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BRAND NEW TOOL TO FIND $10,000 INFLUENCERS (Demographics) - Shopify drop shipping

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Text Comments (142)
Kunal Shetty (2 months ago)
When I make it... I'm coming to meet you for sure!
Sarah Monkcom (4 months ago)
Nice video :)
Stefan Paranici (6 months ago)
You don't need to pay G suite to make a business email !! Just go from you shopify dashboard to online store, domain and there you can add a forwarding business email that resend everything it receive to your normal @gmail.com
karolis antanaitis (7 months ago)
THAT IS A DEAL!!!! Thank you and succseed in your new business!!!! Thanks again 🤗
Ishaq S. (7 months ago)
Hi, How can I contact you? I have some questions before I buy the course
Positive Vibes Only (8 months ago)
How do I get you to mentor me ?
You have no more than 2000 followers on Instagram? I'm not influenced with them numbers!
Pablo Falco (9 months ago)
I created a trial account with the site you mention, but they don't allow you to contact the influencers, they don't show you the email address. Also what's the point of using this if then you have to go to the influencer account to check if the product you are promoting is a good fit for such account? I contacted their support, but no answer whatsoever. To me, this site is useless.
Kevin Martin (10 months ago)
Gee soot
James Leon (10 months ago)
Hey Sebastian, can you please review our PET SUPPLY site and provide your feedback please www.KittiesAndPuppies.ca
quincy bullock (11 months ago)
That tool week. No engagement rates cause it’s no way they have a 100% engagement rate
RoyalPizzaKing (11 months ago)
Dropshipping will become so ez it will become hard to compete
Ben Seiler (11 months ago)
The Man (11 months ago)
Guys, before trying g-suite, if u have a shopify account, and bought a domain, shopify gives u 2 domain emails. Go to Online Store, where u find theme and preferences, ull find domain, click it, if u have a domain already, ull see, i think, [email protected] and [email protected] Those are forwarded emails u give ur customer, which forwards the emails to ur main gmail or wtv account ur using. Try that before spending more money on gsuite. I havent tried it because i have a gsuite account for a while now way before knowing about this hypr site. So try it out guys
Dlvsn1975 (1 year ago)
You give the best tips!!
M (1 year ago)
Hi there guys. This is to anyone who already successfully running drop shipping business. I'm a newbie in here doing this from last month but can't get much sales. I want to be with mastermind with someone who can help me to boost the business for long run and will split my profit, all expenses is mine. Contact me. I'm serious.
Juan Carlos Peña (1 year ago)
Thanks for the value Sebastian! You inspired me to start my own dropshipping channel- hoping to make it big like you!
J Bran (1 year ago)
Hey :) how can I get rid of invoices and receipts when products are sent ?
louis channel (1 year ago)
Lots of people ask us which ecommerce platform is the best suited for a company just getting started with an online http://bit.ly/2j1ynKE However, a short answer to that question is that Shopify should be able to offer all the functionality you need You'll find my full review below. http://bit.ly/2j1ynKE For more Shopify reviews from our readers check out the comments area. The reason we like Shopify so much is that it's not like WordPress or Magento, (which are great as well,)Shopify is right in the middle, where complete beginners can create products, manage inventory and share promotions, all without having to take a development class.Shopify also offers one of the biggest App Stores out of all the ecommerce solutions. http://bit.ly/2j1ynKE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E58ZVwOhj6c start your busniss now sign in this link : http://bit.ly/2j1ynKE
Mo Vlog (1 year ago)
ThrilledMovement (1 year ago)
Bull Hut (1 year ago)
Hey Sebastian, do you stop your ads joine the Chines New Year?
MrCustomConcrete (1 year ago)
How are you making your thumbnails?
Tassia D. (1 year ago)
Hey Dan, How to write an Order Tracking page? Not how to create one but actually the contents within the page. That would be awesome if you could help me out. thanks
Dobrinoiu Marius (1 year ago)
hello from Romania,can you make a video in which you explain the accounting part of dropshiping?
Spriteinmyeye (1 year ago)
To get a post from a memepage, is it bad? Help needed, thanks!
Kati Lavie (1 year ago)
Hey Sebastian :) Thanks for all the great content. When did you create your own LLC in the process, was it at the beginning or a few months in? I know all this founding and legal stuff is kind of confusing... curious how you handled it.
Jessica Ann (1 year ago)
If we JOIN then do we have to pay more for the new info you are uploading soon?
TheInvationCo (1 year ago)
Can you check your business email?
Colt Sutton (1 year ago)
Hey bro, I know you've talked about it in some of your videos, but can you make a more detailed video talking about how you make custom conversions on Facebook for a new store? I'm in the process of getting ready to launch my store, but I've run into a brick wall of not understanding all the nitty-gritty of FB pixel. How do you track all the data (such as view, add to cart, add payment information, complete purchase) for each product when you can only make a certain number of custom conversions? Hopefully you'll have the time to reply, but if not, I still greatly appreciate your channel and all the value it's added to my dropshipping endeavor.
Jordan Duran (1 year ago)
make a video about how to add CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL to the home page
Al Shaikh (1 year ago)
dude . u r awesome
Rana A (1 year ago)
Can you put up the link of your Shopify store in your bio? And if you don't want to do that, how many stores do you have on shopify? Like basically how many accounts did you make on Shopify that you need to keep up with? Or is it just one? Love your vids by the way! subscribed
Marisol Gutierrez (1 year ago)
If you have more than one niche store, can you use just one E-mail or do you need a business E-mail for each store?
Jason Mettler (1 year ago)
HYPR is tricky. 100 filter searches but only 20 influencers searches for a free account. So if you click into a profile, that's one influencer. After 20, you're locked out until you resignup with a new email.
Karan Thind (1 year ago)
Good video man, we should make a video together with other youtubers as well. hayden or tanner.
Skull Boy Highlight (1 year ago)
I just got my first sales today i do what sebastian tell step by step, once i got alot of sale i will go to meet you and thank the helpful information
Dean Toma (1 year ago)
ECom Domination by James beatie is a amazing course it has everything you need it goes in depth with everything about Facebook and insta and even other places over 60 videos
Dean Toma (11 months ago)
jean philippe n'dri go to James Beati on youtube
jean philippe n'dri (11 months ago)
Dean Toma hi, how can I get that? I'm looking for something like that. In depth courses that cover all the details about running a shopify business. Payment process above all. Thank you
Reyes25111 (1 year ago)
Which countries do you sell to? I live in the USA and plan on doing free shipping on all products since epacket is cheap. I'm just going to add the 2 dollars to the product price. So do I have to sell to countries that are eligible for epacket only? What If a country that is not eligible for epacket buys something from my store? Does the shipping tend to cost more? Thnks for all the value you have been providing, we all appreciate it.
Mohammed Alshamlan (1 year ago)
Zoho is free alternative to Gsuite but there is a setup process you can ask Shopify support to help you with it.
Brian Delacruz (1 year ago)
Sebastian i opened my store a 3 weeks ago i have spent a lot of money on ads already and have had no sale i really need some help heres my website www.thedlccompany.com and my instagram @dlc.co dm me if you could
Mi Sm (1 year ago)
Should i put hurrify on my store? I feel that it is too inflated now. Every store has it... please respond...
First video that gets thumbs down. Sebastian cannot tell hard Infos likes e. g. the cost of the tool (and of the domain). We would get more value if he avoided "I think".
Joshua James (1 year ago)
Hope you feel better Sebastian! You still look a little sick. :(
Hi, what is this hypr site ? what is the url please ?
Bhaigyaban Tamuli (1 year ago)
Shop Shop (1 year ago)
bootieoligist (1 year ago)
Hi just an arabic guy passing by Just wanted to comment on how everything now days is creating a course to the point when i just want to slap the taste out of their mouth
Stas Serfes (1 year ago)
Thanks for this Sebastian!
F K F (1 year ago)
Hey! Great video as allways. I`ve one question here, maybe you Sebastian or anyone in the comments can help. What happends when the suplier from for example ali expres runs out of stock on a product? Does it appear on your site that it`s out of stock or can peaople just buy even tho there no products in the stock? thanks for all help!
June Kane (1 month ago)
F K F there are apps that automate all of that on Shopify (Oberlo for example, a free app).
Vinny Nguyen (1 year ago)
Hi Sebastian. I was wondering if we should worry about the LLC when we first start. Please let me know, thanks!
Tin Bernas (1 year ago)
has bunch of influencers to work with in Phlanx.com
Aniss Phuong (1 year ago)
Hey guys with this website http://dollarstrue.com/?refer=55853 I made money like crazy
G&T HD (1 year ago)
Nice tool, seen it before. Most, if not all the info is available if you ask the influencer to send you the info on their IG business page. Still cool way to find influencers without asking them first.
Jamel Ibrahim (1 year ago)
Do you have any recommended books that would help with drop shipping or just business/marketing in general??
Any ideas for wine influencers? All the (worthwhile) influencers I’ve reached out to either don’t respond or don’t do shoutouts...?
Mr.Car (1 year ago)
Do you reply to DMs bro? I got a question plz lol
Arie Scherson (1 year ago)
MY BOY! Always dropping value, dope vid. For you guys reading this tho, don't narrow yourself down to only instagram influencers. They work great, especially for beginners, but FB ads are sooo powerful still so start learning about them ASAP at the very least :)
Michael Nguyen (1 year ago)
Can you explain why you need a g suite email? I'm confused lol. So the email I signed up for shopify won't be used for customer service? It'll be the one on g suite?
Jaden Evans (1 year ago)
thx bro for this should rly help
Tsuginori Fudge (1 year ago)
If I were to take your class? How would it work? Is it live?
Sakura (1 year ago)
It's hard to trust these internet gurus because most of them are just faking success to sell their courses.
Dan Emet (2 months ago)
Eendje Eendje (11 months ago)
louis channel (1 year ago)
Lots of people ask us which ecommerce platform is the best suited for a company just getting started with an online http://bit.ly/2j1ynKE However, a short answer to that question is that Shopify should be able to offer all the functionality you need You'll find my full review below. http://bit.ly/2j1ynKE For more Shopify reviews from our readers check out the comments area. The reason we like Shopify so much is that it's not like WordPress or Magento, (which are great as well,)Shopify is right in the middle, where complete beginners can create products, manage inventory and share promotions, all without having to take a development class.Shopify also offers one of the biggest App Stores out of all the ecommerce solutions. http://bit.ly/2j1ynKE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E58ZVwOhj6c start your busniss now sign in this link : http://bit.ly/2j1ynKE
SCboss (1 year ago)
Tusokk what is there to trust. you have a million videos of this online. your fucking ignorant. you make a a website for your business and you sell shit and make money. its called a business have you ever heard of amazon? or any other website ? its the same thing.
john Crux (1 year ago)
flyballer75 its is nature to hate it dude lol . For sure you are dumb
Vlad Erhan (1 year ago)
Are you from Romania ?
Amar K. (10 months ago)
Arizona I think
John Di Genua (1 year ago)
Guys this guy knows what he’s talking about. I hit $13k in one day dropshipping
Wilquersson Zhang (9 months ago)
Man... I just can't FIND A SINGLE GOOD INFLUNECER How the hell do these people do it??? Literally following every single step but just bump up with trashy pages with an engagement rate of 0.000000000000001% lmao
John Di Genua (1 year ago)
KreepyKayy yea man hit me up on insta. I’ll get to it
KreepyKayy (1 year ago)
John Di Genua Do you have a minute to spare maybe instagram dm?
Liviu Tech YT (1 year ago)
greetings from Romania!☺
Arielle Seerattan (1 year ago)
HOW DID you even find this?!!! I was now complaining to myself that i wish Instagram had this search like facebook where you could plug in what you want! tks!!
Dany Md (1 year ago)
Great video!It would be great to talk about gateaway payments as well :)
SpexPC (1 year ago)
What country you from Sebastian ?
Brandon Galdamez (1 year ago)
There is no theme pages I dont think. Seems to be big brands and real people
TFactor (1 year ago)
It's only 100 searches after that u gotta pay.
DAV URGE (1 year ago)
Course is worth every penny🔥 Love the new content! You rock Sebastian!
Steven von Hofsten (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tool!
philanthropist (1 year ago)
Massive value shared by Sebastian again! Big thumbs up from all us supporters! 👍
Kiri Kiske (1 year ago)
good find, thanks!
Mehtab Servar (1 year ago)
lol literally already found before you
Zach Hib (1 year ago)
How is everyone doing this? No videos show you how to set up drop shipping or how to make a store so how are so many people doing this?
Moe Flynn (1 year ago)
I can help you create it
Alex Ilareguy (1 year ago)
Zach Hib I found out through Ecom dudes, they have a pretty in-depth tutorial to setup
ceospeeding (1 year ago)
What are the top three books you’ve read that gave you value in growing your brand. Thanks!
Alex Ilareguy (1 year ago)
I’ve been watching so many of your videos and learning tons! Ive been a little stuck and I mentioned this in a previous video but here goes nothing, I’ve started a drop shipping store on gaming merchandise, but I have found a potential problem is that most of the merchandise revolves around games that include popular characters or items in it. I have been getting a lot of messages saying that I will get sued etc etc. I keep taking down items, I don’t include any of the name of the games in my product titles or description. Now on another note as I continue to research drop shipping I come across other items that I think would do really well! But it is completely irrelevant to my niche, should I just add the item to my store anyway run some test ads on it then perhaps just re brand my whole store around the new item/niche? Any suggestions on copyright or changing out niches to avoid future long term problems are greatly appreciated.
bestLyric videos (1 year ago)
You motivate me so much! First store I made I had 300plus views but no one was buying so I stopped and decided to take more notes and by next week I should do another store and hopefully it goes well
Sport's Emperors Lamg (1 year ago)
Please see my message on youtube
Champ0426 (1 year ago)
Are the checklists still free?
תומר רצמן (1 year ago)
Hi Pls help me!! What about the legal liabilities for your products? What if the product that you are selling is defectiv and it made people hurt and they sue you. What would i do about that? i wil lose all my money. Thank you.
Filip Alexandru (1 year ago)
Hello Sebastian, What company do you use for Tshirt branding ?
Filip Alexandru (1 year ago)
The quality is good? Your name sounds Romanian, are you ? haha
Sebastian Ghiorghiu (1 year ago)
Florin Savin (1 year ago)
Are you a romanian?
Florin Savin (1 year ago)
Sebastian Ghiorghiu chiar îmi place accentul tău și cum vorbești fluent limba engleza. 😊multă bafta în continuare.
Sebastian Ghiorghiu (1 year ago)
From ZERO To HERO (1 year ago)
Thanks. I have a problem with suppliers from AliExpress, even I use ePacket the product takes more than 20 days to delivered, and this make my customers angry and my store suspicious. How Can I solve this problem ? Thank you
InSideTheBind (1 year ago)
From ZERO To HERO what are the reviews on Aliexpress for the item? Does it seem like everyone is waiting that long for the item as well? Also if you put in your product description on your website “due to high demand it will take 3-4 weeks” should clear any confusion with the buyer. Other than that you can try contacting your supplier and seeing why their shipping is a bit longer, but really as long as you are advertising your items to have 3-4 week shipping (which is normal for online orders) you shouldn’t feel nervous or anxious about a ton of refunds. Just make sure you are clear about your shipping times. That or get rid of the item if it is causing you a lot of refunds.
Aaron Luce (1 year ago)
Liking it before youve even watched it all because you know its going to be good!!
Entrepreneur Talk (1 year ago)
Sebas let’s collab!
DeesGalaxies (1 year ago)
Hi. Do you have any advice on where I can locate a good/reasonably priced place that can do custom store logos? Thank you, Dee
Alvience Strikes Back (1 year ago)
guys, how are you doing you instagram shoutout ads? f+s seems to doesnt work anymore that good and what pics do you use?
Aaron Maguire (1 year ago)
Ok. Take this video down and send it to me privately ;)
Ecom Practice (1 year ago)
ooh yeah! bro this is great!
kingTechnical (1 year ago)
you never answer me on instagram
karolis antanaitis (7 months ago)
Be thankfull for his information. He is busy!!!! And a lot of like you writing him!!!
karolis antanaitis (7 months ago)
ALL FUN He is busy, don't you think? Be thankful for his information!!!!!!!
ItsReln (1 year ago)
Once i hear “influencers” i was like wtf no way ❤️
Fred Army (1 year ago)
great video
Buzzmo (1 year ago)
you are the most youtuber helping me thank you man!
Chirag Sharma (1 year ago)
Messaged you on Instagram
DiviniusAC (1 year ago)
General stores are only easy if you have an established following. You should try a niche market first.
Chirag Sharma (1 year ago)
I have a general store and i am superconfused what to do now.
Farouk Salemeh (1 year ago)
Nice man this gonna help us a lot 🖐🤘🤘
Alejandro CM (1 year ago)
hey sebastian i have one question regarding dropshipping and paypal. so when you fullfill an order you are paying the suplier with your money (with the credit card, so the bank will take the money every end of month) since paypal doesnt give you inmediately the money your customer paid you how do you manage that?....also i have seen scary stories about paypal freezing accounts for verification. that is one of the things that is stopping me from starting to dropship.
jean philippe n'dri (11 months ago)
Alejandro CM I have also the same issue. How can I manage all the payment requirements to receive the money from my customers and buy my suppliers. I live in Africa in it's very challenging for me. Would you like to correspond with me to share our experiences? Here's my email :[email protected] thanks
amalia dragic (1 year ago)
You can do Shopify without PP, just accept card payments.
Alejandro CM (1 year ago)
whocarez98 yes in that case i wil be using my credit card. The thing is paying the bank inside th 1 month period they give you.
whocarez98 (1 year ago)
Alejandro CM you need to have some backup money to pay and ship the product in advance, unless your store is boomin from day 1 and you have 0 cash that will not be a problem. Also verifying your paypal account is pretty simple if you look into it :)
CatsDepot (1 year ago)
Had my first 120$/day today!!!
Ben Seiler (11 months ago)
Congrats that’s awesome! Better than minimum wage!
bnmawaty (1 year ago)
F K F (1 year ago)
grats fam! would you like to share the site with us?
Hassan A. (1 year ago)
CatsDepot (1 year ago)
Tacke Reactions thanks:)
kingTechnical (1 year ago)
hey can you help me out i will give you a like to my shop and a password to enter just to tell me how it looks!
Sebastian Ghiorghiu (1 year ago)
Im at the airport for the next few hours ill be on my laptop and instagram! LETS SEE HOW MANY FOLLOWERS I CAN GAIN BEFORE I LEAVE CURRENTLY AT 2,135!!!!!    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/youngwithambition/
Jessica Ann (1 year ago)
safe travels

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