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Neil Young - Too Far Gone (Cover)
One of his easier songs to play. Someone said I sounded like Neil so, it inspired me to upload this.
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When Mr X is gon give it to ya
The mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1645817030 Every-time I see this I just die of laughter
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[SFM] Meme Machine
Progress: I've learned how to crop and sync up music with animation I've learned how to manipulate models better I've learned how to switch camera angles rapidly but it's still fucking confusing to do sometimes. Not bad progress for two days actually. This was fun to make. Okay now I'm tired. Gonna sleep now bye bye.
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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild - Intel Core i5 - 7500 (Cemu 1.15.3)
This is a test I did with Fraps. Normally the game runs at a full 60FPS using two cores, and with one core it runs at about 40. With two cores, the game stutters slightly, but that's because the CPU is under a lot of strain. In this test, I'm running the game using two cores and using the latest version of CEMU. The reason why this video isn't actually 60FPS is because the frames drop while recording. So it's like this: (Dualcore - Compiler) While recording: 40FPS Without recording: 60FPS (Singlecore) While recording: Haven't tested Without recording: 40FPS For what it's worth, CEMU is a very intensive CPU hog. Only i7's can really run CEMU at a full static 60FPS, no frame drops, AND while recording for that matter. The fact that this i5 can get 60FPS is quite impressive. Here's hoping the team releases that Vulkan API soon. That will help performance big time.
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I created this small sound that I absolutely fell in love with. It just had a memorable feel to it. So for now this is the working title to it. Hopefully I don’t ruin the good nature of this sound as I work on it. I might write this about my ex. Need some closure. Hopefully.
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Nirvana - Polly (Cover)
This is a cover I made in a studio. I know a family member who is a music engineer. This is the first “official” cover I’ve ever done, simply because this is the first time I’ve ever done anything in a studio. I made this about 3 months ago and it was really fun to make. I’m just now getting around to uploading it though. Yes I know my vocals suck. I’m still learning what they sound like. And yes that’s me playing guitar.
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Currently I'm learning Source Filmmaker, and as I was practicing I accidentally screwed something up, and SFM decided to give me this masterpiece of animation. The music was edited in.
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HARD MODE X2000000 - Parappa The Rapper ( Part 1 )
My first video! This game is hard!!! Subscribe!
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Ignore this
*Figures out how to create stop motion and edit facial expressions* *Adds stupid sound effect*
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Mace Windu on Crack
Windu what are you doing, you're ruining everything.
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