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Perfect Fade in 4 Minutes | How to Cut Men's Hair | Best Tutorial | Tip #2
Learn to give a fade in just 4 minutes! All the tips you need to give ANY HAIRCUT, ANY LENGTH, ANY STYLE. Steps for this video: 1) Guard #1 closed (short) 2) Guard #3 closed (short) 3) Guard #2 closed (short) 4) Guard #1 opened (long) 5) No guard opened (long) at the bottom Check out some more intricate haircuts on my channel, and SUBSCRIBE! Clippers: Andis Speedmaster
Perfect Skin Fade in 6 Minutes | NEW Techniques | Tip #6 | How to Cut Men's Hair
YOU WON'T MESS UP this haircut with these easy techniques! Just 6 minutes and you'll learn to give a perfect skin fade. Steps below: 1) Trimmer (zero) 2) Guard #2 closed 3) Guard #1 closed (to create "band") 4) No guards - opened (half) 5) Guard #1 opened (to get rid of upper guide line) 6) No guards - middle lever (quarter) 7) No guards - closed (zero) 8) Trimmer (shorter zero) 9) Shape up SUBSCRIBE—much more to come!
Fastest & Sharpest Beard Trim | How to Trim an Uneven Beard | | Tip #20 | 3 Minute Tutorial
From patchy beard to perfect beard in under 3 minutes! Step-by-step instructions so you can do the same at home! Aberlite beard shaper: https://amzn.to/2PySBX2 (Amazon US) https://amzn.to/2NAndpn (Amazon UK) SHARE, SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, & COMMENT!
Perfect Shape Up, 2 Minutes | Edge Up | Tip #3 | How to Cut Men's Hair
Give a perfect shape up with these essential tips! Subscribe! Next video will be on how to give a skin fade.
How to Cut Your Own Hair | Tip #17 | Men's Self-Haircut Tutorial HD
You'll never need another barber! Learn to cut your own hair perfectly. No three-way mirror, no special equipment. Steps: 1) Guard #6 (closed) 2) Guard #4 (closed) 3) Guard #3 (closed) 4) Guard #2 (closed) 5) Guard #1 (opened) 6) Guard #1 (closed, for neck) 7) Guard #0 (closed, for neck) 8) Shape up with trimmer (aka edge up or line up) 9) Trim top hair w/ scissors or guard #8 Clippers: Andis Speedmaster I pivot Motor Trimmer: Wahl 5-Star Razor/Edger SUBSRIBE!
Learn to Fade in 3 Minutes! | Tip #23 | How to Cut Men's Hair Tutorial
Quickest and easiest techniques for fading men's hair! Steps: 1) No guards (opened) 2) Guard #2 (closed) 3) Guard #3 (closed) 4) Guard #1 (closed) 5) Guard #0 (closed) 6) Guard #1 (opened) 7) Shape up & beard fade Clippers: Andis Speedmaster II pivot motor Trimmers: Wahl 5 Star Razor Edger
High Skin Fade | Tip #21 | Fast & Easy 4 Minute Tutorial
Perfect skin fade in just a few easy steps! 4 minute tutorial. SUBSCRIBE for more tips! STEPS: 1) No guards closed 2) Guard #1 closed (headband) 3) Guard #2 closed (top line) 4) Guard #1 opened (top line) 5) No guards opened (bottom line) 6) No guards halfway (bottom line) 7) Trimmers (bottom) 8) Shape up Clippers: Wahl Super Taper II Trimmers: Wahl 5-star Razor Edger
Zero Gap Any Clippers in 4 Minutes | Tip #15 | Barber Equipment
Clean, lubricate, and zero gap any clippers or trimmers with this 4 minute tutorial. NOTE: Some clippers my require more force to get the two blades exactly flush together. In these cases, maneuver the small piece inside the machine onto which the small blade latches. In my video it is that small black piece. Moving that just a bit can help you align the two blades perfectly. Be careful not to apply too much force; it can break, of course. Subscribe, like, and share!
Understanding Barber Terms & Hairstyles | Tip #7 | Best Explanations | Translating Barber Talk
Haircutting DICTIONARY... Barber terminology and hairstyles translated here in this short clip! TERMINOLOGY: Clippers, clips, guards, attachments, numbers, trimmer, edger, liner, t-edge, shape up, line up, edge up... HAIRSTYLES: Taper, Brook, High Fade, Mid Fade, Low Fade, Caesar, Undercut, Combover, Pompadour, Hard Line, Difference between fade height and hair length, and more...
Easy Fade in 4 Minutes | Low Mid Perfect Fade | Tip #8
MAJOR TRANSFORMATION! Afro curls to to buzz cut. Low fade and mid fade, learn it now! Foolproof tutorial… STEPS: 3 on top, 2.5 on sides, 0.5 to make lower fade line, 1.5 to make upper line, 2 to blend upper line, 1 to blend lower line, 0.5 corner technique to perfect lower line, 1.5 corner technique to perfect upper line Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
Taper Fade in 4 Minutes | Brooklyn Fade | Tip #13 | Brook
Low taper fade in a few easy steps! 4 minute TUTORIAL. See steps below… 1) ZERO (clippers, no guards, lever closed) bottom inch 2) ONE guard closed (to make guidelines) about an inch above the previous step 3) HALF (clippers, no guards, lever opened) to knock out lower guideline 4) QUARTER (clippers, no guards, lever midway) to clean up anything remaining from lower line 5) TWO guard opened (to start getting rid of upper guideline 6) ONE guard opened (to fade between the ONE closed and the TWO opened) 7) Edge up / Shape up SUBSCRIBE & SHARE
Fade Any Hairstyle, 5 Minutes | Low Drop Fade | Tip #12
Learn to fade ANY hairstyle in 5 minutes! How to give a low fade. How to give a drop fade. Home tutorial. Watch in HD! Click for steps below. Steps: 1) 4 closed 2) 1 closed (lower guideline) 3) 2 closed (upper guideline) 4) 3 closed (to fade between 2 and 4) 4) 1 open (to fade between 1 and 2) 5) Shape up // Edge up
Haircutting Equipment | Clippers and Trimmers | Tip #1
Here's the inside scoop on all haircutting machines and tools you'll need for a perfect and easy haircut! Also find out what's the best bang for your buck and which brands are the best. Subscribe and share--next video we'll get to actual haircutting!
Trim & Shape Your Patchy Beard Perfectly | NEW Techniques | Best How To Tutorial HD | Tip #11
Make your beard perfectly SMOOTH and SHARP every time, even if it's thin and patchy! 4 minute tutorial. SUBSCRIBE & share!
Reverse Fade Beard Into Sideburns | 2 Minutes | Tip #5 | How to Cut Men's Hair
Learn to fade a beard into the rest of the haircut! Just 2 minutes! Smooth fading and transition between beard and sideburns. Step-by-step instructions. Subscribe—much more to come!
Regrow Thinning Hair! 5 Minutes | How to Cut and Fade Balding Hair | Tip #19
Next best thing to REGROWING YOUR HAIR! How to fade thin hair to make it look thicker and fuller on top. 5-minute tutorial! STEPS (read below): 1) Get rid of hair bulk using guard #3 closed. 2) Get rid of hair bulk using guard #4 closed above the previous step. (Note: this step is optional.) 3) Guard #1 closed. 4) Guard #2 closed. 5) Guard #1 opened (fading). 6) Guard #2 closed (touch-up work) 7) Shape up and beard. Clippers: Wahl Super Taper II Trimmers: Wahl 5-star Razor Edger SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, and LIKE!
Self Haircut - Long Hair | How to Cut Your Own Hair | How to Cut Long Men's Hair | Tip #25
Best tutorial for cutting your own long hair. Don't pay for another haircut! Learn these few steps and a few minutes! SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, LIKE, & SHARE!
Perfect Haircut with Scissors & Clippers || Tip #16 | 6 Minute Tutorial
Use scissors to cut long hair on top after fading hair on the side using clippers. 6 minutes and you'll have all the tips you need! See steps below: Step 1: Guard #1 closed (bottom of the fade) Step 2: Guard #3 closed (to make the "middle band of hair") Step 3: Guard #2 closed (to fade between guard #1 and guard #3) Step 4: Guard #1 opened (to fade between #1 closed and #2 closed) Step 5: Shape up / Edge up Step 6: Use scissors to blend guard #3 into hair on top of head Step 7: Use scissors to trim hair on top of head SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, & SHARE!
Best Beard Shaper | Shark Tank's The Cut Buddy | 10% OFF | Tip #18
Whether it's your beard, hairline, or neckline, The Cut Buddy will make you look sharp every single time! Check out this video for the best tips on men's self-grooming using The Cut Buddy, as seen on Shark Tank striking a deal! 10% OFF Coupon Code: TIPS http://lddy.no/2b2y SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and SHARE! Trimmer used in video: Wahl 5-Star Razor/Edger
Scissor Cut Child's Hair, 5 Minutes | Boy's First Haircut | Toddler | Tip #10
2 year old's FIRST HAIRCUT! All the tips you need to scissor cut children's hair. 5 minute tutorial. Learn for your own child!
How to Cut Kid's Hair: 3 STEPS! Clippers & Scissors, Tip #24
Learn how to cut your child's hair in 3 steps! 4-minute video. Child's first haircut. Easy tutorial. SUBSCRIBE for more videos
Undercut Skin Fade, 5 Minutes | Tip #4 | How to Cut Men's Hair | Best Home Tutorial
Just 5 minutes! Skin fade, undercut, combover, medium fade…learn it all with these simple tips! Subscribe! The videos will keep coming.
Long Hair, Clipper Haircut 6 Minutes | Tip #14 | Best Fade Tutorial | How to Cut Men's Hair
Cut and fade long hair using clippers! Quick tutorial. Steps written below: 1) Cut all hair using #8 opened (or closed. Can also use #6 or #7, depending on desired length of hair on top) 2) Guard #6 closed (to fade into longest hair on top) 3) No guards, opened (this is a half) 4) Guard #1 opened (to make upper guideline) 5) Guard #2 closed (to get rid of upper guideline) 6) Guard #3 closed 7) Guard #4 closed 8) Guard #1 closed (to get rid of lower guideline) 9) Shape up
Perfect BEARD and Man Bun | Trimmers Only! | Tip #22 | 6 Minute Tutorial HD
How to trim a LONG, WILD, and CRAZY beard. How to trim the sides and back around a man bun. Trimmers: Wahl 5-star Razor Edger
How to Fix a Bad Haircut in 5 minutes | How to Cut Men's Hair | Best Home Tutorial | Tip #9
Watch me revive this TERRIBLE haircut in 5 minutes! 1) Light taper / low fade on sides and back. 2) Fade blended perfectly into the hair on top. Join the rest—SUBSCRIBE!
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