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Fried Chicken Recipe
The perfect fried chicken recipe. Yummers! Credit: M. Stewart
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Ramen Noodle
The master of Japanese Ramen noodle. Credit: CBS Sunday Morning
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Preserving Old Audio & Video Formats
Our fond memories will disappear. Aging formats plague the ways to archive footage we take with our video cameras and other recordings. VHS is a dying medium, and now DVD is old school. Spinning hard drives are slowly being replaced by solid state flash drives. How does one keep up to save our memories? Check out this great video on the subject... while it lasts. Credit: CBS Sunday Morning & David Pogue
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Lincoln MKZ ad - "Major Tom (Coming Home)"
Features a new cover of Peter Schilling's "Major Tom (Coming Home)" by Shiny Toy Guns. There is another Lincoln ad with David Bowie's "Space Oddity" covered by Cat Power. I am a big fan of the song Major Tom and this new version of the song. I just wanted to share it with all of you.
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Harry Potter and the Tri Wizard Tournament
As a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, I was excited to visit the Universal amusement park, Islands of Adventure, and see these performers of The Tri Wizard Tournament.
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Star Trek Transporter ( Verizon commercial )
Starfleet Academy recruits beam down to a planet, for the first time. A funny commercial.
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Travelers commercial - Animal Friends
Can't we all get along? This commercial says yes!
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Subway - Boyfriend
Aww, the innocence.
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Old Spice - Swan Dive !
Does your man smell like me?
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MetLife - Snoopy Safari Cruise
It's Snoopy in 3D! Well... almost. If only Charles Schultz can see his beloved beagle now.
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Netflix commercial - Medieval Romance
A funny spoof of a fair maiden and her man going off to battle.
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Windows Phone commercial - "Really?!"
Quite amusing for a Microsoft commercial.
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Star Trek Toys ( Burger King commercial )
A family is lucky enough to take charge of the Enterprise bridge. Oh, jealousy. Btw, as a sci-fi fan, I give this J.J.Abrams Star Trek movie my seal of approval, for both the avid fans and the new-comers to the franchise. A job well done.
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Olympics - The Best of Us
Animated Olympics commercial.
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Unboxing of Samsung D6000 LED TV
This is a Samsung LED HDTV 55-inch 120Hz 1080p. This model does not have the 3D technology. Sells for about $1300 at Best Buy.
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JP Morgan Chase ad - Pop-Up Book
A neat animated commercial.
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Beatrice Capra - 2010 US Open press conference
US Open wild card, Beatrice Capra, becomes America's new 18-year-old tennis hopeful. She answers questions after winning her second round match against 18th-seed France's Rezai. Will she be this year's Oudin?
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iPhone 4G and The Jetsons
As a big fan of Apple, I wanted to share this clip with fellow tech geeks. Although this short video is more about how far we've come with technology, in addition to the Apple iPhone 4G announcement, it features Steve Jobs wi-fi error during his keynote address, the Jetsons cartoon, Star Trek, and comparisons to old cell phones. (credit: nite line)
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Pomeranian Swimming
While I was fishing, somebody's dog swims across a lake, toward us, looking for its master. I was amazed how brave this tiny dog was able to swim so far, in such deep water. Not long afterwards, the Pomeranian did find its family.
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Urban Farming
Growing fruits and vegetables in the city. Credit: CBS Sunday Morning
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Jameson Irish Whiskey - Giant Bird
A fun period piece of Jameson worried about a giant bird attack.
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Honda: The Fit ad
Cute animated commercial
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Soccer Girl Fight
Bad sportsmanship (or sportswomanship) between two girls - a player from the University of Oregon and the other player from Oklahoma State. Plus a bonus clip of last year's New Mexico ponytail pull. Ouch!
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Orbitz - Stylish New Packs
WTF!? Funny ad.
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Thai Steamed Fish
Steamed Red Snapper in Thai style. Notable ingredients include lemongrass, garlic, scallions and fish sauce. Healthy, yet delicious. Credit: Martha Stewart
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Cat Friends Grooming
Would you take hairballs on your friend's behalf?
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TMobile - Pink Motorcycle
TMobile spoofs I'm A Mac ads.
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Jameson Irish Whiskey - Town Fire
A fun period piece of Jameson being worried about whiskey during a fire.
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Lincoln MKT commercial - "Under The Milky Way" (HD)
Commercial for the Lincoln MKT SUV featuring a cover of The Church song, Under the Milky Way.
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Apple Computer History
A history of Apple Computer (in 2 minutes). I've been a fan since my college had Macs in the art room. At first, I wondered what are these clunky things? But as a visual artist, or for any user, the WYSIWYG interface is a dream come true. Thank you Steve! So much has happened to our beloved tech company since 1977. Credit: Sunday Morn
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AT&T ad - snowboard in space
I think this is one of the better ads for the cellphone service. Instead of explaining its patchy national coverage to customers and Verizon, the commercial is inspiring imagery for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Go USA!
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Pumpkin the Shiba Inu Does Some Tricks
Pumpkin, a Japanese Shiba Inu, demonstrates some basic tricks like sit, rollover, and high 5. And maybe a few other suprizes. I mainly filmed this to document her ability. One thing I can't make her do is return after a fetch command, so I don't qualify as a dog whisperer. Oh well :( Note: HD available. Just click on it.
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Zyrtec ad - bicycle
In the Northeast, the winters can be long. When I saw this commercial, it was sentimental to me, because I love my bicycle too. I think the bike in the ad is a classic Schwinn. Now that spring is here, get out there and ride!
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Royal Caribbean ad
2nd commercial in this series, composited with Adobe After Effects.
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T. Rowe Price - ocean
Nice illustrative animation with morphing effects. Beware of giant squid.
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Jameson Irish Whiskey - Overboard
Funny period piece of John Jameson being worried about his whiskey on the sailing ship.
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US Open Tennis 2008
A day at the US Open, NY (under 3 minutes). Some tennis celebrities and rising stars. Note: the topspin and shoulder rotation. Good form makes for good tennis.
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Irish Spring - lake (HD)
The brand has come a long way. One thing for sure is that sex sells.
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Apple iPhone 4 cases review
This is my review and commentary of three iPhone 4 cases - the Apple Bumper, Belkin Grip Vue and Rocketfish. Plus, extra mention of Power Support screen protection, Scosche klearCoat film and an iPhone 3G Griffin slider case. For more information about me and my art, please visit: blog.designosaur.us
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Mackerel in Maine
This my first attempt at saltwater fishing. (I normally do freshwater.) I caught lots of mackerel with a medium-sized spoon. They were all released afterwards.
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Kawashima Ai - "Daijobu Dayo" (HD)
J-Pop musicians performed at the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival. Here, Kawashima Ai plays solo piano and sings her song, "Daijobu Dayo". Sorry about the ambient noise. It was a windy day. I filmed this in Hi-Def. Enjoy! (April 4, 2009)
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backyard bird migration
A short clip of many birds feeding in the yard. They are getting ready for the long migration southbound. The cats are also interested in the ruckus nearby.
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Pumpkin Comes Home: A Shiba Inu video
The first day our puppy, pumpkin, is home sweet home.
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Sprint HTC Evo - Phone Shame
Poor guy... but oh so funny!
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Suburu - Father
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Indian summer fishing
Fishing off the canoe on a record-breaking 65 degree day in late November. This is not educational. I just wanted to capture this perfect day with my dog. Overpeck was once a dumping area. After hitting many obstacles and shortage of funds, it took over 50 years to revive the grounds into a usable modern park. It is complete with two piers, baseball fields, tennis courts, bike paths and a sound stage. The fish that can be caught in the lake and the abundance of birds is proof that life is returning.
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Samsung Galaxy S (featuring Master Chief)
Master Chief makes a cameo in the Samsung Galaxy S commercial?! And even more suprising, the Chief takes off his mask?! I know, I know. It's not really Master Chief, but my goodness, it really looks like him. Yay. Halo Reach is almost here in mid-September!
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NY Comic Con 2009 - CatBlue MiMi
I was browsing, looking for goodies at NY Comic Con, and she caught my eye.
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Mac the Cat Chasing His Tail
My cat, Mac, has a crazy moment by chasing his tail, like a dog. Sorry for the low quality. Had to capture the moment quickly, ya know.
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Lights - "Ice" (Live in New York City)
Video recording by AppleXbox. Irving Plaza NY, New York April 20, 2012 9pm
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