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Lady GaGa - Poker Face (parody) Mexican Style
I do not own any of the audio/music in this video and all copyrights go to Lady GaGa and the fellow record company. This is just a video that I made thinking about problems that happen to me and of corse I express my feellings by making videos. Of corse parts of this video was not acting. ∆∆...If you like this video then you should subcribe to my channel so you can get my lates videos as soon as possible. Sound effects from http://ilovewavs.com/ Please rate and comment my email is [email protected]
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Youtube Preview (Coming Soon)
This is a short,, well long, sneek peek of the videos I will be posting on this channel. My name is Rafael and I'm the one dancing "What" in this video. If you like this video subscribe because I'm working on other videos that will be posted to this channel. My email is [email protected]
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Time with Tommy & Rodolfo (ep.1)
This is the first video of the serious of videos I will be doing on these two young "actors." If you like these check out my other videos and make sure to subscribe for the upcoming videos of "Time with Tommy & Rodolfo" and other parodies, blogs, & reenactments. ect... make sure to tell me what you think of my videos if U have time My Email is: [email protected]
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Alphah's Freshman 1st Semester
This is a slideshow video I put together of pictures from my Freshman's First Semester :) Enjoy!
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Spanish Video about recycling. Spanish class project Hope you enjoy
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 Kim n Jenny
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Dancing with a towel on your head.
This is my little brother dancing to one of his favorite songs with a towel on his head. HA!HA!HA!
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Save me a spot in college: I Wanna Go
This is a video that i made to send to the 2009 "Save Me a Spot in College" contest. And no, unfortunetly I did not won. But im ganna enter da contest again next year.
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Flirting with me??
Flirt. Its just basicly bite your lip and give a cheesy look.
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