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Ad Builder for HTML5 Demo
Easy-to-use Sizmek Ad Builder for HTML5 empowers your team to make great creative effortlessly.
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Sizmek DCO for Programmatic Creative
A step-by-step video showing how quick it is to create dynamic campaigns using Sizmek Dynamic Creative tools. Give us five minutes, and you’ll be a believer. Give us a shoutout at http://go.sizmek.com/contact if you want to go ahead and get started on dynamic creative now.
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What AI Reveals About Our Place in the Universe, SXSW 2018
Artificial intelligence reveals patterns in our brains, bodies, cities, and the universe at large. Nikos Acuña, Chief Visionary of Sizmek & author of Mindshare, explores these patterns and what it could mean for humanity with Louis Rosenberg, CEO of Unanimous AI, PhD Neuroscientist, Vivienne Ming, and theoretical physicist, Sean Carroll. Together, they’ll illustrate the implications of AI as it impacts the way we understand our experiences.
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Sizmek Mobile Webinar: "6 Rules to break if you want to make great mobile ads"
Presented on 7.9.15 Speakers: David Simutis- Prod. Marketing Mgr, Mobile & Social (Sizmek) Rory Hallam- Media Director (Think Jam) Brant Nesbitt- Creative Designer/Client Services (Sizmek)
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Sizmek AI Academy Lesson 1: 4 Main Types of AI for Marketing
You may not realize it, but artificial intelligence is already pervasive in marketing. Find out the four chief ways you are already using AI in your everyday life. Learn more: https://sizmek.com/ai-academy/
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Sizmek MDX-NXT
MDX-NXT, a next generation open ad management platform, enables marketers to drive performance through all channels by activating real-time insights that differentiate their brand and engage their customers and prospects with truly personalized experiences across all levels of the funnel. For more: http://www.sizmek.com/resources/post/mdx-nxt-how-to-deliver-the-wow-factor
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Sizmek Mobile Solutions
Cultivate deep, lifelong relationships with your customers no matter what device they’re using. By connecting all of the best tools for successful mobile advertising in one place, Sizmek Open Ad Management makes it easy for you to hit that goal, instead of distracting you with the tedium of managing 10 different vendors. And because that place is open—allowing you to choose the options that work best for your business—you achieve your goals on your terms, not your vendors’. Give us a shoutout at http://go.sizmek.com/contact if you want to go ahead and get started now.
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Sizmek Video Showreel
Sizmek's Video Showreel features our top engaging and interactive ad experiences
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Sizmek AI Academy Lesson 4: Real-time AI for Advertising Part 1: Predictive Models
Learn about how real-time AI can make use of billions of data points—including consumer, contextual, creative, campaign, and cost data—to optimize programmatic ad placements.
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Sizmek Video Solutions
From simple video ad building, to delivering an uninterrupted experience on every device, to knowing that your ads are landing in brand-happy places, bring together everything you need to do video right. Get a holistic picture of what’s working best across your entire campaign with unified data. And leave the weedy issues like encoding, trafficking and device compatibility to us, so you stay focused on what’s really important—cultivating deeper relationships with your best customers.
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Sizmek AI Academy Lesson 5: Real-time AI for Advertising Part 2: Bidding
Once you’ve predicted the best ad placement, AI can then turn these predictions into real-time bid prices, so your campaigns not only deliver great performance, but do it efficiently too. Find out how.
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Sizmek AI Academy Lesson 2: Real-time AI and How to Spot It
Real-time AI learns the way humans do, adapting to changing conditions, and adjusting results accordingly—but do you know what real-time AI looks like? Discover the six facets of real-time AI. Learn more: https://sizmek.com/ai-academy/
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Sizmek AI Academy Lesson 3: Behind the AI Buzzwords
AI is developing so quickly that the terminology around it can get confusing. Here, we help define commonly used terms so you can compare AI approaches and claims. Learn more: https://www.sizmek.com/ai-academy/
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Digiday Dialog w/ Peer39 by Sizmek
Digiday Content Studio Sr Editor, Josh Sternberg discusses optimizing digital campaigns across screens with a holistic and comprehensive strategy w/ Peer39 by Sizmek's Sr. Director of Sales, Ross Sandler.
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Sizmek DSP: Visualize key trends with the Top Insights Report
Want an at-a-glance snapshot of what’s driving campaign performance? The Top Insights Report gives you easy-to-understand visuals to help you quickly identify the consumer, campaign, and contextual attributes that are having the most significant impact on campaign performance.
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DMEXCO 2018 - Setting Up
The Sizmek team spent time setting up the booth, preparing a space to share the empowering story of how advertisers are now able to experience data, media, and creative optimized by AI to gain remarkable results in their campaigns.
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DMEXCO 2018 - Day 1
The Sizmek team gives us recaps of what people are asking Sizmek at DMEXCO. Hedi Sramko, Director of Sales Engineering in our London office, says that Sizmek’s recent launch of the new AI-enabled DSP’s interface and capabilities of our is what’s big this year, plus today’s launch of Sizmek Advanced TV, Claude Spaveski, Managing Director of France, noted the need for transparency and openness in platforms, and how important media-agnostic technology solutions are for client success.
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Sizmek Auto Showreel
Sizmek shows how it can super charge your auto campaign, across all screens.
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CEO Viewpoint - Sizmek Inspire3
Sizmek CEO, Neil Nguyen recaps the year and provides a glimpse of what the future holds for mobile, programmatic and video as they continue to take shape and data-madness intensifies. What merits debating and what needs debunking – you hear it straight from the top!
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Sizmek Advanced Attribution
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Sizmek With IBM Watson: Building Innovations That Deliver Brand Goals
Sizmek with IBM Watson has teamed up to take programmatic advertising to the next level. Now, agencies and marketers can leverage Watson’s sentiment analysis through Sizmek’s Demand Side Platform to deliver brand messages in the right environment. Together, we’re building solutions that ensure brand safety, raise brand awareness, and create better brand experiences. Watch engineers from Sizmek and IBM discuss how we’re working together to create solutions that ensure marketers reach their brand goals.
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DMEXCO 2018 - Day 2
The flurry of the first day of DMEXCO continued on into day two, and dominant themes definitely emerged.
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Is the Agency of the Future Still an Agency
The Sizmek team dived into Advertising Week APAC, with VP of Strategic Solutions, Tim Whitfield taking the stage with a group of senior industry executives from agencies and technology companies to discuss another hot topic: What is the future of agencies? The panelists included Shivani Maharaj, National Head of Content & Partnerships, Wavemaker; Sérgio Brodsky, Head of Strategy, Initiative; Mitch Waters, ANZ General Manager, The Trade Desk; and moderator Gavin McDonough, Cofounder of UnThink.
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Find Your Brand Moment with Sizmek - 15 second
Welcome to the Attention Economy. When in-your-face ads try to get your consumer to buy a burger, car, insurance or any other product, they’re competing for that scarce attention. Most ads are seen, but ignored. Don’t be ignored by your audience. Capture their attention by reaching them when they are most receptive at that optimal brand moment with Rocket Fuel and Sizmek. Visit https://www.sizmek.com/attention-economy/
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The Sizmek 60: SXSW 2019, Sony
The immersive Sony Experience at SXSW 2019 challenged visitors to combine creativity and technology. The best part: AI puppies!
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Andrew Bloom Inspire Napa 2015
Andrew Bloom speaking at Sizmek's Inspire 2015 in Napa, CA.
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You're invited! Sizmek at DMEXCO 2018
Join Sizmek at DMEXCO to find out the latest in how to combine data, media, and creative powered by AI to increase your campaign impact: https://sizmekdmexco2018.splashthat.com/
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Find Your Brand Moment with Sizmek - 30 second
Welcome to the Attention Economy. When in-your-face ads try to get your consumer to buy a burger, car, insurance or any other product, they’re competing for that scarce attention. Most ads are seen, but ignored. Don’t be ignored by your audience. Capture their attention by reaching them when they are most receptive at that optimal brand moment with Rocket Fuel and Sizmek. Visit http://www.rocketfuel.com/attentioneconomy
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Sizmek DSP: Look under the hood with our Model Attributes Report
The Model Attributes report gives you a transparent view of the models used on your campaign. It shows each feature and attribute that Sizmek AI uses to make decisions and how each one is scoring for your campaign.
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In Focus - Sizmek Inspire3
Sizmek's Deann Harvey sits down with industry leaders from three diverse regions to get their perspectives on what it means to be customer-centric in their parts of the world. Guest panelists are: -Arthur Chan (EVP, Digital Marketing for Palisades MediaGroup) -Ian Loon, (Regional Director for Starcom MediaVest) -Bill Staples, (Senior Director, Commercial Strategy for GroupM)
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Juan Sevillano on Cámara Abierta
Juan Sevillano, Sizmek Spain MD, has been featured on Cámara Abierta speaking about how AI can help create personalized and relevant ads, and the benefits this brings to both consumers and advertisers.
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Inspiring Impressions: How to Unlock the Value of Your Media and Data
Brand Safety or #GDPR Concerns? Discover how to protect and enhance the value of your brand, how to remain GDPR-compliant without sacrificing performance, how AI can boost your ad’s contextual relevance, and much more. Don’t miss the next Inspired Impressions webinar coming this fall—sign up for an email reminder: https://info.sizmek.com/subscribe
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The Sizmek 60: SXSW 2019, Day 1
Highlights from the first day of SXSW 2019.
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The Sizmek 60: SXSW, Rainey Street
SXSW is more than just great panels and learnings, it's also an unparalleled social and networking experience. Go past Austin's famous 6th Street and get to Rainey Street, that's where the action is!
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Sizmek DSP: Use the Marketing That Learns chart to visualize optimization
With each ad served and scored, our models learn more about the user attributes that best drive performance to your campaign goal. With the Marketing That Learns chart, you can actually watch this process happen as the DSP learns about your consumers and optimizes your performance over time. It’s a real-time visualization of Sizmek’s Moment Scoring technology artificial intelligence.
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StrikeAd Multicurrency
Run ads in the right currency for your audience; set budgets and spend caps in local currencies; change reporting currency with a click to meet the needs of different stakeholders; and best, yet—never do a bit of math. Check in with your account strategist to get started (or contact a Sizmek pro: http://go.sizmek.com/contact.html)
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Sizmek Scene @ SohoHouse NYC
Highlights from our amazing panel at one of NYC's most prestigious venues. Sizmek’s SVP of Business Development, Andrew Bloom moderated a panel of digital advertising leaders, who convened at New York’s exclusive Soho House to discuss the misconceptions, problems, and possible solutions surrounding fraud and wasted spend in digital advertising.
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Your Story By Design - Sizmek Inspire3
Sizmek's Tej Rekhi (Dir. of Innovation) & Ricky Liversidge (CMO) ask the tough question...How can advertisers differentiate themselves, improve performance and connect with audiences in a way that inspires business to take place and grow?
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Sizmek AI Academy Teaser 2
Here’s a sneak peak of the second video in the Sizmek AI Academy series. Learn more: https://www.sizmek.com/ai-academy/
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Sizmek AI Teaser 1
Artificial intelligence: Everyone’s talking about it, but what’s real, what’s coming, and what’s just hype? Starting next week, Sizmek will answer those questions, and many more. Stay tuned!
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Inspire Napa 2016
Sizmek's premiere client event held in Napa, CA.
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Sizmek Showcase Session: "Your Story by Design" - Jordan Khoo
Sizmek's Jordan Khoo (VP Sales- APAC) Sizmek was an event partner and also a showcase speaker at the recent FOMA event held in Singapore. Our showcase session was scheduled on the second day during the first coffee break, where Jordan presented on the ‘Your Story by Design’ deck to a full house.
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Ricky Liversidge Inspire Napa 2015
Ricky Liversidge presenting at Inspire 2015 in Napa, CA
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You're invited! Sizmek at DMEXCO
Join Sizmek at DMEXCO to find out the latest in how to combine data, media, and creative powered by AI to increase your campaign impact: https://sizmekdmexco2018.splashthat.com/
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Sizmek Video Ad Showreel
Check out the our latest video ad showreel featuring innovating and engaging ways to capture your audience's attention
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