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Course Description: The Legal & Ethical Environments of Business
Daniel Rice Professor of Law & Public Policy Practice The purpose of this course is to understand and appreciate the interrelationship between law and business. We will focus on understanding basic legal terms, the procedural context of litigation and the legal system in general. We will also work on developing skills for critical thinking, problem solving and legal analysis. We will explore management decision-making in situations that have legal implications. This course is not intended to make you a legal expert in any of the substantive areas of law we cover. It should, however, help you analyze legal problems, recognize how law influences business and management decision making in these areas, and improve your management skills and ethical analysis when faced with legal issues.
Supply Chain Management Specialization - MBA@Syracuse
Professor Burak Kazaz introduces the supply chain management specialization for the MBA program at Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management.
Marketing Management Specialization - MBA@Syracuse
Professor Eunkyu Lee introduces the marketing management specialization for the MBA program at Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management.
Course Description: Marketing Management
Scott Lathrop Professor of Marketing Practice Marketing Management provides students with an understanding of the theory, concepts, terminology, and frameworks used by marketing managers to develop an organization-wide customer orientation. It provides insight into how strategic planning, analysis of the competitive environment, market research, market segmentation, target market selection, and product positioning serve to create value for customers and the firm. Finally, the course enables students to investigate how effective marketing plans integrate the four components of the Marketing Mix (Product, Pricing, Placement, and Promotion) to optimize customer lifetime value.
Course Description: Financial Accounting
Joseph Comprix Chair, Joseph I. Lubin School of Accounting Associate Professor of Accounting Financial Accounting provides students with an understanding of the theory, concepts, principles, and practices underlying the preparation of financial statements. Students will also develop the ability to interpret financial statements. Since this course is intended to assist the student in professional preparation, students will be expected to develop their communication, analytical, problem-solving, and technical skills.
Course Description: Data Analysis and Decision Making
Leanne Martin Whitman Instructor This course will familiarize students with the assumptions underlying various statistical techniques and assist in identifying their appropriateness in a variety of situations. The student should be able to perform statistical analysis and interpret results in a meaningful way. Students are expected to relate results of such analyses to become an information-based decision maker.
Finance Specialization - MBA@Syracuse
Professor Ravi Shukla introduces the finance specialization for the MBA program at Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management.
Entrepreneurship Specialization - MBA@Syracuse
Professor Alexander McKelvie introduces the entrepreneurship specialization for the MBA program at Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management.
Course Description: Project Management
Patrick Penfield Professor of Supply Chain Practice Director, Executive Education Elements of successful project management. The organization and planning necessary from requirements definition to project closure. Project management processes and techniques.
Accounting Specialization - MBA@Syracuse
Professor William Walsh, CPA introduces the accounting specialization for the MBA program at Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management.
MBA@Syracuse Overview
Hear from the Whitman School’s Associate Dean, Don Harter, and [email protected] Program Director and Assistant Dean, Amy McHale, how [email protected] delivers the same quality and rigor of our on-campus degree program through this dynamic online format
Course Description: Financial Statement Analysis
Joshua Schultz, MBA Whitman Instructor The role of financial statement information in assessing a firm’s performance, prospects, and value. Financial analysis, equity valuation, competitive analysis, merger and acquisition analysis, international financial statement analysis.
Course Description: Managerial Accounting
Mitch Franklin Whitman Instructor Theory, design elements and application of cost management accounting to manage economic organizations. Focus on how accounting measures can be used to promote efficient resource allocation/consumption within the organization.
Course Description: Business Analytics
Don Harter Associate Dean of Masters Programs
Course Description: Microeconomics
Robert Florence Whitman Instructor This intensive course covers microeconomic foundations and explores variations, including comparative statics, marginal analysis, market structures, Information, and externalities. To explore policy implications, macroeconomic fundamentals, including money and national income measures, also will be covered.
New York, NY Residency
The [email protected] Residency in October 2015 focused on strategic communications and capital markets. This video provides a quick snapshot of what took place.
Course Description: Marketing Research
Amiya Basu Professor of Marketing Collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. Problem definition, questionnaire design, attitude measurement, data analysis, and demand forecasting. For those interested in conducting marketing research or using research information for marketing decision making.
Meet Janell Hager
Janell Hager [email protected] Student Information Services Site Manager, Cancer Treatment Centers of America Tulsa, Oklahoma
Dublin, Ireland Residency
The [email protected] Residency in July 2016 was held in Dublin, Ireland. This video provides a quick snapshot of what took place.
Meet Vitoria Cabrera
Vitoria Cabrera [email protected] Student Client Services Manager, Interactive One New York, New York
Live Online Classes
See how our collaborative online classes allow you to connect with classmates and professors face-to-face in real time, share documents, form break out groups and discuss the week’s coursework.
Virtual Campus Experience
Explore how our virtual campus allows you to access weekly coursework assignments, connect with classmates, track your progress, and collaborate in social groups from anywhere, using any connected device.

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