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Timberland Homes Tour of the Madison Park
Take a tour of the beautiful Madison Park by Timberland Homes. All Timberland Homes are modular and built to their clients' specifications, but you can own The Madison Park right now for a deeply discounted price. Contact Timberland Homes for more details.
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Timberland Homes Tour of the Leschi
Take a tour of the beautiful and modern Leschi by Timberland Homes. All Timberland Homes are modular and built to their clients' specifications, but you can own The Leschi right now for a deeply discounted price. Contact Timberland Homes for more details.
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Better Built Barns - Living in a Shed
Better Built Barns provides superior craftmanship, quality materials, and exceptional service — at an unparalleled value. Are sheds are so well built, you might consider trying to live in one.
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Timberland Homes - Wendy & Bern’s Dream House
Timberland Homes has built superior quality yet competitively priced homes for 40 years. Our organization makes a point when working with clients to streamline the building process in order to provide the best value for our customers. Our mission statement is to “build an excellent home, on budget, on time every time”. How do we do this? By controlling the construction process. Each home is built in transportable modules. The homes are conventionally framed and placed on a full foundation or basement. By centralizing the construction at our Auburn, WA location we can guarantee our price, then deliver a home in 50% less time than a site built home. We are so confident of our process that we back it up with a 15 year structural warranty, the best in the building industry – nationwide. Thanks for considering our company for your next home. Dave Mckim President
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Timerland Homes - Modular vs Manufactured Homes
On of our representatives at Timberland Homes walks you through the differences between modular and manufactured homes. See the difference and see how you can produce your dream home on time and within budget with Timberland Homes at timberlandcustomhomes.com
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Timberland Homes Timelapse - How we deliver a house
At Timberland Homes we build beautiful modular homes at our facility for our customers, but have you ever wondered how we actually deliver one of our new custom homes? Watch this timelapse video to see how we do it.
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Timberland Homes Tours - The Kingston
Take a walk through this gorgeous home built by Timberland Homes of Auburn, Wa. Timberland Homes builds custom homes for their clients but you have the option of purchasing this unit with all of the upgrades. Contact Timberland Homes for more information
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Earthquake Prepared - Retrofit your Home
Is your home earthquake prepared? If your home is over a certain age you might be at risk. Bruce Schoonmaker from Earthquakeprepared.com will show you how you can retrofit your home to be better prepared to withstand an earthquake.. A-FFIX's mission is to provide earthquake preparation and education to and assist in securing the homes of Puget Sound's residents, with a strong commitment to honesty, integrity and excellence. The safety of you and your family, and of the community as a whole, is of the utmost importance to us. Along with retrofit (strengthening a structure's understructure), A-FFIX offers numerous other services to help prepare homes and businesses for earthquakes: securing interiors, applying protective windowfilm, providing emergency supplies and preparation advice, and restoring failing understructures beyond conventional retrofit. Our experience securing old houses with unconventional foundations, including foundations made of brick and cracked or deteriorating foundations, makes us a leading area specialist in foundation repair. We also do all types of general structural repair, including the restoration of beams and joists, pilings, and shoring and footing systems.
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Closet Creations   Meet the Fleet
Brandon from Closet Creations explains how they have found the solution for the corner and then Val takes you on a tour of each of the spinner options. Learn about how to expand your space.
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International Homes Of Cedar
Where's HOME for you? Everyone has a dream of their ideal home. For nearly 50 years, International Homes of Cedar has designed and delivered the finest custom cedar and pine timber homes, throughout the U.S.A. and around the world, to help our customers realize their dreams. Our laminated timber walls and patented interlocking system is the perfect combination for a state-of-the-art home. As you consider a custom home, we know you will see that IHC shares your vision of quality, luxury, beauty, and functionality for the home in which you may spend the rest of your life. Contact us today...you'll be glad you did!
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Better Built Barns - SHS 2017 Tour
Meet the fleet of customizable barns and sheds by Better Built Barns at the Seattle Home Show. Learn about the unique uses for each design.
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Fox Farm 2016
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Freedom Boat Club Seattle
New to the Seattle area in 2017, Freedom Boat Club was first founded in 1989 in Sarasota, FL. It is the oldest and largest boat club in the nation. The vision and purpose in establishing the boat club model was simple and straightforward … to provide an affordable option to boat ownership and to deliver a hassle-free recreational boating experience for its members. FBC LogoAt the time, the concept was considered revolutionary and break-through. Boaters were either traditional boat owners, or friends of boat owners. There weren’t boat clubs, fractional boating, boating timeshare, or even many boat rental facilities. The exclusive fraternity of boat owners stored their vessels at marinas, home docks or at the yacht club. When Freedom Boat Club launched, this new offering presented an exciting new alternative that opened the waterways to newcomers as well as lapsed boaters.
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The Amazing Abadab
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Espoma 2015
Meet Joe Gallo, VP of Sales from Espoma and learn about their new product line. New for 2016, Organic Easy Pour Liquid, a soy protein with beneficial microbes and other ingredients. In addition Espoma has launched Organic Alfalfa Meal and Chicken Manure, an Earthworms Casting Skew, and Espoma Organic Moisture Mix.
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Hydrofarms Saladbox 2016
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Closet Creations   We found the solution for the corner
Brandon of Closet Creations has found the solution for the corner. Meet the shoe spinner by Lazy Lee. This is changing the game in storage and is a revolutionary departure from the antiquated Lazy Susan. Great for closet corners, closet islands, kitchens, garages, even hospitality locations.
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Dario's Statuary 2013
Dario's Statuary is a family-owned business dedicated to supplying independent nurseries and garden centers with an extensive line of garden statuary both affordable and long-lasting. To this end, we have spent over 28 years providing our clients with free hands-on delivery and sales to a limited territory — specifically, the greater Pacific Northwest. Limiting our range allows us the added pleasure of providing you and your valued customers with a full guarantee of our products — no questions asked! With our personalized sales and delivery policy, we are better able to monitor and cater to your individual and specific needs. We believe these added personal touches provide you with a quality of service unsurpassed in our field.
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International Homes of Cedar 2014
Our Patented tech and some project examples
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Weisser Homes 2-Story Cape Style Model at the Home Show
Take a virtual tour of the Weisser Homes 2 story Cape Style Model Home. Amazingly they set this up in 3 days at the Suburban Home and Garden Show in Oaks to show to the public.
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DeTray Custom Homes
Take a tour and understand the design build process at DeTray. After 52 years of business, they can fully customize your home in their Northwest factory. Not only are the homes built in the Northwest, but they are also built to a "Northwest Standard" to withstand the weather conditions.
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Creasey Log Homes
Creasey Log Homes started with Don Creasey in the 1950′s. The family owned 30  acres in Monroe and there was an old log cabin on the property which had stood there since the late 1800′s. It  was in poor condition but, nonetheless, they lived in it for several  years. Don's dream had always been to build his own log home, and while living in the old cabin, he, with the help of family and friends, constructed a basement which became the foundation for their new log  home. While working to finish the home, Don Creasey had no idea that his dream would not only be realized, but also pave the way for generations of Creasey log home builders and craftsmen. The Creasey sons Terry and Steve had the opportunity to help their  Dad build his home that year. After finishing it, he decided to go into business building log homes for others. Originally called Custom Log Homes, it was later changed to Creasey Log Homes, Inc.  We're well known throughout Washington and have built a very good reputation as "the log home builder" to use in this  area.
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Caribean Clear Silver Copper Ionization System
Learn how you can salvage your swimming pool equipment and stop using harmful chemicals to keep your water clean. Caribean Clear is a more effective system for keeping your pool clear and clean all summer long.
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My Connexion Smart Klosets
A Kloset solution for any budget, designed for the "do it yourselfers." Easy to install, adjust, and expand. Simply the easiest system available...it's just smart.
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Acadia Antlers Proudly Supports US Working War Dogs
Acadia Antlers Proudly Supports US Working War Dogs who serve our country and protect the men and women of our Armed Services all over the world. Please help us show our support and appreciation for all that they do by donating.
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Fox Farms at L&L Show in Reno 2013
Founder of Fox Farms introduces you to Coco-Loco, a coconut core potting soil, as well as Lucky Dog as part of their fertilizer program.
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Signature Window & Door Replacement
Let Signature Window Replacement help you select the correct windows, with the options and look that is most suitable for you and your home. We represent multiple manufacturers and offer a wide variety of window and door products to best serve our customers. We have hundreds of styles to choose from, plus an extensive assortment of trim options that enable you to customize your project, ensuring it turns out exactly the way you want it.
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Jamieson Furniture
Exclusive designs merge with style, value and quality to create furniture that is made to last a lifetime. Our indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories bring unique character to every room in your home. Visit us and choose from in stock solid wood furniture or custom built for you.
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Hydrofarm Oxyclone 2016
oxyCLONE systems are simple, compact cloning systems that work with a variety of cuttings. The submersible pump(s) delivers constant turbulence to your reservoir while the attached Venturi valve naturally draws in air bubbles. Powered by Active Aqua’s premium, BPA-free water and air pumps, these systems provide maximum aeration and dissolved oxygen to rooting cuttings. No other cloner delivers oxygen like the oxyCLONE!
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L&L 2017 Dr Earth
Learn about the new lines of products from Dr. Earth for 2017-18 from the L&L Nursery Supply Show in Reno.
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The new solar innovations brought to you by West Seattle Natural Energy
Take a tour of some of the latest innovations in solar with West Seattle Natural Energy. Learn about new transparent solar panels that absorb even more usable energy, outdoor solar power lighting fixture and even a way to go one step further and charge your electric car with solar electricity.
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Timberland Offsite v Onsite 2014
Many home buyers don't realize the value of choosing a modular builder instead of a conventional onsite home builder. Timberland Homes can provide specific and realistic timeframes, stronger and more durable homes, and an all around more enjoyable experience in building your next new home.
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Eastside Insulation
Do you have a room that just doesn't seem to stay warm? Do areas of your house seem to be drafty? Do your heating expenses seem to be a little too much? You probably have insulation & weatherization issues. We specialize in maximizing energy efficiency and have been installing insulation in Seattle for over 40 years.
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West Coast Decks - How we Design a Deck
Our primary goal when we started West Coast Decks formerly Decks by JRW was to provide the best customer service available in the deck construction industry. Our Specialty: We decided early on to make decks our specialty and concentrate our efforts on deck design and construction. We have designed and built over 2000 decks since we started our company. We have the personnel and knowledge to tackle almost any carpentry project you may have.
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MacJac-The Gift of Art
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Easy Gardener 2015
Learn about Jobe's Organic Water Solubles, the only organic water soluble available on the market today. Comes in orchid, all purpose, bursting blooms, tomato vegetable, and holly azalea. These contain biozome, an product exclusive to jobe designed to make healthier and longer lasting soil. Learn about Jobe's specialty soils which also contain biozome.
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The Nuttery 2016
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Oaks Home Show 2013
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