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The Kingsmen Tribute
Tribute to the Kingsmen music from Lone Wolf motivation.Music and pics not owned.No infringement intended
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Croatia Epic Selfie 2017
Epic Selfie around Croatia over a week
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Guy does epic impressions in under 5 minutes
My attempt at impressions.Includes impersonations of Colin Firth,Liam Neeson and more.Subscribe for more content. If this video gets over 200 views I will do more impressions Follow my twitter @IamjcbJamie or Facebook Jamie Barton
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The Cinematic Orchestra/To build a home/10th Doctor Tribute enhanced
Tribute to ten my Doctor song the Cinematic Orchestra
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Doctor Who The Age of steel parody
Doctor Who the Age of Steel The Doctor defeats the CyberController in this funny parody from a David Tennant classic the Age of Steel
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Doctor Who physics parody School Reunion
Parody of physics scene from 10th Doctor
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Punk Rock Scene 4 Readthrough
I am doing a play at College so I read throught scene 4 if you like this please sub.Lets aim for 40 subs.I know we can do it.
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Doctor Who blink Easter Egg HD
10th doctor parody transcript from blink Twitter @IamjcbJamie Facebook Jamie Barton
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The Waters of Mars Doctor Who scene 3
The Waters Of Mars Doctor Who scene 3 Parody A parody of the waters of mars from David Tennants Doctor Who.I am not an owner of the music used and don't claim it to be my own.This video is for Doctor Who fans aka whoovians.Enjoy fellow whoovians and don't forget to subscribe for more Doctor Who Content in the future
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The Kingsman impressions
I attempt some new impressions.Enjoy.
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Doctor Who Physics Parody 2
Parody of the physics scene from David Tennants 10th Doctor
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Judi Dench Impression
My impression of Judi Dench from Skyfall
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East End Tales 5
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Punk Rock Chadwick Monologue
Monologue from the play Punk Rock
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Surviving Martins Henchman
WHOPLANET IMPRESSIONS is an acting and entertainment website created by me Jamie Barton.Sub for cool impressions and other cool stuff.
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Doctor Who Logan style
Doctor Who tribute video logan style unofficial content not owned and agrees with the fair use policy
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Tribute to Ten Doctor Who
Tribute to the tenth Doctor music not owned.No infringement intended
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Doctor Who The Age Of Steel parody
Doctor Who the age of steel parody from the final scene when the 10th doctor defeats the Cyber Controller i
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Surviving Martins Henchman
WHOPLANET IMPRESSIONS is an acting and entertainment website created by me Jamie Barton.Sub for cool impressions and other cool stuff.
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Hamlets Coward Soliloquy
Ok so I watched David Tennant do his version.So I made my own.Enjoy☺
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The Sontaran Stratagem spoof
Doctor Who Sontaran Strategem parody video from the 10th doctors doctor who
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Elisabeth sladen tribute /time/ Hans Zimmer time
In memory of Elizabeth Sladen
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Growth Script Readthrough
I am in a play in a week 😅here's a read through of the part I am playing which is Julian.Hope you like this style of videos comments and feedback welcome😀
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Me playing Luke Rattagan
Meeting the Doctor unofficially as I impersonate Luke Rattagan
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Geometry dash with commentry
My fist gaming commentry enjoy
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I am the Doctor
Hey guys this is just a funny tribute towards Doctor Who enjoy
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Audition for Anthony
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Cyprus Travel Video
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New Intro
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Manchester Night Vlog
Me and a mate went to the markets at 10.30 for lols and some were still open
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My version of 007 reporting for duty
Fan made version.Me impersonating James Bond enjoy
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Sherlock / Echo enhanced
Tribute to Sherlock Music Echo by Jason Follow my twitter @IamjcbJamie
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An introduction to me
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Quitting by DM Larson
me performing a monologue from the play Music Maybe called quitting.If you like this please subscribe as it encourages me al lot and if you have any suggestions for impressions or anything else feel free to say so.
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Tens regeneration tribute
Tribute to the tenth Doctor regeneration music not owned.No infringement intended
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Croatia 360 Epic Selfie
For a competition
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Doctor who the Sontaran strategem parody
Parody of me impersonating the 10th Doctor enjoy
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New Doctor Who Parody HD
New Doctor Who Parody but HD music not owned no infringement intended
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In memory
A tribute to someone very close to me
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