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little girl pole dancing in the bus (lol)

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hey guys :P wassup i just went out n decided to take the bus saw this little girl in the middle of the train n i was thinking"was she pole dancing?" i decided to watch and also i recorded some parts of it with my phone :) enjoy n laugh :P
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Shakira Haynes (3 years ago)
that not pole dancing she bye
Erick Davis (4 years ago)
What song was that
111vnderbnder111 (7 years ago)
Damn she is way to old to be doing that, give it up already!
Rock Salad (7 years ago)
too old! no want!
umma123456789 (7 years ago)
@paradmshft chillax just making this as a joke. dont get too serious about a little thing.sheesh
Fernando Martinez (7 years ago)
Leave it to an ignorant "headbanger" to think the little girl is pole dancing... She is NOT pole dancing moron... She is swinging on the pole, like any innocent kid would be doing. I'd be more concerned about your dumb ass secretly recording a minor... I wonder what her father would do if you said you posted this?
umma123456789 (8 years ago)
come on guys dont be scared :o feel free to comment and subcribe and rate also :D pl0x D:

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