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How to cut Long Men's Haircut, Scissors + Clippers
Amanda Bush, owner of Allen Ray Salon in downtown Minneapolis, demonstrates a long men's haircut with a combination of scissors and clippers. @bushihair https://www.facebook.com/pages/Allen-Ray-Salon
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How to taper the neckline
Create a short taper on the neckline to flow into a completely blended haircut. This is a classic haircut with no disconnection and a heavy taper.
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How to cut short hair clipper over comb
This short clipper over comb technique is a great staple men's haircut to learn. This men's haircut is a #1 + comb on the bottom and a comb + shear on the top.
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How to cut Short Hair Clipper Cutting, NO Guard - Amanda @ Allen Ray Salon
This is a short men's clipper cut for a modern business professional. A combination of barber techniques and hairstylists techniques as well. @bushihair
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How to fade a short men's clipper cut, Men's haircut
Short men's clipper cut faded with Andis clipper. Barbering and cosmetology techniques blended together. www.AllenRaySalon.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/Allen-Ray-Salon
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Men's Haircut at Aveda Jam
Amanda Olusanya (Bush) cutting men's hair onstage at Aveda. Mastery of men's hair! This is my passion!!! xoxo www.meetamandaolusanya.com
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How to Cut Men's Faded bottom with Disconnected top
This haircut shows you how to connect the top from a very short undercut to a long top, still connecting the back behind the ears. It will be an easier haircut to style then such a large disconnection.
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Allen Ray Salon Montage
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Classic men's medium length haircut with shear & clipper
This is a medium length haircut that uses the shear, finishes with the clipper and transitions with a shear. It's a classic haircut that will never go out of style!
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How to transition a haircut
This video is with a young kid who has a soccer haircut. It's heavily disconnected but I connected it best I could. I see this a lot where it seems to be 2 separate haircuts with little connection in the transition. I also do a fade on the bottom with no guards, just blending with my comb.
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Amanda Bush - Clipper Cut
Amanda Bush, owner of Allen Ray Salon in downtown Minneapolis demonstrates a clipper cut.
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Allen Ray INTRO
Welcome to our salon! We cater to business professionals in a downtown market with highly educated stylists in a relaxed environment!
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