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Acerola Takes Nanu's Toy Hostage! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 74 [English Subbed]
In order to get Nanu to let Ash take his trial, drastic measures must be taken.
Views: 325701 Rad Dudesman
Ash Tames Lycanroc! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 75 [English Subbed]
Ash calms the Wolf Pokemon down by reminding it of the times they spent together when it was a Rockruff.
Views: 1695619 Rad Dudesman
Ash Uses Splintered Stormshards! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 78 [RAW]
Ash and Lycanroc use their new Z-Move against Blacephalon and Xurkitree Lillie captures Blacephalon, and Lana captures Xurkitree
Views: 153442 Rad Dudesman
Blacephalon's Fireworks Show! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 78 [RAW]
A UB that appeared from an Ultra Wormhole, it causes explosions, then takes advantage of opponents' surprise to rob them of their vitality You've been hit by You've been stuck by A smooth Ultra Beast
Views: 91841 Rad Dudesman
Ash's Pikachu Learns Electroweb! Pokemon Sun & Moon Episode 76 [English Subbed]
Electroweb replaces Electro Ball.
Views: 1356615 Rad Dudesman
Ash's Rowlet Learns Razor Leaf! Pokemon Sun & Moon Episode 75 [English Subbed]
Rowlet absorbs power from the tree that Tapu Bulu created and learns Razor Leaf.
Views: 125496 Rad Dudesman
Kukui's Incineroar Defeats Mega Aggron! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 90 [RAW]
And Faba figures out that Kukui and the Masked Royal are the same person, and reveals that he's a huge fan
Views: 25693 Rad Dudesman
Lycanroc Controls Its Powered-Up Form! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 77 [English Subbed]
No cuts here Lycanroc keeps the red eyes when it raises its power level, but now remains obedient obedient to Ash
Views: 450713 Rad Dudesman
Alola's Creation Myth - Pokemon Sun & Moon Episode 87 [English Subbed]
And Necrozma said, "Let there be light," and there was light.
Views: 60304 Rad Dudesman
Nanu Comments On Ash's Rare Pokemon! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 74 [Subbed]
An appropriate reaction to a one-of-a-kind Lycanroc and an Ultra Beast.
Views: 344570 Rad Dudesman
Lillie Receives The Icium Z from Totem Sandslash! Pokemon Sun & Moon Episode 80 [English Subbed]
The main heroine just got her first Z-Crystal, which means she's getting a Z-Ring soon.
Views: 31285 Rad Dudesman
Ash And Lillie Learn About Ilima! Pokemon Sun & Moon Episode 65 [English Subbed]
Lillie was the newest student before Ash came along, so she's never met Ilima before either. Not that either of them care; they're more interested in what Komala's eyes look like, the dorks
Views: 131214 Rad Dudesman
Ash and Kiawe Are Going To Enter the Alola League! Pokemon & Sun Moon Anime Episode 74 [Subbed]
Kukui has finally revealed his plans to create a Pokemon League in Alola to his students.
Views: 109626 Rad Dudesman
Lana Scares Sophocles! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 76 [English Subbed]
"Would you like to see... what's inside?"
Views: 212994 Rad Dudesman
Ash Receives The Lycanium Z from Nanu! Pokemon Sun & Moon Episode 77 [English Subbed]
Nanu gives Ash the Lycanium Z since Ash isn't a "Dark" type of guy
Views: 164301 Rad Dudesman
Ash and Friends Playing! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 79 [English Subbed]
1: Cardboard sledding 2: Ash beats Kiawe at baseball 3: Ash playing tag with the girls
Views: 13960 Rad Dudesman
Zipp Reports Back To Tupp! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 65 [English Subbed]
Tupp sents Zipp and Rapp to go get the other Team Skull members
Views: 4652 Rad Dudesman
Venues Want The Gang To Perform Again! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 78 [English Subbed]
Their combo attack against Blacephalon and Xurkitree was mistaken for a Pokemon Performance. The others are unsure if they can pull it off again, but Lana sees a money-making opportunity.
Views: 38092 Rad Dudesman
Lillie, Mallow, and Lana Cheer For Ash! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 65 [English Subbed]
Ilima ain't the only one with fangirls Throw in Dawn as well to complete this cheerleading squad
Views: 25453 Rad Dudesman
Poipole Plays In The Abandoned Megamart! Pokemon Sun & Moon Episode 76 [English Subbed]
And almost kills Team Rocket with a shopping cart
Views: 35440 Rad Dudesman
Acerola's Mimikyu Is An Actual Ghost! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 73 [Subbed]
It's an actual ghost, so it can float and pass through solid objects unlike a normal Mimikyu.
Views: 89431 Rad Dudesman
Lillie Practices Her Poke Ball Throwing! Pokemon Sun & Moon Episode 78 [Omake]
She needs it, considering that last time she threw a Poke Ball, she hit Ash with it
Views: 429000 Rad Dudesman
Magmortar's Feint Attack! Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 81 [English Subbed]
"The user approaches the target disarmingly, then throws a sucker punch. This attack never misses."
Views: 12292 Rad Dudesman
Pokemon Sun & Moon Episode 56 Poke Problem Answer And Omake
Even listening to a recording of Jigglypuff puts them to sleep
Views: 12695 Rad Dudesman
Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Episode 59 Pokenchi Preview
AKA the story of how Mallow and Lana first met when they were little
Views: 6692 Rad Dudesman

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