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IMAN Inspired
A look inspired by the beautiful and classy IMAN. Thanks for watching. http://colouredbeautiful.com Makeup for dark skin. African american makeup. Brown skin makeup. Black girls rock. Black girl makeup.
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Gurus Being real...Coloured Beautiful vid response :)
Hey Mrs. Ebony heres a response to the video you posted Thanks for Being a Positive influence!! God Bless
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Gena: The SuperDivaLiscious Wig
Don't forget to tell me what look you want to me recreate with this wig. What celebrity are you feeling with this hair. http:/samsbeauty.com Wig: Vanessa - Top Gena Color: 4327
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Take 2: Afro Volcano (real quick)
Okay this is it...and I'm gonna let it die! Just thought I'd show the wig with the cut and original texture. I think it looks edgier/funkier this way. Yes...the smokey eye is supposed to look like that...lol. Thanks!
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Makeup Talk: Some favs/haulage...
Just wanted to talk about a few inexpensive products that are pretty good...and some MAC haulage. Find "Ginger" lipstick at http://makemeovercosmetics.com Msprettynurse83 Check her out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZcvcEndxKY&feature=fvst
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how 1 boy see's 1 girl
Her beautiful blond hair swayed in the wind , it was very straight but not poker straight like she had spent ages on it just a natural straight and her makeup wasnt plastered on like most girls wear it , it was very natural but also noticeable the way her eyes were so big and beautiful and the green in her eyes stood out , she didnt have any stupidly long and sharp fake nails on she just had half scratched off pink nail vanish. She wasnt wearing loads of chains or loads of rings , she had one tiny silver ring with a pink stud and a thin chain with the letter A on it . She was wearing those ugly ugg boots but the way she wore them made them look pretty she had on a long fashionable coat that only showed she was wearing jeggings, I couldnt see her top as she had her coat buttoned up well because of the cold , she looked my way for the first time and when she saw my she smiled brightly showing her white teeth, a small part of her beautiful coloured hair flopped down into her eyes and when she was arms length away from me I stepped forward and moved it out of her eyes , placing my other hand on her waist I kissed her lips softly. I knew I loved her , yet I also knew that she never loved me , even when her velvet voice whispered it in my ears, and her warm breath tickled the back of my neck. She was a heart breaker, she would soon get bored of me and want somebody else, better looking and more dedicated to her. But shes so self centred she wont notice the pain she will cause everywhere she goes, all the hearts shell break. I was running late as it was , i wouldnt have time to go the cinema at this rate, I was all flustered from rushing, I looked around frantically until I saw him , standing there in his low grey skinny jeans and his fitted jumper, hugging his toned body, his floppy brown hair covering his right eye, he was looking straight at me like he had been watching me all the time , he smiled slightly and shook his head a tiny bit to move his hair from his eye. He stood up from where he was leaning against the wall and started walking over , I melted as he glanced down at what I was wearing , and I realised that I must look a mess . When he finally reached me he took both his hands out of his pocket and reached my face where he stroked me hair away from my face , I knew I was a mess, gently placed his other hand on my hip he kissed me. I really did like him , honest, but sometimes you have to let people go to become, well you.
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Wig Review: M. Obama (Harlem 125)
http://hairstopandshop.com Harlem 125 LU-127 (FS1B/118) I love this wig after I put a few curls in it. This wig is made of futura fiber so you can curl it. Check her out in the clearance section for $20.99. *I am affiliated with http://www.hairstopandshop.com. This is my honest review and desired wig.
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beautiful girls ft emsie
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Simple: Soft Eyes + Red Lips + Wig
Here's an old school...retro chick look, with an my Sensationnel wig (Kerry). Most of the products (eyes/lips) can be found at http://makemeovercosmetics.com Products used: Foundation: Maybelline SuperStay (Caramel)/ Revlon Photoready (Cappucino); MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (dark) Eyes: MakeMeOver i11A Palette, NYC Liquid Liner, Ardell Wispies (lashes) Lips: Hush Lipstick; Blackberry Champage lipliner (MakeMeOver Cosmetics) Bronzer: Covergirl Queen Ebony Bronze Blush: La Femme - "Russet" Thanks for watching!!! God bless you.
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Kelly Rowland - Rose Colored Glasses
Music video by Kelly Rowland performing Rose Colored Glasses. © 2010 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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White baby born to black parents
This is the black couple who have amazed medical experts after their baby daughter was born with white skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. Benjamin and Angela Ihegboro's daughter, Nmachi, has flummoxed genetic experts who are unable to explain why she looks they way she does. Doctors say the white-skinned newborn is not an albino. The blonde, blue-eyed girl's Nigerian parents say they don't know of any white ancestry in either of their families. The British couple are both of Igbo Nigerian origin and have dark skin. Father Ben Ihegboro, 44, a customer services adviser, admitted that when he saw the baby he exclaimed 'What the flip?' before joking: 'Is she mine?' Doctors at Queen Mary hospital in Sidcup insist that Nmachi - whose name means 'beauty of God' in the couple's native Igbo language - is not an albino. Her stunned parents, who already have two black children, just 'sat and stared' at their white baby when she arrived, they told the Sun last night. 'We both just sat there after the birth staring at her,' said Mr Ihegboro. Mum Angela said: 'She is beautiful, a miracle baby.' Despite jokingly asking whether he was the father, Mr Igegboro said: 'Of course she is mine. 'My wife is true to me. Even if she hadn't been, the baby wouldn't have looked like that!' Pale skin genes can skip generations but neither Ben nor Angela Ihegboro - who only moved to Britain five years ago - know of any white heritage in either of their families. 'She doesn't look like an albino child anyway,' Mr Ihegboro said. 'Not like the ones I have seen back in Nigeria or in books. She just looks like a healthy white baby. 'My mum is a black Nigerian although she has a bit fairer skin than mine. But we don't know of any white ancestry. 'We wondered if it was a genetic twist. But even then, what is with the long curly blonde hair.' The couple also have an older daughter, Dumebi, two, and a son, Chisom, four. Mr Ihegboro said the couple's son was even more confused than them. He added: 'Our boy keeps coming to look at his sister and sits down looking puzzled. 'We are a black family. Suddenly he has a white sister. 'But all that matters is that she is healthy and that we love her.' Skin colour is believed to be determined by up to seven different genes working together. If a woman is of mixed race, her eggs will usually contain a mixture of genes coding for both black and white skin. Similarly, a man of mixed race will have a variety of different genes in his sperm. When these eggs and sperm come together, they will create a baby of mixed race. But, very occasionally, the egg or sperm might contain genes coding for one skin colour. If both the egg and sperm contain all white genes, the baby will be white. And if both contain just the versions necessary for black skin, the baby will be black.
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Skin Color - The Way Kids See It
This is a study conducted by CNN that shows the views of skin color by various children
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Beautiful Circle Contact Lenses For Beautiful Girl
MORE REVIEW AND INFO VISIT : www.beautycontactlenses.com beauty contact lenses Circle Contact Lenses are special extra-wide cosmetic contact lenses which make the eye appear larger ( Circle Contact Lenses ).Circle Contact Lenses different from normal color contact lenses because normal color lenses are only tinted in the areas that cover the eyes iris, while Circle Contact Lenses have an extra dark colored tint around the outer ring of the lens.( Circle Contact Lenses ) Many Color of Circle Contact Lenses example : Blue circle lenses Purple circle lenses Green circle lenses Brown circle lenses Grey circle lenses Black circle lenses Pink circle lenses All circle lenses View More Review in this website : www.beautycontactlenses.com Purple Circle Contact Lenses Green Circle Contact Lenses Brown Circle Contact Lenses Grey Circle Contact Lenses Black Circle Contact Lenses Pink Circle Contact Lenses Beautiful Circle Contact Lenses Most Beautiful Circle Contact Lenses Beautiful Circle Color Contact Lenses Most Beautiful Color Circle Contact Lenses Beautiful Circle Contact Lenses For Beautiful Girl
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Quick and Easy Hairstyle on Natural Hair - SimplYounique
Add me on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/1SimplYounique Hey Everyone! I hope you are all having a great summer. Here is a quick hairstyle that you can wear almost anywhere. It's simple yet cute! Music Info: Royalty Free Music from www.musicmccrarium.com "Natural Hair" Confidence Natural Texture Short Hair Natural Hair Journey Black African American Women Of Color "Natural Hair" "hair natural" "hairstyles for natural hair" "natural hair hairstyles" "natural hair styles" "styles for natural hair" "hair styles for natural hair" "black natural hair" "natural black hair" "how to style natural hair" "natural hair style" "how to grow natural hair" "natural hair growth" "hairstyles for natural black hair" "natural afro hair" black women with natural hair" "natural hair black women" black hair natural hair styles long natural hair "growing natural hair" "hairstyles for natural curly hair" "natural hair pictures" natural ways to grow hair "pictures of natural hair" natural hair pictures Natural Hair Styles Heatless Styles No Heat Heatless Protective Styles Cute Hairstyles for "Natural Hair" How to grow long Healthy Natural Hair Curls Fluffy Big Relaxer Free How To Natural Hair Journey SimplYounique SimplY Unique Simplyunique SimplYounique SimplYounique Natural Hair ***Disclaimer/Disclosure: I'm not a rep for any of the products/companies listed/used/mentioned in my videos; or any of it's affiliates! I'm not paid by any companies to do this video. All products were purchased by me for my own use
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Manenberg Filming Class 2010 - Home Girls, Part 2
Part 2 of "Home Girls" - the closing project of Amy Biehl Foundation Manenberg Filming Class 2010.
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「HD」 1ØØ53Ø f(x) - NU ABO
**peeps, putting this event up is suicidal so enjoy while you can!!** @ 2Ø1Ø ÐreÅm ©ÕncËr† 1ØØ53Ø Oh finally! ..this event is much awaited!!! i love the "coloured sea" lightsticks thing, its frikkin beautiful :'). girls looking great here!! sulli = love ===f(x)/ fx/ 에프엑스===
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Global Women Story Circle presents: "Coloured Girls," a poem by Mozella Perry Ademiluyi
http://www.loveisamountain.com/globalwomenstorycircle.html - Global Women Story Circle is an online community that celebrates women, of different races and ethnicities, from around the world. We join together to share the wonderful narratives that connect, heal, and inspire us all. The featured poem, Coloured Girls, speaks to the power within us and reflects our diverse experiences.
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ColouredBeautiful's "Classic Diva" Contest Entry
Hello!! So here is my contest entry for ColouredBeautiful! I had so much fun with this look.. I did the best I could!! I chose "Grace Jones" because she is dramatic and that is my motto!!!!! I love firece & tempting inspirations lol.. I hope you all enjoy and be sure to enter, rate, and comment! Thanks everyone! Please subscribe!
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Cape Cobra vs Cape Coloured
Cape Cobra capture on the West Coast Of South Africa
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Colouredbeautiful Contest Entry #2 "Diana Ross"(Didnt make It)
Yep, This is not an "ENTRY" Anymore because I missed the date...Oh well....This is 2 of 3 looks that I did for her contest......I really had fun doing these looks...:) I mean who doesnt have fun playing dress up???? Enjoy!! **Disclaimer** Bottom Line Up Front....I paid for everything in this video...nothing was given to me, nothing is sponsored by anyone....
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My fave Youtube Gurus
AllThingsFabulous101 BEATFACEHONEY colouredbeautiful EzBreezynFabulous fafinettex3 FashionElites flowerpush iCRAiZ lilpumpkinpie05 lover4FASHION MissLBailey prettysecretAZ SongbirdDiva4Life XXTheIslandBeautyXX ShAnNySo0FlY
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coloured colored chicks
WATCH THEM PLAY FOOTBALL WITH SILVER PAPER .......... pintinho pollet kuiken sisiw poussin kuken anak ayam polluelo brud civciv pollito pio
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SURI CRUISE - Ballerina Girl
Here are some slides of the beautiful Suri Cruise through the years... song: Ballerina Girl by Lionel Richie
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My Black is Beautiful Makeup Series: Tasha Smith
I am starting a makeup tutorial series entitled 'My Black is Beautiful' both saluting strong, beautiful, well-known, and notable women of color, while turning their Hollywood makeup looks into everyday (day to day - night to night - day to night) wear. I started out with a very simple look that is ideal and beautiful for office wear. Starting with Tasha Smith, known for her rolls in Tyler Perry's 'Why Did I Get Married' 1 & 2 and 'Daddy's Girls'. This gray eye-berry lip look seems to be her signature look, as I've seen many pictures and interviews where she is wearing this look. She a recovered substance abuser and covert from atheism to Christianity.
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puppies 4weeks old
2 liitle girls and 1 boy, beautiful sable coloured chihuahua.
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Prize Haul from ColouredBeautiful
Just got my prizes from Ebony at ColouredBeautiful and wanted to show them off to you. Thank you thank you thank you Ebony. I love them!!! Also some MAC stuff...Lol! As always, thanks for watching!!! www.makemeovercosmetics.com
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Black and  white twins born for the second time in the same family!
They like to say their family is two in a million. For Alison Spooner and her partner Dean Durrant's offspring have defied the odds - not once, but twice. Seven years after having one black twin and one white twin, the 27-year-old mother has given birth to a second set of twins with different coloured skin at odds of one in 500,000. When the couple's first daughters arrived in 2001, they were astonished to see that Lauren had her mother's blue eyes and red hair, while her twin Hayleigh had dark skin and hair, like her father, Dean. So when Miss Spooner, from Fleet, in Hampshire, found out she was pregnant again this year, her friends and family joked that they ought to take a bet out on the same thing happening again. Doctors who delivered the sisters early, because of fears for their health, were relieved to find them well, but also amazed that the second set of twin girls were born with different skin tones. As her parents discovered when the girls were laid side by side in the hospital cot, Miya resembles her father and Leah has inherited her mother's looks. It is rare enough for two sets of twins to be born to the same parents, but the chances of them inheriting different skin and hair colour from their mother and father are just two in a million. The genetic phenomenon only happens when two separate eggs are fertilised by different sperm, unlike identical twins who share their genetic make-up having been conceived from one fertilised egg that splits to form two embryos. 'I was shocked when I first found out I was pregnant with twins again - but I never thought for one second they would turn out the same as last time,' Miss Spooner said. 'After the babies were born they weren't breathing properly, so they were taken to a special care unit.' The former recruitment consultant added: 'It wasn't until about five days after they were born that we saw them side by side for the first time. 'And when they were together it was clear that one was darker than the other. It was unbelievable.' Doctors at Frimley Park Hospital, in Surrey, decided to deliver the babies on November 13 by Caesarean section, 37 weeks into the pregnancy, when scans revealed they were in the breech position. This can cause complications during birth that can endanger the babies' lives. However, despite their early arrival, both girls were born healthy, with Miya weighing 4lb lloz and Leah 5lb 10oz. Their father Dean, 33, a paver who is of West Indian origin, said: 'It was a real shock to the system when I found out we were having twins again. 'I didn't think the same thing would happen again. 'I was blown away when I saw them together. I didn't know until then that there was such a big difference between the two. 'It was clear to see but they were rushed away after they were born so we didn't realise until we saw them together. We have a very special family.'
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THIRD PLACE WINNER! - Contest Entry - Colouredbeautiful's Classic Divas!
This is my contest entry for colouredbeautiful's classic divas contest. The diva I chose is Diana Ross. I hope you like the look. Disclaimer: I purchased all the products used in this video.
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Origami - Fortune Teller
Fold your paper neat until a fortune teller pops out! Alright, don't expect instant predictions from your miniature fortune teller... Take a look at our YouTube Channels: English Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/APPUSERIES Hindi Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/APPUSERIESHINDI Kannada Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/APPUSERIESKANNADA Tamil Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/APPUSERIESTAMIL Telugu Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/APPUSERIESTELUGU Gujarati Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/APPUSERIESGUJARATI Marathi Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/APPUSERIESMARATHI Sindhi Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/APPUSERIESSINDHI Bengali Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/APPUSERIESBENGALI Academy Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AppuSeriesAcademy Other Similar Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1vqvJvg5Uw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFkrRdh1YtY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dGwkrmnDZ0 Stay Connected With us : Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/APPUTHEYOGICELEPHANT/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/appuseries/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/AppuSeries Join Appu's Rhymes Club on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/appurhymesclub/ Get our Android Apps: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de... Get our eBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ap... Subscribe now and be the first one to watch our new videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/appuseries To buy our Books and CDs, please visit us at http://www.appuseries.com
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Paul Kelly - Last Train to Heaven.wmv
Paul Kelly - Last Train to Heaven
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amir coloured colored chicks
coloured colored chicks pintinho pollet kuiken sisiw poussin kuken anak ayam polluelo brud civciv pollito pio
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11 Year Old South African Girl Sings Bruno Mars
Beautiful 11 year old Shannon Howell sings at prize giving, this is 1 of her many talents. Only 11 and already blowing away the crowd.
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Icicle Works - Love Is A Wonderful Colour
Number 70 (27 March 2010)
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The Wedding of Ayesha & Ismail in Cape Town - DVD highlights (Emdon Video)
Ayesha & Ismail got married at the Claremont Mosque and had their reception at the beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens. The photographer was Andrew Brown. You may recognise Ismail as one of the contestants on The Apprentice SA! Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Emdon-Video-Productions/139135001371 Emdon Video Productions http://www.emdonvideos.co.za/
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Coloured Contact lenses for dark eyes: Novavision Contact Lenses www.novavision.com.au
Ever wanted to try coloured contact lenses, but not sure they will stand out in your eyes. Watch this video to see Jade Green and Blue contact lenses in brown eyes. Lenses are from Novavision.
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My first YT VID *Halfwig,MAC,makeup,pretty black woman*
my first vid props to ThomasAdrianna,Muffinsmylover, boredhammer, colouredbeautiful, deme2372, and mrs divalike...**bought erethang in this vid w/ my own money..well or my fiances...but anyway its minezz!!
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東方 [Piano] Tabula Rasa ~ The Empty Girl
Piano Arrange on Ellen's Theme in Touhou 3 - Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream. Circle : 亜紅紫 Artist : KAORI Album : A.WA.I.RO Title : アカツキ - U-espace Am I glad to have finally found a piano arrangement of Tabula Rasa, after weeks to months of endless searching. Truly a beautiful song. This song fits well with Ellen like a glove, considering that she is a witch that never grows old and maintains her youthful appearance. In other words, eternal youth . This song has that sad, sad feeling. The feeling where one is not loved, nor appreciated. This song pierced deep into my heart on the very moment I listened to it, It had me teary eyed for a moment there... ;_; Illustrations are kinda limited, just wish there are more fan art of her... EDIT : MP3 + Music Score [PDF] : http://fobcraft.wordpress.com/2010/01/30/tabula-rasa-piano-sheet/ - Transcribe by nobiy. Much Thanks ~ !!
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My April Favorites 2010
My Blog http://www.dezibeautyblog.com/ http://www.twitter.com/Dezi1016 See The NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Tutorial At My Blog: http://www.dezibeautyblog.com/ NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil In Oyster. http://www.youtube.com/user/colouredbeautiful Make Me Over Cosmetics http://www.makemeovercosmetics.com Eyeshadows: Parody (Pink/Purple Color), Burlesque (Deep Plum/Purple Color). Traces Of Bronze (Highlight) Philosophy: Purity Facial Wash, Microdelivery exfoliating wash Shop At QVC: http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/view.2/app.detail/params.item.A80147.cm_scid.dril SigmaMakeup Brushes SS182 http://www.sigmamakeup.com http://www.milanicosmetics.com Purple Rain lip liner, 3D Glizty Lipgloss http://www.maccosmetics.com MAC Blush In: Blunt My hair is by: Vanessa "Express Weave". Name: La Trixy Color: SP430 Price: 19.99.....I brought it form my local beauty supply store. This wig has been cut, and trimmed to compliment my features. The Opening music is from Royalty Free Music site Incompetech.com Music by: Kevin MacLeod.The song is called Hypnothis. Website: incompetech.com This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. http://royaltyfreemusictogo.blogspot.com/ http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the products mentioned, or shown in this video. Any positive or negative reviews I've given on any product is my opinion, and is based on my personal use.
Guide on choosing color contact lenses for dark eyes
How to choose colored contact lenses for dark colored eyes
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Ombré Hair: How to Color (Dye) Your Hair at Home
BellaSugarTV: http://bella.popsugar.tv Facebook: http://facebook.com/BellaSugar Twitter: http://twitter.com/popsugartv You've seen this hot hair color trend on red carpet celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Drew Barrymore and Sarah Jessica Parker. Now, Juan Juan Salon expert Jennifer J. shows us how to get ombré colored hair at home using box color you can find at the drugstore. Watch our video for her secrets on how to get a salon style dark-to-light color fade at home!
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Blue-eyed Green-eyed Girl
Blue Eye Green Eye girl As the Day Goes Bye
Views: 99 Nick Barbinis
Crazy Coloured Eye Contact Lenses
This is all about crazy eyes and coloured contact lenses.
Views: 5476 Tmtatts
strange eye colour
My spooky looking eye, what more can i say.
Views: 45559 yorkshireboy73
5-in-1 Simple Braids | Daddy 'Do Hairstyles | Cute Girls Hairstyles
To see more photos of this style, please visit... http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com Want to become a "Super Fan" of the week, and potentially have your photo appear in a future video? Simply email us a photo of you doing something crazy or fun while wearing a CGH t-shirt! Grab our gear here... http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.bigcartel.com ...and follow us at our other social hangouts! http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/1815559 http://www.facebook.com/CuteGirlsHairstyles http://www.twitter.com/CuteGirlHair http://www.pinterest.com/MrsHairdo http://www.instagram/CuteGirlsHairstyles * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * For stay-at-home dads, single fathers, or dads who just love their little girls to pieces... these are simple hairdo's even a dad can do! Moms, if you are planning a girls weekend out with friends, sit your hubby down in front of this video for some inspiration! This style features simple braids that can be accessorized five different ways. Dad's, that means one hairdo that can be worn 5 days but look different each day! Feel free to tag your own photos of this hairstyle with: #CGH5in1Braids Enjoy!
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Haylee Danyelle Mazzella [California Girl]
Haylee Danyelle Mazzella was born on July 13th 2001. She was the most amazing little girl and could brighten up a room, just by walking into it. She loved to dance and of course, loved pink. She wore different coloured ribbons in her precious hair, to match the colour of her clothes. The joy, happiness and love that she brought to this world, never failed to make her family and friends smile and treasure the memories they had with their 'Baby Girl' But now, all the Mazzella's have to treasure is those pictures, home clips and memories of Haylee, because on June 3rd 2006, the angels were sent from Heaven to take Haylee back home. They held Haylee's hand and lead her to Heaven. Haylee was in a swimming pool when her mother asked her to get out while she went to change Haylee's little brother 'Bubba's' clothes. Haylee begged for 10 more minutes in the pool and a relative of the family promised Sonya (Haylee's loving mother) that she would watch Haylee while she swam. Sonya left her precious daughter's life in the hands of someone she thought she could trust. The relative broke her promise and left Haylee alone in the pool. Within less then 10 minutes, Haylee's life was taken away from her. IF YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO WATCH SOMEONE'S CHILD IN A SWIMMING POOL, THEN DO IT. IT ONLY TOOK LESS THEN 10 MINUTES FOR HAYLEE TO BE TAKEN AWAY, SO PLEASE WATCH YOUR KIDS WHEN THEY ARE AROUND OR IN THE WATER. When somebody dies, some people tend to say 'move on' but how can we move on from remembering Haylee? How can we wake up each morning and not see in our minds the most beautiful little girl that SHOULD be here? How can we not hear her sweet voice inside our hearts, singing to us from Heaven? I promise we will NEVER forget you Haylee, and that is a promise i will keep until the day i am called to be with you in Heaven. May the angels protect you Baby Girl - pink angel princess ♥
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Pendulum - Watercolour (Official Video)
Watercolour, taken from Pendulum's album, 'Immersion'. iTunes - http://smarturl.it/ImmersionDeluxe // Spotify - http://smarturl.it/ImmersionSpot Follow Pendulum http://pendulum.com https://www.facebook.com/pendulum https://twitter.com/pendulum https://www.instagram.com/pendulummusic © 2010 WMG
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America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 2 Photo's (Part 2)
"Dreckitude!" The girls pose for a beauty shot advertising a new coloured perfume spray. First Call Out: Raina Bottom Two: Naduah & Ren Eliminated: Naduah song- Lady Gaga- Paper Gangsta' All photos belong to The Cw
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How to Draw an Innocent-Looking Manga Girl [HTD Video #11]
OFFICIAL CRILLEY PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/CRILLEYPLAYLIST All 3 "Brody's Ghost" books at Amazon: http://bit.ly/BRODYSGHOSTbooks "Mastering Manga" book at Amazon: http://bit.ly/MASTERINGMANGA All 4 "Miki Falls" books at Amazon: http://bit.ly/MIKIFALLSbooks Brody 1-Shot Comic at TFAW: http://bit.ly/BRODYoneshot All of my books are available through your local bookstore-- Ask them to special order if they don't have my books on the shelf. Thanks for your support!! ~Mark FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/markcrilleyOFFICIAL TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/markcrilley
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Tyler Perry's FOR COLORED GIRLS Release Date: November 5, 2010 Cast: Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Kerry Washington, Loretta Devine, Michael Ealy, Kimberly Elise, Omari Hardwick, Anika Noni Rose, Phylicia Rashad Director: Tyler Perry (Why Did I Get Married Too?, I Can Do Bad All by Myself)
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