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How to fade a short men's clipper cut, Men's haircut

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Short men's clipper cut faded with Andis clipper. Barbering and cosmetology techniques blended together. www.AllenRaySalon.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/Allen-Ray-Salon
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Text Comments (118)
Franziska F. (1 month ago)
how mm are this with the maschine ?? 2 mm ??
Harrison Puentes (1 month ago)
Dân Nguyễn Đức (1 month ago)
I am from vietnames Bạn cắt đẹp , cô thợ cắt tóc xinh gái (y)
AllenRaySalon (1 month ago)
🙏🏼Thank you!
Antonio Carvalho (3 months ago)
RR 1000 (4 months ago)
AllenRaySalon (4 months ago)
Well thank you kindly! I wish I could cut your hair too. :)
AmirHosein cheraghi (6 months ago)
I like your techniques👍
Duy Tran (7 months ago)
Amanda Bush...sabe muuuuuito!!!! e linda tbm.
Iasmim BCardoso (8 months ago)
Wow your job it is fantastic!
Andreas Nicolaou (1 year ago)
this video was amazing why is it not available anymore
Amanda Olusanya (1 year ago)
Thank you! Are you having trouble viewing it? I'm not sure why? I can see it from my end... -Amanda*-
eli05 03 (1 year ago)
eli05 03 (1 year ago)
Olga Orlova (2 years ago)
Hi Amanda, you are fantastic barber, do you still teach ? Can I get some information on your classes, Thanks
AllenRaySalon (2 years ago)
+Olga Orlova I do teach but I don't have any classes coming up. I'm not sure where you're located but I usually teach on location. My day rate is $500. You can email me at my salon email from our website on Allen Ray Salon if you'd like more info! Thanks for thinking of me. :)
FaelDúCorte (2 years ago)
corta o meu cabelo rsrsrs ?
NORBERTO JOSE (2 years ago)
me gusta
AllenRaySalon (2 years ago)
Mariana Camacho (2 years ago)
hola al pasar la maquina por el cabello lo haces con el cabello mojado
MICHIEXLIFE (2 years ago)
Loved the video,but can you do a slower step by step video?
AllenRaySalon (2 years ago)
Sure. Would you like to to speak to explain what I'm doing or just slow it down so you can watch me better?
Tim Addis (3 years ago)
What blade are you using for this cut. Looks great! Thanks.
Tim Addis (3 years ago)
Thank you.
AllenRaySalon (3 years ago)
+Tim Addis I use the #1 blade almost all the time. If it's shorter, I may go to a #000 but usually a #1 and over the comb if it's longer.
I'm a very young barber, but really cam appreciate the traditional approach of clipper and shear over comb and some cosmo techniques of point cutting, beautiful work mam
AllenRaySalon (2 years ago)
Thanks for the love and welcome to the business! Let me know if you have any questions!
Jose Rivera (2 years ago)
I love doing clipper-over-comb, especially with my Wahl Reflections Senior clipper. It's the best clipper I've ever used. But it sucks that even though I'm a hairdresser, I struggle with point cutting.
Creative Nomad (3 years ago)
Stunning! I love watching you work. It all makes sense when I see you do it! Thanks for the great videos...keep'em coming!
AllenRaySalon (2 years ago)
Will do and let me know if there's anything you'd like to see me do!
NORBERTO JOSE (3 years ago)
me gusta
NORBERTO JOSE (2 years ago)
+NORBERTO JOSE me gusta como corta la chica
QRP8H (3 years ago)
Mrs. Amanda Bush, videos of hairstyles ... are beautiful and show that she is a talented hairdresser. Too bad She is not in Italy. I'd be happy to be a customer. Good job and good evening.
AllenRaySalon (2 years ago)
Thank you! I wish I was in Italy too!!! :D
hamdey zakey (3 years ago)
هذه السرعه لم تعلم احد
I took one of her classes a month back and I cant believe how much I learned! She is an amazing teacher! If you want visible improvement ten fold, TAKE HER CLASSES! amazing woman!
Me encanta tu habilidad en las tijeras, ademas tienes un porte sexy si eres especial me encanto tu manera de estilizar, oh se me olvidava cual el track list ???
Elaylton Oliveira (3 years ago)
Amazing, you are extremely skilled! I live in Brazil, was wanted one day to cut my hair with you! I am delighted, became a fan! You are talented artist. Observation watch other videos of your cut. Thanks for sharing.
Amanda Olusanya -Bush (7 months ago)
Appreciate it! If I get to Brazil, I will let you know!
Hairbyglynis Holloway (3 years ago)
Very good basic instructions! Bravo! Great techniques!
israel gomes (4 years ago)
I live in Brazil, here do not have this machine cut, and perfect it, will be that I can buy it here? just love the way you cut .thank hair.
AllenRaySalon (4 years ago)
Maybe online?  It's and Andis BRGC clipper. 
IrDazitaT Tellez (4 years ago)
Q buena práctica para cortar cabello
Paweł Kuleczka (4 years ago)
What is that song? Nice cut. You are great. ;)
Tural Eliyev (4 years ago)
darthclone7 (4 years ago)
how much do you usually charge on mens cut?
AllenRaySalon (4 years ago)
$50.  I charge that for men and women.
Paul McClung (4 years ago)
She's good.  The best.  I lover her style.
Amanda Olusanya -Bush (7 months ago)
Thank you!!! :D
unfoldyourselfnow vlog (4 years ago)
hey amanda, though it is extremely subtle, would this be considered a faux hawk shape on the top? i'm still learning, and i have a client who wants a very short cut like this but does not like any resemblance of a faux hawk. would it be best to follow your steps, but after blending the sides and back to the top... take horizontal sections from the back of the head to the front cutting a straight line instead of the short to long angle you used? basically so there isn't the longest point at the center of the head? again, this would confirm what i'm trying to learn/connect in my mind. would really appreciate your response, thank you so much!! you are seriously what i dream of becoming someday!! you rock love.
-. (3 years ago)
Hairstyle: 10 Technique: 10 Music: 10 Stylist: 10 Amazing video.
Kunal Chowdhary (4 years ago)
you're like edward clipperhands !!!! brilliant!
Cabrini Ferreira (4 years ago)
Hey Amanda, How long this haircut takes from cleaning your gear from the last customer to finishing with the hair gel? appointments for cuts like these are every half an hour? In this case. of this haircur specificly, the sides could be done with clippers guaard 3 adn you would still have the same final result, why did you choose clippers over comb? You are great by the way!
Jose Rivera (2 years ago)
I usually cross-check using scissor over comb if the sides look choppy. I also happen to use guards and clipper-over-comb.
AllenRaySalon (3 years ago)
+Cabrini Ferreira Sorry, I just saw this comment. I do not even own a thinning scissors so nope, I never use them. Usually if you need to blend, your sections aren't small enough. You can do most of your blending and refining using the actual tools, just keep refining, refining with small sections. I was the hair to work on clean hair without product or marks from hats. Also, it's just a part of the good service! :)
Cabrini Ferreira (4 years ago)
Why do you wash the hair first?
Cabrini Ferreira (4 years ago)
Do you use thinning scissors for blending? Do you use it at all?
Cabrini Ferreira (4 years ago)
+AllenRaySalon Marry me =) Very nice to see a salon with no ego inflation service.
kauistplayground (4 years ago)
So good!
Μike (4 years ago)
Amanda has very good barber skills,also the music is good  but i can't find tracklist
Rosalia Cuellar (4 years ago)
realyy nice hair cut.
RUY2323 (5 years ago)
I was hopping to but I live in LA, bummer! You are a great hair stylist!
AllenRaySalon (5 years ago)
Downtown Minneapolis. 3rd avenue and 9th street. 612 208 0273. I hope to see you in here~!
RUY2323 (5 years ago)
Where are you located I would like a hair cut, thanks
ASLBeautiful... (5 years ago)
You handle those clippers like a boss! :D
bubbajoe1985 (5 years ago)
Would this be close to a modified fade? I got a fade a few months ago and it went horrible I wanted alot more on the top then what they gave me *my girl likes it when I spike my hair* and I was just wondering what I tell the lady that cuts my hair so that it doesn't happen again Thank you for your time. You do wonderful work!
Anthony Williams (5 years ago)
I wish to cut like this someday
Yasir Ali (5 years ago)
Allen please come to the uk
westfield90 (5 years ago)
Awesome cut
Rani Duke (5 years ago)
Did you touch the razor to skin around the ears?
AllenRaySalon (5 years ago)
Have them watch the video! We're visual so I never mind when people show me what they want. It's hard to say because I don't use guards and it's mostly about the shape.
extra160 (5 years ago)
What do I say if I want this tyoe of haircut?
AllenRaySalon (5 years ago)
Yes, 6".
Cabrini Ferreira (5 years ago)
Simple Lifestyle (5 years ago)
AllenRaySalon (5 years ago)
hikari and feather razors.
Cabrini Ferreira (5 years ago)
What brand of shears do you use? razor blades?
iraklirockyarabidze (5 years ago)
You did great .p.s I like songs too))
whoknewthatinewyou (5 years ago)
DUNN THE BARBER (5 years ago)
I really enjoyed your clipper over comb technique thanks for posting a video
Kenn Dang (5 years ago)
really nice cut ive learnt something frm this video.
jay earl (5 years ago)
Amanda you are pretty...!!!
jay earl (5 years ago)
I love this haircut..!!!
Carlos Ramos (5 years ago)
awesome cut!! thank you!! so clean!!
babyboy505018 (5 years ago)
your awsome! my only advice from me and dont take it the wrong way is to bald taper the neck line i usually start with making a 1A guideline then working from down to up using the 3-0, 0a,1 then 1A. then i erase with the 1-1/2 or with the 2 etc great vids tho!
25Dleo (5 years ago)
i would love to get a haircut by you! I'm super picking with my hair (i know you hear that a lot) but i mean ill get getting a haircut and stop the person to check things and after make more changes i am super crazy about my hair!! but you do all the thing i wish everyone did without asking! like the side burns with the comb cutting the longer ones!!! AWESOME!
MrOilbarron (5 years ago)
Interesting to watch. On a cut like this I would normally take the Oster 76 clipper with whatever blade and just buzzed it up, then clipper over comb on the top. I do many of these a day and normally they take between 7 to 9 minutes.
TranceAddictify (5 years ago)
love your skills. and why are all of your models so goodlooking? hm?? lol
TheMrsmartiekid (5 years ago)
Hey, i was just wondering, can this same look be achieved through using clippers with guards. I love watching people work with a comb and gaurdless clippers but personally i prefer to use gaurds For example i could just just use a gaurd and take it to the same height you took it with the comb, then follow all the other steps, connect the sides and taking out weight at the line created with clippers
Jessie Hopkins (5 years ago)
Really enjoy your videos! Beautiful job!
Oscar Salgado (5 years ago)
Very clean job . Congrats.
PMakeupAndHair (5 years ago)
Great video! I've learned a lot from ur videos..just wondering where u get ur guideline for the top section! Also when ur doing clipper over comb is the comb touching the head or did u slightly have the comb out? Thanks! I've only been a hairdresser for a year and ur videos r so helpful! U should def make more videos!
"She's tight"
Monse Espinosa (5 years ago)
I love your videos, they are so well explained. you should upload more videos... Hey, what's the name of the first song???
Yvonne Jackson (5 years ago)
I absolutely love this video! You did a phenomnal job and your model was just too handsome! Do you have any tuturials on military cuts?
LIVERNIL753 (6 years ago)
I've sifted through a fair few of these type of videos and I have to say, this is one of the most inspiring that I've seen so far to it's trade. You seem genuinely passionate and dedicated to cutting hair and believe in quality too :-) There's just one slight but however: With the clipping cutting technique, against a conventional clipper/guard, the slope of this guy's head doesn't look even; freeze the frame of this vid on 3:10 and you'll see what I mean. All the best - p.s you look attractive!
AllenRaySalon (6 years ago)
I never ask. I ask the key questions..."How long ago was your last haircut? What bothered you as it grew out?" I never ask..."How much do you want me to take off? Or What would you like me to do?" I've never had a client come back because his neck line did or didn't look a certain way. It really comes down to your consultation! Make sense?
pinupdollsarabeth (6 years ago)
When doing this cut do you ask the client if they want a scissor line up or trimmer. Wanna try this kinda line up but i dont know if (to them) if it look unfinished. But i love the cut beautiful.
Musique3579 (6 years ago)
Wow, that was fantastic. If only someone in this town I am stuck in could be 1/10th as good as you.
Sarah Felton (6 years ago)
absolutely love your videos and I've learned a lot! I was just wondering what your consultation was like with this client. just the kinds of questions you asked him. also do you know of any good mens haircutting dvds I can buy online?
bradsadams1 (6 years ago)
thanks - will look to book a time as soon as my trip dates are firm, look forward to you working your magic that you've shown on the vidoes on my thicker, hard to style hair!
AllenRaySalon (6 years ago)
I would love to cut it! I'm right downtown Minneapolis in the skyway. My salon is Allen Ray Salon. Our address is 222 S. 9th Street 55402. Thanks! -Amanda*-
bradsadams1 (6 years ago)
where in minneapolis are you lcoated - heading there for work in mid September and loved the video. want to take my hair from its present 4 inches in length to clipper type cut that is shorter and like the look you have in the video.
Marian Achim (6 years ago)
i want more videos of you i love how you cut the hair and your precision is so perfect. Thanks
AllenRaySalon (6 years ago)
Well thank you! :)
Dre' Gorrell (6 years ago)
Wow, This is some really nice precision cutting here Amanda. I have just become a fan of yours!!!!
AllenRaySalon (6 years ago)
Thanks! I actually fade with my #1 blade and blend with a comb. I keep the fade pretty low. I would have them watch the video, they should get it! Thanks again!
KG ken (6 years ago)
I love this haircut. If i want my sides and back like this style, how do i tell my stylist? Is this a number 2 taper style? Please explain? Thanks in advance.
Keef (6 years ago)
Thanks Amanda
AllenRaySalon (6 years ago)
I'm not quite sure with this technique but I would imagine that the C shape is a safer way to teach because you're always moving from short to long. The lines are then blendable but it's a lot more work long term. Also, the C shape might work if you're building weight from short to long but if you're trying to remove weight, I would think there are much better options. Try and keep your comb very vertical and let the head shape naturally build the weight, as I think I mentioned earlier.
Keef (6 years ago)
Ah I see great. I've just completed a year course in Barbering in the UK and this isn't something we have been taught. Unfortunately we only learned the method that the tutor favours which is to use clipper guards and the c shape up and out motion. I don't like it though as you put a line in. I notice that you don't have to do much blending with your method as it seems to be naturally blending in when you connect the top to the sides with the scissors. Thanks for the response
AllenRaySalon (6 years ago)
If I'm understanding correctly, yes, the angle of the comb is very important. Not only up and down but side to side and towards me and away from me. If you can think of this, I bring the comb vertically (parallel with the wall) and where the partial ridge starts rounding, it will naturally remove weight.
AllenRaySalon (6 years ago)
Thanks! Glad you liked the show! If I'm using a clipper over comb, yes, I always use the #1 blade. The only time I take it off is if I'm going shorter than a #1 or if I use a 1.5 against the head. The comb is what gives me the different lengths. It gives me more creativity because I can create the shape without following the head shape!
AllenRaySalon (6 years ago)
I do! If it's longer than a 1 or 1.5 blade I use the comb instead of a longer length. I allows me to create different shapes so I don't have to follow the head as a guide. I feel it gives me more control in my creativity. :)
Keef (6 years ago)
So are you just control the angle of the comb, bring it out towards the Parietal ridge?? Thanks
bengordon (6 years ago)
I seen you when you came to Chicago you cut Great!! Quick question do you like to cut everything with a number 1 blade over comb lets say you wanted the sides a little longer would you use the same 1 blade? Also at what length do you decide to cut the sides using vertical partings?
Keef (6 years ago)
Great video. Do you always use clipper over comb technique on the sides as apposed to different length blades or guards??

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