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Wonderful Chillout music from BOSSTRONIC " Dreaming Angel " project. Music by Sigitas Bugys
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Teenage Dream Medusa Remix
Remix from Club Medusa in Chicago
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Streetmark - Dreams (1977)
Elektronik-Rock aus deutschen Landen mit, dem schon wunderbaren, Wolfgang Riechmann. 70's-Elektronic-Progressive-Kraut-Rock from Germany ... Wolfgang Riechmann .. vocals.,synthesizer, guitar Dorothea Raukes .. keyboards, backing vocals Thomas Schreiber .. guitar, backing vocals Manfred Knauf .. bass Hans Schweiss .. drums, percussion Track No.7 taken from CD "Streetmark - Dreams" released in 1989. This track was originally released by Streetmark on their 2nd LP "Eileen" in 1977.
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Cradle Of Filth - Medusa And Hemlock
#8 track from the album "Nymphetamine", Lyrics : Dim the lights, wrong the rites Toss the puerile cross away We are gashing from a venomous womb Burning bright, dead of night Pyres stain a milky way Lust is splashing the dark side of the moon In the Samhain mist We lay in welcome by the western gate With the five fold kiss For every soul returning From the fecund abyss Where nature's travesties congregate With a stone cold wish To see the wicker man burning The wind, she whispers Through the graveyards of our hearts: Wreathed in dreams As she weaves her witchcraft We breathe, enamoured Of the conquering dark Medusa and Hemlock Harvest past, fires cast Ashen shades this Halloween We are set now to Beherit the earth Widdershins, death begins To fashion fete to gallow scenes: Spirits rising to discredit rebirth In the Samhain mist We lay in welcome by the western gate With the five fold kiss For every soul returning From the fecund abyss Where nature's travesties congregate With a stone cold wish To see the wicker man burning The wind, she flitters Through the forest of our hearts: Wreathed in leaves As she weaves her witchcraft We breathe, enamoured Of the conquering dark I will trace the knot of serpents in your hair Plot your face, then ascending marble stares You shall pluck me, masked, from roses-in-despair Tasting my blood That runs from worming tongue like prayer Under pagan veneer snakes a fear That makes the stars Grieve, just to be Uncharted on this eve When part of me chars a path Through your heavenly constellations Medusa and Hemlock Back to black, hinges crack Rituals call obscenities Sheets of demons rush insanity skies Tread the salt, the dead exult Preachers beg our clemency Seeking warmth in inhumanity's eyes We who kept the candle by the vault We who kept the candle on the cult
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What's Left Of Dreams - Le Gros Ballon (Esclusiva LostHighways)
Brano tratto da La Nuit EP (Casa Medusa 2010)
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Afro Medusa- Pasilda
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Medusa FinalMC.avi
Hensley Visual Design example of a Small Band playing music from Key Poulan's Medusa Show (mvt. 1) (www.keylpoulanmusic.com) HensleyVisualDesign.com
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Cozzy D - Medusa
Download: http://www.beatport.com/release/mythical-mystery-ep/856452 2011 was a busy year of acclaimed collaborations for Cozzy D, seeing him release on labels such as Real Tone, Four:Twenty,1Trax; and of course Lower East. Marking the advent of 2012, we are very happy to announce our next release in the form of Cozzy D's 'Mythical Mystery EP'. It seems our wait for this highly anticipated solo EP has been more than worthwhile as he delivers four forward thinking tracks primed and ready for the dancefloor. It's plain to see many styles appear on this EP, making it nigh on impossible to pigeonhole. Shades of Classic House and Garage, Techno and Electronica enter the blend, resulting in a record that illustrates a host of Cozzy's influences. Released by: Lower East Release/catalogue number: LOW18 Release date: Jan 30, 2012
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SNAPP medusa
'84 Cleveland boogie funk
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Medusa - You Betta Be! (Original)
Featuring. Feline Science Do It The Way You Feel It (The EP) (1997)
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This is the music to Key Poulans Medusa. The drill is done by me, Daniel Aguayo. There are some weird syncing issues in parts of the show but besides that, I hope my intent came across well. A few FYI's, smallest interval written is a 2 step except for tubas, quads and bass drums which is a 3 step. 108 horns, 36 guard and 16 drums (snares basses, quads and cymbals)
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All From Beside - "Medusa's Eyes" from our upcoming EP "A World Ablaze" If you like it, check us out and download our EP for free at: www.facebook.com/allfrombeside or www.myspace.com/allfrombeside © 2011
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Finis, Medusa
By Austin and Kristy for our lovelies in Humanities class. We want to thank Arthur Wynne, Arch West, and Pietro Ferrero, who made our dreams come true. Lyrics~ Hollow are my thoughts, Athena You took my gown of youth—I'm naked To the harsh winds of the hurtful, I despise myself; I'm soaked in the bloodshed Innocence and simple beauty; my sweet hair turned into darkness Marble lovers petrified and staring vacant pearly eyes Yes I know I dash dreams, but it's not what it seems All these people whisper screams, do you know what that means? They're all dead in my eyes, something I cannot defy A monster on the surface but inside I'm still a girl Perseus is coming for me—Recreation, hunting fowl But I cannot fly away and wings from Hermes kiss his feet I cannot deny he's coming It's his pride he wants to nourish And he sees the stone people moss covering their mouths REFRAIN Priestess gave him to the gray ones Wisdom full but yet they hide it And in his heroic humor he then steals the eye to bribe what he covets They direct him to the North Nymphs Fruitful in the way they answer He ventures to wield a shield Mirroring his thirst for my taste REFRAIN Bridge: He is coming while I sleep Into icy swamp he creeps He will get my head and freeze the king's thick crowd And I'm trying very hard just to forget that, But the syrup of my head is what he vowed My friends should shield their eyes then! My friends should shield their eyes! Polydectes tough as amber Perseus free and good heir Andromeda his bride My head by his side
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Medusa Cirque du Soleil Dralion.AVI
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Otep - Head of medusa
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The Field of Medusa
The Film that I made in my Arts and Media Diploma. If it doesn't make sense to you then...good. The brief we got outlined that our films had to be based in dreams and surrealism and should included footage of the Antony Gormley Statues at Crosby Beach. For the account of the actor in this film go to http://www.youtube.com/user/Wowsersohmy or his more commonly used one: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrChiddyProductions Enjoy!
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Dance Medusa
Track 4 from our album Fibrate. http://www.darkfibermusic.com
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~Soul Eater: Medusa~ ..::Toxic::..
ALL RIGHTS GO TO FUNIMATION, SOUL EATER, AND STATIC LULLABY. ~~Made another amv FINALLY.~ ******Thank you for 1,000+ views! ******Thank you for 5,000+ views! ******Thank you for 10,000+ views! ******THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 15,000+ VIEWS. *******ERMHAGERD, THANKS FOR THE 20,000+ VIEWS GUYS!
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AnzeriA - MedusA
İlk bestemiz MedusA. / Our first song MedusA. Lyrics: Damla Kayıhan Music: Damla Kayıhan & Çağrı Çarhacıoğlu Medusa Beware the Medusa Don't look at her eyes She'll turn you into a stone You'll break and crumble and Pour like a rain Then you will know that manhood is in vain And your pieces won't feed the ground the ground Living no more Breathing no more Destiny's power Brings you a sore These red-blood eyes will see you And they're the one you'll look into When you try to be a hero The sky will curse you forever You force your luck into Become the world's one savior Sometimes time will not hear your Plea to be the last stander
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Pyros at the Light Show (Hip-Hop beat sampling "Dream of Dreams" by Fang Island)
Brian Jay - Pyros at the Light Show - Medusa - Track 12 - Samples "Dream of Dreams" by Fang Island
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From Clash of the Gods series. MEDUSA Part 3
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Annie Lennox - Sweet Dreams.wmv
No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is gained. Live in central Park - 1995.
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Z E R O T O N I N E - Medusa's Breath
Cygnus Loops, Velvet Inc, Oct 2001
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Bellflower's Medusa Car Shoots Flame
I saw Bellflower at SXSW. This is the actual car from the film shooting flames!
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No. 12 Medusa - Laurence Rosenthal, Clash of the Titans Soundtrack
Track 12 - Medusa Clash of the Titans Soundtrack Laurence Rosenthal and the London Symphony Orchestra. Music to the motion picture from 1981. No copyright infringement intended.
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Diary of Dreams - Transformation
Das sind Wir :-) Ich Liebe Dich Mein Schatz :-*:-*
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In Mitra Medusa Inri - Ocean Blue  (Long Forgotten World)  1996
Genre:Electronic, Rock Style: Goth Rock,
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BMTH - Medusa [vocal cover]
if you like, comment, rate and sub please :D just for fun by fikfik :D
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In Mitra Medusa Inri | Ocean Blue
In Mitra Medusa Inri | Ocean Blue taken from the first Albun "Long Forgotten World" Created with Video Easy RYVT Edition 2
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Poor Unfortunate Souls
I DON'T OWN ANYTHING!!!!!!!! This is a Disney song that seemed like fun. I'm trying to work on some of your guys' requests for songs. Thanks for your veiwing!!!! This is a link to my new channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SoulMetalAlchemist15
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Just A Dream - The Rescuers
This wish is for Danny. I hope she enjoys it!!!! Her wish was for a Video Dedication, anything worked and based off her profile she seemed to like Disney so I went for The Rescuers 1 and 2. The song is Just a Dream by Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie. If you want to grant her a wish as well here's a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPzazjoAgEg
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annie lennox- sweet dreams
what a catchy rythem
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Nu3tron, Ariano, Pigeon John, and Medusa Live "Tell Me"
3/10/11 Nu3tron, Ariano, Pigeon John, and Medusa at the tiki bar Perfoming "Tell Me" of Nu3trons self titled album
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Medusa - Crepusculo 1973
banda mexicana
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Addicted Dreams - Dancing in the Street
Live at angelmude - 16/04/2011
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The power of a dream
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Erotic Dream - Big Red Bus
progressive psy
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Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (David Morales ''Club Mix'')
This is the full remix from David Morales, that is also in the radio edit. I like this version a lot and it takes me a long time to find it. One of my favorites house tracks! Enjoy! NOTES: I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC
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Huddy The fears of MEDUSA/CUDDY "...get happy"
Girl of Phorcys and Céto, and thus sister of the Grées, Medusa/CUDDY is a beautiful girl of whom Poseidon/HOUSE falls in love with her. Seduced by the god in a temple dedicated to Athena, she is punished by the goddess who transforms her into Gorgon. Her hair become snakes and henceforth her glance petrifies all those which cross it. (According to certain versions, it is Aphrodite who, jealous person of her hair and its beauty, changes its hair in snakes.
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FURY Live "Medusa"(copy)  2011.4.16 @Orange Pit
2011.4.16(Sat)オレンジピットでのFURYのLive。 映像は、ANTHRAXのMedusaのCopy。
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In Mitra Medusa Inri - Nur für die eine Minute
aus dem album Kalte Farben
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MEDUSA "Free" - New Album
New Album Worldwide Premiere - July 18th,2011
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Disease Illusion - Eyes of Medusa (Backworld - 2011 - ULTIMHATE RECORDS)
Disease Illusion - Eyes of Medusa Taken from the album BACKWORLD OUT WORLDWIDE ON 14th OCTOBER 2011 (ULTIMHATE RECORDS) OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE: http://www.freewebstore.org/Disease-Illusion-Online-Store BUY OUR SONGS ON iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/it/album/backworld/id481624383 Modern Melodic Death Metal BAND CONTACT: [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/diseaseillusion http://www.myspace.com/diseaseillusion http://www.reverbnation.com/diseaseillusion LABEL CONTACT: [email protected] http://www.ultimhate-records.com LYRICS: To be born without the light of the sun develop itself in a surreal world pervaded with a dense obscurity that get hold of my soul the inexorable passing of time we lose the singleness of every moment and the time seems to stop the pain becomes endless cold and scary the corpse lie motionless the soul's looking for light but it's bounded medusa, medusa is watching you it's real you're a prisoner the cold stone contain your soul disfigured faces asking for pity waiting in vain for mercy cold as a serpent's blood with black eyes as death ones medusa (medusa) the only way to save us is the light of a pure soul so intense to defeat the eternal obscurity...
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