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Dangers of Pilot Distraction

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Pilot Distraction is a major concern for all pilots and passengers. While editing my last video I realized just how much distraction can come from an excited passenger. Mom’s video https://youtu.be/W4CYyOGLJAI Visit http://www.BaronPilot.net A HUGE thank you to all my Patrons. If you want to help me make more videos and help support my videos Patreon goes a long way! I thank you for any support. https://www.patreon.com/baronpilot Also follow me on: Instagram https://www.instagram.com/beechbaronpilot/ FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/baronpilotpage/ Twitter https://twitter.com/be55pilot Partners: Camera Mounts from http://www.flightflix.net Window shades from http://www.jet-shades.com Avionics and iPad Software http://www.Avidyne.com Yoke Mount http://www.ipadyokemounts.com AirText http://airtext.aero/ Special Thank you to GoPro http://www.gopro.com This Video is for entertainment purposes only and is not to be considered flight instruction in any way. Please contact your local CFI for flight instruction.
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Valerie Simpson (10 days ago)
Poor Baron Pilot! Bless your heart! I bet you thought "what did I get myself into?" I felt so sorry for you! No offense Bob, but wow you are a talker! Probably just all the excitement. Hard to concentrate though, great vid to show instruction.
Phil Gower (11 days ago)
Yeh. I agree, this guy drove me nuts in the original video!
Larry Green (13 days ago)
I miss Lucy .............. I really do😢
Carbon Lux (13 days ago)
I think Bob was suffering from the scared shitless syndrome.
Compete ToDefeat (14 days ago)
Love your videos,. they make me wish I could afford to fly just for the fun of it. I love flying but I've never been in a smaller plane only larger commercial jets. Honestly the way smaller planes look like they bump and slosh around a lot more seems like it'd make it more exciting. But alas I'm stuck on the ground living vicariously through people like you.
Baron Pilot (11 days ago)
Thank you for watching. There is a difference in feeling from small to larger airplanes.
SneakerEND TV (14 days ago)
Boy oh boy... this is why I do crew briefing I’m the pilot in command , I am in charge of this flight, they are sterile cock pilot rules which we will follow to the teeth, what is sterile cock pilot rules ? Simply during taxing, take off and landing stfu ... let me say that again stfu, and plus whenever I’m talking to ATC or speaking on radio stfu ... I know it sounds hash but I plan on bringing you guys back alive... any questions do you have please ask them now or ask them during cruising ... ladies and gentlemen light cameras action 👏🏿... I literally say these whenever I fly my siblings or friends around ... Please use my crew briefing if you have to... I regard my friends hate me for been a strict pilot than they dying on my watch ...
projekt89130 (15 days ago)
Love the HILARIOUS take to a very serious problem. Nice job identifying it and addressing it - thanks for sharing!
Baron Pilot (11 days ago)
Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching
Gary Dell (16 days ago)
Time to get Lucy back in the right seat.
Gary Dell (16 days ago)
Oh yeah!!!!!!! One guy I'll never take again. I've imagined flying and turning a 90* (degree) bank and kicking my passenger out! He's a chatter box. I will not take him flying again. Told him all the things that I thought he'd b interested in on the ground. Told him not to talk when I was talking to the tower but it fell on deaf ears. Took him on my boat and after a while I wanted to throw him overboard. Distractions can kill as you brought out. Thanks for the short video and message.
don doswell (18 days ago)
bob is a broken record ,I think I would leave him behind next time
PAPA XRAY JULIET (18 days ago)
This is so true...part of my passenger briefing now includes instruction that I require a quiet cockpit during departure and landing procedure. Quiet includes no talk , no pictures and minimal movement
JohnSav (18 days ago)
You sound a dead ringer for Ed Norton.
P Toth (18 days ago)
Now that was a very surprising montage of your friend being very distracting! Obviously it was cut and put together into a short and rapid presentation. But the point was plainly obvious! I'm going to have to incorporate in my briefing, the rule of the "sterile cockpit". While still in the pattern after take off, when in IMC, and again when in the pattern on approach for landing. This video was Very eye opening!
Baron Pilot (11 days ago)
Glad you enjoyed it and got the point I was hoping to make. Thanks for watching
The BBQ Jerk (19 days ago)
Lucy must have dumped him. She met a dude that had a Citation X.
John Bolin (19 days ago)
Videos like this can't be overstated. A passenger can be so in awe of what a pilot is doing, they can't help but ask questions from the sheer excitement of takeoffs, landings and radio calls. During my preflight, I explain to the passenger that if I go silent, I'm not being rude, it simply means it's time to cut the chatter and concentrate on flying the airplane in a safe manner. Safe is fun, unsafe is not....plain and simple.
Philip Grocki (20 days ago)
You addressed an extremely important topic!! Nothing against your friend, Bob. But in watching the video again there exists a perturbed look on your face in trying to stay ahead of the task (flying the plane), and at the same time trying to stay calm and kind toward your passenger's bombardment of questions. Nicely done video!
an aviator (21 days ago)
Maybe not only Bob but others can see and learn from Bob's poor judgement .
Supra Fahrer (21 days ago)
I believe this is called Human Factors great video as always. You should have a big hand like the one from Jackass to slap Bob ever time he distracts you. Just joking of course.
Private Pilot Vlogs (21 days ago)
Wow great video!
Wayne Fergerstrom (22 days ago)
Steve Castro (22 days ago)
A lot of people deal with nervousness by asking questions. Your idea of "preflight your passengers" is always a very good idea. Another great video, thank you for sharing.
Ron Moore (22 days ago)
That was funny, but a good point was made. Some people don't realize that sometimes you just need to concentrate on flying the plane. I once told a first time passenger to point out any other he planes he saw to me. Had to tell him airliner contrails 25,000 ft above us weren't really the other planes I meant.
Jorge Álvarez (22 days ago)
Great video! You’re so right, and it happens to aircraft pilots, vehicle drivers and machine operators. Most of the time it doesn’t matter, but when something happens it’s to late.
Brian Danza (22 days ago)
wow Bob...
Lol, that compilation is hilarious. It summed up exactly how I feel sometimes with passengers. But in the past 2 years I’ve gained a new form of patience and I learned to tune out chatty passengers in critical phases of flight. Definitely include that sterile cockpit during critical phases of flight in the passenger brief, it’s something I teach my students.
Brandon Wright (22 days ago)
Lol. This video clip reminds me of a check ride. Bob would be a great examiner.
Dave R (22 days ago)
I am not a pilot but I feel for you, people like Bob need to understand that he was endangering his own life as well as yours, I have worked with Pro sound audio for 30 + years mostly in Church and people that I have known for years in my early days of operating sound would constantly come up during the service and talk to me and I finally had to ignore them completely and explain the situation to them later, I don't have to tell you, get a handle on it even at the cost of making someone mad at first and deal with that later, Thanks, Dave
This is an excellent topic. Many thanks for posting.
Harold Gough (22 days ago)
LOL, I am a huge movie buff so I can relate real life situations to some movie it just popped in my head and in this instance he reminds me of the movie Uncle Buck where the character Macaulay Culkin was asking Uncle Buck 5 billion questions and Uncle Buck responded asking him what is your record for the most consecutive questions asked comical. Nothing wrong with asking questions just need to be at the right time..
Harold Gough (22 days ago)
Great video Kris and yes one of the first things I noticed on that video was the huge distraction coming from the right seat, and thinking if he was in the plane with me he would drive me insane. Yes you are correct I do pre-brief my passengers for sterile cockpit every time takeoffs Landings climb out, etc..
Robert Sleipnes (22 days ago)
Important topic! Thanks for sharing and pointing out with Bob. Pretty enoying and dangerous!
Michael Lloyd (23 days ago)
I just got in from about a 1,100 mile drive ( I really need an airplane...) and I needed a good laugh. That was awesome editing and you make a great point about distractions.
jbw0224 (23 days ago)
I'd just like to know what BOB thinks of this video!?
PILOT RYAN (23 days ago)
hey its kenny from sano, I'm actually back at sano. I got a couple videos up on my channel, check them out please. like and subscribe! I'd like to formation fly our barons in the near future.
Mike McGirr (23 days ago)
I sensed Bob was a distraction while watching the first time! I probably would have behaved similarly.
James Wikstrom (23 days ago)
I totally agree that passengers can become a pilot distraction to even someone with your experience. The fact that you make landings and takeoffs look easy is because of your tremendous concentration. Flying is not easy when you are constantly being bombarded with questions. I am sure your friend was just curious but there is a time and place for everything! Not on landings and takeoffs! You see the consequences of not devoting your full attention to flying in these disaster videos. Pilot error is something you don't want on your conscience!
Tom Sult (23 days ago)
My late wife and I flew together a lot. We had millions discussions about the concept of a sterile cockpit during take off and landing. Most of the time we were flying to see our grandchildren. And as we grew closer she would get more excited about seeing the kids. And she would want to talk about it. It didn’t matter if I was in hard IMC or blue bird VMC. And no matter how many times I reminded her she would be talking to me. And the best part she would get mad when I told her To be quite! And frankly I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Tom Sult, MD Author: JUST BE WELL (goo.gl/jUbWIX) 3rdOpinion.us
Norman Gallant (23 days ago)
Cliff Starks (23 days ago)
OMG my mind was in over load trying to keep up with this guys questions. Great idea to let your passengers know when and where to ask a question.
Ben Sleeper (23 days ago)
That’s crazy how that guy keeps asking you question after question and never even gives you a chance to answer. Geez!
Rob Maza (23 days ago)
OMG! ALMOST as funny as your mom's! Still hard to beat that one! Keep them coming!!!
Papa Luigi (23 days ago)
You kept your cool the entire time! I would of lost it. Lol good job man. Keep making those videos. Hopefully one day I can fly with you.
MrSixstring2k (23 days ago)
Always looking forward to you videos, informative
Christian Jackson (23 days ago)
those three eastern airlines pilots were moths
Robert Nielsen (23 days ago)
At 2:54 did Bob point to your map and state "You are a little off"? Such great service from the navigator's seat - I am still smiling from watching that one.
barry huizing (23 days ago)
One word muzzle.
Bill Oklahoma (23 days ago)
Was that guy actually doing that simply as a passenger or was that slightly staged? I would have given him the ultimatum " Be silent while we take off and land or I will likely fly this plane to the scene of the accident". Hard to believe that an adult could be so clueless.
David Tesch (23 days ago)
Great opening statement! Always remember to fly the airplane 1st !
Al Marasco (23 days ago)
On take off and landing I make sure everyone keeps quiet if the have a question in flight or after landing that’s time to answer the question. That’s how people make mistakes when they get caught up in a conversation. Another great video Chris.
Gilles Perreault (23 days ago)
Great great example on the curiousity of our passengers and you are 100% right, we need to brief them before getting into the airplane for the appreciation of the critical phases of the flight since to them, it's all the same!
Glenn Niesen (23 days ago)
I preflight all my passengers, even the ones who are pilots. I reinforce the sterile cockpit rule for approaches and departures. I had a CFI earlier this week, while on approach at the end of my BFR, make a comment about a swimming pool. After she said it, she caught herself and commented, "Sterile cockpit!" We had a long talk about the sterile cockpit during our ground time before the flight. Everyone is susceptible to it and we need to reinforce it every time we fly.
Schteve Ven (23 days ago)
You had 3 engines. 2 on the Baron and one in the passengers seat.
Jon B (23 days ago)
that gave me anxiety just listening to it. Ive learned that briefing passengers is the best way to nip that stuff in the butt and let you focus on flying the airplane and when in doubt, give the one finger (which you did) to signal you need to concentrate
Chuck Tx (23 days ago)
Excellent video!
Matt Heere (23 days ago)
Taking my 10 and 12 year old kids on their 1st flight this Sunday. I have the pilot isolate button on the audio panel well rehearsed...
an aviator (21 days ago)
I use it unit were up and cruising but on occasion during cruise unfortunately so i could not mise ATC xmissions i had to reactivate it.
Charley Alpha Aviation (22 days ago)
Yes that button works well if needed.
Baron Pilot (23 days ago)
That’s a great button to know 😉
Thomas Pittock (23 days ago)
Since I am not a pilot I should not be giving advice but in my job in IT and working with linux servers I have to think outside the box and multitask all the time, I just want to tell all of pilots just be safe. I know I run my mouth but I never want to see anyone hurt. You pilots are brilliant people.
Baron Pilot (23 days ago)
Thank you
Smitty Smithsonite (23 days ago)
That was almost as funny as your video with your mom! 😁 I can't bust your buddy's chops though - if I was right seat, I'd probably annoy the crap out of you with a barrage of questions 10x longer! 😂 GREAT video here. Distractions in a automobile are bad, but even more so in the air with that 4th dimension (altitude) to contend with. This video could potentially save lives down the road - you never know! Nice work!
Baron Pilot (23 days ago)
Glad you enjoyed it.
chris c (23 days ago)
I had so many Bobs as passengers lol
Baron Pilot (23 days ago)
I love when people have interest in what I’m doing.
Woo Bino (23 days ago)
I stopped having a sterile cock pit @ 16👀💥
Amos Zook (23 days ago)
Is Bob still your friend? 🤣
Baron Pilot (23 days ago)
Not if he watches this video. Lol
Robert Thompson (23 days ago)
Good Lord my 4 year old grandson doesn't ask that many questions
Robert Thompson (23 days ago)
Baron Pilot  Oh yes he talks from the time he gets up till he goes to bed anyway I enjoy your videos
Baron Pilot (23 days ago)
Not yet! Lol
Gary C (23 days ago)
Excellent video and forever timely. While there were the pilots on the Eastern flight, there is only one for most GA flights. Knowing what I know now, with passengers I'll declare a "sterile cockpit" below a certain altitude. You'll see that on commercial and corporate aviation turbine operations a lot. Below 10,000' only conversation that is flight related. Obviously, 10,000' is above some GA cruising altitudes, but maybe 2,000' AGL would be s good choice. That way, you have less distractions. Also, with more than one passenger, the ISO button on the intercom is a nice feature. This is an important topic and I'm glad you made a video about it.
Gary C (23 days ago)
+Baron Pilot as I said, forever important. As there are more and more people watching videos like yours, Josh's, Steveo's, etc., we need to be cognizant that we may, unintentionally, be teaching the next generations of pilots. Best to "teach" them best practices. Yes, I do recognize that all of you people put disclaimers, but, if they see something, they still take it in as a pilot or future pilot.
Baron Pilot (23 days ago)
Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.
pslny (23 days ago)
Lol, I know that was edited and condensed, but Bob seems to have a knack for asking questions at the most inopportune times. I always brief passengers to be quiet on take offs and landings. I also tell them to stop talking if they hear the radio. I liked this video, nice job. Paul.
Baron Pilot (23 days ago)
To his defense the entire flight was an approach so there really wasn’t any time that would have been a good time.
Sea Travel (23 days ago)
It was a fabulous video, something every pilot is aware of and at times we all forget to brief passengers. I have had to isolate pilot only on comm panel more than once. Worst time is hard IFR on the approach
yellowdeer 7 (23 days ago)
That was funny but next time get Mom in the front and Bob in the back. It would go something like. Your Mom " Can Bob fly the plane from the back?" Do you use diesel in the tank?" Why don't you have a rear view mirror? Is Bob married?" Does he have kids?" Did you bring anything to eat?" How does my hair look?" Did you put an air conditioner in the plane yet?" Did you check the air in the tires?" Now that would be a test.
Baron Pilot (23 days ago)
Can never have them both in one airplane. 😂
OldSalt John (23 days ago)
Looks like Bob was scared to death and couldn't stop talking. He is definitely a case study in the need for 'passenger preflight briefing". Excellent example for current and future pilots. Thanks for sharing.
Baron Pilot (23 days ago)
Thanks for watching
Jeff Bianchi (23 days ago)
You clearly forgot to deal with the "Remove Bob before flight" ribbon during your preflight.
Woody Poolson (23 days ago)
Great example of distractions from a passenger. I always stress sterile cockpit to any passenger that I take. I cannot fault Bob, the cockpit is a different world to non pilots.
Matt_Waddy (23 days ago)
No wonder you were flying to Paris on IG. You needed and ocean between y'all when you released this video. Haha.
piewolfe (23 days ago)
As a kid my mother once said to me, "Stop questioning me to death"... This video brought it all back:-)
csinac (23 days ago)
Outstanding video. The Everglades accident was the first one we studied as part of our human factors training. So relevant all the way from 152’s to 380’s. Thanks.
gunsaway1 (23 days ago)
Is he kin to your Mom? LOL. Just kidding. He was just a excited kind and maybe a little nervous. Great video! I'm called you did this one because it affects us all.
James Coker (23 days ago)
Laughing and learning thru my morning coffee... 👍
Tony Kleber Gonsales (23 days ago)
Lucy doesn't ask that much, does she? Whink, whink. 🤔😏😉😉
Garry White (23 days ago)
So you referenced two videos that I don't see on Youtube, your mom and Bob. I typically watch all of your videos. Are these on Youtube?
Charley Alpha Aviation (22 days ago)
I thought he linked them in the video, the little cards, he points to the one about his mom. It's also in the description of the video
Robert Hobbs (23 days ago)
I noticed Bob's propensity for questions in your earlier video and your uncomfortable reaction at times. I didn't I realize it was quite as bad as what you've shown here. I sympathize. :)
Gilles Dumouchel (23 days ago)
Hilarious! 😂😂😂
Thomas Pittock (23 days ago)
I was reading your comments and something sparked in my brain. What if's. What if you had a passenger flip out, go crazy for any given reason be in emotional, psychological or physical issues. Do pilots have something like a tazer or something to render a passenger unconscious. I could see in a small aircraft if someone flipped out that they could easily bring the plane down. Yes, preflight the passengers as well but maybe a hidden tazer under the seat or some method to assist in those situations. A gun, for obvious reasons, would not be an appropriate choice. Just something to think about. This is why I think pilots are incredible people as they manage not only the airplane but the entire environment inside and outside the aircraft. You have to be a great multitasker and pilot and be 100% aware of everything at all times.
Thomas Pittock (23 days ago)
I am not a pilot, want to be but because of certain physical disabilities, becoming a pilot is impossible. I have such a love and passion for aviation so I live vicariously through all of you guys and the technology that brings aviation into my home is awesome. However, if I ever get the chance to fly with anyone this has definitely given me a code of conduct for the cockpit. Lives depend on it.
gasfiltered (23 days ago)
There have been several instances where this has happened, some intentional, some the result of panic. ALMOST all of them were resolved safely. Being in such a confined space makes it hard to protect all the soft spots on your body; a good hit to the throat or genitals gives the problem passenger something else to think about. A shockingly large number of people are shot with their own gun, not only would a taser be taken away just as easily, a taser transfers to people who are touching. This means theres a very good chance you would taze yourself if you somehow managed to hang on to your taser while you bent over and fished for it under the seat during a fist fight in a plane that is only little more than a meter wide at the widest.
Craig Peters (23 days ago)
Why is Bob so quiet?😆😆😆
Thomas Pittock (23 days ago)
Great video, so so so so important. Maybe the FAA should demand, like you stated, make it a regulation that you have to brief the passengers on pilot distraction and maybe make it a part of all checklists to remind the passengers that your attention "MUST" be to fly the airplane first and attend to their needs or questions after all of your flying related work is accomplished to remain safe and attentive. Again great great job now just need a lot of views to emphasize this fact. I do notice P1D will let the right seat know that he is flying the airplane and please not questions until after takeoff and climbout. That little edited clip you demonstrated pilot distraction via passenger interference with was great and annoying as the monotone questions got irritating after a while and I can only imagine what your thoughts were. Thank you Sir.
WendelltheSongwriter (23 days ago)
Wow! Yeah, watch a mlb pitcher with a swift runner on first...whenever your attention is divided, there's a risk of underperforming or overlooking something. Good vid
Ronny Ziesmer (23 days ago)
Damit Bob
ctrcflyin2011 (23 days ago)
I watched the video with Bob, as I always watch all your videos. I thought when I watched that video Bob was pretty inquisitive, but didn't realize how much until I watched this one. Holy smokes I almost sprayed my computer with coffee as I started to laugh. Thank you for the good laugh. They are hard to come by for me these days lol.
Robert Kaindl (23 days ago)
FOR ALL YOU YOUNG PILOTS OUT THERE:: 1) Following “Checklists” is King and that single simple repeatable action will allow you to fly until you die naturally. 2) Get a “Mentor”. Preferably one who has been around a while and if you are lucky enough, a pilot as well. You will learn more than just life lessons, if you’re smart enough to listen and learn.?.. I am exceedingly fortunate to have several good friends that have flown for over 70 years and some for over 80 years (ie. B-29 Pilot in WW2 while his first flight was in 1928 while he was 8yo in a Ford Tri-Motor and HE just passed his 2nd class medical at 96 years Old without any limitations). One of my now “Airport Group Friends” bought his 1964 Twin Comanche brand new and still IFR pilots the “Cream Puff” to his ranch in Southern Oregon from his home in Northern Washington often... This pilot uses his custom made laminated flip Checklist for every situation (as he says) “so I don’t have to rely on my memory”. I call that good pilotage. Don’t look at the old guy sleeping on the couch of your local FBO as just an old tired guy... he/she could be the most influential person in your life other than your parents [if they did their jobs], explore the opportunity to listen to the same story several times... again, if you’re really lucky and pick the right “Mentor”, you might just learn a few real life lessons beyond being allowed to become a future Safety Pilot... I popped my head into the right hanger when I was a 13 year old nearly 46 years ago. I count my blessings every day.
Bill (23 days ago)
Capt BP... great video... Bob is sooo funnny... great edits... is he an airline pilot now?... u answered all his questions... so funnny..shouldve just let him takeover .... thx for doing... good history lesson on eastern flt too
Travis Rackley (23 days ago)
😂😂 the questions
Marçal Ventura (23 days ago)
Is he an immigrant?
fractal (23 days ago)
Finally going to get back to flying again recovered my plane 3 month ago as it was stolen out of my hangar my beautiful Christen Eagle returns home
fractal (23 days ago)
+Woo Bino that's like asking if animals bite they can doesn't mean they will of course people still anything that can be stolen
Woo Bino (23 days ago)
fractal people steal planes?
Mike Short (23 days ago)
Cleverly edited to make a funny vid but with a serious message 👌.Keep them coming.
TheFroztv (23 days ago)
I just also realize that a passenger can be a huge distraction and can lead to mistakes. One of my last flight, I flew with a fellow pilot friends and he wanted to fly the plane and help but that was just distraction for me and disturb all my navigation. I also didn't cross checked some infos from the ATC, like the squawk number wich he dial wrong... It's a lesson learned I will be more careful and more strict in the cockpit from now !
Mike Schultze (23 days ago)
Bob is a friend Bob is curious Don't be like Bob Be like George Curious George
Greg Nye (23 days ago)
You need a Bob cancelling headset. :-)
Cap'n Crunch (23 days ago)
Baron Pilot You have to learn to decipher your passengers before preflight and this whole situation with Bob could have been avoided. Bob would have definitely been in awe with an etch a sketch or a GI Joe and left you in peace for a flight to Reykjavik.
John Opalko (23 days ago)
It's great to see a passenger as interested as Bob but he would drive me absolutely insane!
William Murray (23 days ago)
I recently had a passenger like Bob. He almost caught an elbow to the chin... finally had to tell him to shut up
R Mac (23 days ago)
Yeah, sterile cockpit until 3000 feet and below
Grant Brown (23 days ago)
Hahaha is Bob 5yo
Robert Clemmer (23 days ago)
Nothing a bottle of chloroform and a rag, neatly pack in your chart bag, would cure! Or in a pinch, I guess, you could climb to 20,000 feet and turn down the passenger's oxygen. Excellent tips!
Austin Chopra (23 days ago)
I noticed that while you where doing your checks list bob distracted you quite a bit, and potential allowed you to miss items in your check
Ralph Woodard (23 days ago)
The way you portrayed Bob was funny. I understand totally how distractions can take you in a different direction. Love your Europe photos on your Instagram.

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