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Very Lucky Escapes - Rally cars, and Train
5 exceptionally lucky individuals. 5 narrow miss escapes. This is CRINGE worthy!
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Skyrim Windhelm house- rare weapons & armour (and how-to) 1080p [HD]
READ: Full HD, max settings on a 6990/2600k Skyrim Windhelm house- Some badass rare weapons & armour, and a brief overview of how I got the house, SPOILER ALERT.
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idiot crashes car
a man tries to do it the easy way and fails.
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Rock, Paper, Scissors gone wrong
crazy Japanese gameshow goes horribly wrong during a game of rock paper scissors. Hillarious!
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Skyrim Daedric Armour set (legendary) FULL HD 6990 @ max settings
READ: All you kids saying how much better your armour is; it probably is, so proud of you, look at the date posted, subtract today's date from that, divide that by infinity, that's how many fucks I give :P enjoy! UPDATED VERSION: http://youtu.be/jWD8VV_659U So took me about 6 hours to build this... It is upped to legendary and is now enchanted with grand souls (will add extra enchant at Enchanting 100) Cost about 15k all up (including grinding smithing) - used the iron dagger grinding method, paid for with dragon kills and selling bones and scales. (NOTE: dont bother getting it to 100, 90 is fine as daedric is better than dragon anyway) For daedra hearts and ebony ingots: -daedra hearts: you get 4 for doing the mythic dawn museum, given to you by a courier at level 20 throughout skyrim. once you complete the quest, there are 4 deadra to kill, plus, there are some ebony ingos inside. -ebony ingots: as mentioned above there are a few in the daedra shrine, also both Belethor's General Goods and the Smithing chick in Whiterun sell them. The smith sold me 5 in one go, on two seperate occasions. just keep an eye out for them while doing the iron dagger grind. You will need 15 or so. I have enchanted with +destruction magic, +magicka regen and +magicka for the ULTIMATE BATTLEMAGE BADASS who DOMINATES THE FACES any jittering is cos I have really tortured my gpu and cpu today grinding this...
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F-18 Hornet break sound barrier with sonic boom
F-18 Hornet fighter jet break sound barrier with HUGE sonic boom. Low flying between two aircraft carriers.
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Monkey pushes brother into the water
Baby monkey pushes its brother into the drink, much to the dismay of mum
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Capoeira fighter taken out hard
ufc style fighting group, capoeira fighter tries too hard and gets fucked up
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Skyrim Daedric armour (legendary) ***UPDATE read description 6990 [HD]
This is an update of my previous clip, with +120% smithing for upgrades and dual enchants... Could max it more I know, but this is pretty good for my skills....
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The Witcher 2 maxx settings [HD]
The Witcher 2 at maxx settings [HD] rig has 6990, 2600k @ 4.5, SSD
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Katie and Jason in High School Musical 4
Katie and Jason in High School Musical 4 hehehehehe bitchas
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Battlefield 3 "Kaffarov" max settings 6990 1080p [HD]
Mission "Kaffarov" from BF3 2600k @ 4ghz 6990
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Arab + Rocket Launcher = Hilarity
arab gets fucked up by a rocket launcher.
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Skyrim fast level destruction, armour AND restoration at the same time [HD]
TES:V Skyrim, ease that grind without console cheating. Fast level destruction, armour AND restoration at the same time with these easy to follow instructions
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Dreaming Dog Frolicks Free!
This dog is dreaming about chasing bunnies and wakes himself up, blames his embarassment on his tail then tries to flee (!) into a wall :)
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Crysis max settings, natural mod, 5850
Watch in FULL HD Scene showing the sky, and bodies in the water Crysis running at max with natural mod on a 5850 OCd to 920/1200 backed by a i5 760 @ 3.5. Getting a good 50 fps which is very decent for this sub par system. cant wait to crossfire on a 2600k
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Skyrim (Elder Scrolls V) MAX settings 6990 1080p [HD]
First 25 mins of gameplay, all settings at max (AF @ 8, far objects medium detail to simulate human vision)
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Hisense 65 inch 4k (65K680UAD) Ps3 input lag
Just putting a vid up of my input lag dilemma for Reddit.
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Monkey pulling dog's tail
Monkey pulling a dog's tail for a laugh, bad kid....
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Great Bush Impersonation
Best ever President Bush impersonator
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Bulletstorm "pricked" killshot 1080p HD
Bulletstorm "pricked" killshot 1080p HD kicked into a cactus baby!
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Halo ODST unboxing 4 days early!
Got it early, anyone else? Sticker has a warning about selling it before the 22nd. Crazy!
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Rage opening sequence max settings 6990 1080p [HD]
Rage opening sequence max settings 6990 1080p [HD]
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Su-37 fighter jet does a back flip roll over.
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XCM black light case
Just installed this case. Once I had the torx screwdrivers it was easy, and forgiving. Everything fits well, feels solid, and is well made. Next step fans, custom rol and hdd!
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Bulletstorm "Fishfood" kill 1080p HD
Bulletstorm "Fishfood" kill 1080p HD
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Bulletstorm sniper rifle guided headshot 1080p HD
Bulletstorm sniper rifle guided headshot
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Tony Hawk - Foot Plant
Tony Hawk foot plant
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Skyrim time lapse night/day w/ aurora 6990 FULL [HD]
Skyrim time lapse night/day w/ aurora and 2 moons 6990 FULL [HD]
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Highest ever ollie -Danny Wainwright
massive ollie for $10k from Tony Hawk
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Crysis max settings, natural mod, 5850 part 3
Watch in FULL HD Intro clip and cool large scale night battle with great explosions... EXPLOSIONS!!! Crysis running at max with natural mod on a 5850 OCd to 920/1200 backed by a i5 760 @ 3.5.
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[DESTINY] The illusive triple-proc Hawkmoon 1 shot
Having the Luck in the Chamber and Holding Aces perks proc simultaneously on one bullet makes for a quick fight.
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Destiny - Praedyth's Revenge headshot procs for nice double
SHAREfactory™ https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/tid=CUSA00572_00
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Crysis max settings, natural mod, 5850 part 2
Watch in FULL HD Crysis running at max with natural mod on a 5850 OCd to 920/1200 backed by a i5 760 @ 3.5. Getting a good 50 fps which is very decent for this sub par system. cant wait to crossfire on a 2600k
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Tony Hawk's perfect run
Perfect run on the halfpipe
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DayZ Origins complete stronghold walk through - the103rd.com
A walkthrough of our completed stronghold in DayZ Origins. The 103rd is an Australian whitelisted Dayz Origins server, with accompanying TeamSpeak3 server and website/forum. We have a great community and are always welcoming new players; bandit or hero. Head over to our website, and apply on the forum. http://www.the103rd.com DayZ Origins http://www.dayzorigins.com
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Boom Boom Huck Jam
Boom Boom Huck Jam
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Destiny clutch comeback
Sorry for poor quality, share factory SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-au/tid=CUSA00572_00
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Dirt 2 Maxx settings pics/vid [HD]
Dirt 2 set at maximum settings, high definition pictures and video... What a great game, really satisfying to play, feels super solid, looks clean as and sounds meaty, have a crack! p.s. having Travis Pastrana and Dave Mira in the mix makes for fun banter
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Arab Cannon
cannon + Arabian military = funny shit
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Crysis 2 - random objects I have collected along my travels!
Some random things you can pick up throughout the campaign, just a little fun. See my other Crysis 2 video for HD screens and game play at max settings (including console tweaks!)
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Volcom Demo - Bam Margera
Volcom skate demo feat. Bam Margera
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Crysis 2 MAX settings (including console command tweaks) [HD]
Crysis 2 at full settings on a 5850 overclocked to 920/1200, see below for console commands; ban (Command) ban_remove (Command) ban_status (Command) ban_timeout = 30 [DUMPTODISK] cl_fov = 75 [] cl_sensitivity = 16.5 [DUMPTODISK] cl_sensitivityController = 0.8 [DUMPTODISK] cl_sensitivityControllerMP = 0.6 [DUMPTODISK] disconnect (Command) disconnectchannel (Command) gl_GameRules (Command) gl_Map (Command) g_gamespy_password = [] g_gamespy_server_region = 1 [] g_gamespy_unique_nick = [] g_skipIntro = 1 [] gl_Map (Command) i_mouse_accel = 0 [DUMPTODISK] i_mouse_accel_max = 100 [DUMPTODISK] i_mouse_smooth = 0 [DUMPTODISK] kick (Command) kickid (Command) map (Command) net_lobby_gamespy_online_port = 64100 [DUMPTODISK] net_lobby_gamespy_server_ping_wait = 10000 [DUMPTODISK] pl_movement.power_sprint_targetFov = 75 [] quit (Command) rcon_command (Command) rcon_connect (Command) rcon_disconnect (Command) r_DrawNearFoV = 55 [] status (Command) sv_bind = [REQUIRE_LEVEL_RELOAD] sv_gamerules = SinglePlayer [] sv_gamerulesdefault = SinglePlayer [] sv_password = [DUMPTODISK] sv_servername = [DUMPTODISK] sys_spec_gameeffects = 3 [] sys_spec_objectdetail = 3 [] sys_spec_particles = 3 [] sys_spec_physics = 3 [] sys_spec_postprocessing = 3 [] sys_spec_shading = 3 [] sys_spec_shadows = 3 [] sys_spec_sound = 3 [] sys_spec_texture = 3 [] sys_spec_water = 3 []
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Stella the bullterrier puppy
Trying to learn stairs!
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These Walls
Original song written and performed by Alex Ben (copyright2011)
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Assassins Creed 2 max settings
5850 overclocked
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Cockatoo dancing to Backstreet Boys, very cute
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Sticky betrail fail
Betrayed a team mate after a grenade got stuck in the lift :(
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Custom ring of light xbox 360
New white RoL for my sexbox
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