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'Judo Knight' Putin shows off martial arts skills in wrestling bout

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Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has taken another step to boost his charisma by holding a wrestling session with members of Russia's national teams. The training took place on Wednesday in a brand new sports hall in St-Petersburg, with journalists and photographers watching on. Putin holds a black belt in Judo. However, he did not just limit himself to the Japanese martial art. He showed off his skills from its Russian analogue Sambo and from Greek-Roman and freestyle wrestling. RT on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RTnews RT on Twitter: http://twitter.com/RT_com
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Text Comments (2873)
Rajdeep Sarkar (6 hours ago)
Putin is the man unlike Barack Obama who was busy hiding under the table when things got out of control
masri tiro (20 hours ago)
I want to see Mr. Putin with Khabib fight, and who is the winner...
your tube (1 day ago)
Vlad putin is best president
Scaro (1 day ago)
Putin vs Khabib = 27-1
Savate Dragon (1 day ago)
Putin is one tough man. He doesn't play around!!
Vannara Meas (1 day ago)
Literally the only world leader that is involved heavily in combatives.
dfo 99 (1 day ago)
I did not know putin is a judo black belt
Abdur Rahman (2 days ago)
Trump vs Putin for UFC 235!!!!! Hope it happens.
Michael Spyrou (2 days ago)
Cameron Hall (3 days ago)
There's probably hella people outside with AK47s
Rodd (3 days ago)
What would you expect from russians.
Pablo Escobar (4 days ago)
Khabib murder him
AS P (4 days ago)
When Chinese kungfu mimicking animal movement as their style, yep Russian learns grappling, submission, throwing from bears 🐻.LOL just my theory 😂
Aleksandar Djelosevic (4 days ago)
Putin World President!!!!❤
Hassan kyriankos (4 days ago)
We want Trump next match vs putin we seee kabib won
Mustafa Pathan (4 days ago)
Putin is perfect
umzz Last (4 days ago)
Trump doesn't want none of that
Marc aus Ulm (4 days ago)
Putin vs.trump in the Oktogon please!!!!
Peter Borkar (5 days ago)
Bad lipreading should make a video on this
Martin Engracia (6 days ago)
Deviam de por os presidentes do mundo a lutar para eles verem como é. Putin só mostra que mesmo sendo presidente gosta de desafios e estar pronto para alguma eventualidade alguém que o queira desafiar vai ver que ele não é apenas um presidente que se esconde atrás do poder que lhe é dado muito bom.
Foon (6 days ago)
He is prepare for war
imran khan suri (6 days ago)
One fight with modi ji please....
`GrimmEnt. (6 days ago)
If only Chuck Norris was our president. It's the only chance we'd stand.
JakeasherGaming (6 days ago)
Lol its fake they wouldnt dare win putin cuz they would be killed
Johnny Robinson (6 days ago)
I love Russia
Ahmed Zaman Awan (6 days ago)
Putin ❤ Respect From Pakistan
Mike Hockhurts (7 days ago)
Is a black belt for real though?
Dan Man (7 days ago)
Obama would have taken him in basketball.
ARIES (7 days ago)
He should sign a contract in the UFC nad make a fight with Dana White. For sure, that's yhe biggest fight the worl will ever witness...
Juan Najera (7 days ago)
Why can't he be our President!
Tante Lilis (7 days ago)
Presiden Putin is judo athlete
Cash K (8 days ago)
Sam thing with Trump he dose exact same thing
keyboardbeats (9 days ago)
Trump better step it up
Shift Animations (11 days ago)
If you were the sparring partner no doubt that you should let yourself be swept i repeat let yourself be swept
Sameer Ullah (12 days ago)
Trump wants to fight putin...🤣
aaron 5 (13 days ago)
jonny jonny yes papa
Kumar Kumar (13 days ago)
Love you Russia, love you President Putin, respect from India
ksm95 (13 days ago)
Putins ready for when people grow brain cells and send the world leaders to physically sorf their own wars out instead of sending the civilians to fight for them whilst they enjoy a life of luxury
Yeon Omni (14 days ago)
Awsome Videos Xd (14 days ago)
Khabib vs putin
Магрегор и Хабиб? Канечна ПУТИН!😎🔯💩💩💩🐐🐐🐐🐐
Serdar Gürevin (17 days ago)
Reis bu hareketlerle "Şimdi ananı laciverde boyadım Trump" diyor asdgcghadkw
Ninja _ (18 days ago)
putin sucks dick of true wrestlers
Any Trump jiujitsu video ?
eumatheus2012 (19 days ago)
Faixa preta e não sabe amarrar a faixa?? Sei não em!?!
Char Lotte (20 days ago)
It would be interesting to see how he fares against resistance. EDIT: How does he not know how to tie his belt properly as he has a black belt?
engin cakmakli (20 days ago)
I have a respect for him.he is always fit
Alexander Demir (20 days ago)
When putin takes a vacation off to Japan...
Kabbalah Kether (21 days ago)
Russian propaganda is so disgusting!
Linny w (21 days ago)
More Russian propaganda...feed Trump's frail ego...and dupe all of the mediocre morons who follow him.
real life (21 days ago)
Putin stands alone against new world order, LONG LIVE Putin !!!
Anton Chigurh (21 days ago)
Mazlum'u getirin.
dante richardson (21 days ago)
Training doesn't hit back
Sydyk Sunny (21 days ago)
Ok.. Now let see trump doing something... Beside KFC bucket exercise
Rashid Ahmed (23 days ago)
May PaRinSss BiG BandaRSss LoveRSss ŠalaaaM Huoo Izaaat UmaaaT MuHaMMaD Mîã NaZaW ShaRiIiF UmaaaT WoooRlD Jinuoo Insuoo Pr Pak KiSss TaÂaN Šhah SayaD LoveRSss DaRaTiIi ka TukaRa DawaT u TaBaLeeeGh y ŠalaaaM y MuHaMMaD Šaww ŠalaaaM y IshaQ IshaQ y ŠalaaaM Pakistan's Pak KiSss TaÂaN Allah Jalla Jallala Huoo UnDaTaÂa Mualla MuShakal Kushah LaJapaÂal ka WaDaÂa hia KiIi MuHaMMaD MuStaFa MuRtaZa MuJjaTaBa WajaHuoo KayNaAaT ReHamaT ull AaaLaMeeeN Šaww Say Wafa Wafa Tonay too HuM HiIi TeRe Mt Sooch yae donya B koi chiz Wo Daaaykh Wooo LoHoQalaM HiIi TeRe HaZaRaT y AaSaHaB RR Abbu BaQaR UmaR Usman Ali RR Geee AsAy kaaay Zindagi Rksh Rksh kray Mro Mro AsAy k MoooT MoooT PuChhay kon mrr gia jahanam me Jaltay phiRay gay koooN Munatakil Huoo Gaaay AaRaShaaay AaZeeeM Pr MuBaRak Huoo Izaaat HayZaÂa PakiZaÃa ReHamaT too JannaT ma HuoRuoo KiIi HuSaN ma Malaka PaRinSss HuGiIi BayTi BeHaN BayGhuM MaÂa ky QuDaMuoo ma JannaT HuTiii hia WalaD JannaT ka DuRaWaZ Hutay hia Ina šhah šhah šhah RaB ull AaRaShaaay AaZeeeM G Pak KiSss TaÂaN Pakistan's ka kanon RaB G NaZaM MuHaMMaD Šaww OuR khalafat y HuSSaNaiN RR Jo B Amal krta NaFiS krta uS ka ghR AaRaShaaay AaZeeeM Pr hia SePaaa y MuHaMMaD Šaww UllaM y HuQ Pak FuooRSss jo Apna zati zati JaN Mal Wakat lGaaa Izaaat JaN Mal Pakistan's WoooRlD UmaaaT Jinuoo Insuoo kay MuhaFiZuoo SePaaa y MuHaMMaD Šaww Wale QutaB QalandaR GhuooSh Abadaal PaiGhumBaR AS Pr donya AakhaRaT MaÂa AaZaMaT ko ŠalaaaM AaZaMaT ko ŠalaaaM AaZaMaT ko ŠalaaaM Pak KiSss TaÂaN RaB G KiIi ShaaaN RaB G ky KhaaaS MeHaMaN Muslims Muoomun Muslims MaLeeeGh Ñ RaB G in ky MayZaBaÃaN GhullaM y MuHaMMaD Šaww ko Daykh krrr jahanam ko B Aaatta hia PaSeNaÃa RaB G RaB G RaB G RaB G RaB G RaB G SoooNay G Day HaWalay G
Giraffe Man (24 days ago)
Puntin's part time?
Aleksander Khamidulin (24 days ago)
its the same i do except im in karate
James Johnson (25 days ago)
I wish Putin would have thrown Obama
Ahmed Okinawa (25 days ago)
Gays can become powerful men in russia
Nelio Anderson (25 days ago)
Putin rocks! LOL!!!
sekharchandra attaluri (25 days ago)
Hope our Pappu will start learning
michael jhon (26 days ago)
best leader in the world love from india
NOTHINGFACE1099 (28 days ago)
He’s a straight killer
Christopher Garcia (1 month ago)
JIKIM LEE (1 month ago)
Putin and duterte of the Philippines are much alike they are fearless and doesn't afraid to die or kill any individual that may harm their people.
Danny Davis (1 month ago)
Nobody is dumb enough to throw him. Ofc he wins. He’s ex KGB
King Kong (1 month ago)
Respect to those skills!👍🏽
Darren Walter (1 month ago)
I said "for mother Russia" 😂
Arka Chanda (1 month ago)
Wait really!? Where's my meme
Isupport DonaldTrump (1 month ago)
Why do I get the feeling that the black belt he’s wearing wasn’t properly earned 😂
Isupport DonaldTrump (1 month ago)
I know this comment is off topic but I just find it so ironic that Russian media is more honest than most American news media nowadays.
Omari Shields (1 month ago)
Instead of countries destroying one another maybe they should settle issues the good old fashion way.The presidents should fist fight it out.
A Badman (1 month ago)
Bad ass President
GAB3R3AL (1 month ago)
Would like to see putin vs trump
mohd raza (1 month ago)
Wake up u half punctured Trump. A fit Putin is no comparison to u
Don Ken (1 month ago)
There al in dance school
A A (1 month ago)
Very interesting knot on the black belt...
Jevesh Chauhan (1 month ago)
Only Americans can dislike this.
Bubblebath ::o (1 month ago)
These clips would make a great dance remix
Mario J Zeledon (1 month ago)
Is this martial art for you? Oh please!!!!!anybody can do this.
Mario J Zeledon (1 month ago)
Do you call this martial art?
TMS999 (1 month ago)
Not surprised at all with leader Putin, he was once a KGB agent that worked behind enemy lines. Today, he's the most powerful man in the world.
scott Vincent (1 month ago)
Nice technique
Rudy Chavira (1 month ago)
Your next Trump, unless of course your feet hurt.
Raven (1 month ago)
Lang lang lebe Wladimir Putin 🇩🇪🇷🇺🇩🇪🇷🇺🇩🇪🇷🇺🇩🇪🇷🇺🇩🇪
apirate namedjohn (1 month ago)
Look at that vampire dance. Hahahahaha greatest thing ive seen today.
Biff Danielson (1 month ago)
This guys such a poser. He should work on raising the standard of living for Russians instead of showing off for the camera.
bumbum bum (1 month ago)
Hey Armenian Today! And your Putin won at least one fight on wrestling carpet? Will you show the video?
Terry Smith (1 month ago)
Sambo is the truth.
Mm Mm (1 month ago)
Putin vs. Obama oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please.
andrea fabbri (1 month ago)
Questo è un presidente, altro che i nostri buffoni venduti in Europa.
Putin is a cool ass dude but I don’t agree with him politically... at all
and who believes that Russia is a good country, put like
who believes that Ukraine is a country of biomass, and stupid idiots, put like
A holey Pezya Pedroshenko, president of Ukraine, a candidate for master of sports in the extermination of vodka, and leaky socks)))
А дырявый Пеця Педрошенко, президент Украины , кандидат в мастера спорта по истреблению водки , и дырявых носков )))
Humble1 (1 month ago)
He better be able to do these in a real fight if he was a former KGB

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