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Dota 2: Arteezy - Destroying Pubs with EG.CR1T | Medusa with Rapier & Earth Spirit with Wards Kappa

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Text Comments (26)
armen stevens (15 days ago)
whats the worth playing in pubs? or PC centers?
Simple Player (1 month ago)
bros can u tell me song on 2:56 ? tired of searching. please
thoriumbrother (4 months ago)
First song?
Dennis Wise (4 months ago)
Здесь этак прекрасно...
ijed (7 months ago)
crit is banned? lol
armen stevens (15 days ago)
U mean banned in pubs?
Farhan Nanda (7 months ago)
how to activate goal and current in top left corner? in my dota just lasthit/danied kill and death
Straw Hat Luffy (7 months ago)
Farhan Nanda only for Dota plus User
Saiki 67 (7 months ago)
Why'd you add Kappa when arteezy actually went rapier and es bought wards? Or is it that you don't know how to use Kappa properly?
SEA Player (7 months ago)
What is pubs?
Noob Gaming (7 months ago)
gamology public match
Prussian Army (7 months ago)
Join my Arteezy cult, we will buy 5 6K accounts and starting bitching
ray mond (7 months ago)
donated 4$ to ask if a 4$ dota plus is worth it? People are sooo dumb this days
armen stevens (15 days ago)
+xxblankxx Zy DAMNNNNNN!
xxblankxx Zy (4 months ago)
Its actually “these” not “this”......people are sooo dumb these days
Rama Sai (7 months ago)
He took one for the bois ........
Jay Mark Pagcaliwagan (7 months ago)
I felt like I was in the same gaming booth as EG when they are on LAN..
How is the last sound name of the end of video?
Gxnxx/ /GxNG (7 months ago)
I felt guilty for the lie.
smh tbh fam (7 months ago)
God's plan by drake
God's plan
Gxnxx/ /GxNG (7 months ago)
Bank account
Musawir Mehdi (7 months ago)
Video is 13:22, 322 bois ?
Spread Positivity (7 months ago)
azhariwarman (7 months ago)
Shady Mathers (7 months ago)
First elegiggle

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