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Seaworld SHAMU Killer Whale Show

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The Shamu show at Sea World. I had to edit it down to 10 mins ( it goes for 25 ). This was worth the price of admission on its own. It is even better live. Watch in HD full screen if you can. For the geeks, hand held Canon HF10 on 7mbps.
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Henny Febriani (2 hours ago)
Shubhra Saxena (4 hours ago)
So cute
Ahmad Mawardi (8 hours ago)
Ravi Ranjan (9 hours ago)
Very very very very nice video
Ephraim Black (10 hours ago)
I can't even train my dog.This is awesome.
Tatiana Tatyana (15 hours ago)
Люди, одумайтесьКакой кровью достаются трюки этим бедным животным. Они должны существовать на воле!!!!!
moon light (16 hours ago)
this is unfair I feel sorry for them 🦈
Jagan Jm (19 hours ago)
Humans can tame the aliens too! Peta won't look on these issues. They are busy in destroying cultures and identity of traditionally- rich countries.
It’s sad we think it’s out right to keep animals in captivity !
pongphet (21 hours ago)
Rosie S (22 hours ago)
2018 anyone
Bharath A (22 hours ago)
saniya bhat (23 hours ago)
Malawi Malawi (1 day ago)
hey tayo
Nicole Mayo (1 day ago)
they are just so smart. awesome Creator.
Motivation Videos (1 day ago)
Wow unbearably
Mariel Razo (1 day ago)
I’m so disgusted with this !😡 animals should be free where they they belong! Not in small pool to entertain people!!!!
Mastafa Moom (1 day ago)
سبحان الله.....هل يوجد عرب هنا
Scarlett OM (1 day ago)
poor dude u should not own the animals u just..its wrong
Mohd Ibrahim (1 day ago)
Mohd Ibrahim (1 day ago)
jemin dhayun (1 day ago)
So cute...brilliant😍
Justin Flynn (1 day ago)
Anyone clapping in this video sucks and anyone who pays money to watch these shows just keep them in captivity ... forget lions, tigers and bear ... orcas are soo smart .. might has well have just put them on death row ... ignorant people clap to this shit omg I’m so mad that people get off to watching this .. honestly it’s super boring if you really watch it .. OMG they re splashing us hahahahaha .. dumbasses ... super boring .. go jump out of a plane and let these animals live free .. I mean come on why do you think they made the movie FREE WILLY! What’s it been 20 freaking years now and the only thing done is they can’t buy anymore but they can bread them! Ok let’s just bread people in jail and not let them out .. good idea .. sooooooo annoyed right now
Jessie Blake (1 day ago)
Who else clicked to see if Shamu would lose his shit once again.
Saad Memon (2 days ago)
Wow Amazing
Filip Vasiljevic (2 days ago)
Parveen Nakade (2 days ago)
This is not fun😡what are you doing,? bringing whales🐋🐋 just for your entertainment what type of human being👨are you let the whale🐋 live a happy life😊💖 please!! 🙏
G Gg (2 days ago)
Amaaaaazing 💕
Sandeep Wasnik (2 days ago)
very nice videos
Kannan Sheela (2 days ago)
Wan Sriwichian (2 days ago)
W Wow 😮
Wilbert Cañeta (2 days ago)
Wilbert Cañeta (2 days ago)
Khurshid Ahmad (3 days ago)
Juman Nath (3 days ago)
I don't see anyone like this...
M.ramya. Dineshredddy (3 days ago)
Divyanshu Shekhar (3 days ago)
These things are good but try to stop these things, although home is home, animals have also feelings
M.saraswathi Moorthy (3 days ago)
Beautiful whale but send it the sea
Mazin Khan (3 days ago)
I was amzed by seeing this. Allah made animals that are un beilive able 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😊😊😊😊
sesetti reshma (3 days ago)
Please aap ko patha Kithna danger apka bath sunega par kuch huvahetho wahaper Kithna familes hai aap thuda socho
Ruqia Parvaiz (3 days ago)
Raelly amazing
Asif Khan (3 days ago)
Sooo beautiful
Hey the fin is bend
subhasmita samantaray (3 days ago)
Beautiful creatures...😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Batwoman (3 days ago)
My kinda people in the comments are the ones who want to send these beautiful creatures back in to their natural habitat..Send them back to the ocean please...Set them free...let them go....
Aïcha Bellafqih (3 days ago)
Horrible!!! Assez avec ces spectacles indignes les animeaux sont des êtres sensibles qui méritent de vivre dans leur milieux naturel parmi leurs congénères et non d'être dressés comme animal de cirque pour le bon plaisir des humains. Honte!!! à nous
S.m Hasib (3 days ago)
Maudy Maulina (3 days ago)
I hate it. Exploitation
Jyoti Paul (4 days ago)
Sari glti audience ki hai agr wo na dekne aye or ye mane ki ye glt hai to koi bhi admi ase whales ko entertainment k liye istemal nhi karega
Habibur Rahman (4 days ago)
very good fish
pauljohn acosta (4 days ago)
It' so good 😂😂 i believe that Dolphin and Sea Lion
Dule pro gaming yt (4 days ago)
Poor whale :(
Manju Bongu (4 days ago)
Manju Bongu (4 days ago)
Sankar Reddy (4 days ago)
prince elitexd (4 days ago)
5:18 the whale splashe's the audience's
SAM SMITH (4 days ago)
so much bullshit. All for human entertainment.
Mimi Loves Animals (4 days ago)
lovely it!
Hajar Zübeyir (4 days ago)
Cat BG (4 days ago)
Renaldi Doang (5 days ago)
Who looked in 2018 this November ? This video release 2009 wawww
Itu kolamnya kedalaman Berapa meter pak...
Tysen Perez (5 days ago)
I feel bad they abuse these animals
メKawaiiYanderleeメ (5 days ago)
no they don't
Yasmeen 23 (5 days ago)
Masha Allah...
Cookie Lovepets (5 days ago)
Its said to see thies 😪😪😢tourn them back free... the wheels are Not Happy to be in an pound...
abdur razzaq (5 days ago)
It breaks my heart to watch this, such a great huge beast dancing at the hands of pathetic humans,,
They should be at sea instead. Poor orcas
Narinder Dhot (5 days ago)
John Bills (5 days ago)
You better like Anacondas cause no one will dare put them in a circus and make a show with them.
sunilkumar dagar (5 days ago)
This is excellent but I am agree with others please return them to sea
メKawaiiYanderleeメ (5 days ago)
there's nothing to return, they were born there
Bhagwant Bajwa (5 days ago)
I love killer vale
Veronika Patočková (5 days ago)
Nádherná spolupráce 👋👋👋
nicoya barcelona (5 days ago)
Stupid people pay for watching slave animals.. shiffffffff
Jamma 1990 (5 days ago)
I was happy when whale killed trainer payback bitch, these cowards wont get in water no more
RAHUL BHAGARI (6 days ago)
Plumkin Kitty (6 days ago)
1-like to help escape the killer whales out of that killing show The fish are injected in too something please help the poor killer whales! Killer whales do tricks to stay alive! And you know what my opinion! I hate you seaworld YOU BRING ANIMALS EXTINCT YOH KEPP GETTING SOME INNOCENT WHALES PUT OF THEIR ENVIROMENT THAT IS WHERE THEY LIVE THEY LUVE WHERE THEY ARE DONT CHANGE IT, AND IF YOU SAW THE VIDEO OF THE KILLER WHAKE KILLED A TRAINER?! THEY DID IT ON PURPOSE THE KILLER WHALES WERE MAD AT YOU FOR KILLING THE OTHERS AND AGAIN PLEASE HELP SAVE THEM!
Cyrrel Rey Panis (6 days ago)
Bharat Naik (6 days ago)
Bharat Naik (6 days ago)
Ella Hugen (6 days ago)
They dont bellong in sea world
Ella Hugen (6 days ago)
Turn the whal back in the sea
Sheila May Templado (6 days ago)
money money money
Royal Sianipar (6 days ago)
Mirage 99 (6 days ago)
شو شعورك لو بلعك😂😂
Perich29 (6 days ago)
Just shut the amphitheater down and release the killer whale before some one gets killed.
brigante 1926 (7 days ago)
Non mi piace dovrebbero vivere libere perché tutto questo solo per far divertire gli umani non è proprio giusto
Ton Verändert (7 days ago)
Bring the Wales back
carl nichelle lao (7 days ago)
I hope one day these trainers get eaten by the orcas.
Songita Chakraborty (7 days ago)
Wow just amazing.... lovely😍😍😍
new downloads (7 days ago)
Dhastin Linda (7 days ago)
Ya Tuhan ini binatang pintar bangat aq suka bangat lumba2
TheGooners11 (7 days ago)
This is still amazing though. I was lucky to see this as a kid and the memory lives with me forever. You can say this is bad but it can change a kids life. They can become vets or work with animals or it just changes their life seeing this. To think I will never get to see these creatures again ever and I was so lucky. I hear they do keep them in part of the ocean. Ok its not the ocean but its still a big area. I dunno its pros and cons. If you think how magical this is for humans to see.
Rachel Saccone (7 days ago)
متمرد تواق (7 days ago)
متمرد تواق (7 days ago)
رائع جدا
san jaya (7 days ago)
good.. mereka pintar dalam mendidik hewan
Felipe Perestrelo (7 days ago)
I remember this video of my game my dolphin show
its so amazing... i dont even know whale can be genius...like this...

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