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Little Girl Pole Dancing
This was super funny, I recorded this when I was a sophomore or junior and we were all standing outside and noticed this little girl doing what looked like inappropriate moves on this pole. So we thought it was funny.
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a girl pole dancer
little girl dancing like a cabaret dancer..... ^^
Views: 152 zayintaw
Strange girls pole dancing...
I picked up this little ditty of some strange girls pole dancing, they had no idea I was videotaping.
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MeMe says Monkey will be a pole dancer
my little girl dancing her heart out
Views: 38 wmcraftscutie
Wicked Little Girls
A compilation of some advanced moves.
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Pole Dancing Big and Little
My baby again back in action.
Views: 268 TheSweetJody
Tina Turner - Private Dancer
Official video of Tina Turner performing Private Dancer from the album Private Dancer. Buy It Here: http://smarturl.it/zna33j Like Tina Turner on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tina-Turner/24844256524 Official Website: http://www.bestoftinaturner.com/tinaSplash.html Official YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TinaTurnerOfficial
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Cute pole dancing boy
My little boy trying to pole dance!
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Pole Dance, Emma Simmonds Pole Performers Pole Jam - kissed a girl - track
Little rouitne, during my pole jam, in southampton 29th march 2009. I was really ill that day, hope it doesn't show. also my memory on camera run out sorry !! xx
Views: 3783 Emma Simmonds
tiny b pole dancing
a lil bored wit me and ma sisters after skool so i was the entertainer =) no im not a stripper
Views: 4142 dezi2fly
pole play 102009
Was home with my little girl today...she's sick again! figured I'd practice a little while she was napping. Just a few clips from today...sorry if some is repetitive...didn't do it on purpose!
Views: 215 naamah trone
imvu poledancing
me doin a little poledancin
Views: 352 ilovekurtis4eva
timmy pole dancing!!
my little 9 year old brother in glamis dancing on our stripper pole :]
Views: 138 shawnamcbride24
Bear Pole Dance
A bear doing a little pole dancing. Yeah, that's the spot
Views: 326529 Steve Hord
Lil Wayne Lollipop with Fiyastarta pole dance
Me and the girls acting naughty! Look for the pole in the back!
Views: 8871 hiphopjoeatl
Pole Dancing
Girls wanna have fun
Views: 91 Vanessa
Pole-Dancing A Little Bit !!!
My daughter , Keira , dancing holding onto a pole . She is also talking & being messy .
Views: 95 Lora Parlier
Dancing talented little girl
she's really boneless!
Views: 2013 farahmanar
AMP'D Mobile Commercial: Fat Girl pole dancing *VERY FUNNY*
Fat Girl Pole dancing eats it very bad in an AMP'D Mobile Commercial.
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lil pole dancing
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Ukraine's got talent very cute children performance (english subtitles)
Update: For subtitles click on the triangel in the downright corner of the player. Then choose subtitles on. Jurij is 7 and Karina 6 years old :)) look at the bald judge what face he made during the performance!!! :D
Views: 17405843 katerinaao
2 year old poledancer
my little 2 year , pole dancing .. .
Views: 6661 dechilipepper
My little sister pole dancing
stallioness's webcam recorded Video - October 10, 2009, 09:49 AM
Views: 2503 stallioness
pole dancing girls are good dancers
After witnessing pole dancing girls, you will be forced to admit that there is a lot of art in this dance form. It is graceful and brings out the best in abilities of the dancer. Being rather difficult to learn, not many girls are able to perfect this dance form. It not only requires agility, flexibility and expertise but also a great deal of physical fitness to be able to perform. http://www.pole-dancing-workout.com
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Baletaci on Ukraine's Got Talent - Amazing Boy and Girl
This little boy and girl on Ukraine's Got Talent are adorable and do some amazing strength moves. More on http://www.pureamericasgottalent.com I love the whole ballerina theme and song too. I hope that America's Got Talent is able to bring some talent like this as well.
Views: 1291480 Pure TV Network
a little up beat pole dance warm up!!
Had fun with this warm up...wanted to do something a little more upbeat...
Views: 1542 naamah trone
Velocity Fuel 4 Girls Raina Pole Dance
I'm daning to one of my favorite dance songs. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. i know i got a lil tired at the end but hope you like it this one is bassed more on the dance moves around the pole then the actually pole tricks
Views: 12886 whiskeygirl428
Baby Pole Dancer
My gorgeous little niece Breffni dancing to Metro Stations 'Shake it' at a family barbecue. She must get it from her dads side of the family
Views: 652 dallanc
Is Miley Cyrus Too Young To Be Dancing On A Stripper's Pole?
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Wild Party Boat Pole Dancing Wipeout
Pole dancing gone horribly wrong!! Notice how she keeps her drink upright!!
Views: 143748 Kamtrois
fat girl fails at pole dancing
Views: 134225 GTKILLA22
Sexy Young Blonde Girl Pole Dancer!
Click Here http://teteann.blogspot.com To Visit My Blog And See Full Uncensored Videos! Hot blonde babe pole dancer sexy lady!
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Akon - I Wanna Love You ft. Snoop Dogg
Best of Akon https://goo.gl/SKgyUw Subscribe for more https://goo.gl/YnYE46 Music video by Akon performing I Wanna Love You. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 40,748,082. (C) 2008 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. and SRC Records, Inc. Best of Akon: https://goo.gl/Dbui88 Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/YURyNP
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Hot Girl Pole Dancing in a club
Hot Girl pole dancing in a club.
Views: 3936 gotyamiami
Fate Pole Dance, Beware of the  Big Girl..
Fate pole dancer, pole danceing
Views: 327 Donald Airey
Pole Dancing
Pole Dancing: She didn't read the directions!
Views: 20171 darron killingsworth
Little Girl Dancing Nicaragua.AVI
Dancing in the street in Masaya, Nicaragua, 2009
Views: 1387 jschugel
Sliding down the pole dance
Me and my cuzion simone dancing to nasty song CHECK MI OUT ON MYSPACE http://www.myspace.com/vette_mimi_252
Views: 4493 BlkChiina
A Little Freelance Pole Dancing in Denmark
Rock 'n' Roll Pole freelance pole dancing at Showdancefitness in Denmark. Not the hardest moves, but great to be able to pole again after an injury.
Views: 1040 RocknRollPole
Fat Woman Pole Dancing
Watch and see what happens
Views: 3760 PartyRobski
Pole Dancing Queen Falls Hard - Hilarious
After buying a new pole, she sets up the pole in her spare room and decides to give it a whirl. She's a little unsure of the strength of the pole, but decides to test it out with the encouragement of the cameraman. She eventually finds out how strong the pole is. Pole dancing girl takes a tumble with the pole. Comes crashing down hard, and almost smashes her laptop.
Views: 664282 Arthur Korbiel
This little girl can Dance!!
You've seen her in Six 8's Pull Your Pants Up! video. Now see Dazja a.k.a. D-Hood get busy on the dance floor years earlier. If you are closed minded, you don't understand about dance being a form of expression, or if you're just a hater, please keep your childish, immature, & ignorant comments to yourself. Enjoy.
Views: 657741 BigSix8
Fireman Pole Dance
Fireman pole dancing on the fireman's pole used to slide down to the fire engines from the upstairs floors. (with some unforseen consequences...) I do not own this video. It was emailed to me from a friend. It's an advert for Television in SA, I think.
Views: 285064 avlgal
little dancy dance
tired and bored and just cooling down after teaching an awesome class. Perhaps tomorrow I will make good vid BEFORE class! :) would prob be best huh? haha smooches
Views: 1224 divadancepole
Male Pole-Dance Invasion @ strip-club in Prague!
The girls where dancing average..when suddenly, Adam Young arrived.. He said, is that all you girls can do? They said, come on stage iff you can do better.. They called him on stage..without telling their boss.. His friends enjoyed the show..Bachelor parties can have that.. But not the security, that understood, all of a sudden, a client jumps on stage..and is dancing this girls .. Home!!
Views: 19050 Snooze604
Pole Dancing Boy on Train
video uploaded from my mobile phone
Views: 151 HRW123