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Seaworld SHAMU Killer Whale Show

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The Shamu show at Sea World. I had to edit it down to 10 mins ( it goes for 25 ). This was worth the price of admission on its own. It is even better live. Watch in HD full screen if you can. For the geeks, hand held Canon HF10 on 7mbps.
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Mohammad Kamal (5 minutes ago)
Awesome, never seen them ever so friendly love themmmm
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ossty2005 (2 hours ago)
You want to save animals whiles you abuse your fellow human being because his colour is different . It doesn’t make sense at all.
Davlat Nazirov (3 hours ago)
Jass Sandhu (4 hours ago)
Okta Nandez (7 hours ago)
Stop abuse animals please:(
ammar idir (14 hours ago)
darthmikec (17 hours ago)
This breaks my spirit.. I hate that people support this place
Kambing Gembel (18 hours ago)
Kewan cerdas
Tuanhung Nguyen (18 hours ago)
Vậy ma người nhật vẫn ăn thịt.sao ko có ai lên án vây.còn người vn ăn thịt chó thì cả thế gioi lên án tại sao vậy.vì người vn nghèo sao
CARIN OROZCO (19 hours ago)
Hasta cuándo entenderán estos salvajes! Los animales no son para distraer o divertir a los humanos!🤬🤬🤬🤬 Me gustaría aquí ver el mundo al revés.
Hey Momma (23 hours ago)
Let the whales go u fickin assholes
Animaloverlola10 (1 day ago)
I would hate to be that whale!! If you didn’t know but if their thing thing at the top of floppy thing means they aren’t treating them right!!
Ramon Ruiz (1 day ago)
Animals do anything for food!
Alex Gamer XXL (1 day ago)
Ce show minunat au facut delfinii!!!
ISABEL MENDES (1 day ago)
Omg, noooo😭😭😭😭😭😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Satyam Maletcko (1 day ago)
Usha Dillip (1 day ago)
Wow...... 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘
Stanley Vega (1 day ago)
Joël Kpagnon (2 days ago)
Who looked in 2019 ?
Anna Dina (2 days ago)
Well done ❤,I reacted with it 😘😍😍😍
Dinz Cagas (2 days ago)
Am enjoy watching this thank for uploading
Jesus Burgess (2 days ago)
"This is animal cruelty" -says all the meat eaters in the comments. The meat and dairy industry is literally worse than the holocaust and it's happening every day. Yet no one talks about that. But nope. Watch one documentary "Black Fish" and everyone jumps on the bandwagon of suddenly acting like they care about animals. Hypocrites..
nomix (2 days ago)
Die armen Tieren das Menschen soetwas wirklich unterstützen schrecklich diese Tiere gehören nicht ins SeaWorld sondern in das offene Meer!!! 😠
Gulmira Usmanova (2 days ago)
Waaaaw 😍😍😘😘👍👍👏👏
Fabian Roa (2 days ago)
When I went to the circus at 5 years old I love seeing the animals when I became a adult i took my daughter to the circus because I had great memories as a kid and as a adult I realized that what I was watching was cruel and not right it made me sick . I get the same feeling watching this
Michelle Schoenfeld (2 days ago)
Poor animals😢😔They need to be in the wild🌷That’s where they belong❤️
Berkan Caliskan (2 days ago)
Don’t support SEAWORLD!!!
holly wiley (2 days ago)
Sea world sucks, it freaking abuse what they do to those whales, they need let go out into the vast ocean, they weren’t meant to be caged up like that ..I can’t bare to watch the video..
Dino Dino (2 days ago)
I can see the video the persons what say “This is torture” or “Maltrate” are very annoying
Dino Dino (2 days ago)
This learn human what the orcas can do a lot of things. Animals too can be great
trần tiến (3 days ago)
I'm From VIET NAM : quá đẹp
Gerardo Mata (3 days ago)
Liberen a Willy
Josefa Paredes moreno (3 days ago)
Que guapas son 💋💝
Eian Martinez (3 days ago)
It ain’t right man
Charm Zinzy (4 days ago)
This is abuse im sorry
Boris Molchanov (4 days ago)
I mean I understand that this is not right, but they have been raised in captivity all their life, so they can’t do stuff on their own...
TheBad and TheIdiots (4 days ago)
Did anyone notice the dorsal fin of the orca?? That orca was unhealthy and in need of help.. why do people watch and enjoy watching this types of things?? Why is this even allowed by the government?? This acquatic creatures deserve to live in their "NORMAL" habitat not in some small glass container.. most trainers or actually even all of the trainers says that they are "MARINE BIOLOGIST" assissting and playing with this acquatic animals, but in reality they're actually not.. they don't even know a single thing about this creatures only teaching them tricks, they don't understand their health, behaviour, and where they're naturaly belong and it is on the wild, not on some stupid cramped glass container.. all of the orcas kept in captivity does'nt even have the chance to live to their full lifespan.. they die in their teens when kept in captivity. And little do they know that orcas tend to freak out with the little space they have inside of those prison, that's why the incident on where orcas injure humans are only found inside of this places. Orcas are nice and curious creatures, they would never attack any human, infact there are records of orcas helping,saving and protecting us humans from natural predators and this is how we repay them?? Imprisoning them inside this small glass containers.. those people who are unfortunate to ba attacked by this creatures is that because they do not have enough space to move around and they tend to freak out because of this (for those people who were unitentionaly attacked by this creatures sorry for this but you kinda deserve it, judging on how you treat this creatures as circus animals and just for show and earning money off of it.).. why don't the government make this things illegal?? The orcas are'nt even endangered, yet (I bet they will be endangered because of this types of enterntainment and I want to put an end to that, don't you?? And not just the orcas but all the animals that needs help, love, care and attention). They should put in captivity those animals that are nearly and those who are on the road of becoming extinct, not animals who will just be put in captivity and making them work like in a circus. Government, you're doing an amazing job in keeping this animals safe, healthy and free from harm..... in fact how about make one for us humans as well, treat as as you treat them. How does that sound?? Edited: Orcas are forced to go sexual intercourse while being a teen, imagine that!! They're just teens and these people are forcing them to have kids!! As I said before orcas in captivity dies quick and only spending their whole life time up to teen.. they don't even have a chance to be matured in captivity that's why they are forcing this animals to mate in such an early age.. imagine that to us people, do you think it's normal for a young teenager bearing a child in a very early age?? NO!! It's not normal!!, if there are people out there saying it's normal and totally safe for animals, well you people are ABNORMAL!! And considering us humans are animals too.
King Luey (5 days ago)
It's next day off is when it dies. 👎 Empty the tanks and cages !!!
Luciak0 (5 days ago)
they're not supposed to have a droopy dorsal fin
bonjovi in the house (5 days ago)
god this needs to stop everywhere 😭
Sanjib Limbu (5 days ago)
wao amezing
Randy Yang (6 days ago)
So cruel to these intelligent whales 🐋
Wahyudin Smap (7 days ago)
Mantap kali
The fin on the head is bend it is sick
audrey nix (8 days ago)
Tilikum est une bonne orque, il juste été maltraité lorsqu'il était jeune, il ne faut pas lui en vouloir a lui mais plutôt a celui qui l'a rendu comme ça....
Luke Rafael (8 days ago)
These animals should be in the wild and not for people’s entertainment...the greediness and ignorance of the humans...
GAME TESTER (8 days ago)
incredibly beautiful and fascinating most beautiful creatures of the ocean
paulgollum1 (9 days ago)
How depressing. Hundreds of selfish fucking morons paying to watch this cruel spectacle.
Rossana Herbas (9 days ago)
wuooouuu increible de chile
Laxmi Thapamagar (9 days ago)
Iam just surprised how did they train to those creatuures?
#Frank Fish Hunter (10 days ago)
Wow..very cute fish😍😍😘😘
Chitukula Sachin (10 days ago)
It's amazing but we shouldn't trouble the innocent creatures
Entry X (12 days ago)
Whale, kill these FREAKS
Shanno Khanam (12 days ago)
Very nice
Yuan Reyes (12 days ago)
Why da pines is bend I toht der pines ar srait
Vlad (12 days ago)
FrEzZy YT (13 days ago)
Wer schaut 2019 weil man sehe will Haub die Tiere leiden 😔😫please like diesen kommentar
Elikawaiipie ! (13 days ago)
You know those trainers there their not even the trainers they are there for entertainment they dont teach them the tricks! 1:15 you see that fin in the Aquarium the poeple say that their fins are that way but actually 1% of orcas fins are that way if so then their injured or sick if orcas fin is that way that means their depressed and sad about the way their life is. This is why their are hardly any orcas in aquariums they also strarve orcas if they dont do good on their performance meaning do better next time #savetheorcas Orcas also have mysterious behavior when they're in a little tank once in a aquarium a orca killed 3 trainers because of its depression and anger and has to take it out on animals or a human
Tom Bola (13 days ago)
pussies. its a few to educate billions of people to do something bigger and not be scared of the unknown. like every zoo does. also still a symbol of power of course. you meat eating hypocrite kids
Mészáros Tünde (13 days ago)
Poor animals..
idA idayraH (13 days ago)
The whale pay you for treatment..😁
wolfie olivia (13 days ago)
This is animal abuse the killers whale fun is no straight so it means that the whale is stress!!!!!
Silvio Rosa (14 days ago)
O homem gosta de desafiar a natureza depois não reclama
VICTOR SANTOS (14 days ago)
No entiendo ni mergas no hablo inglés, pero la neta pensé que el espectáculo sería que las orcas atacaran 😅
The Robin (15 days ago)
This is so sad. No water animal should have to go threw this. Not even mammals. #SaveTheAnimals
Roberto Macaya (15 days ago)
Me encanto:)
RayJay LumpLump (15 days ago)
Fu you
Antonio Jr Petalcorin (16 days ago)
The wahel is sad
The Dream of Malou (16 days ago)
Quel honte de faire ça a des animaux je trouve ça horrible comment on peut laisser passer ça c'est une cruauté les humains sont vraiment inhumain
بالعافيه عليكم متونسين
Memes (19 days ago)
wow these whales got the entire crowd wet! I cant get anyone wet feelsbad
Celina Katja (21 days ago)
Der Arme😱😰😭😢😤
Anderson Do (22 days ago)
Stop your keeping them in captivity
emilyboo (23 days ago)
they do this every day over and over again and this is abusive also the performer people f you are seing this comment GO FUCK YOURSELF
emilyboo (23 days ago)
this is horrible look at the fin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have you seen this?????in teh ocean they are sufforing this is not normal!
The Geek Force (23 days ago)
That awkward moment when you remember most scientist th8nk Orcas are as sentient as us
حاتم الطائي (23 days ago)
سبحان الواحد الأحد ،جل الخالق في ما خلق .
Rimpa Das (24 days ago)
AWS Man (24 days ago)
سبحان الله الخالق العضيم
Crazy Time (24 days ago)
I want to eat it
Agi unicorn (24 days ago)
The whales are so poor...they are so unhappy because the pool is so so small ..the whales are not little animals The fin on the back is buckled that means that you are sick or unhappy (sorry, my english is not so good)
Wao nice clapping👏👏
Sophia L (25 days ago)
The laughing and happy music make this even more disturbing
علي علي (25 days ago)
سبحان الله
jake middlehurst (25 days ago)
ppor thing hoe can u wach this show i mean its fin has gone funny and everything
ABDO REMIX (25 days ago)
RAJU BANUKA (26 days ago)
i say simply that my life has fulfilled ofter saw this video....
MidnightMoon Dock (26 days ago)
Umm are is the top fin suppose to look like that.... It does not look like that when its in it natural habitat.
RussianDrago (23 days ago)
No, sadly it’s only seen in those kept in captivity. The exact reason is unknown but some people speculate that it’s because of depression related issues.
soumaya soumayati (26 days ago)
جميل جدا
Tim & Hugo (27 days ago)
I think all the animals are amazing, but using them for entertainment to get money like that.. They should be able to live on their own and not be kept there and not have their calves taken away from them, It hurts inside.
Ayumi akimoto (28 days ago)
Waqar Syed (28 days ago)
They belong in the wild out in the open sea release them just to make money .... so sad
Trae Hdz (28 days ago)
The whale not felling good tell by fin
noddy afzan (28 days ago)
Plesase turn back whales to sea they live in sea not sea world please🙏🙏
Eire Saoirse (29 days ago)
Pls people never buy a ticket to any of these shows.I feel even bad givin this video a view..its fucking disgusting havin this beautiful animal in a swimming pool.pure animal cruelty at its worse.it makes my fucking blood boil.

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