (7 years ago)
You're so hot & you can sing! Love it!
Beautiful look and you have such gorgeous glowing skin. Loved your singing too! :-)
April Howard (7 years ago)
Can't wait to rock this makeup look this coming Friday!
YonkelC (7 years ago)
O my Gosh your voice want to hear more!
dkfeo (7 years ago)
Girl, you look better than Iman! Nice voice too! I have jet black hair. What color contacts would compliment my hair? I am Janets complexion...I just got to say it again, you look solo stunning!
Megan Johnson (7 years ago)
Beautiful!!! I am favoriting this for sure!
sepnum1 (7 years ago)
Girl, you are working it!!
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@azucarmorena5000 Girl, where you been? I miss you.
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@AfroTee Hey sis! I'm glad you like it and I hope the looks works out for you on that "date night". My YT sistas put me up on the CORRECT lyrics. "Not a bag a mouth". Yes.
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@slywun2002 Thanks. No I'm not sure if I'll be selling those palettes again. My supplier has the worst time keeping them in stock. They said they'd have another shipment in December. We'll see.
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@mstyana Me too! Yeah, I had many a groove off of that song..
Mrs. KP (7 years ago)
very beautiful
BriBre91 (7 years ago)
when i get some more money i'm heading straight to yhur website lol .
angeewells (7 years ago)
just lovely.
udavafashion (7 years ago)
Beautiful you are! I love that you wore contact lenses that looked more natural as a black women! Instead of the light browns, blues and green! Eughh!
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@XXTheIslandBeautyXX lol...now you know I wouldn't know that. hehe...thanks sis. Much love to you. I pray that He is at the center of your success.
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@AkilaPetite Yes, I used to love that song. It just popped in my head. Thanks for watching.
KellyJelly9976 (7 years ago)
tender satisfaction, my chemistry is going can you cause a chain reaction...hay!!! I remember that song. Love the contacts, great touch.
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@thefranchise75 lol...yes, big it up! I now know what he was saying thanks to you all.
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@kenji2221 Thank you soo much!
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@CrysnMakeup Hey Crys! Thank you sis, it means much...cause I've seen your skills and you definitely know what you're doing. Much love to you.
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@hotcocomama08 Yes! Thank you for the CORRECT lyrics. I never knew what he said, but i used to love that song. Thanks for the kind words sis.
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@secrets2keep Thank you so much. Appreciate the encouragement.
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@luvlitee Yeah, ya'll got me convinced that I need to do a Janet Jackson vid. lol
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@Kristaysflyallday Thanks, thats a synthetic lace front called Peggie (Janet collection).
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@lyfeluvdrama Thank you so much for watching.
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@sakena17 Thank you.
colouredBeautiful (7 years ago)
@mscdennis12 Thank you!
Sunshyne3640 (7 years ago)
Absolutely Stunning!!!! Love It!!

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