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Joe Rolfes's original on the train.MPG
the song tells about the story riding on a Chinese train
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Joe Rolfes's original year of the rat
year of the rat, 2008, a lot of big events happened in that year, Tibet riot , massive earthquake. the song tells us what the singer/song writer thinks about all those. hellen is typing in the background
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mysterious Tibetan holy moutain the15th. highest moutain which is the most beautiful mt. in China
Mt. Namche Barwa means"holy moutain" in tibetan, tibetans believe it is where the gods live, because even the locals can only see the peak a few times a year. it is always covered by clouds. i was standing on the top of another moutain which is 4600 meters above sea level. it was cold, and i was too excited. so my english sounds crapy in the video, but i really want to show u the beautiful moutain so i hope u all will like this video besides my english.
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an original beer song in Chinese sung by a white guy.MPG
a funny song about a local beer in Chongqing, China. one of the song writer's favorite beer
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Joe Rolfes's original song "east turk" funny video
a song about the Uyghurs
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Joe Rolfes's original visatrouble.mpg
the song writer's china visa was getting expired
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Joe's original
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Joe's original Captain Koeki
inspired by 2 co-workers George and Michael, recorded in a chinese apartment
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Potala palace Tibet
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