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24-yr old woman using her beauty to sell sweets to motorists
A young female hawker in Nairobi's Ngara area is giving a new dimension to the power of beauty and the good tidings that come along with it. 24 year-old Susan Muthoni is using her physical attraction to pull customers into buying her wares Enabling her to earn a living in a decent way without breaching the unwritten rules of morality. Joy Kiruki Juma tells us the inspiring story of the standard eight drop out who has purposed to surmount the odds and endeared many to her side as she hawks sweets to motorists in Nairobi.
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Meet Gor Mahia number 1 fan, Jaro Soja, who eats, drinks and sleeps Gor Mahia
Kenyan Premier League defending champions Gor Mahia have thousands of supporters in Kenya, who follow the team everywhere they play. But one diehard supporter has stood out for years. 34 year-old Jared Otieno popularly known as Jaro Soja is such a big fan of the club, that he has painted everything in his 2 bedroom rental house into green and white - the official colors of kogalo. And as geoffrey wachira now reports, even the water he uses to flash his toilet is green.
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Selling coins to matatu traders for a profit
Coins are reactively considered to be of little value or use, but in Kenya's transport sector the coin is king, so much so that matatu operators buy coins to help them in conducting their business. Without the coins and the salesmen who trade in them it is said the matatu business would be a nightmare to operate.
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President Uhuru Treats Pupils To State House Tour
Pupils from Maxwell Adventist Preparatory School had the rare chance of visiting State House, Nairobi - the seat of power in Kenya, where they were hosted by president Uhuru Kenyatta. The president personally took the pupils on a tour of state house as he explained to them every small detail of his office, giving the pupils the opportunity to understand his busy schedule.
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Indian 'Omera'
Asian Luo Kenyan of Asian origin speaks fluent Dholuo It's probably no big deal when you hear someone speaking a language other than their own fluently and impeccably,but a Kenyan of Asian origin speaking fluent Dholuo?You need to see and hear this to believe it.
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Meet the woman behind Safaricom's 'Mteja hapatikani' voice prompt
Every time you make a call and the the recipient is not available you always get the message 'Mteja wa nambari, hapatikani kwa sasa.' But did you know that this voice is not automated but that of a woman who works at Safaricom to date? Our reporter Yussuf Ibrahim met the woman behind the voice, 48-year-old Maggie Wazome and filed the following report.
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Heroes Of Westgate
As everyone ran for dear life during the Westgate mall attack, some gallant Kenyans went against the grain, trying to save the lives of people trapped in the building, despite having no blood or race relations with them. And for their kindness to mankind, we here at K24 salute them. Our reporter takes a look at some of the people who risked it all and made all the difference.
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Amutali: The Man With A Big Appetite
Belive it or not, this is not fiction but a real story. A twenty four year old man in Vihiga is capable of eating over three kilograms of ugali and one plate of fingerlings, popularly known as " omena" all alone and in one sitting. We actually witnessed as Elly Amutali ate and cleared the mount of ugali for one and a half hours.
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Capital Talk PLO Lumbumba Part 1
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Capital Talk_PLO Lumumba Part 1
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Athlete Speaks Out On Animated Video, Audio Clip
His voice hit the airwaves after an interview conducted soon after the Kass FM 2012 marathon, making him an instant hit but what many did not know was that it was not a funny skit performed by a comedian, but a real interview .The man behind the clip is athlete Charles Lokong, who participated in the marathon but unlike the now famous clip, Lokong emerged 74th in the race, something that would have otherwise not gained him as much recognition .K24 spoke to the athlete and he has a thing or two to say about the clip.
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Otonglo Time - Part 1
Performed during the Presidential Gala of the Kenya National Music Festivals, "Otonglo Time" is a narrative that tickled the crowd to stitches and some, like President Uhuru, to the point of tears. Excellently executed by the talented David Owira of Highway Secondary School, "Otonglo Time" also went on to become one of the most trended social media topics of the day. In case you missed it, here is "Otonglo Time"
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Meet Robert Burale - the single dad to a loving daughter
Most of the time, we witness ladies going to court to sue their men for child support, but how about a man going to court because he wants to take care of his child and cater for all expenses? Well that situation is rare no doubt, but it has happened right here in Nairobi and is the story of fashion icon Robert Burale.
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Twins Who Have Taken 'Identical' To A Whole New Level
They are in their 1st year at the university but still share the same bed, use the same mobile phone and do virtually everything together. A casual look at them will not reveal the difference--but believe it or not, 19-year-old Jacob and Esau are identical twins whose thoughts and brains seem to work in unison.
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Man uses cooking oil as fuel for his vehicle in Nakuru
Vehicles are known to run on gasoline or diesel, and most recently hydrogen fuels, among others.   But one middle aged man from Nakuru County has managed to convert  cooking oil to run his car.  surprised?   Well, 39 year old David Githiomi,  a self proclaimed environmentalist opted to use edible oil to run his Mahindra Jeep instead of using diesel, as a means to conserve the environment, tips he picked up while studying and living in the USA. Joy Kiruki Juma tells us the story of this innovative mechanic.
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Eko- Dydda is nurturing his children’s talent in rap music
It is not always a guarantee that sons will look up to their fathers and emulate them in all their deeds. But for reknown gospel music Rap Artist Eko Dydda, it couldn't be any less as his two sons, five year old 'keep it real' and 2 year old 'am blessed', seem to have taken after their father in the art of rapping. And as our reporter Lilian Mwelu tells us, apart from being able to rock the words and rap like their father, the two minors are also ardent soccer players.
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India doctors offer free treatment to patients in Meru County
Residents of Imenti South sub-county , on Monday benefitted from a free medical camp conducted by volunteers from the Narayana health hospitals from India. Patients suffering from cancer, kidney problems, heart, ear, nose and throat ailments turned up in their numbers at Consolata hospital in Nkubu for the free treatment .
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Spectacle as comedians carry out a mock welcome for Obama in Nairobi
Residents of Nairobi were on Tuesday treated to a near semblance of how things will be when Obama comes to town on Friday. Two comedians took the city by surprise with a mock salute as they did rounds around the city, mimicking Obama and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. The comedians even went further and addressed a mock Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Nairobi's 680 hotel. Franklin Macharia reports.
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Meet Kenyan Car Racers Who Love And Live Their Craft
You have seen most of them on the roads with their loud, turbo-powered cars, with some even spitting fire . But hate them or love them, the owners of various race cars in the country take their craft very seriously, even forming an association that's recognized in law, and shedding off the image of underground racing . Our reporter Faizal Ahmed spent the day with these speedsters, and now shows the rigorous regiment that goes into preparing for a race .
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Ramsey Noah takes the Bench
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Muthoni Kirima, The Only Female Mau Mau Field Marshal
51 years after Kenya attained internal self-rule, many of those who were actively involved in the struggle for independence have since passed on. For those still alive, some are living in conditions of abject poverty, clinging on to hope that one day they will be recognized for the role they played during the independence struggle. For field marshal Muthoni Kirima, it dawned on her that the struggle for a better life would continue even after independence, when her expectations of rewards for her sacrifice were dashed. Being the only woman freedom fighter to be accorded the title of field marshal, the tenacious 84-year-old is concerned that the freedom they fought so hard to wrest from the colonial masters, may become a thing of the past if not held onto dearly.
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Pres. Kenyatta, Dp Ruto Meet Rtd. President Mwai Kibaki In Nairobi
President Uhuru Kenyatta today met his predecessor retired president Mwai Kibaki at his new office in Nyari, Nairobi county in a rare special visit, with what the three leaders among them deputy William Ruto discussed, remaining highly guarded. The meeting which lasted well over an hour was jovial in nature as the two leaders paid a courtesy call to the veteran politician. Aides described the meeting as private and its agenda as informal but sources close to the retired president said the two leaders requested the visit 48 hours before the meeting.
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Against All Odds: Natasha Wambui's Inspiring Story
Going through the trials and tribulations of life and still hold up your head and believe that something good will still come out of your situation, does not come easy for everyone.   For 15-year-old Natasha Wambui Wanjiru, going without food, being chased out of school due to lack of fees, and even lacking a home, did not dampen her spirit.  The 2015 KCPE examination candidate who scored 364 points, to emerge the best in her school, Natasha is now a high school student in the United States after securing a scholarship to study at Episcopal High School. In the first of a four-part series, Joy Kiruki tells us the inspiring stories of four students who defied the odds and secured  scholarships too study in the USA.
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6-year-old Girl Who Impressed President At Drama Festival Living In Poverty
At no more than a few feet tall, six-year-old and confident, Emily Wanjiru stood before President Uhuru Kenyatta and his guests and brought down the house with her splendid display of "Mvua hii", her award-winning solo during the just-concluded Kenya national drama festivals. But behind that confidence, the six-year-old girl has lived her short, troubled life in turmoil, having been born by her mother on streets of Nairobi. Our reporter visited the family in Juja and witnessed the squalor and devastation they live in and filed the following report.
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A trainee pilot requires 200 flying hours to attain a Commercial pilots' licence
The desire to be an airline pilot captures the imagination of many young people. Ask every young person and they will tell you that they aspire to have a high flying career later in life. The prestige associated with pilots endears a lot of young people to the flight deck...but what does it take to be one? K24's Grace Kuria visited Skylink Aviation at the Wilson Airport in Nairobi and filed this report.
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#VillageEngineer: Kericho Man's Innovative Mind Proves Valuable To His Community
3 years ago, 24-year-old Hillary Chirchir submitted a project on a wind-driven turbine as part of his certificate course in electrical installation at the Kericho Technical Institute. But, little did he know that this would mark the turning point in his world of innovation. Two months after completing college in the year 2012, he decided to implement the project at his rural home in Motosiet village. And after several trials,the project is now a success story providing electricity for his neighbours, with 14 homesteads so far connected. Duncan Khaemba has the story of the village power man.
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Janet Mbugua talks about her love life to Amina Abdi
Janet Mbugua shares with Amina Abdi her life journey before joining tv and even after leaving.
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Gibson Mwandawiro: The Military MC Who Enlivens National Celebrations
His voice has now  become synonymous at national ceremonies. It's a voice that is ordinarily heard only three times in a year during the celebration of national holidays. Our reporter caught up with the military MC during rehearsals of the December 12th Jamhuri day celebrations and today unmasks the identity of Warrant officer 2 Gibson Mwandawiro.
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TALANTA SI NDUMBA: Mhubiri Victor Muteru ana miaka 8 na anahubiri Juja
Mtoto mwenye umri wa miaka 8 amewashangaza wengi katika eneo la Juja kwa mahubiri yake ya kina na ustadi wake kwa kuelewa Bibilia. Victor Muteru, anaamini  kuwa ana kipawa cha kuhubiri, alichokigundua akiwa na umri wa miaka 5 hivi na tangu hapo hajaangalia nyuma, amejizatiti kuvuna roho za wanadamu na kumsihi maulana kufuta majina yao kwenye kitabu cha mauti na kuziandika kwenye kitabu cha uhai. Yeye pia ni mwanamuziki na anatumia mziki wake kuteka nyoyo za watoto wenzake.
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Dadake marehemu Kamaru afichua waliyojadili na Rais jana
Catherine Muthoni, dadake mwanamuziki marehemu Joseph Kamaru ambaye alimuacha rais Uhuru Kenyatta akiangua kicheko hapo jana katika mazishi ya kamaru, amefichulia K24 Wikendi, kile kilichojiri  katika mazungumzo yao na rais, na kuwaacha  waombolezaji na wakenya kwa jumla kwa mshangao, kuhusu alichomnong'onezea rais.
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Matatu Evolution: Modern PSV’s fitted with screens. Ipads,cameras
The Matatu industry has undergone a revolution over the years with stakeholders in the transport industry taking their innovations a notch higher by the day. From the traditional seven- aside or face- me type of matatus - to the booming loud music, today's matatu has literally taken a new shape --- Today its not rare to board a matatu with flashy neon lighting, big screens and extreme body works which make them look like planes on the ground. And for all that, anyone boarding these new class of matatus has to part with a reasonable fare compared to normal fares charged by your ordinary matatu.
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The Salim Family of Music
Mention the name Mighty Salim and the late Salim Junior comes to your head, and many people can relate to their sweet and easy to dance Mugithi style of music. But did you know that the household names inherited their skill from their little known father, 67-year-old Joseph Tharimu Mwangi alias Salim Senior? Joy Kiruki Juma looks at the man Salim Senior, the influence he has had on his five children and his love for music.
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New look buses to revolutionize transport in the city
Now if you are a resident of Nairobi and you use public transport, then brace yourself for a revolution in the way you travel. Very soon you will be able to use a new range of buses which have the capacity to ferry upto 120 passengers at one time,at least four times what the normal matatu carries at one go. If approved by the Nairobi County government and the ministry of transport the new buses will mark the implementation of the much elusive mass rapid transport system to ease congestion in the city.
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The Big Otonglo Comeback!
Do you still remember him? He of the famous 'Otonglo' time fame that caught the attention of president Uhuru Kenyatta during last year's national schools and colleges drama festivals gala performance at state house, Mombasa? David Owira was back to his rib cracking ways as this year's drama festivals entered day three at the Kagumo teachers college and bishop Gatimu Ngandu girls in Nyeri county.And just like last year's performance which left president Kenyatta and first lady Margaret Kenyatta in tears, his piece in Nyeri was nothing short of his expectations.
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Margaret Kenyatta Has Demystified The Role Of The First Lady
In 2014, she demystified the role of the first lady. Now, this is a position that has in the past been non-existent, quiet, or even spoken ill about. Ordinarily her frame,style, and unassuming disposition would make her an unlikely candidate for such a prominent undertaking. But as we begin the year 2015, first lady Margaret Kenyatta can walk tall in the full realization that she left an indelible mark in the lives of thousands, if not millions of mostly poor Kenyans. Violet Otindo reports on the first lady’s un-paralled exploits.
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Bamburi's Lost Generation
Alphonce Oladipoh takes a journey through his hometown of Bamburi, Mombasa County and sheds light on one of it's biggest challenge, the rising drug menace that has seen over 300 of it's youth addicted.
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Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery’s Wife
They say behind every successful man, there's a woman; and indeed the age old adage holds true for one woman who opted to take early retirement from her teaching profession in order to support her husband's dream. Hellen Nkaissery the wife to interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery not only takes pride in being an important pillar in the Cabinet Minister's success, but also as a passionate campaigner for the empowerment of women among the Maasai community. Nancy Onyancha tells us how the humble daughter of a colonial chief has changed the lives of several Maaasai girls and women.
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Meet the Mzungu Kikuyu of Kiambu
Being a minority in the midst of a people you consider your own but who believe you are not one of them because of your skin color, may be hard to take, as you  always have to convince everyone you meet that you are just like them regardless of the difference in your complexion.   This is the story of one white woman who lives, talks and behaves like any other African woman in Mahindi, Kiambu county.
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The Backroom: Juice Processing
On this week's segment of 'The backroom' , we takes you to a juice processing plant that processes pineapple fruit into pineapple juice.
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The Life And Times Of Gerald Otieno Kajwang'
He was a colourful and outspoken politician who embraced life like it was a dance floor. He spent 12 of his 17 years in politics in opposition benches where he was always a thorn in the flesh of the government. But the epic of his political career must have come when he was appointed cabinet minister in charge of immigration in 2008. Joy Kiruki reviews some of the moments that coloured the life of Gerald Otieno Kajwang'.
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Dennis Ngaruiya still awaiting scholarship granted by President Kenyatta
He hit the headlines after President Uhuru Kenyatta awarded him a full scholarship to up to university after entertaining the head of state at State House Nakuru. Now in form one, Dennis Ngaruiya, is the shortest but the most talented student in his class if not his school. K24Tv caught up with him at Menengai High School in Nakuru where he has joined the drama club and is still going places with his talent.
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Sokomoko: Eti Matiang'i must go??
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Top Journalists Caught Unawares!
A video of some of the most hilarious moments by Journalists during news coverage.
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