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Learning how to use jQuery AJAX with PHP
Getting started with AJAX is super easy when you use the jQuery library. That works well for the client side, but how do you work with a server side language like PHP? It's easier than you think.
Views: 33809 Ray Villalobos
Finding the right CSS selector
You can use the developer tools in Chrome or Safari to find out which CSS selector is modifying your pages using Computed Styles and the styles tab. In this short tutorial, I'll show you how to edit a child theme of the twenty-twelve theme and get rid of a border at the bottom of every article.
Views: 17086 Ray Villalobos
Introduction to JavaScript templating with Mustache.js
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use the mustache format using the mustache.js library to create templates that link to JSON data so that you can create multiple views of the same data. That will make information that repeats over and over in websites easy to update since updating a single text file will immediately update your sites.
Views: 13506 Ray Villalobos
Build a Mobile List Based Web App in 12 minutes with jQuery Mobile
Ray Villalobos shows you how to build a jQuery Mobile list based app in 12 minutes.
Views: 55489 Ray Villalobos
Creating a grid of images with CSS
There's a lot of ways of creating a grid of images for an HTML page with CSS. In this beginner tutorial, I show you how to do it without lists, using just a div, anchor tags and images.
Views: 32746 Ray Villalobos
CSS Positioning Tutorial
Learn to understand how CSS positioning works by creating a pop-over grid of images using only CSS.
Views: 12356 Ray Villalobos
Learn to create code quickly with Emmet & Sublime Text 2
In this video tutorial, I'll show you how to create list of images super quickly using some of Sublime Text 2 awesome multi-cursor editing controls as well as the Emmet package that lets you write shortcuts to create complex HTML code.
Views: 38909 Ray Villalobos
Getting a list of tweets with the new Twitter REST API v1.1
In this video tutorial, I'll show you how to work with the twitter API version 1.1. We'll create a php script that duplicates the functionality from the old 1.0 API so that we can pull a stream of tweets while specifying the amount, account and a callback if necessary. I'll also show you how to update a document that was calling the old API so that it works with our new document.
Views: 80705 Ray Villalobos
Adobe Shadow Tutorial
Ray Villalobos...Staff Author at Lynda.com takes a look at the features in the new Adobe Shadow preview
Views: 3675 Ray Villalobos
Create a quick list of images with Emmet
Emmet is a great plugin for most browsers that let you create html quicker by providing a series of shortcuts. In this tutorial, you'll learn my favor emmet tip. Wrap lines with abbreviation
Views: 1246 Ray Villalobos
Customizing Twitter Bootstrap for Responsive Design
Twitter's Bootstrap frameworks is a great library for getting websites started. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to install the library and then use one of the Example tutorials to show you how to customize BootStrap's CSS to style your own website.
Views: 32250 Ray Villalobos
Creating a Multi Page HTML Document
In this video, we'll take our single page document and create a multi-page document using the same content, plus add navigation and a header and footer to every page.
Views: 68931 Ray Villalobos
Install Git, Node, Grunt, Sass, Compass & Susy on PCs
This tutorial shows you how to install Git, Node.js, Grunt.js, Sass, Compass & Susy. These are common components for modern web development on your mac. I'm doing this in preparation for creating a responsive design website workflow.
Views: 6512 Ray Villalobos
Install Git, Node, Grunt, Sass, Compass & Susy on Mac
This tutorial shows you how to install Git, Node.js, Grunt.js, Sass, Compass & Susy. These are common components for modern web development on your mac. I'm doing this in preparation for creating a responsive design website workflow.
Views: 5604 Ray Villalobos
Building a custom UI Audio Slider with JavaScript and jQuery UI...the video tutorial
In this tutorial, I'll show you how a slider that controls the volume of a song can easily be added with JavaScript and jQuery UI.
Views: 8350 Ray Villalobos
Perfectly Centered Website Menu with CSS & HTML
Here’s how to do a menu with HTML and have it appear perfectly centered on your page using CSS. This is notoriously hard to do unless you know this one little trick
Views: 1668 Ray Villalobos
Smooth CSS3 animations using web transitions
In this video tutorial I wanted to show you how you can use animation in CSS3 and show you a simple CSS code snippet that gives you an effect you can use everywhere on your website to dramatically improve the smoothness of your hover effects. For more tips and tutorials, visit my blog http://iviewsource.com
Views: 5189 Ray Villalobos
Understanding the Bootstrap Responsive CSS Layout Grid
In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use Bootstrap's layout grid. We'll start by installing the bootstrap framework onto an existing site through CDNs and then I'll walk you through adding a two column grid. Plus, we'll talk about the importance of the container class to fine tune your layouts. Then, I'll show you how to convert an existing navigation using Bootstrap's nav classes and how to create a simple Jumbotron.
Views: 8735 Ray Villalobos
Using Bootstrap with Prepros on Windows
In this video, Ray Villalobos shows you how to use the PrePros app to process Less files and compress and combine JavaScript documents using Windows.
Views: 7591 Ray Villalobos
Working with Inline Styles
One way of adding styles to HTML elements is by adding the style attribute to an existing tag. In this beginner tutorial I'll talk about why most of the time, that's a bad idea, plus talk about specificity and more.
Views: 603 Ray Villalobos
Building Markdown Slideshows with RayVeal.js
Rayveal.js is an adaptation of the popular reveal.js framework, but it's designed to work with markdown files to make it super easy to create slideshows. It lets you create multiple markdown documents and easily switch between them. It also has a lot of goodies like a toggle persistent toolbar at the bottom of the screen that lets you have related links for your contact info available at all times. This video shows you how to create a presentation quickly by forking the repo and using Github tools to edit your documents. I welcome comments and pull requests to make this better. Demo: http://raybo.org/rayveal Repo: https://github.com/planetoftheweb/rayveal
Views: 739 Ray Villalobos
Tech Deland January 2015
Two Lynda.com powerhouses are going to be calling in Live via Google Hangouts to our Meetup. First, our top iOS instructor Simon Allardice will be talking about Apple's new Swift language...where it's been and where it's going. Then, Adobe Certified Expert and regular Adobe Max speaker Justin Seeley will be talking about the Creative Suite and taking questions from the audience.
Views: 947 Ray Villalobos
Customize your category and page headers with CSS
Learn to create a custom look and feel for each category page and article by using PHP to create a class for your body tag.
Views: 1427 Ray Villalobos
Custom Fonts, Backgrounds and Media Queries
In this tutorial, I show you how to add custom fonts from Google WebFonts, plus Custom Full Screen Background Images and Media Queries for responsive design.
Views: 1269 Ray Villalobos
Using Embedded Stylesheets with CSS
Learn how to use style sheet definitions that are embedded on the page. This allows you to create a style sheet that affects the entire page.
Views: 417 Ray Villalobos
Adobe Edge Animate Preview 7: New Feature Review
Lynda.com staff author Ray Villalobos reviews the new features in Adobe Edge Animate Preview 7.
Views: 2216 Ray Villalobos
Resizing and Cropping
Learn how to create a simple group of images on your page and how to compress images for the web. We'll use Photoshop to crop and condense large images and resize images so that they load quickly on your sites.
Views: 994 Ray Villalobos
Using External CSS StyleSheets
The most common way to use CSS stylesheets with an existing HTML document is using the link tag. That allows you to use a single stylesheet in a number of pages. In this tutorial, I walk you through the process of adding an external stylesheet as well as how to include custom fonts in your pages.
Views: 507 Ray Villalobos
CSS Tutorial: Dropdown Menu
Learn how to create a simple drop down menu using HTML lists and CSS.
Views: 2606 Ray Villalobos
Lynda.com Adobe Edge Animate Preview 7
Adobe releases a new preview version of Adobe Edge and now it's called Adobe Edge Animate. Staff Author Ray Villalobos takes a look at some of the changes in this new version.
Views: 2981 Ray Villalobos
Creating a WordPress Child Theme
In this short tutorial, Ray Villalobos shows you the basics of creating a child them in WordPress, so you don't have to start from scratch when creating your blog.
Views: 1280 Ray Villalobos
Authored Content Episode 35
Authored Content Episode 35
Wordpress Tip: Controlling the length of articles
Ray Villalobos from the weekly Lynda.com series View Source shows new WordPress users a quick tip for controlling the length of the articles on a blog's homepage by adding a simple comment.
Views: 176 Ray Villalobos
Understanding Basic HTML Tags
A quick tutorial explaining the most basic of HTML tags. From a tag like the EM tag which has markup a specific element to a tag like the BR or A tag which require at least one attribute to make sense.
Views: 372 Ray Villalobos
Understanding Links & Debugging CSS
In this tutorial, we'll take a look at a the file structure of traditional FTP serves. The different ways to link to files and how to spot and debug typical problems that may arise in when you're linking to graphics and CSS files using the inspect element feature of Google Chrome.
Views: 1762 Ray Villalobos

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