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Running a Business on Purpose | Jim Stengel
Should we really be looking to business for purpose? Jim Stengel, former Global Marketing Officer of Procter & Gamble, explains the often perplexing relationship between business and purpose and how it affects companies experiencing remarkable growth. Learn more: http://www.jimstengel.com/
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Reframing Business Around Ideals - JIm Stengel at TED
http://www.jimstengel.com Jim Stengel's 2012 TED talk on the power of Ideals in business, branding and life. Stengel makes the case that it's time to change the state of business. But he starts his story with the tale of his younger brother, Bob, who grew up to be a star physician and to whom he was super-close from childhood. You can hear his pride as he describes Bob, "the finest human being I have ever met." And we know where this story is going: leukemia, diagnosed in August, 2001, the very same month Jim was appointed global marketing officer of the largest consumer goods firm in the world, Procter & Gamble. From http://blog.ted.com/2012/03/01/can-we-reframe-business-around-ideals-jim-stengel-makes-the-case-at-ted2012/ Unsurprisingly, the clash of good and bad information caused Stengel to undertake some serious thinking. "Could I go to work to build Procter & Gamble's mighty brands when my brother was fighting to beat that disease?" he asked himself. The answer, it turned out, was yes, though now Stengel resolved to approach his job a little differently, to take his brother along with him wherever he went. 2001 was not just a crazy time for Stengel; it was a heady time for the entire world. We didn't know it then, he says, but business as it had been conducted for decades was coming apart at the seam. Enron, AIG, Bear Sterns were flunking; Internet-driven companies were on the rise. Stengel embarked on a personal quest to rethink business as usual and enter what he describes as "the era of higher ideals," that is business based around ideals such as generosity, giving, service and passion. Eventually, he left P&G in order to strike out on his own, to understand more about this shift. And he approvingly cites companies including Lindt, Method and Petrobras, Discovery Channel and IBM as those that have understood and embraced such qualities. Bob died on November 4th, 2010, says Stengel, with a catch in his voice. "He was and is my inspiration. He helped me to see a very different world of business and to approach my business life in a different way and a different spirit." Now, he vows his mission is to continue preaching his new gospel and persuade others to join the new narrative. After all, three billion people are involved in business around the world. "What if a large percentage adopted this story? How would organizations change? How would innovation change? How would advertising change? How would business change?" It's this opportunity that he is arguing we should commit to following.
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How to find the brand ideal - Jim Stengel
Jim's insights on the most effective ways to find a brand's Ideal http://www.jimstengel.com
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Unleashing the Innovators: The Xperiel Story
I spent three years visiting VCs, big companies, and startups for my new book, Unleashing the Innovators. The startup that intrigued me the most was Xperiel. Learn more here: http://www.jimstengel.com/books/unleashing-innovators/
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Inside the Movement - Grow by Jim Stengel
A short preview of Jim's book, Grow, exploring what makes the best businesses the best. http://www.jimstengel.com
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Holistic Ideals - Grow by Jim Stengel
Jim Stengel reveals why the language of business should change. http://www.jimstengel.com
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Rethink Marketing Branding Life - Jim Stengel
A collection of inspirational clips from Jim Stengel's lectures worldwide
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A New Journey - Jim Stengel
A closer look at the concept of Grow by Jim Stengel. http://www.jimstengel.com
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Disruptive Innovation - Jim Stengel
Fresh ideas for the Google™ TV Ads Summit
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The 5 Principles of Great Brands What the best brands do differently
Jim' Stengel's view on how to lift marketing as a discipline for the benefit of consumers.
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The New Story of Brand Success - Jim Stengel
http://www.jimstengel.com Jim Stengel discusses how successful brands know how to impact lives at Millward Brown. .
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Measure the Purpose: Jim Stengel
How measuring Ideals can lead to growth. http://www.jimstengel.com
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Cannes Lions Young Marketers
Talented, energetic, young leaders wanted. Join us for the 2016 Cannes Lions Young Marketers Academy in June. http://www.canneslions.com/school/diplomas/marketers/
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Expert views from Cannes Lions 2013 (Jim Stengel CMO Accelerator)
Watch highlights from Cannes Lions 2013. The film was specially created to kick-off the 2013 CMO ACCELERATOR with Jim Stengel for 27 CMO's held at the end of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. The film features interviews with Andy Fennell (CMO Diageo), Jim Stengel (former GMO, P&G), Carolyn Everson (VP Global Marketing Solutions, facebook), Sir Martin Sorell (CEO, WPP Group), Jonathan Mildenhall (VP of Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence, Coca Cola), Nick Emery (Global CEO, Emery), Marc de Swaan Arons (Co-founder, EffectiveBrands), Andrew Bosworth (VP Engineering, facebook), Fernando Machado (Global Brand VP, Dove Skin at Unilever). Learn more at http://www.jimstengel.com
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Stay Fresh in February
Jim Stengel shares four ways he stays fresh during the month of February.
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Former P&G CMO Jim Stengel Named Chair of in/PACT International Advisory Board
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Cannes Lions CMO Accelerator
A whole new perspective on the future of marketing. http://www.canneslions.com/school/executive/cmo/
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Honda Super Bowl 51 Commercial
A dreamy ad idea. Wish the payoff was bigger than a redesigned CR-V. #Powerofdreams
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The Playbook For Big Companies
Everyone is struggling with culture change, growth, and fear of failure. There are a lot of books written by startup founders, but no playbook for big companies. Jim Stengel's new book Unleashing the Innovators is just that. Learn more here: http://www.jimstengel.com/books/unleashing-innovators/
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Ford - Super Bowl 51
Ford -- A nice, humanity-fueled expression of their corporate ideal and great use of #SB51 to reframe an iconic brand.
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Post-Cannes Commitment
You just got back from Cannes. Now what? Here's Jim Stengel's suggestion.
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Get Inspired by Grow - Jim Stengel
A short preview of Jim Stengel's book, Grow, and what he hopes resonates with readers. Download a free chapter of the book at http://www.jimstengel.com
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Legacy Companies Aren't Stupid
Big companies know what they have to change, but they still don't take action. Learn more: http://www.jimstengel.com/books/unleashing-innovators/
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Cannes Lions Young Marketers - Grace Sobey
Grace Sobey, a 2014 Cannes Lions Young Marketers graduate talks about the impact the course had on her career.
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Bud Light Super Bowl 51 Ad
Welcome back to our old friend Spuds. Love @budlight focus on friendship, but execution is everything and this one felt clunky.
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Unleashing the Innovators: Legacy Companies Moving Offices
Legacy companies need to attract talent and that talent wants to live in interesting places.
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Jim Stengel is Interviewed by Phil Thomas Cannes Lions CEO
Jim discusses the evolution of the Cannes Lions Festival and how marketing and creativity intersect
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Lessons Startups Teach Big Companies
Startups are relentless about their products and services. They are never complacent. Big companies get distracted.
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Unleashing the Innovators: How to Avoid Self-Destruction
"Any company designed for the 20th century is doomed for failure in the 21st." - David Rose
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A New Story -  Grow by Jim Stengel
Jim Stengel reveals why the story of business has to change. The reason Jim Stengel wrote the book, Grow. http://www.jimstengel.com
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Unleashing the Innovators: The Impact
Jim hopes Unleashing the Innovators can be a tipping point for legacy companies trying to change their culture. http://www.jimstengel.com/books/unleashing-innovators/
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How to Impact "Ideals" - Jim Stengel
An inside look at Jim Stengel's strategies for companies implementing their Ideals. http://www.jimstengel.com
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Stay Open
Professor Jim Stengel interviews Mark Hoplamazian, President & Chief Executive Officer of Hyatt Hotels Corporation
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DSCOOP X: Tenth Annual Conference
Jim Stengel will be speaking at the 10th Annual Dscoop Conference on March 5, 2015 in Washington, D.C. Jim will lead a discussion on what he has learned about the power of activating an inspiring ideal within companies. Through cases and stories from his personal experience and from his clients, Jim will outline principles for application by participants, to drive accelerated growth in their organizations.
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Unleashing the Innovators: Pitching The Book Idea
As Global Marketing Officer of P&G, Jim Stengel saw firsthand the importance of establishing partnerships with the startup world in order to learn how to better pivot and innovate. Find out what happened when he pitched the idea for the book.
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Share Your Thoughts on Grow - Jim Stengel
http://www.jimstengel.com Jim invites readers to share their thoughts about his book, Grow, on Facebook
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SXSW Day 3 Highlights
My biggest takeaways from Day 3 at SXSW 2016
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Walking Around Times Square at #AWXI
I love the energy and excitement of Times Square!
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Jim - Cannes 2017 - Best Year Yet
Jim's quick recap on Cannes Lions 2017
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Cannes Lions Young Marketers Academy Pt 3
Grace Sobey, a 2014 graduate of the Cannes Lions Young Marketers Academy, talks about her experience.
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Jim Stengel in Cannes for Cannes Lions
An interview with Jim Stengel at the 2010 Cannes Lions Festival in Cannes, France. http://www.jimstengel.com
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SXSW 2016 - Day 1
Highlight of Day 1
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Effective Recruiting - Jim Stengel
Jim Stengel's view on finding the right people. http://www.jimstengel.com
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Jim Stengel Logo Animation
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Super Bowl 51
Join us on Twitter @JimStengel and Facebook.com/JimStengelIdeals to discuss the #SB51 ads.
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SXSW Day 1 Lessons from a 170 year-old startup
3 lessons from the 170 year-old startup, Associated Press
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Jim Stengel ANA Masters 2008
Jim Stengel delivered his final keynote speech as Global Marketing Officer of Procter & Gamble at the 2008 ANA Masters of Marketing Annual Conference. copyright: ANA Masters of Marketing
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Audi Super Bowl 51  Ad
Love it when a company takes a stand but they better live up to it! Nice execution.
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