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Little Girl Pole Dancing part ONE
this little girl had NO IDEA we were filming her. alough theres alot of movement... ITS HILARIOUS!
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Ella pole dancing?
Funny video of my little girl dancing.
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Dancing Girl
Views: 1549 Mark Handels
Pole dancing
Amelia's 'pole dancing'
Views: 60 MystarAmelia
Little pole action by  to bar  girls
Little pole action by to bar girl
Views: 248 malinda78
2 Girl's Pole Dancing
Love you girl's!!
Views: 104 SlimKN
Girl's Pole Dancing
My girl's at the club!!!!
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I think she is having a polegasm
Another video I found at a different site. As she gets to the top, she acts the same way I do when I climax from pole climbing.
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Yummi Girls Dance On A Pole !!
Pole Dancers !! Sweet Young And Minutes from O'Hare International !! Book Now (847)215-1888
Views: 10068 NewDanceStudio
Dance to "Butterfly"
Me having a little fun. The song is Butterfly by crazytown, and i hadnt heard it in a while so time to dance, lol. Enjoy it
Views: 9874 Andimylz22
Lil Laurah Pole Dancing
Lil Laurah pole dancing at Bensham Park. Beginning bit shit &+ you need turn ur head. Funny Tho..=]
Views: 73 MidgetAmy
Girl dancers falling off the pole. Very FUNNY.
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Romanian public service commercial. Rough Translation: "Don't let Television teach your daughters" Girl pole dancing.
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Sexy pole dance
attempt to teach how to pole dance on a very unstable bed pole. yeh, umm..dont try this at home.
Views: 755 ilvpnk21
Sexxy 2 girl pole dance in White and Pink
Two beautiful secondlife ladies dance on the sexxy 2 girl pole in Pink and white outfits. Jazz background music.
Views: 7412 SSLDance
pole dancing
short girl tring to dance
Views: 186 daalex215
Pole dancing teen
late night pole dancing pretty rubbish to be honest
Views: 349 rolorachii
Teen Runaway's 1st Pole Dance-For Jewel
Teen Runaway's First Pole Dance - Dedicated to Jewel
Views: 14058 TeenRunaway0X0X
Two girls one pole
Views: 1053 Jordan Hayward
two girl pole dance in Pink and White #2
Two gorgeous Secondlife ladies do a sexxy poledance to a jazzy tune. We would like clothing requests for future dances !
Views: 2429 SSLDance
In the park pole dancing!:!:!:!
us in park during college trip out
Views: 123 Kirsty Williams
Drunken Girl Pole Dancing
Stupid drunk girl grinds a wooden pole. Check the guy in the background "GRIND IT" haha
Views: 1136 TheDickheadDerz
Singapore Cheong Sam gal in pole dance
http://singaporeagnestan.blogspot.com/ hot singapore girls sexy pole dance in cheong sam
Views: 10651 agnes80tan
Holiday sexy pole dance philly premier pole dance
This is master jay's dance studio's holiday party. Nicole put together a little choreography. I am all the way on the right.
Views: 2160 emphaticallysilent
Meghan Pole Dancing.
My 9 year old Daughter showing us her stuff..... she is strangely pretty good!!!
Views: 1271 BizzieBody1973
Quin Pole Dancing II
This time Quin was at the Riverwalk in New Orleans. So talented.
Views: 1279 Pirouette124
Sexy Booty Pole Dance at the Shadow Bar W/ TINMIW Ent.
TINMIW Entertainment in Detroit at The Shadow Bar....talking about sexy women dancing and trying to show all their business...this is the place...this girl is one of the young ladies that dance on the bar!
Views: 10787 TINMIW TV
little redhead girl 20 months dancing spinning
My daughter dancing.
Views: 1650 julieredhead
Pole Dance - Weekend Challenge - Grime music
Weekend Challenge - Grime music This was not an easy challenge in the fact that I didn't even know what grime music was to begin with. With a little help from the forum girls and wikipedia I looked it up and of all the sample artists they listed it was only Lady Sovereign that I recognised.
George and Scooby, George does a pole dance with sexy Da.
Here is George pole dancing in Hua Hin bar with sexy Da, Then we see sexy little Lynn and the last girl is sexy Nana, George thinks he's gods gift to women.
Views: 1781 GeorgeAndScoobyShow
Girl Dancing Fail
Drunk pole dancer fails
Views: 1227 Joker7vl
Tim Mcgraw Dont Take The Girl
Johnny's daddy was taking him fishin' When he was eight years old A little girl came through the front gate holdin' a fishing pole His dad looked down and smiled, said we can't leave her behind Son I know you don't want her to go but someday you'll change your mind And Johnny said "Take Jimmy Johnson, take Tommy Thompson, take my best friend Bo Take anybody that you want as long as she don't go Take any boy in the world Daddy please don't take the girl Same old boy Same sweet girl Ten years down the road He held her tight and kissed her lips In front of the picture show Stranger came and pulled a gun Grabbed her by the arm said "If you do what I tell you to, there won't be any harm" And Johnny said "Take my money, take my wallet, take my credit cards Here's the watch that my grandpa gave me Here's the key to my car Mister give it a whirl But please don't take the girl Same old boy Same sweet girl Five years down the road There's going to be a little one and she says it's time to go Doctor says the baby's fine but you'll have to leave 'Cause his momma's fading fast and Johnny hit his knees and there he prayed Take the very breath you gave me Take the heart from my chest I'll gladly take her place if you'll let me Make this my last request Take me out of this world God, please don't take the girl Johnny's daddy Was taking him fishin' When he was eight years old
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Pole dancing pirate
amateur pole dancing competition
Views: 241 deschia
pole dance 7-12
practicing grace. Which is actually a little hard. You either are naturally graceful or you're not. And I wasn't so I have to practice at it! lol.
Views: 3701 poleprincess07
Pink Floyd Pole Dance  (Young Lust/Dirty Woman.)
Just some pole play to Pink Floyd:) Definitely not my best work, but there's a few tricks that aren't in my other vids. So not graceful, but whatever. Some day I'll master the art of YouTube video editing:) haha
Views: 8189 avocad0ink
Pole Dance Fan's First Pole Dance Video
If you saw the last video in the dance pole installation series, then you read the detailed explanation of why I installed the pole. After watching so many of the talented ladies on You-Tube who pole dance, I wanted to at least experience what it would be like to hang on that pole, even if only for a few seconds. So it was meant as a gesture of respect and appreciation for the efforts of these fine and talented dancers. Frankly it didn't seem right to critique, comment, and talk about the moves and poses without ever once having the physical aprreciation of the difficulty involved in this incredible form of art, sport, and dance. For those of you who watch the pole dancers and think, "Oh Yeah, I could do that..."--Uh, no you can't!! Just hanging on that pole for ten seconds was extremely difficult. I ride a bike 30 miles a day, can do a lats pull-down of 180 pounds, lift and treadmill on a regular basis. Even so, I thought my arm was going to rip right out of my shoulder!! Is pole in my future? I'm not sure. I'll leave the pole up for a while. I'm interested in seeing if I can work out some exercise routines for it. At 47 years old and 195 pounds, I'm a little too old (and risk-averse) and heavy for inverts. But I will try a few spins and maybe post a few more. Thanks to all the gifted dancers on You-Tube. Watch their videos, subscribe to their channels. Respect what they do, respect them; leave respectful, supportive, and constructive comments. Likewise, respect the sisters who work in commercial dance--that's how they pay the rent, their kids tuition, and the cable broadband bill! Thanks to my wife, Laurie, for putting up with the whole project. Thanks Again, Joel PS. One more thing: Thanks to my daughter, MarleyMe 95 for being my camera girl and producer. Recorded on July 22, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder.
Views: 2318 Joel Lessing
julia's pole lady marmalade
sorry about the vid - couldn't edit it!
Views: 8194 jubtree
Charlize Theron Female Dancing Pole Dance Tit!
Lil Wayne girl Denise Richards amazing Alessandra Ambrosio Penelope Cruz shemale cock posing nude fun squirt dance paparazzi stimulation trailer nice Brittany Spears teasing sexing tight ass photoshoot babes bikini
Views: 1985 achersophia553
buddy's party boy pole dancing
i love it. he kills me.
Views: 576 jesickaskelington
Panos's take on the classic jam.
Views: 2424 Ultramusique
Poledancing for the Modern Urban Cyclista 2008
After my initial poledancing experiment (all in the name of upper body strength training, really) http://www.galfromdownunder.com/poledancing101, I did a refresher course with Bobbi's Pole Studio in Sydney. Here's a little snapshot Visit http://www.galfromdownunder.com/poledancing for more story
Views: 722 Galfromdownunder
Drunk Pole dancing
Funny Dancing moment, with a pizza discount
Views: 50 auntiebaggy64
Subway Pole Dancing
New Hampshire in NYC!!!
Views: 223 stefanymc
Drunk Girl Falls When Dancing Pole Striptease!
Well she should be more careful next time...
Views: 1735 sirenmaya
[pole dancing]
[ray trying to pole dance after pep band game] [fyi for some reason it didnt catch the music comeing from the car behind me so sorry :( ]
Views: 191 neoncrzy08
Hot Damn! Pole Dance in Gangsta Costume
Nicole's pole dance 3/8/08 to Tank- i like them girls. Nicole has been a well known certified fitness trainer since 2000 and started pole dancing for fun & sport in 2007. In just a few years Nicole has become one of the most popular pole dancers & instructors in California. She is now the owner of Allure Dance Studio, LA's #1 Pole Dance Studio and you can click here for her most recent youtube videos to see her progression & performances. Visit the Allure Website for Nicole's Instructional DVD Series featuring 6 DVDs for Beginner to Advanced. The most comprehensive collection on the market featuring over 65 pole tricks & spins. www.poledanceallure.com / (310) 343 -- 9757
Views: 44292 poledanceallure
pole dancing kid
my kid doing a pole dance
Views: 2074 Jose Vasallo
Freaky Floor & Booty Pole Dancing
Pole & Exotic Dance Moves at Pole Waxers University, Pole & Exotic Dance Studio.
Views: 48722 PoleWaxers
Victoria pole dancing
Me at pole dancing class
Views: 16572 aurora sunshine
Poledancing Girls
random girls poledancing at reflex Blackpool
Views: 1387 Brian hooson