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Unboxing of Flight Illusion gauges and first runup with P3D v4
After long consideration I purchased 7 mechanical gauges from Flight Illusion for my gen3 Baron G58 panel. In this video I make an unboxing and connect 4 of them for a test run to my simulator. All in all an investment worth it I can say.
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A Sim is born - Making of a Beechcraft Baron G58 Flight Simulation Home Cockpit Panel
Getting my flight simulator to where it is today is a long story, in fact much longer than the actual designing and building time. During the various building phases of my generation#3 Baron my fellow co-builder Chris and I made some footage and I made this short Making Of video to give you an idea which major chapters the process involved. It was great fun and the result is rewarding, thanks Chris for being part of this journey!
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Unboxing of Simionic G1000 bezel and first runup with integrated iPad
An innovative approach to simulate usage of a G1000 in training or flightsimming is using the Simionic G1000 apps on iPads together with the realistic hardware bezel from the same developer. This video gives an idea how it is packed, what is included and how to mount the iPad to start it up for the first time.
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FlyElise Calibration Pro: 7 awesome tips for perfectly warping your simulator screen in X–Plane11
With the latest update of Calibration Pro from FlyElise things got way easier to perfectly warp and blend 3 projector images of my xp11 flight simulator to one seamless immersive superimage reaching 270 degrees FOV. It however did not work out for me from the beginning when I purchased this software about 2 years ago. I collected hints from fellow cockpit builders and added my own tips that finally helped to get the result I ever dreamed of. In my setup the diameter of the screen is 2.2m and the height 1.6m. The curved part is 180 degrees with two extendable side screens that cover door and window and give a horseshoe style screen when fully extended. The two pretty narrow curves into the horseshoe did pose huge difficulties to me since it is easier to just have a gentle 3 projector setup with one huge curved screen with a slight curve. I did by the way go for the NON–CAM calibration and reading the develper‘s manual is recommended to fully understand what I suggest in addition. To complete the information: the screen is self made out of white bendable 4mm wood from the home improvement store and the 3 beamers are Optoma GT1070X ultra short distance.
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270 degrees curved screen flight simulator P3D (Home cockpit)
First impressions with better callibrated warped screen. 270 degrees FOV in P3D 2.5. Overall feeling flying this is just great!
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First multicam flight simulator roundtrip around Milford Sound in P3D home cockpit
Been testing implementing various camera perspectives to better transfer the feeling being immersed by 270 degrees warpend visuals. There are still at the bottom unwanted parts of the visual aircraft to be seen that will be removed in the future, but all in all I hope to better give you an idea of how it looks like to fly this sim. Music: Acoustic/Pop/Rock/Alternative - Acoustically driven instrumental FREE DOWNLOAD by Hyde – Free Instrumentals URL: https://soundcloud.com/davidhydemusic/acoustic-pop-rock-alternative Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Approach and landing twin engine home cockpit at ORBX Milford Sound in New Zealand P3D v4
First test flight with generation 3 Baron flight Simulator in the stunning surroundings of ORBX Milford Sound in Prepar3D. Simionic G1000 and Flight Illusion‘s FFB Yoke & gauges together with a complete new i/o interfacing solution powered by Sim–Modules (which is not yet finished configuring) are some of the major improvements among countless smaller adaptions. Expect more updates in the next time. Song: Epic Song by BoxCat Games URL: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/BoxCat_Games/Nameless_the_Hackers_RPG_Soundtrack/BoxCat_Games_-_Nameless-_the_Hackers_RPG_Soundtrack_-_10_Epic_Song Epic Song by BoxCat Games is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC Attribution by)
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Comparison X-Plane11 Orthophoto scenery vs Default in home cockpit
Using ortho photos does change the flying experience in a simulator tremendously. I made two short flights at the edge of an ortho tile which shall give an idea of what the difference is all about. After about 2 min flying you see me leaving the ortho zone, this transition with both sceneries at the same moment was fascinating to me. After that there is again 2 min footage of the rest of the flight in standard scenery. All add on scenery is Freeware/Donationware: https://lyndiman.com/lyndimans-new-zealand-ortho-photography-set/ https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45251-nzgy-glenorchy-–-nz-stories-06/ https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/37222-nzmf-milford-sound-by-hapet/ You find more videos made by be at http://youtube.com/alfredtwinsim If you enjoy it I encourage you to subscribe to my channel!
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2nd test flight with curved screen (3 projectors) and P3D 2.5
Screen yet unfinished - will be lowered and the sides will be fixed - still fascinating to feel being fully immersed in the flight simulation. Extremly stunning to have such a field of view. Warping is not finished of course and will be enhanced aswell as the interior of the real shell.
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Papua New Guinea flight in home cockpit with G1000 and 270 degrees visual
ORBX AYPY to AYKO in P3D 2.5, Flight1Tech G1000 Student, warping with FlyElise Calibration Pro
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Round trip around ORBX LOWI in flight sim with 270 degrees warped screen
P3D v2.5 simulator with real aircraft shell and 3 short throw beamers warped by FlyElise software suite. Scenery ORBX Global LOWI airport.
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Testing out xp11 with maxed out settings in curved screen Baron home cockpit arount NZ Queenstown
Amazing performance of x-plane v11.25 in my G58 Home Cockpit circling around NZQN Queenstown Airport in New Zealand using orthos from Lyndiman and the airport from DazaXIII, both freeware. I got between 25-30fps on 3 full-HD short throw beamers, which is perfectly fluent. System is Intel Core i7-7700K with GTX1070
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Aborted takeoff in G58 flight simulator in ORBX LOWI (P3D 2.5 with 270 degrees vision)
This was one of my first tests with my GoPro Hero cam, this time mounted onto my head. Actually there was a problem with my yoke control so I had to abort the flight - quite funny that bugs in the sim can cause some random failure situations that make it a little more realistic and unpredictable in the end. Actually I did not make further videos with this mounting technique since I thought it would give the viewer headache. On the other side it captures the 270 degrees field of view much better and gives to my opinion some more dynamic impressions than the static one. Feedback and advise how to enhance filming that way appreciated!
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