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runescape funny n crazy pj lol
this is a funny n crazy pj made by me(pjer) and my friend who set it up :P well this is not really a runescape video its a runescape private server called boxrune for more details about boxrune, go and search it up on utube lol and this is my first vid evur! no special effects have been added lol -=--===---DISCLAIMER---==--=- i do not own any parts of runescape or this private server if u wanna pla runescape go to www.runescape.com
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a fun fight in boxrune 525
another vid of a runescape private server called boxrune 525 on this vid its me ,pwned fish, vs my mate, virtutis i got pwned lol..... enjoy the vid :P -----====DISCLAIMER====------ i do not own any parts of RUNESCAPE and or this server it belongs to the original owners, big ben for server and runescape staffs of london or sumthing
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top 10 fav monster hunter
these are my top 10 favorite monsters in monster hunter freedom unite lol song is white fatalis theme for more info or tips on owning anything on monster hunter, ask me :D i own all
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little girl pole dancing in the bus (lol)
hey guys :P wassup i just went out n decided to take the bus saw this little girl in the middle of the train n i was thinking"was she pole dancing?" i decided to watch and also i recorded some parts of it with my phone :) enjoy n laugh :P
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all that remains - not alone
not alone by all that remains
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boxrune 525 another random fight(lol)
another fite between me pwned fish vs a friend maxed ownage and i pwned him..gf on a server called boxrune..its a 525 server lol too lazy for disclaimer..but u get it
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